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INCEST CURSE 12 – Blood, body parts and brain matter!

The third upperclassman whom the gothic girl pummeled with the metal bat, quietly stood up, ready to pounce on her from behind, to take her by surprise.

However, as soon as he made the leap…



…without even looking back, the Valkyrie swung her sword behind her, letting blood and body parts fall on the ground.

“However… he is not a smart one and his two little accomplices are going to join him…” eerily smiled the self-proclaimed Valkyrie.

“We… we had no part of that… he acted on his own and he paid the price for his arrogance… please, have mercy upon us,” Filip knelt down and pleaded to the pink-haired girl. He knew that they are too weak compared to the gothic chick.

However, the blessed subordinate of Odin had enough of the yapping of the lesser beings. With her status, she would not give face even if a higher demon pleaded to her, much less a demon follower who is still wet behind the ears.



The girl thrust her short sword into Filip’s head as he prostrated to her hoping for mercy…

“You! You… are a monster… can’t you least give him a dignified end…” stuttered Ramon, his whole body was shivering at the sight of two of his peers brutally murdered. Filip was the one who opened the world of higher beings to Ramon.

At that time, he was thrilled to know that in the shadow of human society exists a fantastical reality of supreme and mythological beings. However, now he is regretting his decision of getting involved in the brutal world of the mystics. If Ramon could go back in time, he would have steered clear of the hidden bloody world.

Sadly, there is no medicine for regret…

Valkyrie nonchalantly walked over to the quivering Ramon. He found some strands of courage when death stared him right in the eyes and willed his body to move and run away. But it is too late…



The merciless schoolgirl cut off one of his legs. Despite the pain, Ramon tried to crawl away as he heard her footsteps getting nearer. Crying with snot dripping, Ramon did not dare to look back, his only motivation was to get away from even if it’s one step more…


The pink-haired girl drove one of her short swords through Ramon’s shoulder blade and stabbed it into the ground underneath…


She pinned him down like an insect in a lab experiment, restricting him from moving in the bloodiest way possible.



She cut off the other flailing arm of Ramon…


Driving the short sword beside his spine and cut away to the side of his navel, making Ramon spill his guts out…

“GUUURRRRRHHHHH… pweeaseee…”


“I beggg youuu …kill meee…”

Huff! Huff!

The Valkyrie gleefully smiled and replies…

“Oh, it’s too soon to end the fun…”

“That’s enough!”

A male voice interrupted the psychotic tirade of the pink-haired girl. It would have sounded like a fearless order, if not for the shiver and the heightened pitch of the voice…

‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Why the hell did I have to say anything to that psycho bitch…’ Thoran berated himself as soon as the words came out of his mouth.

“Are you perhaps talking to me?” asked an eerily emotionless voice.

Thoran hanging upside down felt blood rapidly rush to his head as he saw the pink-haired girl slowly walk towards him.

“I… I… I mean …I don’t condemn you …they aren’t any better. If not for you, it would be me instead of them who lay lifeless. But I think the act of killing should be for a purpose, be it a warrior or a local meat butcher. Senseless enjoyment of the bloody act desecrates the intent and its purposes…”

The more Thoran talked, the more he remembered the existence of his balls. At the end of the short speech, he looked at the teenage Valkyrie right in the eye, not caring one bit about his life or self-preservation.

The gothic schooler just looked at Thoran in silence and flicked her sword over him without a word.

“Fuck! This is it! Goodbye cruel world! Shit! I’m dying a virgin!” screamed out Thoran as he saw the glinting metal short sword approach him.


“The… What?”

Thoran fell face first down into the ground hard, breaking his nose and bleeding all over the ground. However, Thoran was overjoyed over his pain, because he felt pain only on his face, which means he was spared from the Valkyrie’s sword. She flicked her sword at the rope that kept him hanging onto the tree.

As soon as the girl flicked her sword at Thoran, she walked back to the weakly moaning Ramon…


With her trendy sneakers, the Valkyrie stomped the head of Ramon into a meat paste letting blood and brain matter fly all around.

“I tortured him because he doesn’t deserve a warrior’s death. The guy who jumped on me was weak, but he still tried to save his friends and attack me. The other guy knelt down begged for mercy, not just for himself but for also his friend. The last guy did not think about his brothers who shared life and death with him and could not muster up the courage to even thinking of going against me. Spoils of the war are for the strong. Dignity is reserved for the brave. Nothing is given free.”

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