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INCEST CURSE 11 – Crazy gothic chick in pink hair hits home runs with human heads!

‘Sh*t! This b*tch can hold a grudge!’ thought Thoran, as he struggled more noticing that his end is nigh.

Ramon and the other upperclassman picked up a shovel each from the boot space of the car.

“Get digging, I rather we stab him in the pit and not spill blood everywhere,” told Filip as he cut the rope end tied to the tree branch abruptly dropping Thoran to the ground.

“You! You… guys shouldn’t do this! Murder is a crime! You won’t get away with this!” ranted Thoran in panic as he understood that there is no escaping his circumstances.

“Heh, did you forget the motto of West Shores Elite? ‘Not guilty until proven.’ The students of West Shore are high profile, until the authorities find ironclad evidence of your murder linking to us, you will be treated as a missing case or an unfortunate victim. No one will look inwards amongst the students for a culprit, it will only make the highly influential West Shores in a poor light. We just need some adequate cover-up, the school will help us if only to keep its reputation,” finished the third upperclassman who never spoke before.

However, as the tyrant trio was feeling complacent, a lazy voice wiped off their smug expression…

“Ah, you don’t say, and here I thought I had to be careful with my actions,” a girl in pink hair with a baseball cap jumped down from a nearby tree. She casually slung a metallic baseball bat over her shoulders as she blew out a bubble with the gum that she has been chewing on.

“WHO… Who are you…” Filip was taken aback by the fact that someone has been trailing them. However, he sighed in relief as the girl showed up at this moment because they are yet to commit any incriminating crime. Fillip knew he could brush the whole thing as scaring an underclassman by playing a prank on him.

However, before Filip could think of a logical counter-argument, he got to know the phrase, ‘Man proposes, God disposes.’


When the pink-haired girl walked up to Ramon and the other upperclassman, they weren’t scared even when they saw the metal bat on her. The duo thought that she was keeping it a means of self-defense to protect her, not for using it offensively. They only saw a weak girl who held onto a weapon to give her comfort, but…


The pink-haired girl gave two vicious swings onto the head of the other upperclassman standing beside Ramon. She hit him so hard, the metal bat dented on the places of impact. Blood spurted out of the skull of the third upperclassman, he fell down like a limp-noodle into the very hole he was digging on the ground.

He was down for the count as he laid down motionlessly on the ground creating a small puddle of blood around his head.

“What… what are you doing…?”

“Can’t you figure it out? Didn’t you hear the guy, didn’t you? I just need to cover it up adequately, even if your corpses are discovered, the school will prevent the crime from sticking onto me.”

“Why are you doing this? We did not provoke you…” Filip tightly clutched his gnarly blade, as he anxiously looked at the pink-haired girl.

“Provoke? You lowly beings think you have what it takes to provoke me? I am just cleaning filth, the disgusting presence of Wrath Aura from your body is polluting my eyes,” she raised an eyebrow as she coldly stared at Filip and Ramon.

“You bitch! You dare look down on Lord Satan!” growled Filip and Ramon as a faint black mist coalesced around them, turning their eyes completely dark. They both exhibited an eerie presence that is alien to normal human society.

“Heh, finally showing your filthy presence? But you’d be overestimating yourself if you thought that mere strands of wrath aura is enough to stand against a blessed Valkyrie,” the gothic girl’s aura exploded as a cape materialized at her back and two small dimensional portals opened above her palms summoning two identical short swords for each a hand. The entire metal of the swords was pulsating in a faint blue radiance.

The tattoo on her body and the piercings on her face is weird contrast to the solemn aura of dignity she is exuding with her fluttering cape…

“What?! How are you this strong?!”

Filip has recently elevated from a demon worshiper to a demon follower after conducting various gruesome sacrificial rituals. The power granted to him was not overtly extraordinary. However, it elevated his perception multifold to normal beings.

Demon Lords usually elevate the senses of their followers for them to notice and avoid dangers. The Demon Lords value survivability over courage and this creed is passed onto their followers. To them, a living pitiful pawn is more useful than a brave and dead follower.

As soon as the self-claimed Valkyrie unleashed her aura, the senses of Filip and Ramon screamed at them to escape.

“We… we are wrong to not notice your eminent presence. We will leave him to you, just let us leave…” pleaded Filip.

“Haha, you are a smart one. You noticed you cannot escape my clutches and went to suggest an armistice before we even exchanged blows,” the Valkyrie raised a single eyebrow as she continued to observe the two demon followers…

However, the third upperclassman whom the gothic girl pummeled with the metal bat, quietly stood up, ready to pounce on her from behind, to take her by surprise.

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