Hooked On You

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Chapter 44 - A Careless Mistake

Sticking to the shadows and taking great caution not to be sighted by anyone, Scarlett managed to successfully sneak down to the terrifying basement of Dimitri’s mansion with hopes of locating and rescuing Adam from her crazed ex-fiancé. Luckily for her, Dimitri’s henchmen were clueless to her escape and had no idea that she was following them down the halls and through locked doorways as they roamed about the mansion.

Once she had made her way into the long neon-lit hallway leading up to the large red door, Scarlett began to feel her entire body tremble uncontrollably as fear took over. Unwanted memories began to flood back, memories of the first murder she had ever witnessed, down in this very place. She remembered the look on Dimitri’s face as he fired his gun and ended that man’s life; so dark, so empty.

Darting into the viewing room quickly, Scarlett peered out through the two-way mirror and gasped at the sight of her restrained lover, battered and bruised before her eyes. He appeared to be tied to a pole in the centre of the room with none other than Dimitri circling around him like a shark.

“Adam…” she whispered quietly, placing her hand up against the cool glass of the window in front of her.

Realising she couldn’t hear anything being said in the room, Scarlett looked down at the wall in front of her and noticed a small red button located on a panel. The word above it read ‘speakers’.

“There you are.” she whispered aloud, her finger pressing the button and activating the speakers for her to hear their conversation in the next room.

“You know, I didn’t recognise you at first…” Dimitri admitted as he began circling Adam with long confident strides around the circumference of the pole he had been tied to.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Dimitri held out both hands in admiration as he spoke.

“Anyone with money’s heard of you. The incredible Adam Cunningham; highly successful Investment Banker, future heir to your father’s multi-billion dollar company and one of the most infamous playboys in New York City… I would say it’s an honour, if it weren’t for our current circumstances of course…”

Scarlett’s brows furrowed with confusion upon hearing this, as she continued to listen in from her secretive location in the viewing room. What had Dimitri meant about Adam being the future heir to a multi-billion dollar company? Was this true? Had Adam kept that from her this entire time?

“You don’t know anything about me Dimitri.” Adam corrected sternly.

“Oh, I happen to disagree. I know everything about you.” Dimitri stopped in front of Adam now, “Including how you feel for my fiancé, Scarlett…”

Adam’s eyes locked onto Dimitri’s with a fierce expression of rage. He knew this subject was due to rear its ugly head sooner or later.

“That’s none of your damned business!” he demanded, “Where is she? What have you done with her?”

“I haven’t done anything with her… yet.” Dimitri grinned menacingly, “Though I’ll admit, I do have some exciting plans for us tonight…”

As she watched on from the other room, Scarlett gulped with fear at the thought of having to be intimate with that monster again. Her stomach began to knot uncomfortably.

Dimitri stepped in closer towards Adam now, closing the gap between them and eventually stopping right in front of him so that their faces were mere inches apart as he spoke once more.

“If I’m completely honest with you, I’m truly going to enjoy fucking her on every single surface I can find in this house. I will take her over and over… until she is screaming my name-”

“-DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING TOUCH HER!” Adam suddenly tried lunging forward angrily, causing Dimitri to break into a deep laughter at Adam’s reaction, “You hear me? You fucking lay a hand on her and I swear to god…”

“You’ll do what?” Dimitri enquired, stifling his laughter for a second as his head tilted to the side with intrigue, “Hmmm? Please, do tell.”

“I’ll fucking kill you, you sick son-of-a-bitch!” Adam snarled, not seeming to back off.

Dimitri laughed once more.

“Oh, you’re truly too much…”

“Let me out of these ropes and we’ll see whose laughing.” Adam warned, still fierce with fiery rage, “Come on, I dare you!”

Dimitri suddenly ceased the laughing and became serious once more as he asked his next question, looking Adam dead in the eye.

“So… how many times did you fuck my fiancé Mr. Cunningham?”

Adam remained silent for a second, then looking away as he made his reply.

“Like I said, it’s none of your business.”

Suddenly Dimitri lunged forwards and grabbed Adam by the throat, squeezing hard and forcing Adam to meet him eye to eye as he grunted with a mixture of anger at this man and a need to breathe again.

Scarlett’s eyes widened as she watched on helplessly from the viewing room, her hand still resting on the two-way mirror.

“She is MINE!” Dimitri hissed with venomous hatred, “Scarlett Workman belongs to me! No other man may touch her, least of all some rich fucking playboy like you!”

Adam fought to get his words out as Dimitri squeezed his throat even tighter.

“You’re… wrong… Scarlett… belongs… to... no one…”

Dimitri growled, clearly not getting his message across as he may have liked; through fear. Now it was time to do it the other messier way; through horrific violence.

Adam gasped desperately for air as soon as Dimitri’s fingers released their grip on his throat. Instead Dimitri curled up his fingers into a fist and raised it up ready to strike a powerful blow to the side of Adam’s head.

“Perhaps you’ll think differently once I’m through with you!”

Scarlett panicked, fearing for Adam’s life. If she knew Dimitri and she did he would most likely beat Adam to within an inch of his life! She had to stop that from happening, fast!

Darting for the doorway she went to open the door when she thought she heard voices speaking just outside of the door. This caused her to freeze in place and her hand to lower from the doorhandle slowly. Ducking back behind the doorframe, Scarlett continued to listen in closely and could clearly hear their voices through the door’s wooden barrier. They were just on the other side of it!

“Shit! You’d better tell the Boss.” the first voice was Gabrielle’s, “He’s not gonna be happy about this Marco! He’s already in one of his moods.”

“What could I do? The bitch snuck up on me from behind!” Marco’s voice now reporting with a hint of frustration, “She couldn’t have gotten far, there’s guards posted on every door in the mansion. We'll find her soon enough.”

“Let’s hope you’re right...” Gabrielle replied right before the sound of the door opening could be heard, “…for your sake.”

Scarlett watched on from her hidden position in the viewing room as both Gabrielle and Marco entered the torture room, startling Dimitri as he landed a second punch to Adam’s bruised and now swelling cheek. Dimitri turned to see the two men at the doorway and frowned.

“What are you doing here Marco?” he barked, seeming concerned at Marco’s unexpected presence, “Who the hell’s watching Scarlett?”

Marco looked to the floor as he fought through his fear to voice his reply.

“Scarlett’s escaped Boss.” Gabrielle announced in his place.

Dimitri’s expression changed in a flash, his eyes widening with worry and frustration as he looked between the two men supposedly working for him.


Adam lifted his head up to listen in.

“Get the fuck out there and find her!” Dimitri’s voice more explosive now as the veins in the sides of his neck visibly showed, “NOW!”

“Yes Boss.” they replied in unison, turning and exiting the room together in a hurry.

Gabrielle took out his phone and began dialling numbers while Marco got onto the walky-talky to inform the others on guard around the mansion. They needed to find her fast, before anything happened to her.

Dimitri breathed heavily as he fought to prevent himself from screaming out in anger in front of Adam. Turning his body around he gave his beaten prisoner one last hateful glance before he spoke.

“Don’t think for a second that this is over, playboy.” he snapped.

Then he too headed for the exit to the torture room, opening and closing the large red door shut behind him and leaving Adam alone once again.

As soon as Dimitri was gone Adam let out a large breath of relief, thankful to be alone and still breathing after his last encounter with his psychopathic captor. His body ached, stung and throbbed all over. The irony smell of dried blood filled his nostrils as he coughed up a small amount of blood and spat it onto the floor.

Feeling lightheaded, Adam began to slowly close his eyes and allow sleep to take over at long last as he prepared for a chance to rest before his next scheduled beating.

The sound of the door opening once more caused his eyes to dart open and stare with concern as he waited to see who would enter this time.

But his brows furrowed with confusion when he saw Scarlett stepping into the room to join him, a gun in her right hand as she carefully worked to close the door as quietly as she possibly could behind her. She managed to do it with a gentle ‘click’ before quickly walking across the length of the room towards him.

“Scarlett?” he wasn’t quite sure if he was seeing her or not. Perhaps after all of the hits to his head he was merely seeing things.

“Adam, thank god you’re alive!” she exclaimed with delight.

He watched as she darted across the length of the room and practically leapt onto him, wrapping both of her arms around his neck and squeezing him tightly.

“I was so worried. I thought...”

Scarlett couldn’t bear to finish her sentence, instead snuggling her nose into his firm chest and basking in his familiar scent. Adam welcomed her contact as he smiled and closed his eyes for a moment, he too breathing in the sweet scent of her hair.

“Scarlett, you can’t be here. It’s too dangerous.” Adam began to voice his obvious concerns, “You need to go, get the hell out of here. Before they come back.”

“I won’t leave you here to die...” she announced, pulling her head back so that she could meet his worried gaze, “I’m not going anywhere without you.”

Adam frowned, clearly confused as to why she would endanger her life like this, for a man she barely even knew. The idea was crazy.

“Scarlett, please-“

“-No, I won’t hear another word on the matter.” she interrupted, suddenly moving in around behind him to work on loosening the thick knotted rope binding him to the pole, “Now just stay still so I can get you out of this.”

He turned his head to watch as he pulled over and over at the rope, unthreading one strand at a time until he could feel the pressure on his wrists beginning to loosen bit by bit. It was working; he felt relief knowing that he would soon be free and that she was safe with him…

But everything suddenly changed in a flash.

Just as his hands were freed Scarlett stepped out from behind him with a smile, proud of her achievement until her eyes locked onto the three men standing in the doorway of the room, staring back at them with grins of malice.

Dimitri in the middle was holding something out in front of him and Scarlett reacted without a second thought.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion for Adam as he watched her quickly dart across to stand in front of him, just as Dimitri fired off a shot from the black gun he held in his hand, aimed directly at Adam!


Adam cried out in terror, “Scarlett, NO!”

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