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Twice the Devils

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Everyone has their own secrets. Some bigger, some smaller than others. But what if your most embarrassing, most shameful, most... Lustful secret is discovered?

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Chapter 1

"Juust a biittt moreee!!" blondy screams, face planting on to the counter.

I groan and poke his head gaining no response. This blonde bimbo has been coming here for three days straight now and he's such a fucking light head. But he does look good. I mean, he has the fuckable body and looks, but he is messed up in the head.

"Awwh~ There goes my fuck toy for tonight" I whine flopping on to the bar stool. I place my head on my palm and start drawing circles on the counter.

"Aiden, there's no time to lay around. It's Friday, get your ass up and working" Grey hair says. His name is Hitch. And he has short grey hair hence the nickname Grey hair.

"Mmhpph this ass doesn't wanna work, it wants to get drilled." I smirk as I push my arse out on the chair. He rolls his eyes and walks away. My eyes automatically moves down to his beautiful plumpy globes. Hey not my fault he has those squishy looking cake in those tight jeans. Hitch is tall as hell with small beady angry yellow eyes. He's tall with broad shoulders and I'll admit that I've wanted his big hands to grab my hips and slam me with his big and juicy-


I jolt out of my seat and crash into a broad chest. I yelp as I fall to the floor.

"ow ow ow... What the fuck man?" I groan looking at Hitch. He looks at me with his poker face and continues,

"I'm surprised you didn't noticed the man walk in here. He's got presence" he nods at a certain direction. I turn my head and gasp a little. Walks in the most dominating person second to Hitch. He's tall but lean with black spectacles, black hair falling over them contrast to his fair skin. He sort of looks like the guy Jay brought a few days ago... Pft! What am I saying they look nothing alike... This man... He's so smexy~

"Aiden... You're drooling" I hear Hitch whisper monotone as he walks away. I stand there oogling at the man as he walks towards me. Omg omg he's walking towards me!!

He sits down on one of the stools and pushes his glasses back and looks at me. To the glowing light of the bar, he has the darkest eyes I'd ever seen. So dark and piercing... So... Dominant...

"Excuse me, do you work here?" he says in the deepest raspiest voice making me shiver in my shoes.

"Yes I do~ what can I get you handsome?" I purr as I bend down and lean on my palms. He squints at me and furrows his brows. I immediately stand back up straight, his eyes following me. What is wrong with me?? Normally, I'm the dominant one, people listen to me. I look him back into his eyes and stare at them, confident flowing back into my veins. He looks me up and down and I involentarly fix my red bow around my neck.

"Coffee. Dark with no sugar in a shot glass, if you don't mind."

......... Huh?? Coffee?? In a shot glass??

"I'm sorry... Could you please repeat that?"

"A shot of dark coffee with no sugar. I hope you got that" he squints at me "I don't like repeating myself"

"Who on earth drinks a shot of dark coffee?? Are you insane-"

"We'll get your order in a minute, please wait sir." Hitch cuts me off. He grabs my collar and drags me to the backroom, the customers eyes on me the whole time.

"Aiden. Do you want to get fired?" Hitch asks me, cornering me against the locker. I gulp and push back as his deep voice owhelms me.

"N-no I don't..." I mumble averting my eyes to the floor.

"Then why do you keep doing stuff that'll get you fired? Hmm?" he whispers into my ear leaning down. I softly whimper as the need starts to fill me. He knows how to get to me which is so not fair!

"H-hey Hitch... Not so close..." I mumble pushing him away. He stands back up straight and looks down at me as he puts his hand into his pocket. He pulls out some object and hands it to me.

"Use it and get back to work" is what he said as he walked out the door. I look down at my hands and see a fairly large butt plug in my hands. Oho yeaah~

I quickly grab the lube from my locker and strip my pants down. I put the plug into my mouth and start sucking on it as I wet my fingers with a generous amount of lube. I get in the bench and bend over, shooting my ass up to the air. I slowly push one finger into my puckered hole as I moan against the plug. Aah fuck... I wiggle in a second finger and start scissoring, loosen myself up. Its gone tighter as I haven't been fucked in weeks! I groan as tears start to prick my eyes as I thrust my fingers in and out, the plug stifling my moans. When I feel I'm loose enough, I take the salivated plug from my mouth and slowly sliding it into my tight hole.

"Ahhh shit... Mmhmmm" I groan out as I feel it slide in and poke my prostrate. Its barely touching it but the plug definitely has it presence. It's definitely frustrating! Hitch definitely knows what he's doing. I wiggle my hips a bit to adjust to the now invader in my ass and get off the bench. As soon as I stand up, the plug hits my prostate, making me wobble a bit... This is going to be a eventful day....

"Here you go... A coffee shot glass" I announce as I place the small glass infront of the brooding man. He nods and takes the glass into two fingers. I stare at him amused as he quickly gulps it down, almost as if it was real alcohol. I hum to myself as I sit down on the stool, rocking slightly back and forth on the plug, it running against my sweet spot. I can feel his eyes on me, scanning me, watching me as I draw imagery circles on the counter. See, the only thing that's bothering me is the silence. I hate hate hate the silence.

"Where are you coming from Mr.?" I ask as I look at his face. He looks at me and pushes his glasses back.

"Close by" is his answer. I feel my eye twitch. He's one of those people. The short conversation people. The worst kind.

"Oh yeah? Me too! Well I'm a little bit farther away but its not a bad place. Hitch lives in the building next to this! Isn't that cool?Like, you could just grab a drink for any emotion at any time! Wish I lived here... What type of alcohol man are you? You look like a.... Hmmmm scotch on the rocks type of guy... Are you? "

".... I don't drink alcohol... "

"Whaaat?? Then what are you doing at a bar??" I lean forward as my eyebrows shoot up. "No way... Have you ever tried alcohol?"

He shakes his head and pushes his glasses back. Hehe guess who found someone to play with tonight ~

"Give me a sec, I'll be right back ~" I hop off the stool and walk over to the shelf with the strong puppies with a little swing of my hips. These could give you a hangover for days! But it's fun~ I glance at the man, it's going to be fun breaking him piece by piece~

I stare at the bartender walking around and grabbing random bottles. I squint my eyes as I notice he's been rubbing his thighs a lot more since he came back from the back room... Well not that I care. He's short, shorter than me with wavey brown hair bouncing on his head. His skin looks like milk chocolate... Smooth and looks tempting. I push my glasses and lean back, fixing my tie. He seems like a little all over the place puppy... Come to think of it, I didn't get his name.

"Aaanddd~ I'm backk~" he sings placing a large glass infront of me. I stare at the random colours swirling around the liquid, immediately feeling regret of ever stepping into a bar. A sudden slap on my back gets a gasp out of me. I snap my head to the left and see the boy sitting on the stool next to me, with a big wide smirk on his face... He's definitely up to something.

"Comme onn. You're not scared of a liitttle alcohol are ya?" he taunts me. I frown at him and he sits a little straighter. And for a split second I see him gasp. Turning my head at the concoction, I grab it and gulp it down. I see the shock on his face as the last drop goes into my mouth. Then I turn towards him and catch him in surprise by kissing him.

I'm normally a cold normal man and I did not want to spit back into my cup so what did I do? I poured it into the bartenders mouth. He gasps as I grab his face and he starts to gulp as he pulls on my wrists. I stare as his eyebrows push against each other... It looks like he's sucking on a penis... His lips are soft and warm against mine and for the first time I don't feel like pulling away. But eventually I do and I wipe my mouth with a handkerchief. The liquid wasn't bad but having it against the boys mouth, I think it tasted better. I side glance at him and he's panting, grabbing onto the stool. I wonder what he'd look like with a leather collar around his smooth skin?

I clear my throat as I feel my pants tighten a little. What's wrong with me? Did he.. Put something into the coffee?

"H-hey Mr.... Why'd you do that for..." I hear him groan out. He runs his thighs and shudders as he tries to make a sentence.

"I don't drink alcohol" I say, watching him squirm.

"B-but I made it for you~" he suddenly stands up and walks over to me. He plops himself on to my lap and traces a finger on my chest. He leans into my ear and whispers,

"Aren't you going to take responsibility?"

"First of all," I grab his hips and place him back on the floor, "You don't know me. I could be a serial killer"

His eyes widen in shock as he blinks a few times.

"Second of all, I don't know anything about you. You could be a serial killer"

"What are you sayin~ I'm not-"

"I don't know that"

He opens his mouth to say something but my phone starts to ring. It's the school.

"I've to go." I say as I place the money on the counter. As I walk away, I hear the bartender scream out,

"My Name is Aiden by the way!!"

Aiden.... Hmm...

This is my second book!! I'm multi-tasking books because I've sooo many ideas and I wanted some erotic action going on with not much drama sooo~ here's a erotic gay book for yall's~

Hope you like it!
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