Hooked On You

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Chapter 47 - Dressing Wounds

Adam had just fallen down after apparent blood loss and exhorting himself too much after being stabbed in the stomach with a scalpel. He landed with a loud grunt on the tiled floor in the main foyer alerting Scarlett almost immediately.

“Adam! Oh my god, are you alright?”

Scarlett quickly hurried over to him and crouched down over where he now lay on the floor of the Mancini Mansion. His once white dress shirt was now horribly stained crimson with his precious life’s fluid as it had slowly escaped through his open wound over time.

Looking him over she couldn’t believe it; his skin was extremely pale now, almost white and he had dark black bags underneath each of his eyes as he fought to keep them open in order to focus on her as she spoke.

“Fuck Adam, you’ve lost so much blood.” she announced, seemingly terrified for him as she pulled up his shirt to look at the wound, “This is much deeper than I thought. We need to stop the bleeding quickly or...”

“Just get out of here Scarlett, please. Don’t worry about...”

He attempted to finish his sentence but was clearly too weak to do so, instead groaning.

“Come on, I’ll get you somewhere safe and then look for a first-aid kit. You’re not dying on me now.”

Scarlett suddenly took charge of the situation, slowly helping him up onto to his feet and pulling his muscular arm over her shoulder to assist him to walk as they made their way together into the large open plan kitchen.

Peering around the corner Scarlett could see that the coast was clear. She pulled Adam along with her remaining strength and helped him to sit down on one of the black stools by the kitchen’s island. Adam grunted and hissed in pain as he gently sat down while Scarlett began walking towards the large walk-in pantry located in the mansion’s kitchen.

“Wait, where are you going?” he asked with curiosity.

“Like I said, I’m finding you a first-aid kit. I’m going to do my best to cover your wound so we can find a way out of here without you bleeding to death.” she explained as she stepped out of his sights and into the large walk-in pantry.

Switching on the light, the long and slender room immediately brightened and she began her search. Normally Scarlett knew where most things were in Dimitri’s house, but a first-aid kit wasn’t used regularly enough. She had a fair idea of where to locate it though and she began her search there.

After a moment of looking through various shelves she finally spotted the white plastic box labelled with a large red and white cross on it and smiled with relief.

“A-ha, there you are.” She said aloud, as if to the box itself.

As she switched off the light and stepped out from the pantry doorway her blood instantly froze like ice as she sucked in a startled gasp at the sight before her. Her eyes were as wide as saucers as she stood unmoving, far too afraid to move or speak.

There standing behind Adam, who was still seated on the stool by the island, was Diego who currently had a sharp hunting knife held against the stubble-covered skin of Adam’s throat!

“Well, well, well… what’s going on here?” he mused, “How did you two get out hmmm?”

Adam who was far too weak to fight back remained seated, blinking slowly as he stared back at a worried Scarlett in the pantry doorway. He knew shouting anything to her would only give Diego a reason to slice his neck wide open, so instead he chose to remain still and silent.

“Diego…” Scarlett suddenly spoke, almost in a pleading tone as she held her free hand out in a form of surrender, “…please, just let him go.”

“Yeah, that’s not happening sweet cheeks.” Diego grinned.

Swallowing a nervous lump in her throat Scarlett knew that her priority was getting Adam’s wound treated. She had to stop the bleeding and fast or he would most certainly die!

“Come on, let’s go gorgeous.” Diego smiled, holding out his free hand for her to take, “I’m sure the boss is worried sick.”

“Diego, wait. Before we come with you, I need to dress his wound.” she explained as calmly as she could in such a stressful moment, “He’s already lost far too much blood. He won’t make it to see Dimitri in this state.”

“I don’t give a shit if this idiot is bleeding or not.” Diego shot back.

“But Dimitri does!” Scarlett warned, “And he’d be very upset to hear that you’re the reason his latest torture victim was allowed to bleed to death before he could finish him, wouldn’t he?”

Diego rolled his eyes and shook his head, taking a step back from Adam and waving his hand with the large knife in it to gesture her to come forward and dress Adam’s wound as she had asked. Her plan had worked.

Breathing a sigh of relief Scarlett did just that, stepping forward and opening the first-aid kit out onto the kitchen counter. As she worked to patch up the wound the best she could Diego stood behind them tapping his foot impatiently. Once the wound had been dressed and Adam was able to walk once again Scarlett turned to face Diego with a sigh.

“Alright, I’m done.”

“Finally!” Diego announced in a rather exaggerated way, “Now come on, back down to the red room princess. You too, lover boy.”

As Scarlett walked with Adam side by side Diego walked along right behind them, knife in hand and cautious of their possible attempt to try and escape once again. Scarlett knew one thing; she wouldn’t go back down to that room! No matter what she had to do! Going to that room meant certain death for both of them.

What they needed was some sort of a distraction, something that would allow them the chance to make a run for it.

But what?

While mulling over different options, they began to make their way toward the steep staircase that led down into the basement. Suddenly and without warning, Adam gave them the chance they needed as out of nowhere he collapsed onto the floor, landing hard on his hands and knees.

Diego rolled his eyes again, leaning down to grab Adam by the scruff of his shirt at the back of his neck as he barked his command angrily.

“Come on pretty boy, keep it moving!”

Seeing her opening, Scarlett reached for a nearby glass vase sitting on a table in the middle of the foyer and moved in behind Diego.

As he turned his head to see where she was, Scarlett used all of her strength and in the one swinging motion she broke the vase over his head with a loud ‘smash’. The impact knocked him out cold and she watched as he slumped to the ground, the knife skidding out across the tiled floor and more importantly, out of his reach.

Bending down to pick Adam up the two of them stood staring down at the henchman for a moment, thankful they had outsmarted him.

“Nice one.” Adam complimented her, “He definitely didn’t see that one coming.”

“Neither did I…” Scarlett admitted with a smile, “Come on, we need to move. I know a way out of here. Follow me.”

With that Scarlett led him down through several hallways and toward the rear of the incredible mansion, down the exact same hallway where Jessica had led her only hours earlier. It was darker than most of the other halls in the mansion, but that didn’t faze her. All she knew was there was a way out somewhere down here and they were about to be free from such a truly terrifying experience.

With her head turned to the side as she spoke to Adam, Scarlet hadn’t paid proper attention to where she was going; the one time she probably should have.

“It’s just down here. I was shown earlier by a friend when she tried to help me escape and…oomph!”

Her sentence was immediately cut short as she suddenly ran into something as firm as a brick wall standing right in the middle of the hallway and in her path. With a loud and surprised grunt Scarlett felt sheer terror as she looked up and gazed deeply into the all-too familiar eyes of none other than Dimitri.

Her heart stopped, her skin felt strangely cold and she could feel all of the air instantly being sucked from her lungs.

Before she could think to run or defend herself from him the much stronger Dimitri lunged forward and grabbed her by the back of the neck, pulling her in towards him and turning her around so that the two of them were now looking directly at Adam as the weakened billionaire stood by watching with concern.

“Scarlett!” Adam cried out.

“Going somewhere baby?” Dimitri taunted into her right ear.

“How the fuck did you find us?” Scarlett queried, pulling at his fingers in an attempt to free herself as she struggled within his surprising grasp.

“You forget... this is my home.” he reminded, “Did you really think that there was only one way in and out of that room when you locked us inside?”

Scarlett’s stomach sunk; she hadn’t thought of a possible second exit to the torture chamber room. It had always been the red door in and out every time she’d been down there. She hadn’t yet seen another doorway in the room. Could there really have been another way out as he claimed? It didn’t matter now.

“But how did you find us?” she continued her barrage of questions, as if trying to bide her time and keep him talking.

Dimitri lifted the gun he had been holding in his other hand to point to a small camera fixed to the ceiling; one she hadn’t noticed before.

“I’ve had my men watch the two of you since you escaped from the basement. And that stunt you pulled with Dimitri, classic.” he chuckled, “Guess he’s had that coming for years. Bloody idiot.”

“Please Dimitri, what do you want?” Scarlett pleaded, seeing no other way out of their current predicament.

“What do I want?” he mimicked her question with narrowed eyes, “What I want, my dear sweet Scarlett, is to put three bullets between this fucker’s eyes!”

She felt a sudden surge of panic wash over her as Dimitri lifted his arm and aimed his gun directly at Adam with the intention of ending his adversary’s life right there, on the spot...

“Goodbye Mr. Cunningham.” he announced coldly.

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