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This story is dark romance type and you will find the true meaning of Dark in this story. And so Minors, Fainted-hearts, and Some of narrcists, Please stay away. Because whatever you do, I will be coming back with these written chapters for someone who still support me. _______________ The main character Vivan Kieran, who had a tragic beauty that didn't make a good fate and bring her the personal hell. A multi-millionaire Damien Martin( Micheal ) who was traumatized, didn't miss a chance to take the sudden undeniable interest in Vivan. But not sure what he really wanted from this ordinary little girl. But he was to ready to find out what he wanted, even if that involved claiming her in most brutal ways. *Dark Mature content* Read at your own risk

Erotica / Fantasy
Sweet sweat
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A pair of strong hands fisted a hold of my hair and dragged me through the floor. ''Stop, it's hurt! ''
My mouth had dried up at the constant screaming and panting for air, as the pain inflicting upon my sclap twiced up as I struggled.

He barked '' Shut up, you whore. I'm gonna teach you a lesson. And don't you fucking dare trying to running away from me again. You are my little bitch!!! And you kept choosing me to do it in hard way, to make you understand this simple shit,"

He dragged me along until he reached his destination. The basement...
The excruciating pain on my head was eased as he shoved me inside the room roughly.

I couldn't stop myself from shaking.... fear....
because I knew what was coming next.
He was going to hurt me and nothing would stop him.
I rushed up towards the corner of the room and hugged my knees.

I heard him unbuckling his waist belt and slowly walking towards me.

And wasting no more time. He hit me with the belt mercilessly.
He hit me centering my legs and thighs, and also my arms as I desparately tried to cover it up with a hope of lessing the pain.
'' These parts of your body help you to run. I'll. I'll. I'll beat them till you don't want those legs''

The lashes seemed never ending... he delivered one by one every second he paused his words.

Minutes later, I couldn't sit anymore and he was still beating me with his force.

I collapsed to the cold floor, and the loudness of his evil laugh filled the confined room.
'' You are so vulnerable. You little bitch, "
He started kicking my stomach until he was so panting that he had to stop and looked me with those haunting grey eyes.

I was barely alive as I tried to turned away, to hide, to escape the burning gaze of those emotionless eyes.

"No! You don't fucking get to look away!"
He didn't give me a chance to breathe and grabbed my chin harshly... just to shout me in the face. The droplets of spit flew and spread over my face,
''Don't fucking test me Vivan! Open your fucking eyes!"

The painful clenching on my heart became more unbearable but the fire has built up in me as I still kept my eyes shut.
I hate his disgusting face.

His nails dug into my jaw and squeezed my face.
It felt like my jaw was going to be crushed within his fingers.

I found myself prying my eyes open to meet a pair of glossy grey eyes. The non-existent courage I had a moment ago melted.
More tears started to roll down my cheek as he kissed and licked my tears. That was what that was, always the same, helpless, useless, endless tears.

My stomach sank with disgust and shame. I was on the verge of clawing his face off me.

With a sigh of long breath, he murmured.
Staring deep into my eyes, he mumbled,
'' I love you, Vivan,''

Without thinking twice, my words flew out.
'' I hate you so much, Micheal ''

The fact my airflow was cut off within a blink by his strong hand that was recently caressing my cheek, showed my words provoked him.
His eyes never leaving mine as I clawed on his hand.
He loosened the grip just before I passed out.

I could feel the metallic taste of my own blood as he started to slap me repeatedly. I lost counts and the familiar numbness took over,
and slowly started to fall deep into the unconsciousness.
My vision was blurred and the last thing I hear was
" You are mine."

I woke up in a familiar surroundings.
The room confined with the colour red, that brought up the way too familiar nausea in my stomach.
From the corner of my eyes, I saw a figure sitting with a chair beside the bed, unmoving and staring at me.

As soon as he saw me awoken, the smile was brought up to his face.
He rushed towards me, kissed my forehead longingly, showered me with wet kisses all over my cheek and face.

I wanted to push him off and punched him in his face badly but I couldn't move as if I was held down by restraints. His colonge hit my sense and I felt the dizziness, the rage, but the confusion on how I instantly relaxed.
The aching wouldn't go away.

I felt him kiss the corner of my mouth and pulled away as he cupped my cheeks with his hands...softly.
So I was looking into his eyes. I could see sorrow and remorse in his eyes, or so I thought.
''I'm sorry, Vivan'' he mumbled.

I sighed and closed my eyes.
He was the one who did such to me.
And here he was begging for a mumble of
'I forgive you' . This isn't the First time.
This won't be the Last time either.

'' Please, Vivan. Say something to me, baby. '' his said with a low tone and traced light kisses on my eyebrows.

'' It's okay, baby. I know you love me,'' he mumbled almost to himself.

I wanted to shout 'No, I fucking hate you' and all of my unsaid swearings.
But my throat was too hurt to make a sound.
He wrapped his arms around me tightly and said,
" Rest for now"

Now I was fifHteen. I stuck with him for almost a full year if I remembered correctly. He was a lot older than me.
Letting me know him as a 25 years old man, I never knew his last name or any information.
He was about 6'6" while I was 5'4"

And encountering the meaningless, inhumane tortures whenever I broke one of His rules, and occasional assault, I was on the verge of breakdown.
I wouldn't give up. But who knows? How long would I be able to resist???

'Oh God, help me'


"Admiration could be good. But if it got involved Obsession, things could get really ugly."

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