Hooked On You

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Chapter 49 - Finding Scarlett

“What do you mean, who’s Scarlett?” Adam asked; his face scrunched up in disbelief, “Scarlett Workman, the woman who was held captive with me at the mansion. She was the one who called the ambulance. I… I don’t remember where she…”

He lifted his hand up to grasp at his forehead as he closed his eyes tightly.

“Adam dear, you’re not making any sense.” she announced while gently taking his hand in hers as she sat on the edge of his bed, “When the police and ambulance arrived they only found you inside. There was no one else.”

Adam shook his head.

“That has to be a mistake. Mother, she was there with me…” he seemed to think to himself for a moment before he continued speaking, “Maybe… maybe something happened to her. What if Dimitri’s men found her again? What if-”

“-Calm down sweetheart. I’m sure that’s not the case.” her attempts at assuring him seemed feeble as his heart rate increased on the monitor behind his bed, “You need to calm down. The doctor has asked for you to get plenty of bed-rest.”

She watched as he then attempted to throw off his blanket and swivel his legs over the edge of the bed to get out.

“I have to find her! You don’t understand.” he sounded panicked.

“Adam stop, you’re not meant to be out of bed!” she warned him as she stood and took a step back, “The doctors were quite insistent that you rest as much as possible. You’ve been through a lot, please.”

“Mother, I need to know that she’s alright!” his tone showed his seriousness as he looked her dead in the eye, “Please… please will you help me? I need your help.”

She stared him down for a moment, eventually realising that he had dug his feet in and would not budge with his decision. But as crazy as he was sounding she knew that he needed her help now more than ever and as his mother it was an easy decision for her to make. She smiled warmly back at him as she finally replied to his desperate plea.

“Of course dear.” she stepped forward and placed both of her hands on either side of his face lovingly, “Let’s find this Scarlett, shall we?”

After two long hours of reaching out to every contact linked to the Cunningham family name they had still come up with nothing. Adam was beginning to fear the worst for the woman he cared so deeply for. Maybe Dimitri’s men had found her and got to her before he had the chance to find and protect her. Maybe she was in danger and he couldn’t do a thing about it. The thought was causing him to feel ill.

Right now Adam felt completely useless. Trapped in his private luxury suite, hooked up to various monitors and drips and unable to leave the bed let alone the room. He wondered if at this rate he would manage to find her in time.

As he looked around the large hospital room he watched as several different people were each busily conversing on their own private phone calls while working tirelessly in an effort to locate the missing woman he had been so desperate to find. The people surrounding him worked for his mother and father’s company, Cunningham Investments and were good at what they did. They could find people who didn’t want to be found.

A solemn expression spread across Adam’s face as he let out a long sigh and picked up his new mobile phone. His mother had his old number changed over to this one, so if Scarlett did in fact call him he would be able to answer. But as of yet he had not received a single phone call from her, not even a text.

Nothing but unsettling silence.

“I’ve got something over here!” came the excited voice of Grace, a young woman at the other end of the room who was currently holding her mobile phone up to her ear and frantically writing something down on a pad of paper on the desk in front of her.

Upon hearing the announcement Adam immediately sat up with an eager interest and threw his legs over the side of the bed intending to make his way across to join her.

“What is it Grace?” Charlotte asked as she came to stand beside the young woman who had made the announcement, “What have you found?”

“Ok, thanks for that.” Grace ended her call and put down the mobile, quickly lifting the pad and looking straight at Charlotte as she announced her report.

“Good news Mrs. Cunningham, I think I may have located this Scarlett Workman you’re after. Our sources sighted her at the city airport not far from here. Apparently she’s scheduled to board a flight to Australia in less than two hours.”

“What time does the flight leave?” Charlotte queried.

“Four thirty pm, ma’am.” Grace replied.

“Right… we still might be able to make it on time if we… Adam?”

Charlotte paused as she turned around, expecting to see her son still lying in his bed. Instead she found the bed empty and the door to the hospital suite wide open.

“Adam, wait!”

Scarlett’s mind was a blur, a mixture of toxic memories and thoughts that all melded into one another as she sat alone at the airport waiting for her flight to begin boarding. There were still another twenty minutes of waiting but she had nowhere else to go.

Since that terrible night and barely escaping with her life, she had organised to sell her apartment and was using the money to make a brand new start to her life, somewhere far from this place.

Somewhere her old life with the dominant Mafia Boss would never manage to catch up with her. Especially now that Dimitri was gone.

A single small grey suitcase sat beside her feet on the ground; all she had left in the entire world after such a horrific experience of being engaged to, kidnapped by and then having to kill a Mafia Boss. She didn’t know why but in her mind she continuously relived the moment of pulling the trigger again and again, watching as the two bullets pierced through Dimitri’s chest and the expression on his face as it happened.

The memories were still haunting her and she felt herself beginning to sicken with disgust.

So much had happened that night...

Once Adam had been successfully located and taken care of by the paramedics who had arrived at the Mancini Mansion Scarlett decided to get as far away from that place as she possibly could.

She wanted to go with Adam to the hospital, so badly. She wanted to be by his side and there when he woke from surgery, but deep down she also knew that they could never work in the real world. They were just too different. His life was something she could never fit into.

Although she felt this way, Scarlett was still conflicted as her heart ached for him.

Now she began to wonder if she had in fact made the right choice.

After learning of Adam’s family wealth and high status in the city of New York, not to mention the fact that he would soon become the head of a major corporation, the last thing she wanted was for him to get mixed up in her messy life. Scarlett saw herself as a loose end, one that would never be tied up.

Besides, Adam was a frickin Cunningham! He could have any woman he wanted! There was no way he would want to stay with someone like her, not after what he had experienced thanks to her. She felt entirely responsible for everything he had been forced to endure.

A sudden voice over the airport loudspeaker pulled her out of her terrible thoughts as she listened in.

“Paging Miss Scarlett Workman… Scarlett Workman, would you please make your way to the Information Desk. That’s Scarlett Workman to the Information Desk… Thank you.”

She frowned as fear began to coarse throughout her veins.

Were Dimitri’s men still after her? Was this a way to take her out, by luring her out into the open to be silenced?

As her heart thudded over and over, fighting to break free from the confinements of her chest she slowly stood up and grasped at her suitcase handle with a shaky hand. Swallowing her nerves away, Scarlett began to make her way cautiously towards the Information Desk located nearby.

The entire walk there she glanced around fearfully, as if waiting to see men wearing suits standing off to the side, watching her, waiting for their moment to move in and strike.

It was terrifying not knowing why she had been called up. As far as she was aware everything had been in order relating to her airline ticket.

So why was she being called up?

Arriving at the Information Desk, Scarlett fought to hide her fear as she stepped up to stand before the clerk working at the desk. The clerk, a young woman with short brown hair gave her a polite smile as she approached before greeting her warmly.

“Hi there, how can I help?”

“Hello, my name’s Scarlett Workman. I was just paged to come here?” she asked her question with some evident hesitation.

The clerk’s smile grew even larger now as she gave a soft chuckle.

“Ah, Miss Workman…” she announced, reaching across the desk to grasp a small piece of paper which had been carefully folded right down the middle, “I’ve been asked to give you this.”

Scarlett felt a chill run up the base of her spine as she looked at the folded piece of paper that the clerk held out in her well-manicured hand.

She feared what it said. Who was it from?

Memories of receiving the letter back at Aunt Steph’s farm began to flood her mind as she felt goosebumps forming on her soft skin’s surface.

Was it from the Mafia?

Were they sending her a message?

The clerk continued to hold the note out across the counter with a puzzled expression, but Scarlett appeared to hesitate reaching out to take it from her. This confused the clerk a little.

“Is everything alright?” she enquired, with a raised brow.

“Um… yes. Of course.” Scarlett replied, slowly reaching out to take the note from the clerk, “Thank you.”

With that she grasped the handle of her small suitcase and walked away from the Information Desk, towards a more private area to read the note. Once she had found a space and parked her suitcase out of the way, Scarlett turned her attention towards the note once more, her baffled expression revealing just how confused and worried she truly was.

Her fingers worked to carefully unfold the note and her hazel eyes began scanning the two hand-written words on the paper. She read them silently to herself and smiled.

‘Still hooked…’

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