Hooked On You

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Chapter 8 - Escape

It was clear that Brittany always got what she wanted and as soon as Adam had ended her call she did as she had threatened him; she called Adam’s father to find out what in the hell was going on. Of course being such a busy man, Eugene was reluctant to speak to his menacing future daughter in law, but he gave her his time none the less for the sake of future family.

“Brittany, my dearest. How are things?” he welcomed her warmly, sitting back in his comfortable leather office chair. “How are your parents?”

“What the hell is going on with Adam?” she snapped angrily down the line, “First he cancels on dinner with my parents and now he says he’s going to be unavailable until god knows when… This is simply unacceptable Mr. Cunningham!”

“Now, now Brittany, calm down.” he tried to soothe the clearly high-strung heiress, “I’ve just seen Adam earlier this morning and I can explain everything.”

“You had better, I don’t enjoy being treated this way Mr. Cunningham.” she continued to grumble with her high-pitched tone.

“Let me explain, my son is having some time off to go and get his affairs in order before-”

“-What? Is Adam having an affair?” she cut in angrily. “I can’t believe this!”

“No, no… Brittany I said he’s getting his affairs in order, as in he’s having some time to better learn who he is and what he wants out of life. He’s been quite stressed of late and the boy just needed some time to himself.” he explained with a smile. “He will be back in a month’s time to-“

“-A whole month! That’s ridiculous!” she barked, cutting in again, “Why does he need that much time to himself? We have a wedding to plan for and then there’s the engagement party. Why would you let him do this, especially now?”

“Because my dear, he is my son and I will do whatever I must to ensure that he is fully prepared to assume all of his forthcoming responsibilities.” Eugene reminded her, his voice suddenly becoming sterner, “And as his future wife perhaps you could have a little more understanding of my son’s needs.”

She seemed to stumble on her words now.

“Oh, um… yes of course… whatever he needs Mr. Cunningham.”

“Excellent, well take care and good day.”

And with that he hung up his phone, leaving her speechless and more confused than she had been before calling him. Eugene Cunningham was not one to be messed with, no matter who you were and in this case Brittany clearly needed to be reminded of this.

After carefully packing the things she would need to help her get as far away from here as possible, Scarlett had quietly changed into a more comfortable outfit and had her long hair up in a high ponytail behind her head. Taking one last look at her sleeping fiancé, she placed a handwritten note along with her giant diamond engagement ring inside of an envelope, leaving it for him on the bedside table and silently exited the master bedroom, sneaking along the corridor and down the large staircase with her carry bag in hand.

Having lived here with Dimitri whenever convenient for over half a year now she knew how the security in this place worked and how she would best get through the men guarding the electronic gate surrounding the mansion. Going out the front door would not work, there were too many cameras watching and she would most certainly be found right away. No, she needed to disguise herself as her fiancé if she were to get out of here unseen and the best way to go about that would be to drive out in one of his favourite cars.

Making her way down to his private underground garage, Scarlett opened the door and flicked the light switch on. The large subterranean room lit up one section of it at a time, revealing his unique and expensive collection of vintage supercars and muscle cars acquired over the years. It was incredible!

As her hazel eyes moved across each one they suddenly stopped with a keen interest in the bright green Lamborghini Aventador SVJ which was practically begging her to drive it. The bright paintjob almost made it glow under the powerful fluro lights overhead and with a deviant grin she had decided; that was her getaway car right there.

Angelo was the night guard on watch at the main gate to the Mancini property that night and he looked up at the sight of the bright headlights as the fancy car pulled up waiting to be let through. As it was extremely dark and Angelo couldn’t clearly see who it was he could only assume it was Dimitri at the wheel, as no one else would have the balls to try and steal one of their Mafia Boss’ cars! No one but his desperate fiancé seeking her escape from him.

Flashing her lights expectantly at the guard, Angelo gave a polite nod and pressed the large green button on the controls to open the gates, allowing the driver whom he assumed was Dimitri to proceed to drive through. Letting out a breath she had unknowingly held until her plan had worked, Scarlett chuckled to herself as she placed her foot down on the accelerator and continued on down the long driveway, then turning onto the connecting road, zoomed off into the night.

Her heart hammered with nerves and excitement. A large smile spread across her face, eternally grateful for her lucky escape and happy to finally feel some sense of safety after her terrifying experience. She wasn’t thinking about what tomorrow would bring, she didn’t have to. Her plan was to remain out of sight and ditch his car as soon as she had the chance. She would go incognito and disappear somewhere he would not be able to find her. As far as Scarlett Workman was concerned, she had said her last goodbyes to Dimitri Mancini and their paths would never cross again.

The next morning came and with it the warmth of the sun’s welcome as Dimitri rolled over and placed his hand onto the empty space beside him. It felt cold, nothing like it should have and the strange sensation caused him to slowly open his eyes and glance beside him. Frowning with wonder he looked toward the ensuite as he called out for her.

“Baby? You up yet?”

After a moment without reply he proceeded to sit up and look around the room for his stunning fiancé. It was not like her to be awake before him and something about this seemed wrong for some unknown reason. Call it a gut feeling.

“Baby… Scarlett?” he called out again as he slid out of the bed and grabbed his robe, wrapping it around his almost naked body and tying it in a knot.

Still no reply. Now he was concerned and his body’s movements clearly showed it as they became more frantic and desperate. Darting in and then out of the ensuite, he could find no sign of her and his eyes were wide as he looked around for clues, anything that would give him the answers he so desperately needed. Finally he found what he had been searching for and his heart sank with dread.

A single white envelope with his name handwritten on the front of it.


Grasping the small white envelope and tearing it open, he peered inside to find a folded piece of paper. Sliding it out and unfolding it he proceeded to read it to himself.

“My dearest Dimitri,

Please understand how hard this is for me, I’m truly sorry but after what I saw last night I came to realise that I can’t be a part of this world… of your world.

If you ever loved me at all, please just let me go.


With a frown of disbelief he peered inside of the open envelope and witnessed the proof he needed sitting inside of it; her glistening diamond engagement ring. She had really left him!

As he stood staring down at it, a mixture of seething rage and a sense of betrayal began to surface as he took the paper in his hands and scrunched it up between his fingers, his breathing had become heavier as his eyes glared toward the doorway.

She was not getting away from him that easily!

Gabriele and Diego were both sitting in the large open plan kitchen sipping at hot freshly brewed coffee when Dimitri strode in, slamming the engagement ring down onto the counter in front of them. As both Gabriele and Diego peered at the giant diamond wondering what had happened, they looked to their boss with matching expressions of concern, not for themselves but for Scarlett.

“Boss, what happened?” Gabriele was the first to ask, placing his hot mug down on the kitchen counter and giving his employer his undivided attention. “Where’s Scarlett?”

Dimitri calmly continued to adjust one of his cufflinks as he replied.

“It seems that last night’s events may have been a little… too much for my dear sweet fiancé to handle.”

“Where is she now?” Diego asked.

“Gone, it would appear...” Dimitri replied dryly, “…along with my favourite car.”

Both Diego and Gabriele’s eyes widened upon hearing this, they froze with fear. Dimitri hadn’t done anything to her, the crafty minx had escaped!

“Not the green Lamborghini?” Gabriele confirmed.

“Fuck, she’s got balls I’ll give her that!” Diego added.

Gabriele gave him a harsh elbow to the arm for his snide comment, causing Diego to chuckle.

“Find her.” Dimitri commanded seeming eerily calm given their current situation, “Bring my fiancé to me alive and unharmed. Use whatever resources you need, do whatever is necessary to make this happen, is that understood?”

Both men nodded in agreement as Dimitri then turned and exited the same way he had entered, leaving his men with a new and surprising assignment.

Fully aware that by driving the bright green lamborghini around it would make her an obvious target for being followed or perhaps even carjacked by thieves, Scarlett managed to find a place close-by where she could trade it in for something a little less conspicuous. The caryard was pretty basic and there were several cars that she believed would fly under the radar, helping to prevent Dimitri from finding her. In the end she decided to go with a second-hand red Mazda CX-5 which had all the basics she would need for a long drive; air-conditioning, lots of room and enough grunt to get her up to speed fast. The sleazy car salesman at the dealership was overjoyed to make the trade in and she left within the hour with her new set of wheels and no questions asked.

The entire day seemed to pass by quite quickly for her as she continued along down the highway headed in the opposite direction of where she had come from, intending to put as many kilometres between her and her past as possible. After ditching her old phone in a dumpster along the way, she purchased a brand new one before making a quick stop at a roadside diner for a late take-away lunch. As she drove on along the highway, snacking at the wheel, she listened to the local radio station for anything interesting.

Scarlett knew that Dimitri would not report her as a missing person to the Police, not with his Mafia background, but she needed to be aware of anything that were perhaps broadcast over the Radio just in case. He was an incredibly smart man and she knew it more than anyone.

The news reporter was rattling on about some famous billionaire as she chimed in while downing her toasted sandwich one bite at a time.

“Reported leaks have surfaced confirming rumours that wealthy billionaire Eugene Cunningham is set to hand the company’s reigns over to his eldest son, Adam Cunningham in less than two months time at a Fundraiser Ball. The elaborate event will take place at Cunningham Industries and only the who’s who will be lucky enough to receive an invite to this pristeg-“

She switched it off, rolling her eyes and taking another bite.

Glancing down at the time displayed on her dashboard which read 3:42pm, Scarlett could see that she would have to find somewhere to spend the night soon as she turned the wheel and pulled her car over to the side of the road. Putting the car into ‘park’ she picked up her newly purchased phone and began searching on ‘Google’ for a nearby motel in the area. After scrolling through several options one came up that didn’t appear too shabby and she grinned to herself, placing her phone back down and driving off with her new destination in mind.

Maybe this ‘on the run’ thing wouldn’t be too hard after all.

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