Hooked On You

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Chapter 43 - Brave or Stupid

“Scarlett, it’s safe to come out now hun.” Jessica suddenly announced, looking around the room for the missing Mafia Boss’ fiancé.

“Jessica?” Scarlett questioned with uncertainty, stepping out from the shadowed entry where she had been hiding up until now, “What are you doing here?”

“Saving your ass, it would appear.” Jessica joked, dropping the vase piece so that it purposely hit Marco in the side, “Is that any way to greet your rescuer?”

“My rescuer?”

“Listen, we don’t have much time to talk. We need to move now, before they begin to miss this asshole too much. The next duty watch is due to swap over in about an hour. You have less than that before they will definitely notice you’re missing, if not before then.”

As she spoke Jessica quickly began searching Marco’s pockets for the keys. Once she found them she handed them to Scarlett and then took out his gun, handing that over as well.

“Take this, I assume you already know how to use one of these horrible things?”

Scarlett nodded her head as she took the black 9mm glock in her right hand, then cocking it with her left.

“I’ve had some experience, you could say.” Scarlett admitted.

“Good. Now I’ve got a car waiting for us downstairs. The driver’s name is Gerald and he’s been tasked with getting you as far from here as possible. He’s good at what he does Scarlett, he knows how to cover his tracks so make sure that you do whatever he tells you to, ok? Follow his every instruction to the tea.”

Scarlett reached out to stop Jessica as she went for the doorway.

“I don’t understand, why are you doing this for me?” Scarlett suddenly questioned, seeming somehow suspicious of Jessica’s motives. This seemed all too good to be true.

Jessica paused her movements, as if considering whether to be honest with her reply. After a small sigh she quickly began to explain.

“Let’s just say we both have reasons to have Dimitri Mancini killed for what he’s done to us in the past… but mine is… a long story, perhaps for another time. Now come on!”

“Wait, my things-”

“-Leave them! Knowing Dimitri he’s probably had everything you own bugged. He’s probably been doing it since the two of you first met. It’ll be safer to buy new phones and other necessities you need along the way, trust me dear.” Jessica pointed out as she began pulling Scarlett by the arm out through the entrance to the master bedroom and down the hallway.

Jessica, knowing the ins and outs of the Mancini Mansion like the back of her hand had little trouble sneaking Scarlett out of her room and downstairs to a strange hallway Scarlett had never even seen before, one at the back of the house. As they moved along quickly together, Scarlett suddenly realised something and stopped, pulling her hand out of Jessica’s to gain her attention.


Jessica turned back around and frowned.

“What? What’s wrong?” she queried.

“I can’t leave, Jessica. Not without Adam.” she announced confidently.

Jessica visually let out a large exaggerated sigh.

“Oh come on Scarlett. Don’t be foolish, that man is done for.”

It was Scarlett’s turn to frown now.

“What do you mean?”

Jessica seemed nervous now, glancing around and biting her bottom lip as she fought up enough courage to tell Scarlett what she knew.

“Just trust me dear. Going back for him now would only lead to you being recaptured and possibly far worse… You don’t need to-”

Scarlett’s voice was far more desperate now as she cut in.

“-Where is Adam, Jessica! Tell me!”

“He’s… he’s in Dimitri’s basement.”

Scarlett froze in fear, she remembered that place all too well; the red door leading into the modern-day torture chamber that lie secretly beneath the Mancini Mansion. If Adam truly was down there he needed her help and fast! There was no time to lose!

“Why didn’t you tell me? I need to get to him, now!” Scarlett went to run off but Jessica was quick to grab her hand and yank her back.

“No Scarlett, you don’t need to go after him. You’ll get yourself killed, and for what? A man? A man who would probably throw you away as soon as he grows bored of you? Those kinds of men, they’re all the same. It’s not worth it!”

Now Scarlett could see just how hurt Jessica had been by Dimitri’s past break-up with her. It was obvious that it had broken a part of her deep down inside. But she knew the truth about Adam; he was nothing like Dimitri Mancini.

“Adam is not like Dimitri, Jessica.” Scarlett spoke calmly, softly as she placed her hand onto Jessica’s shoulder gently, “He’s different… and I know he’d do the same for me if our situations were reversed. I have to go and help him. I’m sorry Jessica, I hope you can understand...”

Jessica seemed saddened by this, but nodded her head in understanding anyway.

“I do... you must really care about that man to risk your life for his… I’m happy for the two of you Scarlett, really I am… I just hope it lasts…” Jessica smiled, “Are you sure you won’t change your mind? This is a one-time offer, I can’t help you anymore after this. If Dimitri were to find out…”

Scarlett smiled warmly.

“I know.” she replied, “Thank you Jessica… for being the only person in this place I could truly trust. I promise you, I won’t forget this.”

“Just don’t go getting yourself killed dear.” Jessica suggested, “Be careful. Don’t trust anything that snake Dimitri tells you. He’s poison in the purest form.”

“Believe me, I know.” Scarlett admitted.

Lifting the gun up in her hand, Scarlett quickly gave Jessica a quick parting hug of appreciation and then turned to head back down the hallway on her way to the basement to find Adam.

The basement was always kept cold and dark; Dimitri had always preferred it that way.

Cold and dark - just like his heart.

Poor Adam was slumped over with his head tilted downward and his eyes opening and closing slowly after the beating he had just received curtesy of Dimitri’s henchmen.

His head throbbed violently and his entire body ached. Both of his hands had been restrained with thick, coarse rope that had been tied tightly around both of his wrists. The rope had him tied to a thick metal pole standing behind him, forcing him to remain in a standing position in the centre of the room. He'd been standing for hours now, for the entire duration of his beating. And this wasn’t his first beating, by now he’d lost count.

It felt like every hour or so some new face would enter the chamber, stride along over towards him and begin to pummel into him with their fists. Over and over until they had managed to exhaust themselves.

Adam felt as though some of his ribs may have been broken as it hurt to breathe in and out. His face had several cuts and bruises covering it, his lip was busted and blood was dripping down across his torn white dress shirt.

Suddenly he felt as though he was about to pass out from the pain when the sound of the door opening suddenly caught his attention and his heart sank with despair as Dimitri himself stepped inside the room with a menacing grin.

“Mr. Cunningham… I see you and my boys have been getting along.” he taunted proudly as he made his way across to the table at the end of the room and began removing his jacket, “Did you enjoy my little surprise announcement earlier?”

Adam couldn’t help but chuckle his response, “Yeah… Scarlett really fell for you didn’t she? That must have been embarrassing”

That pissed Dimitri off.

His dark eyes narrowed while he remained with his back to his restrained captive. Now working in silence, Dimitri continued to roll up his shirt sleeves and take off all of his expensive jewellery, laying them out carefully on the table before him.

He was preparing to get himself dirty…

Dirty with Adam’s blood.

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