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INCEST CURSE (Incest, sole protagonist, mother-son, brother-sister, aunt-nephew, horny cousins, sexy MILF, hot GILF, stealing mother, stealing wife, incest harem) Synopsis: Zeis, the ruler of God and the hegemon of lightning after usurping the tyrannical rule of his father Chronos, set his sights on his single lonely mother, Reya. As the uncontested ruler of Mount Olympus, Zeis was drunk on power and felt that every fine woman belonged to him. He quickly hatched a plan to seduce his sister, Hera, the Goddess of Nature. Zeis forced himself upon his loving sister vent his carnal lust on her nubile young body, he felt tasting his sibling once wasn't enough and decided to marry his own sister. He further went to seduce and force himself upon various sacred women of Mount Olympus and other mortal women. Earning himself the ire of multiple divine and faithful women, the Goddess of Fate upon the insistence of Reya, the mother Zeis, and Herah, the sister, and wife of Zeis, placed an eternal curse upon Zeis, the Incest Curse. The overpowered God of Lightning was forced to transmigrate into the modern world of mortals. His powers will be sealed and he will come alive into the asshole sons and brothers and was forced to make the mother and sisters who despise him to love him in every way possible. The curse will continue until 100 different mothers and sisters truly love him.

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INCEST CURSE 01 - The fertile Goddess Reya squirts her thick pussy juices on her son Zeis's face

At first light, the divine eagle of Mt. Olympus, the favorite pet bird of Zeis flew high above the godly peak. It is the only divine being that has the graces to fly high above the summit of the Gods. As the sacred bird flew high, it is also the only being that is allowed to peek at the affairs of the God of Lightning.

“Ah! Mmmph! Not so rough… please be gentle, my son… Mmmph… Ooooh…”

Any daring entity that dares to step near the summit can hear the moans and begging of a seductive female. However, though there is no restriction, none of the gods dare to come as they fear bearing the wrath of the ruler of Gods. Anywho sought Zeis whilst he satiate his carnal thirst often found the writhing female in ecstasy to be their wife or their daughter.

The God of Lighting has no limits or morality to his carnal desires. The trait shows as he plows his manly hardness into his very own mother Reya, the daughter of Gaiah. Zeis is the personification of the word ’perfection.�� His chiseled body puts Adonis to shame, as his youthful vigor brimming throughout his body like the uncontainable lightning that he represents.

Reya, the Mother of Zeis, is a mature godly woman with exaggerated curves of 48 F cups, 50 inches curvy ass, and a 26 inches lean, flat, and soft navel. She is adorned with a charming face that can even make inanimate objects to fall in love with her. The dignified mother god’s toga was scantily pushed aside with her 40 F gravity-defying breast cups was displayed in all its glory.

With no respect for the woman who has given him life, Zeis has bent her over, tearing up her toga from behind, making the matron show him the well-developed curve of her bare buttocks. The meaty globes make perfect round shapes of two big basketballs with a combined size of 50 inches of spank-able bouncy flesh. Though the matron is in no way considered thin, her body lacks any sign of fat and her skin is white as milk and is baby soft.

“Ohhh… Son... Ahhhh… let me… let me rest a bit… you’ve been… pounding mother ... since last night… ooooh… not soo deepppp…”

Reya’s pleading fell on deaf ears as Zeis was lost in the tantalizing bounce of the curves of his mother. The current scene of sinful indulgence of a mother and son is the result of Zeis, the god of Lightning overtaking the throne from his father, Chronos.

The day before…

The God of Lightning has taken over Mt. Olympus and has become the ruler of Gods, trapping his father, Chronos, in Tartarus (the prison for immortal beings), with the aid of his mother and siblings.

Though in name, the crusade was for the betterment of the world. Zeis took the lead and vehemently fought his father out of jealousy. He deeply hated the man who owned the most perfect woman, his mother Reya. The very first moment Zeus saw Reya and his sister Herah, he deemed them as his own belongings. Zeus fought tooth and nail and sealed up the vicious God of Time. However, the Gods did not know that the new ruler of Gods, Zeis is only a smidgen better than the former vicious ruler of the world.

On the celebration banquet of his victory over Chronos, Zeis quickly ignored everyone and carried his mother to the sacred living chamber, and without any word he sealed her mouth with his, pressing his tongue into the wet moistness, licking the sweet nectar of Reya’s tongue.

Quickly pulling off the Toga of the matron Goddess giving no mind to her dignity. The more Zeus saw the flesh of his mother, the more lust-ridden he became, and any remorse he had over bedding his mother was quickly forgotten.

Zeis overpowered the resisting Goddess, reaching into the lower ends of her toga, cupping her plump wet sex. Reya sexuality was neglected by Chronos for a long time, the maniacal God of Time was more interested in torturing the living beings than his sinfully beautiful wife.

When her own son touched her, wanting her as a woman. Though conflicted, Reya quickly gave in to her young son. With fading resistance, Zeis got bolder as he bit and suckled on the most perfect 40 F cups tits.

“Ahhh… No… this… this is wrong... son…”

Zeus paid no mind, as he licked and kissed the underside of the firm bountiful tits of his mother. Making her mature pussy quickly drip with thick juices. Due to the incessant teasing of her son, Reya’s nipples started to leak a fragrant white fluid, on which Zeis quickly latched on, as he pulled and played on her other nipple, letting Reya spray her milk all around her marital bed with her son pressing his hard cock on her navel.

With a sad sigh, Reya closed her eyes and spread her legs to accommodate her son’s carnal lust. The heart of a mother is always giving, even if it’s her own flesh that her son craved.

Noticing his mother giving in to him, Zeis felt proud of conquering the mother of Gods. He kissed Reya again, but this time, she opened her mouth on her own for Zeis to invade, the selfish god of lighting, sought his mother’s tongue and wrestled it with his own tongue.

He deftly pulled up her toga and made the mother show a slutty scene of her legs spread with her pussy leaking for her very own son.

Zeis is in no hurry to mount his needy mother. He pushed his mother down in the divan, kissed his way down her neck, her tits, her navel, and to her plump dripping sex; all the way biting her, leaving various marks on her picturesque body. He slowly kissed his way down between her legs and spread the beautiful folds of the cunt and took a moment to admire the pathway that he took to this world.

Zeis had bedded many women before he indulged in his mother, but none had a vagina as beautiful as the one he came from. It was cherry pink in the center, with light pink outer folds, clear sticky fluids drip out from deep within…

“Son… don’t …don’t look…”

“Hehe… mother, I am just admiring you…”

Zeis latched onto the artistic pussy of his mother, forcing his tongue deep into her…

“Oooooomhaaaaaa…” moaned out Reya as she hungrily raised her hips letting her son’s tongue reach deep into her frustrated pussy. The daughter of Gaiah lost her sense of pride. At this moment, all that she hoped for is satisfaction, the soulful release of her cunt ending her cruel celibacy.

As the Mother of Gods, Reya is the most fertile woman of Mt. Olympus. Chronos has created a void in her ignoring her womanly charms. Now her son Zeis is has taken upon himself to fill his mother Reya is secretly glad that her young son being sexually excited by her lustful body.

Soon her thoughts were left astray as Zeis started licking deep in his mother’ cunt, drinking up her sweetened cunt nectar, greedily wanting more. The god of lighting, let out two arcs of lightning to coil around his mother’s sensitive nipple, making her shoot out milk as her son eats her out.

Zeis intensified his tongue lashing as he felt pussy contracting more, at the height of the stimulation, Zeis reached the hard nub of Reya’s clit and pinched it harshly. The combination of pain and pleasure sent the Goddess of Fertility beyond her limit…

“OHHH MYYYY SONNN...” with a scream Reya started to shot a thick clear spray of juices from deep within her cunt, coating her son’s face with pussy fluids. Zeis missed no beat as he eagerly lapped the divine orgasmic fluids of his mother, as she weakly laid on the divan.

Her cunt still shivering with the image of her hunky son above her. He gave no time for her cunt to recover as his tongue deftly worked in and out of her cunt, lighting up another fire deep in her heart and he freshly cummed pussy…

“Oh, dear son, what have we done…”

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