Hooked On You

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Chapter 5 - Shock Sets In

The beaten man cuffed to the steel chair was now hunched over with his head hanging low and his blood dripping down onto the floor below his feet as he remained motionless. Believing him to be unconscious Diego walked around behind him, knelt down and began un-cuffing his hands from behind the chair, then proceeding to un-cuff his feet from the front of the chair as well.

“Ah, come on!” Gabriele frowned with disappointment, “Seriously, already? That’s just pathetic!”

It appeared that their evening’s entertainment was over a lot faster than anticipated and both Dimitri and Gabriele stood shaking their heads in shared disappointment at the current turn of events. Scarlett on the other hand was rather relieved for it to all be over and she let out a large sigh. That was until she noticed something from where she was standing; their captive’s fingers were moving behind his back and she suddenly gasped, as if somehow able to sense what was about to happen right before it had.

“He’s awake…” she whispered at first, then lifting her hands to bang loudly on the glass in front of her as he shouted out to warn him, “Diego, watch out! He’s awake!”

Gabriele noticed too, “Shit, he is!”

Dimitri chimed in with a frown, “Diego hasn’t noticed, come on!”

Hearing as she began banging on the mirror the heavily beaten captive used an upright thrust of his knee to knock Diego square in the chin, causing him to fall back and allowing their captive free from the chair’s restraints. Now that he was freed and had stood up, he actually looked a lot larger than she initially believed him to be and Scarlett watched on in horror. In the fraction of a second the desperate captive leaned down and reached for Diego’s gun, slipping it out of his holster with ease and lifting it to aim at the man who had almost beaten him to death. He was fully prepared to pull the trigger and take him out.

Scarlett held her breath.

By now both Dimitri and Gabriele had already dashed out of the room together, quickly headed to aid their associate and good friend who was currently staring down the barrel of a loaded gun! His own gun!

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion for Scarlett as she watched helplessly from the other side of the two-way mirror as the night’s events were played out in front of her like a realistic late-night movie. Diego held his hand up in a last-minute attempt to try and block his shooter, though he knew it would do him no good. He closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable…

A pair of loud shots sounded, echoing loudly off of the walls…


After a moment of silence Diego slowly opened his eyes, just in time to watch his beaten captive falling to the floor lifelessly with two fresh bullet holes in his head. He glanced toward the doorway of the room and saw the shooter holding his sleek black and silver 9mm semi-automatic pistol in his right hand, smoke still billowing out of the nozzle as his dark brown eyes glared down at his fallen victim.

Scarlett couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

The gunman was her own fiancé, Dimitri… He had just killed someone!

The world was suddenly spinning as Scarlett began to feel nauseous. A horrible wave of fear almost drowned her as she suddenly struggled to breathe oxygen into her lungs. She had just unintentionally witnessed her fiancé kill someone in cold blood! True it was a defensive act, last minute and aimed at saving his friend and accomplice’s life, but it was still murder!

And now she couldn’t breathe... The room was getting too small.

She needed to get out of there, NOW!

Unable to think of what she was doing and the possible consequences of her actions Scarlett immediately turned, ran through the doorway and kept on running as fast as she could all the way down the darkened corridor, headed straight towards the grey iron door in her path. Skidding to a halt just before it she frantically grabbed at the handle and pulled it open. As it creaked open the sound alerted both Gabriele and Dimitri at the other end of the corridor. The pair immediately turned to look down the corridor, just in time to see her quickly glance back at them with a terrified expression painted across her face and tears rolling down her heated cheeks.

The last thing she heard before slamming the iron door shut behind her was Dimitri calling out her name.


Panicked and fearing for her life after watching the man she thought she loved kill someone, Scarlett was now running as fast as her legs would carry her down the twisting corridors and toward the set of stairs that she remembered would lead her to the main foyer of Dimitri’s massive mansion. She was getting the hell out of that place and as far away from him as she possibly could! Now.

At that very moment both Dimitri and Gabriele were hot on her heels as they too ran down the twisting corridors after her. Gabriele had already thought ahead and swiped one of their black mini sedation bags on their way out of the interrogation chamber, carefully pocketing it as he and his boss gave chase.

Seeing that they would need to place the area on lockdown Marco, who was still in the interrogation room, had already made the phone call alerting the men on guard around the mansion’s permitter of the current situation involving the boss’ fiancé. No one was to get in or out without the boss’ express permission. Dimitri was hoping to reach Scarlett before she attempted to run outside. He didn’t want any of his men mistaking her for an intruder and shooting her on site.

As he and Gabriele ran out from the last corridor they finally managed to catch sight of the terrified woman ascending the marble stairs leading up to the main foyer and he desperately tried calling out to her as he continued on after her.

“Scarlett, baby please wait! Stop!”

Hearing his voice she suddenly lost her balance on the slippery surface of the marble step. As her bare foot slid out from underneath her she landed hard against the marble steps, her forehead hitting the edge of the sharp step hard and causing her see double for a second or two. Shaking her head and attempting to focus again, Scarlett groaned as her hand moved up to where the pain was stinging now. She gasped when she could feel her warm blood trickling down over her fingers and her eyebrow. Unfortunately for her the fall had given the two chasing after her enough time to catch up as they now began climbing the stairs right behind her.

“Oh fuck!” she cursed, pulling herself up to continue climbing the rest of the steps.

That was until Gabriele’s large hand suddenly grabbed her by the ankle and pulled at it, causing her to scream as she fell back down onto her stomach, kicking and screaming at them.

“No, no let go! Get off of me!”

“Gabriele be careful. Don’t hurt her.” Dimitri reminded from behind him.

She immediately proceeded to use her free leg to kick wildly towards his face, causing him to dodge it over and over. The distraction was enough to make him release his grip on her ankle and set her free once more.

“Fuck!” he cursed angrily at his obvious error in judgement.

As soon as she was free of his grasp Scarlett clambered up the last few remaining steps and ran across into the main foyer of her fiancé’s mansion. Her heart was pounding faster than a jack-hammer as she panted with each step she took, bolting as fast as her legs would carry her across the white marble floor of the foyer.

Just as she reached the doorway she turned the handle and pulled… but it wouldn’t budge. Trying once again she realised that she had been locked in!

She heard his voice behind her and quickly spun around.

“Baby… Calm down.”

"Don't you dare tell me to calm down Dimitri Mancini!" her voice showed her fury mixed with fear.

As she continued to ride her wave of adrenalin, panting loudly and wide-eyed, she watched them carefully as they slowly began to move in on her attempting to box her in and prevent her from running anywhere else in the mansion.

Glancing to her side she tried running for one of the adjoining rooms connected to the foyer, but Gabriele was too fast for her. In the fraction of a second he had already moved to block off her exit as he then reached into his pocket and pulled out the small black sedation bag. Unzipping it, he fiddled with the contents as Scarlett turned her attention back to her fiancé.

Dimitri had both of his hands held out in a form of surrender as he intentionally stepped in closer and closer, slowly and cautiously while being sure to remain calming while speaking to her with his deep and husky voice.

“Baby, baby look at me… It’s gonna be ok.”

She was beginning to panic now. Both men were less than a couple of meters away from her and she had nowhere else left to run. There was no way she would be able to fight either one of them, let alone both at the same time.

She was scared for her life and needed to find a way to get out of there as soon as possible.

But how?

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