Hooked On You

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Chapter 7 - On the Open Road

After being forced to sedate his panicked fiancé, Dimitri carried her all the way up to the main bedroom and then gently placed her down onto the large king-sized bed. Once she was tucked lovingly underneath the thick covers he used the first aid kit in his cupboard to lovingly clean and dress her head wound with a Band-Aid over the top to prevent any sort of infection. Luckily the cut on her forehead was quite small and shallow, so stitches would not be required. Once the Band-Aid was in place he leaned down over her and placed a gentle kiss on top of it.

Deciding that he would go and check in on how things were going downstairs, Dimitri stood over Scarlett while she slept soundly on the bed before him. Her honey coloured hair was splayed out across the black silk pillow underneath her head and her long black lashes were closed as he spoke softly to her.

“Sleep well my love. I’ll explain everything in the morning, I promise.”

With that he turned around and exited the room being sure to close the door as quietly as he could so as not to wake her. Dimitri didn’t think to lock the door after him as from what Gabriele had explained, the sedative should work for at least a couple of hours, if not more. Knowing full well that she would have a million questions to ask when she eventually came to, he was adamant that he would be there to give them to her when the time came. She had been through a lot tonight and he didn’t want any further harm to come to her.

At the other end of the city Adam had packed a small leather bag with necessities for a trip away and was currently cruising along the highway in his sleek black 2020 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye with no destination in sight. It was an unusual feeling, not knowing where he was going and not having to be in countless meetings back to back for hours, but he seemed to be enjoying the freedom so far. And why wouldn't he?

The expensive V8 soaring over the bitumen road was a recent birthday present from his mother and he never really got to drive it anywhere open enough to truly enjoy it’s insane horsepower. The sound of the monstrous engine alone seemed to hum consistently in the background causing the entire car to vibrate slightly.

With nothing but the highway and not another car in sight he planned to see just how fast it would go. The salesman at the dealership quoted him around 200mph and he was ready to put that number to the test.

With a deep and focused inhale he violently slammed his foot down on the gas pedal and the engine roared to life, forcing him back into the power-adjustable driver’s seat as he soared faster and faster along the long stretch of road.

His chocolate brown eyes quickly darted down to see the speedometer; his current speed was 130mph and rapidly climbing with each second that passed. 150mph, 180mph, 190mph… The road zipped by so quickly it began to blur as Adam watched with a smile as the lever slid just over past 200mph, then 203mph and he couldn’t help but yell out in excitement as adrenalin pulsed throughout his veins.


With that accomplishment reached he then proceeded to ease his foot off the accelerator and the car began to slow back down until he reached a sensible speed once again and continued cruising along down the road. He could feel his heart thumping loudly inside of his chest, as if demanding to be set free. Goosebumps formed all over his skin as his smile spread from ear to ear in delight. No more worries, no stress, no more forced engagement to Miss Snootypants. He had nothing more to worry about.

Until his phone started ringing.

Glancing down to his centre console he immediately recognised the ringtone and his heart sank. The picture on his screen confirmed his greatest fears; it was his apparent fiancé, Brittany calling.

“Good god no.” he spoke aloud, reaching for the phone and sighing.

Part of him didn’t want to answer it but he knew that would only make things worse. Brittany was not well known for her patience and understanding. She was extremely selfish and always needed to control everything in their supposed relationship. In truth, they had no relationship. Adam rarely ever saw her and when he did, he tried to avoid her as much as humanly possible. He honestly couldn’t stand her. Her voice, her attitude, her constant attempts to try and make a move on him; she was far from his preferred type.

Being a rich heiress Brittany had everything she ever wanted given to her on a golden platter, including Adam. After years of being told that they would one day be married, his father Eugene had decided to make it official this year and set a date for their scheduled wedding. Not that Adam had a say in any of this, because he didn’t, and he hated that more than anything. He had no say in anything that happened in his life, ever! Being the eldest son of the four Cunningham brothers, Adam was expected to follow along with family tradition and marry into another wealthy family, thus ensuring their family’s wealth will continue on into the future.

But Adam had other plans for his future.

There was no way he planned on marrying Brittany, no way in hell! With the agreed upon month to get out and experience the world his father had given him, Adam was secretly using this as a way to go on the run from his responsibilities and expectations. He had no intention of returning to his former life or taking over his family’s company!

For the past five years he had been secretly saving and carefully plotting his escape, biding his time and waiting for the right moment to do it. As it appeared this opportunity was as good as any other. It was time for him to take control of his own life and, as uncertain as this plan might have been, this was the only way he would be able to do it without being pursued by his father. The month he had would be more than enough time to get a good enough head start on his father, to disappear and start a new life. A life that he alone determined.

The sound of the phone’s ringtone playing pulled him out of his thoughts as he slid his thumb across the bottom of the phone and answered, lifting the phone to his ear.

“Brittany, what can I do for you?” he spoke sternly, watching the road in front of him.

“Where the hell are you Adam? I’ve been trying to call you for like an hour now. We’re supposed to be going to my parent’s place for dinner tonight, remember?” her voice was high-pitched and shrill, her tone showing her obvious annoyance with her schedule being messed with.

“Oh, yeah… about that, see I’m not going to be able to make it tonight. Sorry.”

“What? That’s totally unacceptable! Why the hell not?” she snapped.

“Something came up, yeah, I have some big work thing that I need to travel out of town for. I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone for so don’t expe-“

She cut in with her shrill voice screaming into the other end of the phone and causing Adam to move the phone away from his ear to prevent his eardrum being badly damaged.

“-This is UNACCEPTABLE Adam! Don’t for one second think that I won’t call your father and-“

Placing the phone closer to his mouth he spoke over her screaming as loud as he could.

“Ok, um I’ve gotta go now. I’ll talk later, enjoy dinner, bye.”

With that he pressed the red ‘end call’ button and then held the power button down until his phone vibrated to signal that it had been turned off. Then casually tossing his phone down onto the passenger seat Adam let out a big breath of relief and leaned back into his chair comfortably as he watched the road flying by.

At last he was free.

It was three o’clock in the morning when Scarlett began to stir beneath the thick plush blanket covering her from the neck down. Her eyelids were extremely heavy and her mouth had a horrible taste to it as she darted her tongue out to moisten her extremely dry lips.

As her hooded eyes finally managed to open and adjust to her surroundings she looked around at the darkened room in an effort to recognise where she was. Long black drapes at the windows, a large fluffy rug sitting by the automatic fireplace, his long black leather sofa; she was familiar with this room. She was in Dimitri’s room again.

Rubbing at her throbbing head Scarlett fought to pull her heavy body up into a sitting position as the powerful sedatives continued to travel around her system. As she let out a small grunt of discomfort, out the corner of her eye she noticed a still figure lying in the bed beside her and she froze with a quiet gasp, covering her mouth with surprise.

Dimitri was lying beside her, fast asleep.

Then all of the memories came flooding back, memories about what happened earlier on that evening. She couldn’t help the sick feeling that suddenly returned to her as she watched the horrible scene playing over and over in her head.

She could still see as the bullets caused his brains to explode out the back of his head before he fell lifelessly to the floor in a pile of his crimson blood. The traumatic memory, as well as the after effects of the sedatives were making her suddenly nauseous and she placed her hand over her mouth, concerned she may actually vomit right then and there.

Carefully sliding out of the bed Scarlett quickly darted towards the ensuite, flicking the light on and closing the door behind her.

Coming across to kneel over the toilet bowl she held her long hair out of the way and proceeded to vomit up into the porcelain bowl. After a couple of minutes of relieving herself of the mixture of food and sedatives, she slowly pulled herself up to stand and made her way across to the large pair of twin sinks; one for him and one for her. Splashing some of the cool water on her face seemed to help her feel slightly better, though when she looked up at herself in the mirror she frowned. She looked like death! Big black bags under her eyes, smudged mascara and her face was incredibly pale.

“Oh god.” she muttered sadly to herself.

As she was drying her hands off she happened to glance in the mirror and noticed something sticking out behind her. It was one of her travel bags. She suddenly got an idea, one she was not sure she would be able to pull off; an impossible task.

She was going to get the hell out of there!

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