Hooked On You

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Chapter 9 - Porky's Pub

The remainder of her drive was long and tiring as an exhausted Scarlett finally reached her intended destination; a small and clearly isolated bed and breakfast called the ‘Easy-Breezy Motel’.

The time was now 7:20pm and it was already dark outside when she pulled up just outside the Reception area. After checking in and obtaining her room key she headed back out to her car and then proceeded to drive down to the end where her allocated lodging was for the night; Room 7.

Pulling into her carpark she noticed the dark sports car parked off to the side and couldn’t help but admire its sleek beauty, even in the dim lighting surrounding the small Motel. Scarlett didn’t know a lot about cars herself but this one had certainly caught her attention, being a muscle car and an obviously expensive one at that. Why would anyone with a car like that want to spend the night here?

Shrugging the thoughts aside she turned the ignition off and grabbed her carry bag, pocketing her phone and making sure to lock the car door with the automatic key. As the car’s parker lights flicked twice signalling that it had locked, she strolled across the carpark towards the small porch where the Motel’s rooms were all lined up neatly in front of her.

The sound of her sneakers crunching with each of her steps taken in the grey gravel seemed louder in the silence of night and the crisp night air had just swept in, caressing her bare arms and causing goosebumps to emerge. She shuddered at the sudden chill and reached around with her free left hand, rubbing her right arm in a menial effort to warm it.

As she stepped up onto the wooden porch and unlocked the door with the single golden key she pushed it inward with a quiet ‘creak’ and looked around at the darkened room with understandable caution given her current situation.

Her hand instinctively moved inside and felt against the side of the wall, searching for the light switch. As the soft pads of her slender fingers found it she quickly flicked it on and the cosy little room sparked to life. With one last glance behind her she stepped inside and closed the door behind her, making sure to lock it with both the deadbolt and the chain for safety sake.

As she walked across to the singular bed located in the middle of the room she continued glancing around at her hired lodgings as her right arm reached out and placed her carry bag down onto the mattress, along with her room key.

“Hmm… seems homey.” she muttered to herself, making her way across to the door she guessed would lead her into the room’s bathroom.

Ducking her head inside she noticed the light switch right away and reached in to turn it on. As the room illuminated her hazel eyes squinted at the sudden level of brightness, catching her by surprise. The bathroom was quite small but had everything she would need for her night’s stay; a toilet, a white porcelain shower tub-joint bath and a basin with a large mirror.

The tiles surrounding the lower half of the room were a marble teal colour and the wall above had been recently painted with a fresh coat of white paint. She could tell it was freshly painted by the overpowering smell that wafted out of the room as soon as she opened the door. Deciding it might be best not to think about why the room had recently been painted, Scarlett turned off the light and closed the bathroom door.

Suddenly, the auditable sound of her stomach rumbling reminded her that she needed to eat something as she made her way back over to the bed. She remembered that while purchasing her room for the night the lady at Reception had informed her of a small bar out the back of the Motel where she might be able to order a warm meal. Deciding she had little choice but to investigate this possible option she unzipped her carry bag and searched for her sleek silver wallet.

With her wallet in hand she reached down to grab her room key and pat the side of her pocket to check that her mobile was still inside. With positive confirmation, she made her way across to the door and began unlocking it. Stepping outside Scarlett took a look around at the dark and empty porch before using her single key to lock her room.

The small but bustling establishment labelled out front with bright pink neon lights as ‘Porky’s Pub’ was in full swing as Scarlett stepped inside, glancing around with disbelief at just how packed the place actually was for a Sunday night.

For a somewhat secluded Motel it appeared that everyone living in the surrounding area all happened to congregate in this one place, on this one particular night for some unknown reason. Though she had absolutely no idea of what that reason was.

As her stomach rumbled again, she made her way through the excited crowd and over to the tall wooden bar. Laying both of her hands down onto the bar’s surface she sucked in a breath, wincing with disgust as she lifted them back up. Her fingers were now soaked with an unknown sticky liquid.

“Ew… gross…”

Taking a closer look she realised that the entire surface of the bar was soaked with sticky patches of liquor that had clearly not been wiped up after each spill.

“Hey luv, what can I get you?” the sudden hoarse voice of a middle-aged man with a large grey beard standing behind the bar caught her attention as he gave her a polite smile and proceeded to wipe his hairy hands with a towel.

With an awkward expression she forced a smile as she took several napkins and began wiping away at the sticky liquor covering her hands.

“Hi, um I know it’s late but I’m looking for something to eat. You wouldn’t happen to have a menu or something by any chance, would you?” she enquired with a louder voice, as she struggled to speak over the noise surrounding them from the other rowdy patrons.

He gave her a knowing nod, then reached behind the bar and handed her a single-sided laminated sheet with a smile.

“Never too late for anything in this place luv!” he smirked at her, “Welcome to Porky’s Pub! Hope you enjoy tonight’s entertainment…”

With that she watched as he turned his attention to the next person standing at the bar and left her to make her selection. As strange as she believed that to be, she was starving and needed to get some food into her pronto! The menu was pretty basic, but had some interesting options. Feeling the need for something hot and greasy, Scarlett settled on a burger and fries with a side of gravy and a coke with ice.

After making her order at the bar to go, she took the small metal stand with her number displayed on it and attempted to manoeuvre her way through the crowd of clearly tipsy and highly excited patrons who seemed eager to be here for some unknown reason.

The smell of booze and smoke was overpowering as she glanced around for a place to sit and wait for her order. The place appeared to be completely packed and she let out a small sigh of concern. As she passed a taller woman with bleach blonde hair and massively oversized breasts, she spotted the medium black stage against the wall which she must have missed when scoping out the room earlier on. There were small lights around the stage’s edges and a large black curtain hung down from just behind it.

She froze with fear as a warm hand suddenly wrapped around her left wrist.

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