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Desire has the ability to make a sane person insane. Even gods have not been spared by it then can a full grown, hot blooded powerful man, who has not been deprived of anything from the birth, be left untouched by its clutches? This is the story of a powerful emperor, Virat Pratap Singh. Who desires a beautiful woman. This is the story of a man, who is blind by desire ready to go beyond limits to get his possession. This story is complete fiction. Including characters and place. The picture used for the cover is from internet source. It is not mine.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1: The melodious voice

Many years ago, there was a beautiful empire called Mithran. Ruled by emperor, Pratap Singh. He had 5 children. Oldest one was, Viraat Singh, the successor of throne. Then Mrithala, the silent princess. Yadhuveer, notorious prince. Yashodha, known for her beauty and the youngest one, Rathi, kindest of all. All raised well by empress Maadhvi, known for her kind, righteous nature, just like her husband.

Viraat was a very determined administrator, with wit.

Viraat was sent to one of the nearest village to capital, Smir. To live as a commoner, with his childhood friend, the next general of the empire, Madhav.

Everything was going smoothly. One day, both went out for evening walk, near river. They heard a humming melodious feminine tune, away from bushes. Both halted their steps, listening to the tune, mesmerized. Coming out of his daze, Viraat said “I want to see the owner of the tune.”

Madhav, who was also attracted to the tune, “Its evening. Maybe, someone is taking bath or something. It’s bad to peek anyways, let’s go.”

Mitran, is a tropical region. Because of warm weather, people wore clothes compatible to weather. They took bath in the morning, before pooja and at the evening, after their work. Men usually wore dothis, with shawl. Women wore sarees. A long cloth covered around their chest, knotted on the back as blouse, to cover their bosom.

Viraat being the next heir of the throne, always got what he wants, with values. His mother, being a good parent thought him right and wrong very well. But this time, knowing, what his heart is desiring is bad, he wanted to go against his morals. “I want to see her, no matter what!” he said, with determination.

Madhav disagreeing with Viraat’s decision, to distract him “She maybe, a married woman or an old lady or maybe, she is naked” chuckling said.

But fate was not ready to give up its game. Viraat with complete determination, replied, “I don’t care. If it is anything against morals, then I’ll return back immediately. Okay.”

Madhav also being a hot blood male, wanted to see face behind the tone. But he was more a moral believer. And at present, he was bit confused to see Viraat act like a pervert.

Viraat was always been surrounded by women, never showed this much of interest to any woman. From his teenage years till now. He has his fair share of women, for fun. This was bit bewildering to see Viraat who was more reserved than Madhav, act so desperate to see a woman. He does agree, the voice was so attractive that he himself ones lost his self-control and wanted to follow it.

“Okay, go on, I’m not coming with you. Don’t complain to me later, seeing old lady singing, stark naked.” Madhav replied, chuckling

Viraat slowly, went below the tree’s branches, as quietly as a snake. The golden rays of sun were turning pink now, slowly hiding the surrounding with darkness. The melodious sound was still going on, but now with less intensity. River was flowing with its constant pace, without any disturbance. He can hear the tune from the middle of the river.

He kept looking in that direction. Suddenly, a thought came to his mind ‘Maybe, it’s a witch, who lures men towards her with the melodious voice to sacrifice them’. He decided to move away as soon as the tune stopped.

He turned to go back, with disappointment. In distance, he heard disturbed water movement.

Again, with the enthusiasm he turned. Fate sealed him in its hand.

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