Hooked On You

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Chapter 48 - What is a Killer?

Scarlett watched as Dimitri began to squeeze the trigger, about to end Adam’s life right then and there. She reacted of pure instinct, both of her hands quickly flying up to grasp at his wrist as tightly as she could manage and pulling it down to redirect his shot at the exact moment he fired.


Luckily, the shot only managed to graze Adam’s shoulder and he clutched at his left arm as he cursed loudly.


“Adam, run!” Scarlett suddenly shouted, grunting as Dimitri’s fingers pressed deeply into her skin until she was beyond uncomfortable as she continued to wrestle against Dimitri’s incredible strength and keep the gun aimed down at the ground.

“Scarlett, baby, you’re really starting to piss me off!” Dimitri spoke through gritted teeth as he pulled her by the back of her neck while fighting to regain control of his weapon, “Let go of the gun dearest!”

Suddenly she surprised him as she used her right elbow and smacked it hard into his ribcage. He grunted angrily as the impact seemed to startle him, even if only for a moment or two. It was just long enough as Scarlett managed to fling the gun out of Dimitri’s hand and send it flying across the hallway.

Both Dimitri and Scarlett watched as the gun landed on the floor with a metallic ‘thud’. Adam glanced at the gun on the floor and looked up at Dimitri, as if sizing up whether he would make it to the weapon before him or not.

As Dimitri went for the gun Adam saw his chance to intervene and charged at the Mafia Boss, crash-tackling him to the floor before he managed to reach the weapon. Both men collapsed into a heap and began wrestling with one another. Dimitri, clearly stronger and uninjured quickly took control of the fight and straddled Adam, landing punch after punch on the investment banker’s face.

“Just… fucking… die… already!” Dimitri spat between punches.

After the fourth or fifth punch, Dimitri suddenly halted his movements and froze at the familiar sound of a gun being cocked.


With his fist still clenched and raised high above Adam’s head, Dimitri slowly turned his head to the side to see the cause of the sound. Scarlett stood less than a few metres away from them, the gun she had been concealing up until now gripped in her hands and clearly aimed at her ex-fiancé. Her expression was almost blank as she stared directly at him.

Instead of panicking, Dimitri surprised her by smiling.

“Scarlett, baby…” he cooed, “You’re not going to shoot me. You’re not a killer baby.”

Scarlett could feel as her hands began to tremble, the gun along with them as she struggled to hold it steady as a sudden wave of fear and guilt began to wash over her. His words had gotten to her; she didn’t want to kill anyone, even him. Suddenly the gun in her hands began to lower slowly.

“Just put the gun down and we can talk about this.” Dimitri continued his negotiation as calmly as he possibly could.

As Scarlett began second-guessing herself and whether she could do something as hideous as shoot someone, Adam groaned in utter agony from beneath Dimitri, who was still sitting over him.

Her hazel eyes moved down to see what Dimitri had done to him and her heart practically broke in two. Her inner rage was suddenly fuelled once more and a dark, burning hatred for the man she had once loved surfaced at long last.

“Don’t do anything stupid baby.” Dimitri spoke again, right at the wrong moment.

Without another thought she lifted the gun up, aimed directly at Dimitri and squeezed the trigger twice.



The shots entered Dimitri right through his chest and he glanced down with shock as he breathed out a sigh of disbelief. Scarlett watched as his eyes rolled back into their sockets and the Mafia Boss suddenly toppled over onto the floor right beside Adam. He didn’t move.

Without even realising she had, Scarlett let out a breath she had been holding up until now as relief flooded over her.

He was gone.

Dimitri Mancini, the fearsome Mafia Boss was finally gone.

She was free, at long last.

Pulling her back to the here and now, she watched as Adam’s head rolled over, allowing him to meet her gaze. His left eye was swollen now and his face was bleeding.

“Oh my god, Adam!”

She rushed across to kneel down beside him, a mixture of worry and fear filling her as she tried to focus on what she needed to do now in order to save his life. He needed an ambulance fast!

“It’s going to be alright Adam, I promise…” she spoke through her fear as she suddenly stood and ran off down the hallway and out of sight.

As he closed his eyes for a moment the next time he opened them he saw her standing over him, a mobile phone up against her ear as she continued speaking frantically to someone on the other end of the line.

He watched her in silence, trying desperately to remember every single little detail of what she looked like. Adam could feel the icy cold grip of death upon him as he blinked slowly over and over, just watching her.

The woman he wished he could have shared a life with.

But now, it was too late.

Closing his eyes for what felt like the last time, Adam prepared himself for the end…

The next couple of hours were a blur for him. He only remembered seeing certain things each time he willed himself to open his eyes for a second or two, as the world rushed by him. He remembered Scarlett crying over him as she spoke to the paramedics on the phone, the red and blue flashes of lights as he was wheeled out on a stretcher, strangers leaning over him inside of the ambulance as they worked hard to keep him breathing on the way to the hospital.

And finally the blinding flashes of light as he was prepped and sedated for surgery.

Then nothing but black…

Until he woke up again two days later.

It was morning and he could hear the constant sound of the rain pattering on the rooftop outside as he slowly blinked his eyes open several times in an effort to adjust his vision to the blinding fluro hospital lights. The bland grey curtains had been pulled shut allowing him the chance to sleep but there was still a small crack of sunlight seeping into the room. His eyes roamed the room, as if searching for something… or someone.

She wasn’t there.

Instead vases filled with colourful bouquets of flowers circled his hospital bed, displayed all around the room on just about every flat surface he could see. Several balloons floated in a tangled bunch in the corner of the room, some doting ‘Get Well Soon’ on them, as well as cards displayed with similar messages. There were even an assortment of teddies seated and staring back at him with their lifeless eyes.

But there was no Scarlett to be seen.

He wondered where she was. If she was alright. Then he began to worry for her safety and as his anxiety rose, so did the beeping of the heart-rate monitor he had been hooked up to beside his bed. The beeping increased in frequency, causing the machines to make alarming sounds as he sat up and looked around frantically.

“Adam, you’re awake!” came a familiar voice from the corner of the room, “It’s alright dear, you’re safe now. You’re safe. I'm here.”

Blinking several times Adam glanced at the figure as she stepped out of the shadowed corner and into his sights. At first it looked like her and he spoke without thinking.


Then he blinked once more and the figure changed.


“Yes darling, I’m here.” Charlotte smiled as she came to sit on the bed beside him, “I’m here and you’re safe.”

Adam frowned, disappointed it wasn’t her instead.

“Where is she?” he asked, looking up to his mother for answers.

“Where is who dear?”

“Scarlett, where is she?” he asked.

His mother frowned at this request.

“Scarlett?” she asked, “Who’s Scarlett?”

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