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He's a lunatic. Protective of his property. Dangerous to cross paths with and extremely handsome. He has a way with his words, carries himself in such a way you cannot stop yourself from looking at him. Marco is not the man that you want to take home to your parents. In fact, you should stay away from him, run in the opposite direction and don't acknowledge his existence. He and his men are stronger than the police, they are the ones who control the borders. They are evil and won't stop killing and ordering the residents around until they get what they want. Hide your money, try to blend in and keep your head down because if you don't you could fall into their world and that is exactly what happens to Harper. Can she make the vicious, arrogant, hard-headed and most lethal man feel emotions or will he always be heartless? He is the head of the biggest drug cartel in the world and he will kill anyone who tries to stop him from achieving his goals. The images in the cover photo do not belong to me. (c) Copyrights MISSCL Cathiiel 2020

Erotica / Thriller
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Chapter 1

(c) Copyrights MISSCL Cathiiel 2020



Walking to the exit of the plane, Harper smiles at the flight attendant who looked after all of her needs during her twenty-hour flight. She’s wearing the red and white uniform that was supplied by Harper’s father. He prefers his staff to look professional at all times and that includes the attendants on board his private jet. Passing Harper her bag, she opens the door to the jet and Harper’s bodyguard Jack removes his hat and bows to her. Harper laughs as two of her father’s security grab three of her suitcases that are filled with her clothes from the holding storage. Pulling on her thin coat, Harper checks her hair in the mirror at the exit, her long white dress is firmly in place around her knees, her blonde hair is curled to perfection and her Australian accent stands out as she thanks her flight attendant for her help again. Glancing up at the sky through her ice blue orbs, she feels the heat as it takes her breath away. Stepping down the steps, she walks over to Jack who escorts her to the black limousine on the strip. Opening the door for her Jack taps her back and she climbs inside excited.

Today is the day that she starts private school in Mexico. She pleaded with her father for two years to attend and as much as he didn’t agree with her decision he finally gave in and briefed his men ready for her arrival. All he wants is the best for his daughter and if that meant letting her live more than twenty hours away then he would deal with it. It also meant that he needed to get Harper a new bodyguard who he could trust because Colton has a family in Australia and he wasn’t willing to leave them for four years. Not that her father would have given him permission to do so. He takes his men’s personal lives into consideration because their lives don’t revolve around work. They have commitments that they need to stick to and her father wants his men to be happy.

“Remember you need to phone your father when we get to the Escuela de luz. He will be waiting for you to contact him.” Jack tells her in his British accent as he climbs inside the limousine at the front.

“British.” Harper acknowledges him and Jack smirks before nodding his head “yes mam.” Throwing the limousine into first gear Jack listens to his headset as Harper stares through the tinted glass at the rear of the vehicle. Pulling up to a set of double gates, Jack rolls down the windows and hands the head of security his ticket. Reading it he nods his head and presses a button on the wall which lifts the bars and grants them access to enter the streets of Culiacán.

As the day fades into night, the sun goes down and the streets light up looking festive. She stares at all of the white buildings as they fly past her with brick roofs on the top of them. The sky has turned yellowish-orange and road works are dotted around here and there. The roads are busy with cars compared to where she lived in Australia. She would always see signs that warned her about kangaroos that could jump out in front of cars for distances of eighty-five kilometres. There were bush fires at the beginning of the year which was close to her family’s mansion which is next to the forest. Poor koala bears having to fight for their lives, not that they knew what was happening. She knows that she won’t miss the spiders considering the size of the one she met two days ago. She had to let it out and her experience wasn’t exactly something you would write home about.

She watches as two roads are blocked off with red tape saying “Peligro.” Glancing up to face the front she asks Jack what it means who tells her that he doesn’t know. Harper knows that it’s his plan to keep her safe, it has always been the same when her father is involved and she’s fed up of being treated like a child. You wouldn’t think that she was twenty-one.

The limousine comes to a stop and Harper searches her surroundings. They’re stopped at a set of traffic lights and she takes out her phone to double-check her social media account. Her parents never gave her everything that she wanted and she had to work for what she wanted. Respect was something that her father would enforce in her day to day life. Just because her parents have wealth it doesn’t mean that she got everything glitz and glam, in fact, she was given the same as all her peers in school.

“Get off the car kid.” Harper hears Jack shout and when she looks through the windscreen, she sees a young boy roughly thirteen years of age cleaning the window. He’s in dark grey tracksuit bottoms, a red tight round neck top and trainers that have holes in at the toes. He looks poor Harper thinks to herself feeling sorry for him. Another boy walks around the car and tries to see through the glass. Harper keeps her eyes on his brown ones as he figures out that he cannot see directly through the glass and only his reflection bounces back against his orbs. He’s wearing the same as the other boy but he looks a year older and his top is white. Pulling out his phone he takes a picture of the registration plate at the rear of the vehicle as the light changes to green. The boy cleaning the windscreen steps out of the way allowing Jack to drive away. Looking through the rear window of the car, Harper watches as the fourteen-year-old holds his phone against his ear keeping his eyes on the vehicle as Harper and Jack drive away.

“Don’t you have to pay to get your windscreen washed?” Harper asks Jack who shrugs his shoulders “I guess not.”

Harper was originally born and raised in the United Kingdom until her father’s business earned him enough money to move to Australia. Her family moved when she was thirteen and she has gained the Australian accent, but kept the British slang. Her friends in Australia couldn’t understand what she was saying most of the time, but Harper would never let her British side drift away from her. It will always be a part of her.

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