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INCEST CURSE 10 – What the fuck?! Three muscle-heads are going to take their turn at me while I was tied down?!?!?!?!

“Heh, Ramon was hesitant to fix up that bicycle bitch and now he could not wait for the fun to begin. What a two-faced cunt! Hahaha,” gaggled Filip in glee as he trailed close behind Roman, thinking of ways to humiliate Thoran.

##After a short while##

“Ummm… big brother I think you are new to bullying. Trust me, I’ve had my whole life as an experienced victim, I am an expert. It is usually with some wedges, gut punches, drawing on the face, stuffing me in the locker and things childish and immature like that... could one the magnanimous senpais tell me why am I strung upside down by a rope on a tree?”

Thoran asked the three upperclassmen with malicious smiles, still trying to play it cool, wiggle away with a few bruises.

‘Fuck! What was I thinking! Getting on the car with these dimwits! Fuck expensive cars! It has even less space than a local bus. Ptui!’

Thoran knew bullies very well the more pathetic you acted the more satisfied they get, kids who end up getting beaten black and blue are those that are defiant. Though Thoran has his bottom line, dignity was not on something on his trigger list.

‘What dignity? Can you eat it?’ is the mindset of young Thoran. Although it is a shameful way of surviving, Thoran cannot be fully blamed for his warped mindset. As cruel and cutthroat as West Shores Elite high is, the school’s lessons and way of competing are based on real-life competition. The school emphasis rewards and punishments based on results and cover-up.

If you have an acceptable alibi or a cover-up, you can do anything on the school campus. The school will not control a bully or a cheater without ironclad evidence. However, when one is caught with evidence, punishments are severe. Even handing over the students to the police was not new. The school lets every student hone in their way of survival and hunting manipulating the loopholes of society and law. This peculiar school culture helps the students to cope with the treacherous nature of society and not be naïve fools.

Thoran thought it will be a short moment of groveling and begging, he was even ready to be stranded. He knew that if he gave the slip or acted out against the tyrant trio, they will go the extra mile to make his life hard. From experience, he knew that the more he resisted the worse it will get.

Thoran thought that taking a couple of punches to satisfy the shallow vanity of brainless idiots would take the target off his head and give him some peace. However, he was seriously wrong in thinking that things were that simple.

Filip and the other two had a perverted glee as they looked at the free-hanging Thoran…

‘Fuck! What’s with that expression! Shit! I should not have gotten fat! Are my curves enticing these degenerates?’ Thoran clenched his butt tight letting his thoughts run wild, his back drenched in sweat, thinking of all the unpleasant possibilities.

“Hehehe, don’t worry we will be nice and slow with you, each of us will take out turn to properly care for our underclassmen,” looking at the wretched expression of Thoran, Filip felt like a cat playing with a mouse before its imminent death.

‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Each bastard is going to take a turn with me?!?!’

“Ummm big brother I am still a virgin, can you abduct a girl like how you did me? Maybe threaten or blackmail her to show me a good time, before my life and memories are ruined by you three?”

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Filip’s face darkened as he realized that the fatso took them for pervert degenerates.

“We won’t do anything weird to you!” saying so, Filip pulled out a foot-long gnarly looking black dagger.

“Fuck! That is supposed to make me feel better? Well, it actually does make me feel better, but what the fuck are you going to do with a dagger? Sick psycho! This… This is beyond bullying! Cops will be called as I go to the nurse’s office with cuts over my body!” Thoran threatened struggling hard with the rope binds hoping to be freed.

“Haha, you don’t have to worry about us, instead you should worry for your life…” malevolently smiled Filip as he played with the demonic-looking knife.

“What… what are you saying? Are you three going to commit murder?”

“Hehe, you look completely idiotic, but you are pretty smart, but then again, you got in the car rode with us to this secluded place of your own volition. Hahaha, you are such a pitiful creature, makes me doubt the warnings I heard about acting against mystic entities.”

“Hmmm, maybe this sensing stone is malfunctioning…” Filip took out a weird rock, which was pulsing with a faint radiance. The closer he stepped to Thoran, the brighter the glow becomes. The sensing stone detects the presence of celestial beings and their subordinates.

“But, let’s just kill him. Just to be sure,” Ramon interjected when he saw the hesitance of Filip, smiling playfully at Thoran. He knew that the sensing stone has to glitter with a star-like radiance to confirm the presence of celestial energy. However, he chose to nudge Filip despite the false alarm.

‘Sh*t! This b*tch can hold a grudge!’ thought Thoran, as he struggled more noticing that his end is nigh.

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