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INCEST CURSE 14 – Ambition is a dream; courage is false bravado; only strength is real!

“Interesting… I aimed for your head, but you are still able to dodge an attack at the speed of light.”

Though Liliya chided her, Merete has no intention of continuing the conversation. Despite her serious injury of missing a limb, she flipped up and hastily made her way out of the woods far away from Liliya, as she knew that a second or a third projectile from Liliya will definitely kill her.

However, the Valkyrie has overestimated the capabilities of Liliya.

“Sigh! If only I had more energy reserves,” said Liliya with a disappointed look clutching the magical locket.

After silently wallowing in her depression for a moment, she turned to the star of the show.

“Heh, so you were the fabled host of the almighty. I was honestly expecting someone dashing and exuding valor.”


“You could have at least been an arrogant jerk. I would have been glad even if you are a vile twisted-being, but out of all that you can be, you chose to be this pathetic loser. It is almost funny to associate you with the tyrant of Mt. Olympus,” Liliya nonchalantly spoke as she walked close to Thoran who was motionless after being stabbed into the heart.

She bent down and pulled out the black ominous dagger, the blood stopped bleeding, as Thoran has already bled out a puddle. She checked for a pulse but felt no twitch in his veins.

“Jeez, this is going to be a drag. My orders were to keep the host alive and protect him. I did not expect him to be this weak.”

“Hmmm, maybe I should cut my losses and jump train, while I can….”

Liliya believed that her current mission has already failed and thought that she should try to make the best of the present situation. Being pragmatic and practical are the core beliefs of the Innokentievna family. Growing up in a political family, she has thoroughly learned of the saying, ‘there are no eternal friends or enemies.’

Being involved with the mystical world, she knew about the basic summoning ritual that Filip and Ramon were trying to conduct. However, the purity of the wrath aura concentrated on the inlaid ruby of the pommel made her realize that sacrifice of Thoran was noticed by an extremely powerful high demon. It may even be Lord Satan himself.

The ruby inlaid in the pommel was shimmering with a crimson glow. All Liliya has to do is to complete the summoning circle and the High demon will descend at the cost of his own power, demanding no sacrifice. Making up her mind, Liliya started to complete the basic summoning circle. As soon as it was completed it gave off an ominous glow, the inscriptions started to brighten up as if it has connected to somewhere far away and was drawing its energy from elsewhere.

Liliya lost control of the summoning circle and was waiting for the mighty being to descend.

“Hmmm, mother always used to say that it’s better to have a present when meeting someone of high standing…”

With a stoic look, she walked towards the head of Thoran tightly holding onto the pommel of the black dagger. She lifted up Thoran by his hair and with shaking hands held the blade at his neck and was mentally prepping herself to cut his head off. Though the beautiful teen is trained to see the pragmatic side of thig, beheading the corpse of a recently alive schoolmate is still too much for young Liliya.

“I laud your ambition and somewhat quivering courage. However, don’t you think you are going too far?” asked a lazy voice from the slumped head of Thoran.


Liliya’s soul almost jumped out when she heard the dead Thoran start speaking. She quickly rushed back cautiously looking at the teen youth who played her for the fool.

“You idiot! Don’t you have any sense? Because of your prank, I’ve summoned a high leveled demonic being, we have to leave immediately if we want to live.”

“Mortal, what did you just call me?”

Thoran looked up at Liliya, his eyes had no iris. His entire eye was a mass of cloudy grey with a faint discharge of lightning. A faint arc of lightning coiled around his body, ripping off industrial-grade rope that Thoran was tied in as if it were drenched paper. He looked down at his palm, clasping it into a fist.

“I have grown weak… how many incarnations has it been…” Thoran muttered to himself.


Bellowing out loud, Thoran teleported to the summoning circle and drove his fist deep into it, breaking the intricate magical circle. Just when Liliya thought Thoran was trying to stop the High Demon from descending, Thoran pulled his hand out of the summoning circle holding onto the head of a disgusting looking humanoid being covered in fur and scales.

“Heh why take so long for planar displacement?”

“Now that you are here. Tell me, was my blood enticing enough for you?”

Thoran opened the palm of his other hand, the black dagger in Liliya’s hand flew out like it was iron attracted to a massive and powerful magnet.


Thoran did not wait for the high demon to respond, he stabbed the dagger into the ugly being’s throat, which thankfully muffled the screams of his beastly voice.

“Tranqentus Striactum”

The white-eyed Thoran had no ounce of sympathy for the pitifully twitching creature, with a short verse he cast a spell onto the dagger. The dagger turned from a hungry piranha into a ravenous shark. The dagger flew from the demon’s throat and started to fly around it giving multiple cuts all over its body, giving bone-deep wounds. The high demon’s body visibly shrank as all of its blood flew out from its wounds and into the black blade making its aura escalate more and more.

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