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INCEST CURSE 13 – Russian Princess Vs the Nordic hipster girl: Bloody battle of beautiful belles

“I tortured him because he doesn’t deserve a warrior’s death. The guy who jumped on me was weak, but he still tried to save his friends and attack me. The other guy knelt down begged for mercy, not just for himself but for also his friend. The third guy did not think about his brothers who shared life and death with him and could not muster up the courage to even thinking of going against me. Spoils of the war are for the strong. Dignity is reserved for the brave. Nothing is given free.”

In a solemn voice, Valkyrie explained her actions looking far away as if she doesn’t care whether Thoran listened or not.

Thoran was initially shocked that this weird girl took the time to explain herself.

‘Weird… the way this chick talk is as if she has fought in multiple wars… like she is a veteran soldier who has seen the blood and brutality of the war grounds,’ he thought to himself.

As she explained herself, Thoran had a better opinion of the psychotic butcher…

“You don’t need to explain yourself, I was just voicing my thoughts. You don’t have to take me seriously.”

“No, what you said is true. Especially the last part...”

“The last part?”

Thoran was trying to think back on what he said. Back when let his mouth loose, he was worried for his life as he was being stared down by the murdering teenager, Thus, Thoran forgot all that he spoke to her. While Thoran was pondering over his earlier words, the pink-haired girl nonchalantly waked over the corpse of Filip and picked up the ominous black dagger that he had…

“Can you remind me what I said? I can’t remember properly,” asked Thoran, as he looked up at the tattooed girl.



The Valkyrie drove the foot long black dagger through Thoran’s sternum and into his heart.

“Act of killing should always be for a purpose, be it a warrior or a local meat butcher.”

“ My target has never been them, it was always you,” stoically told the teen Valkyrie as Thoran’s vision faded away.

As soon as the dagger was wedged into the heart of Thoran, the dark red ruby on the pommel of the dagger started pulsing, as if it is greedily drinking up his blood directly from the heart.

“Disgusting weapon…” muttered the girl under her breath and picked up her short sword walking towards Thoran’s head.

“If your intentions are to behead him, I suggest you stop now and leave as far away as you can,” warned a sweet female voice.

The Valkyrie increased her guard and held her short swords in a defensive position. Though the Valkyrie may be young, she was battle-hardened, no normal entity can escape from her senses. Though she may not beat the old monsters that are stronger than her, sensing their presence is still within her scope.

To escape the sensing of the Valkyrie, the female has to be much stronger than her, danger bells started ringing in her head. As the psychotic teenage girl looked around trying to locate the person that has just spoken to her. A beautiful teenager similarly dressed in the green uniform of West Shores High walked out from the woods smiling at the gothic girl.

“Merete Hillestad, the transfer student with Nordic origins. I never knew that your roots run so deep.”

Surprisingly, the one who spoke is none other than Liliya, the Russian transfer student. Despite Merete’s murderous glare, Liliya was all cheery, emitting sunshine, as if she’s oblivious to the bloody scene surrounding the girl who held two swords pointed at her.

“Who are you?” cautiously asked Merete.

“Me? I’m a high school kid with a love for gore, just like you,” Liliya smiled back.

“Cut the crap! Though I think that you may be strong, I am still willing to risk it, if you continue to bullshit.”

“My my, are all Valkyries this feisty? You know, if you can’t pretend to be feminine, you will have a tough time getting a boyfriend.”

“Fucking bitch! You still want to play around? Play with this…” Merete powered up her feet and exploded with a lunge with the ground cracking. She held her fist to her face like a boxer guard, with the twin swords held upside down in her hands. It is as if a saber tooth tiger is pouncing at you.

Liliya just smiled back at the hasty Valkyrie, she clutched a big ruby inlaid locket and chanted the verse, “Immunenta Felinectus.”

A dim burgundy bam shot at light speed at the fast-approaching Merete.


The beam was a violent blast of destructive energy as it blasted off one of the arms of the Valkyrie making her fly over 20 meters back.

“Interesting… I aimed for your head, but you are still able to dodge an attack at the speed of light.”

Though Liliya chided her, Merete has no intention of continuing the conversation. Despite her serious injury of missing a limb, she flipped up and hastily made her way out of the woods far away from Liliya, as she knew that a second or a third projectile from Liliya will definitely kill her.

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