Hooked On You

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Chapter 6 - Please Don't Kill Me

Desperately searching for something to help defend herself with Scarlett grabbed a large ceramic vase and proceeded to tip out the flowers and water onto the marble floor. Dimitri watched with surprise as she proceeded to then smash it against the small wooden table beside her and frantically snatch one of the larger pieces of broken and now sharp ceramic, holding it out in front of her as a weapon.

Dimitri had to admit he was slightly impressed at her creativity and sudden spontaneity, using a broken piece of ceramic vase as a weapon. He didn’t think even he would have come up with something like that.

“Get away from me!” she demanded.

Scarlett shook her head as she continued to hold it out in a threatening manner at the man she thought she loved. Her bare feet now stood in a puddle of water from the flower vase as she held her ground.

“Baby, put it down.” Dimitri tried calming her a second time, moving in even closer than he was before. “Please… just put it down. Everything’s going to be alright, I promise.”

“What? Are you insane?” she snapped angrily, “You just fucking killed someone Dimitri! How can you just stand here so calmly and tell me everything is going to be alright?”

While his boss had her full attention focused on him Gabriele saw his chance. He worked silently off to the side to take out a small syringe from the sedation pouch and fill it with a safe amount of the local sedative, prepping it for the right moment he would need to inject it into the panicked woman. It seemed clear enough that there was no way the boss’ fiancé was going to simply calm down on her own after what she had just seen.

“Baby, come on. Look at you, you’re hurt. At least let me stop the bleeding, please.” he gestured toward her forehead with his outstretched hand and she frowned.

Shaking her head she felt as a warm tear rolled down her left cheek. She wanted out of there.

“Please Dimitri, just let me go… Please…” she was practically begging him now.

From where he was standing Dimitri could see that Gabriele had the syringe ready and with a nod of the henchman’s head he had given the signal for them to make their move on her. Scarlett turned her attention to Gabriele for a brief second and that was all it took.

Dimitri quickly lunged at her from behind, wrapping both of his strong arms around hers and locking them in place in a tight bear-hug as she struggled against him in fear, screaming wildly as her fiancé leaned his head over her shoulder and tried to console her with his voice alone.

“I don’t want to have to hurt you, ok baby? Please don’t force me to.”

Then Scarlett noticed what Gabriele was holding onto as he quickly moved in on her as well. She went straight into a full-blown panic mode now.

“Wait, what the fuck is that?” she frantically queried with concern as Gabriele came to stand right beside her and then lifted the syringe up, “Dimitri, please… Don’t do this to me, I’m sorry for running… please don’t.”

She kicked her legs and continued to scream out for help pointlessly. Her apparently loving fiancé was still holding onto her tightly, binding her in place and preventing her arms from moving around as Gabriele proceeded to tilt her head to the side with his left hand and hold it there.

“The more you struggle the more this will hurt, luv.” Gabriele pointed out.

“No please… don’t.”

His right hand directed the sharp point of the syringe right into her delicate skin on the side of her slender neck. In less than a few seconds he had quickly injected the entire syringe of the clear liquid into her vein, then pulling the needle out again as he took a step back and watched.

Scarlett felt a sudden wave of warmth washing over her as the sedative drug took effect almost immediately. Her legs were beginning to feel incredibly heavy and hard to stand on as her eyelids blinked over and over while she tried to focus.

Dimitri spoke calmly into her ear as he continued to hold her in the confinement of his strong arms, now appearing to be holding her up instead of restraining her.

“Shhh… it’s just something to help you sleep, baby.” he tried to sooth her with his calm voice as she began to slowly slump down into his arms.

As he held her under her arms now she managed to whispered her last slurred words to him before she slipped completely into darkness.

“Please… don’t… kill me…”

His brows furrowed together with obvious hurt at her words as she finally fell completely limp in his arms. Closing her heavy eyelids and falling asleep, Scarlett’s hand then dropped the piece of broken vase to the marble floor where it smashed into even more pieces.

“She’s out cold.” Gabriele announced, pocketing the black sedation pack and moving in closer with the intention to help his boss carry his fiancé.

"How much did you give her?" Dimitri asked.

“The minimal dose boss, but it should last for a couple of hours at the very least. Need some help?”

“Na man, I'm good.” Dimitri announced as he repositioned Scarlett’s motionless body in his arms and lifted her up with his amazing strength.

“You go and see to the mess downstairs would you? Check on Diego while you’re at it. Bloody idiot had that one coming for being so fucking careless. Dumbfuck…”

With a nod of his head the second in command turned around and began making his way back across the large open foyer, then down the stairs one by one on his way to the lower level as instructed.

Dimitri in the meantime felt terrible guilt for what had happened to Scarlett. He would never want to hurt her. He loved her and wanted nothing more than to protect and care for her. As he looked down at her, lying still in his arms and looking so innocent, he frowned at the blood and small laceration on her forehead now. It was already beginning to bruise and would need to be tended to.

“Ah baby… what am I gonna do with you?” he spoke down to her with a warm and loving smile.

With those words the young Mafia Boss began to head toward the large set of stairs on his way up to the master bedroom with Scarlett draped across both of his strong arms.

He was going to have a hard time explaining all of this to her in the morning!

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