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F**k Away The Pain

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When Drea experiences a terrible breakup she goes to the bar to drink away her sorrows, but when an accented beauty offers her an opportunity to take the pain away. How could she refuse?

Erotica / Romance
Keyke Grant
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Wet Dreams?

A dark-skinned woman was sitting at a bar crying her eyes out.

“Hey, there beautiful.” A soft voice with a slight accent said from beside her.

Looking up the dark-skinned woman saw a woman with short black curly hair with the sides of her head shaved and dark black-looking eyes.

The woman beside her continued, “What’s a beauty like you doing here?” She asked as she sat down beside the dark-skinned woman.

“My boyfriend cheated on me. He only used me to feel good. Like I was a damn sex toy! A fuck toy.” She growled out.

The short hair woman smirked and leaned close to the dark-skinned woman, “I can help with that. You can take out your anger, sadness, and heartbreak, out on me if you’d like.” The short-haired woman said licking the other woman’s ear, making her shiver slightly in anticipation.

“I’m sure you have a partner of some sort.” At that, the short-haired woman shook her head and let a smirk cross her face.

“I don’t. I’ll be your little fuck toy to help you feel better, and to sweeten the deal there won’t be any strings attached.” She said trying to get the dark-skinned woman to agree.

The woman continued talking when she saw the conflicted look on the other woman’s face, “Fuck him he doesn’t deserve you. Wouldn’t it be great to be a bad girl for once? Just fuck someone and then walk away, doesn’t that sound beautiful?” The short-haired woman chuckled and her eyes seemed to darken somewhat watching the woman in front of her.

“I don’t- I mean it’s great, but - I haven’t been with a woman so I don’t know, your offer sounds tempting though...” She said rubbing her legs and twirling her hair.

The short-haired woman gave her a smirk, “Life is about learning and experiencing things. If you want to ever experience what sleeping with a woman is like just call my number.” She said writing it down then getting up and then walking away.

Before she fully walked out of sight, “Call me whenever sexy.” she said winking before walking out of the bar.


Drea stumbled into her room dropping her shit everywhere figuring that she pick it up when she wasn't drunk.

She plopped onto her bed and fell asleep.

“You were talking a big game at the bar what happened?” Drea questioned with a smirk as the woman below her let out a painful and pitiful moan when she inserted three fingers into her slick, but slightly unprepared hole.

“Take them out, they hurt.” the woman cried as she wiggled her hips on Drea’s fingers.

“If they hurt so much why are you clamping down and wiggling?” Drea questioned huskily against her neck licking up her neck and kissing it.

She slowly pulled her fingers in and out of the woman, stretching her pussy. Drea couldn't believe how tight it was, she couldn't wait to taste her

The woman let out a sob which Drea smirked at the sound.

“Looks like you were right, having you as my fuck toy is fun.”

A sigh of relief escaped the woman’s lips when Drea pulled her fingers out of her, only to be replaced with a whimper when Drea brought her hand to her mouth, telling her to lick them clean.

Drea flipped her on to her back, and lifted her legs so that her ankles were resting beside her head.

“Please?” the woman begged holding her legs.

She sighed as Drea plugged her strap on inside without warning.


The dark-skinned woman looked at the number from the napkin and sighed as she looked back to the board to finish taking her notes. The professor dismissed the group of students and Drea walked back to her dorm room to finish her homework.

She heard laughing in the common room as she entered and saw her ex-boyfriend and her face scrunched up in disgust.

She stormed pasted her ex and the group of people he called ‘friends’ and ran up into her room.

An image of the woman and her offer from the night before rang in her mind as she raced to her room.

Throwing her stuff onto the floor she jumped into her bed seeing the woman from the bar’s number, she reached out for the napkin but groaned and turned away and cuddled with her stuffed animals, conflicted on what she should do, on one hand, she wanted to call, but she was anxious yet terrified.

She wanted nothing more than to fuck away the pain, forget about the person who caused her all this pain, to begin with, but a hot stranger offering herself up to another stranger, it’s a little weird, but somehow arousing.

Drea shook her head as she started doing her homework, she couldn't focus whatsoever.

Just the thought of the short-haired woman’s offer sent a throb to her area.

She imaged the woman naked and bent over the bed ready for Drea to fuck her, grabbing her hips and slamming into her from behind, watching how her pretty pussy grips the strap, using one hand to hold her arms behind her back and snaking the other hand around her waist to rub her clit.

She could do whatever she wanted to this woman just as her ex had done, the only difference has she had nothing to lose and a world of pleasure to gain.

Drea would release her hand holding back her arms and instead grab her by her hair, pulling her up while still thrusting deep into her. she’d put her hand over her mouth to cover her scream as she finishes on the strap, fucking her through her orgasm.

She turned over, looked at the number, and reached for it, successfully picking it up this time. Drea unlocked her phone and dialed the number waiting for someone to pick it up.

She was about to hang up when she heard a voice answer, “I hope this is that sexy woman from the bar last night.” Drea rubbed her legs together hearing the voice of the other woman. It was groggy like she just woke up and her accent was so much thicker than when she heard it at the bar.

“That would be me.” Drea squeaked out silently cussing herself out at the way she responded.

“Aww, how cute. Are you nervous, pretty girl?”

Drea rubbed her thighs and tried to answer the woman but she was too embarrassed causing the woman to laugh.

“I wonder if you’re rubbing your thighs together like you were last night. It’s so cute when you do that.”

Drea blushed and rubbed her thighs more, “You wouldn’t be wrong about that.” she mumbled. The woman on the other line laughed.

“You’re like a book. So easy to read. I could probably guess the reason for your call.”

“You’re awfully cocky for assuming my intentions.”

“Cocky? Or am I good at reading you?”

Drea’s breath caught in her throat, “If you’re so good at reading me, why did I call you?”

“Oh? Maybe you aren’t as innocent as I first thought. As for my guess... You’re calling to accept my offer.”

“N-no. That’s not- I called because.” Drea stopped talking to growl and collect herself.

She took a deep breath and began speaking, “That is not why I decided to call you.”

“Enlighten me then peach.”

“I needed help.”


Drea bit her lip, “I need help with my body.”

“Go on peach.” her accent getting thicker making Drea swallow her spit.

“I’ve been warm and I’ve been throbbing all day too, rubbing my legs doesn’t help either.”

“Is that why you called? So I could help you relieve yourself?”

Drea swallowed thickly and opened her mouth to speak, but the woman spoke again.

“What a naughty girl. Do you want me to guide you on how to make the throbbing go away?” The short-haired woman asked her accent getting thicker, making Drea nearly moan.

“Yes. I would want nothing more.” Drea whispered into the phone, not sure if the other woman heard her or not, but she got her answer.

“I’ll help you... I realized I never caught your name. ” Her accent was thick still.

“My name’s Drea.”

“Gorgeous name for a stunning beauty such as yourself. A pleasure to meet you, Drea. Name’s Anais.”

Drea shivered when Anais said her name.

“Thank you, Anais.”

“Oh, I’m gonna love hearing you say my name. Well, Drea how do you want to do this? Facetime or regular call?”

Drea thought about, “F-Facetime please.”

“Whatever you want peaches.” Drea scrambled to get her laptop as she waited for Anais to call.

Upon seeing the unsaved number Drea quickly answered on her laptop.

Anais looked like she had just woken up. Her hair was disheveled and in a thin-strapped tank top, if the woman made even one move her left breast would’ve been exposed. It was kind of dark but Drea could see just fine.

Drea looked like a fish out of the water at the woman but felt slightly turned on even more as she looked at Anais.

Drea was still in her clothes from her classes. Jean skirt and black tank top.

“Look at how pretty you look. Close your eyes.”

Drea did as she was told.

“Give me a show peach.”

Drea took her top off so she remained she slowly slid her hands over her skin imagining that her hands were the brown-skinned woman’s hands instead, with her eyes still closed, she took her hands and slid her breasts out of her bra and paused when she heard shuffling on the phone and continued after hearing a breathless, accented, lustful voice say, “Go on.”

Drea lifted her hips to take off her skirt and rubbed her thighs before cupping herself and feeling how wet she was silently moaning at the feeling, she never got this wet with her ex. She slipped passed her underwear and started from the bottom and worked her way up to her clit feeling her fingers being covered in slickness, before sticking a finger within herself and gasped at the feeling then added a second and did a scissoring motion, stretching herself out moaning at the feeling growing wetter at the moan from beside her.

She sped up hearing how wet she was and the woman beside her moaned hearing it, Drea felt herself getting closer.

“Come for me peach.” Anais’ words sent Drea over the edge and she came squirting all over her fingers.

Drea had her head tilted back as she took deep heavy breaths as she began to go in and out of consciousness.

“Sweet dreams,” Anais whispered as she hung up.


Drea jumped awake as her phone started ringing, she scrambled to pick it up.

“Ready? I'll be coming soon.”

“I forgot. Shit, lemme get dressed. Meet you in the common room!” Drea hung up before the person on the other side could speak.

Fucking wet dreams. Fucking people! Fucking dreams! Why did I say yes to going out?!!’ Drea thought angrily looking down at her naked body.

Wait was that a dream?’ she shook her head hopping into the shower and getting ready to go out.

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