Hooked On You

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Chapter 45 - The Price You Pay

Adam’s shout did nothing as he watched Scarlett suddenly jolt as the force hit her directly in her chest and she sucked in a deep, sharp breath from the brunt of the impact. With her back now facing him, Adam panicked as he grabbed her and pulled her in towards him, cradling her in his arms as they both fell down to the ground together.

Scarlett’s breaths had become shorter and shallower now as she looked up at him with dazed eyes; her pupils began to dilate as she couldn’t help but allow them to slowly close, sending her into a deep, dark state. Adam shook his head as the tears began to form in the corners of his eyes.

Dimitri handed Gabrielle his gun as he watched Adam fussing over her, a sinister grin spread wide across his face.

“Scarlett, no… please god no...” Adam pleaded aloud as he began searching for any signs of blood staining her clothing.

But there was none. Not one droplet of blood.

His eyes moved down toward her chest and suddenly noticed something strange sticking out of her skin.

It was a small black dart with a fluffy red feather tip.

“A dart?” he asked, clearly puzzled as he pulled it out of her chest and examined it for a moment, “It’s… it’s just a dart?”

The realisation sunk in and he glanced up at Dimitri and the other two men with him as they chuckled at his concern for her.

“You didn’t think I’d kill her, did you?” Dimitri queried, then nodding to Gabrielle and signalling for his men to move in on him.

Both Gabrielle and Diego moved in, one on either side of Adam to subdue him once more. After putting up a brief fight, Adam was overcome by their strength and returned to the pole once more, this time a piece of duct-tape was stuck over his mouth to silence him for what was to come.

Scarlett on the other hand remained lying on the floor with her long, golden blonde hair splayed across the ground as Dimitri stepped across the room to stand looming over her.

“Oh baby… I think it’s time I finally teach you a lesson...” he spoke as if she were listening, though she was clearly unconscious at the time, “…one you will never forget.”

As she opened her eyes and allowed her vision to adjust to the lighting in the room, Scarlett felt groggy, heavy and extremely tired. Her mouth tasted strange, almost metallic as she licked her extremely dry lips in an effort to moisten them while looking around at the all-too-familiar room. Her stomach suddenly turned with dread.

She was still here; in Dimitri’s torture chamber!

But as she tried to move the realisation hit hard, causing her heart to race. She was cuffed to the chair she was currently seated on, both of her hands behind her back and her feet to the legs of the chair.

She couldn’t move!

As she looked up she noticed Adam at the other side of the room, still tied to the same metal pole he had been earlier, this time gagged with duct-tape and unable to call out to her. His eyes were locked on hers as his brows furrowed with obvious concern for her.

Now she began to panic as she desperately pulled against her metal restraints and whimpered softly in uncontrollable fear. The chains of her cuffs ‘clinked’ against the metal legs of the chair as her vision cleared and she looked around to see who else was with her in the room.

A hand suddenly rested on her right shoulder and caused her to gasp as her entire body froze in terror. His voice sent a chill down the base of her spine.

“Did you enjoy your rest?” Dimitri cooed softly.

“Dimitri… let us go, please.” she begged.

“Shhh… Just relax baby.” his hot breath wafted into her right ear, like he had bent down to speak to her with his mouth hovering over her shoulder, “I’m going to take good care of you.”

Fighting to control her body from trembling vigorously, Scarlett watched as Dimitri stepped out from behind her and began to walk across the room, stopping in front of a table covered in various instruments she could only guess were used to torture his helpless victims. Scalpels, blades of all shapes and sizes, hammers, ice picks, saws and even an electric drill were displayed for her to see as Dimitri casually waved his hand over each of them, one at a time.

“You know Scarlett, you never did answer my question earlier on this evening.” Dimitri spoke as he reached down for a silver scalpel, lifting it up to admire a little closer.

“What question?” Scarlett managed to ask, though her voice showed just how afraid she truly was given her current situation.

“Will you accept my proposal and become the future Mrs. Mancini?” he reminded her with a grin as he held the scalpel in his hand.

Scarlett couldn’t keep her eyes off of him, she was far too concerned of what he had planned with that scalpel to look away, even for a second! She watched, her breaths becoming shorter and sharper as he stepped closer and closer towards her with the glistening weapon in his hand.

“Well?” he urged, “I need an answer baby. Time’s running out…”

“I… can’t.” she only mumbled her reply, her fear shining brighter than the sun as he came right up in front of her and knelt down to meet her eye-level.

“You can’t, or you won’t?” he queried, lifting the scalpel and slowly moving it in closer towards her heaving chest.

She could feel her heart thudding rapidly over and over in her head as she watched the sharpened blade moving in closer towards her skin. A part of her wanted to just give in, to say anything he wanted her to and prevent him from harming her, but she fought it with everything she had left inside and remained fixed on her decision.

She would never give in to this mad-man!

No matter what he did to her!

“Tell me you love me Scarlett… Tell me I’m the only man who will ever have you.”

He continued taunting her as he lowered the scalpel down to meet the shimmering red fabric of her dress, right where her cleavage was. She watched in concern as he began slicing effortlessly through the fabric, opening it and revealing more and more of her breasts the lower he sliced. She tried to remain as still as she possibly could, hoping to prevent him from accidently cutting into her soft and delicate skin.

“Please, stop.” her pleas were soft, filled with fear.

“Tell me I’m the only man who will ever kiss those sweet, succulent lips of yours…”

Adam was losing it now as his muffled grunts were silenced by the duct-tape. He angrily pulled at his arms in a desperate need to free himself and destroy Dimitri. The idea of not being able to do anything to protect Scarlett was driving him crazy and a primal animal rage began to surface.

By now Dimitri had moved his scalpel’s blade down towards Scarlett’s belly button, slicing a clear straight line down the centre of her expensive gown and revealing all of her delicate skin to him.

But Scarlett remained still and defiant in her silence. She wouldn’t let him get to her, not like this. He’d have to do better!

As he got to her navel he stopped and pulled the scalpel back, lifting his head to look her in the eye for a moment. Though she had tears forming, her lips trembled and gave her away. He was getting to her, but it wasn’t working well enough.

“That’s my stubborn girl.” he whispered to her, reaching out and grabbing her by the back of the neck, then pulling her head forward as he crashed his lips violently against hers, forcing her into a rough, sloppy kiss.

As soon as they parted Scarlett growled in anger at him and he laughed at her reaction.

“You’re pathetic Dimitri!” she seethed, “I’ll never marry you. You’ll have to kill me!”

Dimitri looked her in the eye for a moment, as if sizing up her threat.

“Are you sure about that?”

After a terrifyingly sinister grin began to spread across his face, Scarlett realised the mistake she had made and her eyes widened as he suddenly turned around, instead walking across to where Adam was tied to the pole at the other side of the room.

“No, you leave him alone!” she called out after him, “Dimitri, don’t, please!”

Adam watched as Dimitri came across to stand in front of him now, his eyes moving to the scalpel still being held in the Mafia Boss’ right hand as he stared directly at him.

“I see there is only one thing standing in the way of our happy future together, Scarlett.” Dimitri spoke loudly enough so that she could hear him from her seated position at the other side of the room.

“Dimitri, please… I’ll marry you! I’ll do it, please!”

“See, that wasn’t so hard now was it?” Dimitri called out to Scarlett, still with his back to her as he took a step forward to be within reaching distance of his captive as he now spoke to Adam directly, “…My apologies, Mr. Cunningham. It appears that you lose.”

Adam gasped as Dimitri suddenly lunged forward and stabbed the scalpel directly into his stomach with one swift and yet brutal motion…

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