Hooked On You

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Chapter 46 - Defiance


Scarlett’s cry was blood-curdling from where she sat across the room, restrained with metal handcuffs to the chair.

She had just watched as her ex-fiancé brutally stabbed her lover in the stomach with a scalpel!

Adam didn’t feel the pain right away, more of the shock that hit hard like a tonne of bricks all at once. Both his eyes and mouth were open wide as he crouched over slightly while Dimitri whispered into his ear from his extremely close position up against him.

“You took what was mine… and now, I’m going to enjoy returning the favour.” Dimitri hissed quietly enough so that only Adam could hear his words, “You’re going to watch as I take her right here in front of you, before you eventually bleed to death.”

With those horrible words of promise, Dimitri suddenly pulled the scalpel back out of Adam’s stomach and took several steps back to view his handy work with a proud smile.

Scarlett’s cries in the background seemed filtered out as Adam could only hear his heartbeat thudding over and over in his head. His vision began to blur slightly as he suddenly felt the pain coming all at once. It was immense, as if his entire stomach was on fire, a sharp stinging ache that he could not seem to rid himself of.

He watched as Dimitri walked across to the table covered in implements and dropped the blood-covered scalpel down onto its surface, then proceeding to take his gun and belt off and place them onto the table as well.

“Dimitri, you fucking coward!” Scarlett screamed at the top of her lungs, her voice a mixture of both screams and cries as she looked across at Adam who was still slumped over, tied to the pole and apparently now doomed to die.

“Uncuff her.” Dimitri ordered his second in command quickly as he made his way across to where Scarlett was restrained to the chair she was sitting on.

Gabrielle wasted no time obeying his order and quickly uncuffed both Scarlett’s hands and ankles, one at a time, releasing her from the chair. As she went to get up Dimitri lunged forwards, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her in towards him.

“What are you doing?” she demanded frantically.

Struggling in his grip Scarlett continued trying to fend herself from him as Dimitri pulled her across towards where Adam was restrained at the other side of the room. He was intent on making this as bigger display of dominance as possible.

“Dimitri, let go of me! Stop! You’re hurting me!”

Once they had reached Adam, Dimitri pulled her in closer towards his chest by both of her wrists as he glared down into her tear-filled eyes.

“I’m sorry about this baby…” he announced, “…but I’m afraid you brought this on yourself.”

With that he suddenly threw her down to the ground where she landed with a groan on her hands and knees. Not allowing her any chance to try and escape, Dimitri quickly lunged forward, landing on top of her as he began his vicious attack on her.

“Dimitri, what are you…“ Scarlett screamed out in a mixture of terror and anger, “NO! Get off me! Stop!”

“Gabrielle, get me that rope! Tie the bitch’s hands behind her back.”

Dimitri pointed to a small pile of rope in the corner of the room and Gabrielle abruptly moved across gathering it and handing it to Dimitri as he struggled to maintain control over Scarlett, who in turn struggled beneath his body weight.

“No, please!”

Scarlett felt the horror flooding throughout her veins as the realisation hit suddenly; he intended to force himself on her! This was all to prove something to Adam; to assert his dominance over him!

“Get the fuck off me!” she yelled as tears began rolling down either of her cheeks, “Get off!”

“MMMPH!” Adam’s muffled voice showed his obvious anger at what Dimitri was about to do as he began struggling like a maniac to free himself from the ropes holding him at bay.

He pulled hard at his wrists, willing the rope to loosen even slightly enough for his wrists to slide through, free of their embrace. He could feel his blood beginning to boil as he watched helplessly while Gabrielle and Dimitri tied Scarlett’s hands behind her back while she lay on her stomach on the floor, kicking and screaming wildly.

Once her hands were restrained, Dimitri seemed pleased as he leaned down to rest his chin on her right shoulder blade and spoke into her ear with a menacing grin.

“Don’t act like you won’t enjoy this baby.”

“Fuck you, asshole!” she snapped in response.

Dimitri laughed at her fiery spirit as he began pulling the skirt of her dress up over her hips to reveal her red lacy thong underneath. He practically drooled at the mere sight of it while she continued to kick and scream at him to stop.

“Oh fuck yes.” he mumbled to himself as he licked his lips with anticipation.

“Hold her down.” Dimitri gave Gabrielle another command as he began unbuttoning his own black dress pants.

Adam’s wrists were beginning to become raw as the rope scratched away at the top layers of his skin, but he didn’t stop, not even for a second. Scarlett needed his help and he couldn’t control his actions. He needed to get out of his restraints, now!

Just as he gave one more hard pull he paused, noticing the rope around his left wrist suddenly felt slightly looser than it had been only seconds earlier.

Turning his head back to have a quick look he realised that he could now fit his left wrist through the hole he had formed by continuously tugging at the rope!

Sliding his wrist out, he then worked to free himself of the rope around his right wrist until it too was removed, rendering him free at long last! And even better, his captors hadn't yet noticed that he was free!

Glancing up to see what was happening Adam could see Scarlett was being held down by Gabrielle now, with Dimitri preparing to force himself upon her from behind! Rage filled Adam’s veins, lighting them with untameable fire as his adrenalin spiked and he tore off the duct tape gag on his mouth.

His captors hadn’t even noticed as he had headed toward the table covered in instruments of torture and grabbed Dimitri's loaded gun off of the table.

“Just relax Scarlett…” Dimitri hissed as he prepared to insert himself into her from behind, “I’m gonna make you feel real-“

“-Get the fuck off of her, RIGHT NOW!”

Adam’s voice startled and surprised both Gabrielle and Dimitri as they looked up to see him holding Dimitri’s 9mm black glock in his hand, pointed directly at the Mafia Boss! His left hand cradled his stab wound as blood continued to seep out and stain his white dress shirt. His dark chocolate brown eyes were filled with hate and malice, while locked onto the man currently straddling the woman he cared about from behind.

Scarlett glanced up at Adam, after realising that he was at last the one in control of the situation. Her tear-filled eyes sparkled as she smiled and let out a sigh of relief.

“I said get the fuck off her you sack of shit, NOW!”

Dimitri rolled his eyes as he spoke, "Seriously? We were kind of in the middle-"

"I SAID NOW!" Adam shouted; filled with rage, "MOVE!"

Dimitri’s eyes quickly narrowed as he lifted his hands to pull his pants back up, zipping and buttoning them up slowly. Gabrielle watched Adam carefully, waiting for his chance at an opening to strike.

But Adam did not intend on giving them one.

“Both of you, down on the ground, face first, MOVE IT!” Adam shouted.

“You’re not going to shoot us.” Gabrielle announced, perhaps a little too prematurely, "You don't even know how to use-"

He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence. Within a flah Adam had responded by aiming the gun directly at Gabrielle’s bent leg and firing off a single shot.


The bullet seared through the meaty muscle of his right leg and caused the largely built man to cry out in pain.

"Argh, FUCK!" Gabrielle shouted, his teeth gritted together as he held at his leg and hissed.

“You sure about that?” Adam taunted him.

While Gabrielle continued to hiss in pain and fought to maintain control of his sudden agony Dimitri sat up allowing Scarlett to climb up from her position on the ground, then pulling herself to her feet and running right into Adam’s open arm. Her arms wrapped around his torso as she closed her eyes, thankful for being saved from what was about to happen to her.

Dimitri glared up at the man Scarlett was currently holding onto; the man he wanted dead now more than ever.

“You’ll never get out of here alive.” Dimitri warned them both.

“We’ll take out chances.” Adam replied sternly.

“Down on the floor, MOVE IT!” Adam shouted, aiming the gun at Dimitri once more while Gabrielle quickly obeyed and moved to lay down on his stomach on the floor.

It took Dimitri a little longer to obey and do the same; call it his pride perhaps but he wasn’t the type of man to follow another man’s orders.

After all, he was usually the one giving the orders.

Once he too was lying on his stomach Scarlett wisely reached into Dimitri’s coat pocket and pulled out his mobile phone. The expression on Dimitri’s face suddenly changed as he watched her glare back at him with her deepest levels of hatred.

"You're a coward and a monster Dimitri Mancini." she announced angrily.

“Don’t…” he began to warn her, but it was too late, "No!"

Scarlett threw his phone in one smooth motion down onto the floor, smashing it upon impact and scattering the phone into several large pieces.


Dimitri snarled, gritting his teeth together to prevent himself from saying anything else.

"Let's see you call for help now." she added.

Once Scarlett had also managed to locate Gabrielle’s phone and gun from him as he lay on the floor, she did the same thing with his phone too.

They were now in the clear and needed to get out of there before anyone else arrived.

As Adam and Scarlett began making their way toward the door leading out into the hallway they kept their eyes on their previous captors, ensuring they didn’t try anything to prevent their almost certain escape.

Scarlett noticed a thick piece of ply wood covered in dried blood resting against the wall. She grabbed it on her way across the room, intending on using it to barricade the door closed behind them.

Gabrielle and Dimitri’s eyes watched the couple as they reached the door, waiting for the right moment to retaliate.

“This isn’t over Mr. Cunningham.” Dimitri warned as Scarlett opened the large red door with a ‘creak’ sound; his grin showing his obscene amount of confidence, “Scarlett, I’ll see you soon baby.”

"Fuck you!" she snapped back at him.

Then she stepped through the open doorway pulling Adam along with her before they both closed the door and sealed their enemies inside using the thick piece of ply wood she had found.

“That won’t hold them for long.” Scarlett warned Adam as they began to make their way down the hallway, on their way towards freedom.

“It doesn’t have to...” Adam replied, “…only long enough for us to get the hell out of here!”

Once the couple had found their way out of the basement and up into the foyer, Scarlett could see the main entrance to the mansion up ahead and could almost smell the welcoming scent of freedom.

That was until she suddenly heard the sound of Adam collapsing behind her as he landed hard on the floor with a loud pained grunt…

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