Lesbian Magic

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In a world of magic, hidden under the human nose, two lesbians, Lexi Hexigton and Audrey Lestrange, must fight for there lives... And there love, to decide who will be the next queen of the magic council

Erotica / Romance
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The Teacher

I was sitting in English class when it all started. I was on my phone texting my best friend, Maggie, when she caught me.

“Ms. Hexington,” Said my English teacher, Audrey Lestrange or Ms. Lestrange. She was hot. And I’m not even a lesbian, but dam! She was wearing a white button-up shirt that was semy see-through, and she wasn’t wearing a bra, so I could see the peak of her nipples, which were a nice shade of pink, and just begged to be sucked on. Her shirt was tucked into a black skirt that wrapped around her form very nicely, giving her butt the look that it deserved... Big and plump. Her bright green eyes were set on a soft-featured face and seemed to pierce right to my core so it felt like I was naked in front of her all-seeing gaze. Her complexion was pale. Her hair was was brown and softly curled, it had bright pink half-way down her length of hair which fell just below her shoulders. he measured at about 5 feet 6 inches. she looked to be about 21. Her whole look had me super turned on.

“Stop it, I’m not lesbian,” I thought.

“Whenever you’re done staring at me, you can hand over your phone,” Said Ms. Lestrange.

“Wait, what? I’m not staring at you! And I need my phone,” I said.

She walked over to my desk and leaned over close enough to me that I could feel her breath on my neck, that got my blood flowing, plus I could see down her shirt straight to her rocking pair of breasts. By what I could tell from the volume of those puppies, she was a 34 double D. This had me so turned on that I could feel the juices from my pussy start to soak my panties, god she’s hot. “I know that you don’t want to have this conversation in front of the rest of the class, so, for now, hand over your phone, and come talk to me after school is over.”

At this point, I had placed my phone between my thighs and she reached down and grabbed it. As she lifted it, one of the corners of my phone case pressed into my aroused clit and a shudder runs through my whole body. “Know, as I was saying...” she said, continuing her lesson, but I wasn’t paying attention, I was so turned on that I couldn’t pay attention. I reached a hand down, pretending to be listening, and started to rub my pussy through my pants, hoping and praying that no one was paying attention to me. When class finally ended I went straight to the restrooms to... relieve myself.

I kicked my shoes off and unbuttoned my pants. Dropping them down along with my panties and stepped out of them, then sat down on the toilet. I reached up the inside of my shirt and started to play with my boobs, rubbing them, pushing them together, and playing with them through my 'sexy baby' bra, it felt so good I that couldn’t help it when a moan escaped my lips. Thank god there wasn’t anyone in here.

I pulled down one of the cups of my bra and felt my nipple. It was hard, and the areola was swollen. Taking it, I started to tease it, lightly twisting and pulling it, it felt so good. I pulled my shirt over my head and unhooked my bra, letting them both fall to the floor. Now I was naked. I started to fondle my breasts again, rubbing my hand over my stomach as I did so, moaning quietly.

Slowly, I started to drop my hand down to my shaved pussy, I never liked hair down there, too much of a hassle to take care of, so I shaved it. when my hand reached my clit, my hand rubbed the engorged white nub that was my clit of its own accord, making a groan fall from my lips, I was so sensitive.

Eventually, my hand came detached from my clit and slowly crawled down to the lips of my vagina, rubbing up and down the puffy labia, “Oh... God!” I accidentally said out loud. I couldn’t help it. The thought of Ms. Lestrange on my mind was making me so wet and sensitive!

I lifted my hand and looked at it, my fingers shined with a gloss from the fluid that was flowing out of my pussy. Curios, I brought my hand to my mouth and licked the clear substance from my fingers, it tasted good, sweet with a bit of a bitterness to it. “Mmh” I wined

returning my hand to my wet opening, I stuck my middle finger into it gasping at the wonderful sensations that came from this action. slowly I pulled my finger out then stuck it back in just before it left, sliding my finger over my g-spot and causing a shudder of pleasure to run throughout my whole body. Faster my fingers went, back and forth, in and out “OH!” I moaned. I kept going, faster, squeezing my nipples, penetrating my self as deep as my finger would go.

Then I slowed down a little, feeling the tingles of an orgasm just around the corner, I inserted another finger, moaning as my ring finger slowly joined it’s companion inside of me, then I placed my thumb on my clit and started up again. Slow at first, then steadily gaining speed, my middle and ring finger pumping inside of me, my index and pinky finger pinching the lips of my labia around the other two, my thumb rubbing my giant clit, my other hand pinching and playing with my 34c size boobs. All of this combined and the thought of Ms. Lestrange doing it all to me while I kissed her brought me the most pleasure I could ever think of. “Oh! Oh! Oh, Ms. Lestrange! You’re so good at this!” I screamed “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Oh, please don’t stop!”

Pleasure raked my body as I came, arching my back and tightening my muscles as the orgasm coursed through me, screaming with ecstasy, I went faster and faster continuing the good vibrations going on throughout my body as the walls of my pussy contracted and released over and over. My juices were flying out of me like a bird flies from the nest, spraying out all over the floor of the bathroom and down my thighs.

Slowly it ebbed away, leaving behind a sense of relaxed exhaustion that put a slight smile on my face and left me breathing heavy. eventually, after a little while, I slowly removed my fingers from my still sensitive, pulsating pussy, grazing my g-spot and softly pinching my clit one last time, sending spasms all over my body. "That was one of the best masturbation sessions I have ever had," I told myself, still heaving from the exertion, "and I didn't even use a vibe or a dildo this time"

I rubbed my boobs a little more and got up, satisfied, I put my clothes back on, my panties still wet from all the juices that leaked out of me before I could relieve myself of that horny burdon.

I adjusted my pants a little more than walked out of the stall, my legs pleasantly wobbly. Walking right up to a mirror, I got a good look at myself. I had dirty blonde hair, ice-blue eyes, a chiseled jawline, and a tan complexion. Like I said before I had 34c boobs and the hourglass shape that others relished and boys wanted. I was 18, but I looked like I was 16. I was a bit on the short side, measuring at about 5 feet. I've never been a lesbian before, but after that whole experience, I was wondering what my sexuality really was.

I decided not to ponder it too much right now. I walked out of the bathroom and went to class.

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