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INCEST CURSE 15 – Liliya lets loose the warm yellow stream and makes a puddle between her legs at the sight of the Almighty being

The white-eyed Thoran had no ounce of sympathy for the pitifully twitching creature, with a short verse he cast a spell onto the dagger. The dagger turned from a hungry piranha into a ravenous shark. The dagger flew from the demon’s throat and started to fly around it giving multiple cuts all over its body, giving bone-deep wounds. The high demon’s body visibly shrank as all of its blood flew out from its wounds and into the black blade making its aura escalate more and more.

Within a short minute of gory torture, the robust demon has turned into a husk of skin and bones. From its elevation of power the dagger has gained basic sentience and circled around Thoran as if it was eager to show off its elevated might to the new master who had granted it a soul.

Throwing away the thoroughly dead high demon, Thoran turned towards Liliya. Thunder was rumbling with his every move and lightning was spilling out from the deep wound in his chest. The Thoran now was unlike her first impression of him. When she first saw him, she expected more, the deity to whom Liliya swore fealty had given her some information about what sort of existence Thoran might be. However, she was deeply disappointed by the pitiful display of the fat teenage boy.

But now…

When she saw Thoran walk towards her with his cloudy white irises with a bloody dagger circling around him. She felt as if she was an insect stared down by the mightiest Lion of the jungle. Death was her only exit, just the pressure of his eyes made her want death and be destroyed than bear the soul rendering scrutiny of the supreme almighty.

“I… I…”

Liliya tried to formulate some words, but the muscles of her were cramped taut, rendering her immobile as if her own body is forcing her to become a slice of subservient meat on the chopping block begging to be diced up into bite-sized pieces. Her legs quivered making her fall back on the ground.


Thoran noticed the faint noise of her bowels giving out. He just smirked at the girl who tried to act as if she’s playing the beings of the mystical world with powers that were not even her own.

Liliya quickly made a small puddle between her legs, the princess of the Russian ruling family has never let herself be humiliated like this ever before. Despite the incessant wailing of her mind, she could not stop wetting herself in front of Thoran.

When the alter-ego of Thoran was about to order the killing blow and end the misery of the pitiful teen, he noticed the locket on Liliya. It was the same locket that shot out a magical beam at Merete, the Valkyrie.

“Who gave this to you?”

The locket, though it was intricately designed, it appeared like an antique piece as if it had been through time itself. Most of Liliya’s peers thought it was a family heirloom that was very dear to her, as they had seen her wearing it all the time. But only the being that resides inside Thoran knew that it was a locket that he had given to his daughter, Persephoneh.

It took a moment for Liliya to realize that the being in Thoran was talking to her. Thoran also reduced the pressure on Liliya, letting her reply.

“Ye… yes… this locket… it was given to me by a high goddess, entrusting me with the mission to protect and guide you to break away from the nirvana curse... I… I am sorry for my moment of short-sightedness. I plead my lord to provide me with a second chance…”

Liliya prostrated in front of Thoran, begging for a lease on her life.

“Now that I have seen this locket on you, I have no intention of causing you harm. The endless cycle of reincarnation as a normal human has made me slightly empathic to you, fragile mortals. Though your petty act of betrayal was despicable, it was amusing to watch a girl of no power, trying to fish for benefits. If not for the high demon’s offense of relishing my blood, I would have waited to see the cruel fate that would have befell you once the demon entered this plane.”

“Hehe, Pandora’s Box was opened and humans gained limitless potential. Potential to be the most powerful, potential to be the noblest, potential to be the most courageous, and potential to be most despicable. We the beings of the past era had our specific roles to fulfill and cannot deviate from the weave of fate. This endless potential makes even a tyrant like me to become slightly envious.”

“Persephoneh has chosen you aid this mortal that I reside in. I will respect her wishes and refrain from interference. When I am resealed I could not appear again in this lifetime, unless the seals of the nirvana curse are broken. What you do with the boy is for your own to decide. Life and death are not new to me. Lived a thousand names, died a thousand times, I, Zeis, am content with the fact I am ruler no more. My endless reincarnation has made me realize extinction is not a bad thing. Hehe, let’s see what a crazy girl like you will do when I let you be unhinged.”

“Heh. Live a life worth dying for, I did. Thus, I have no regrets about the future. I will allow you, kids, to play along and feel important if that is what you lot want. Hahahaha…” said Thoran as he looked up at the sky.

The might echo of laughter roared through the entire city, as the immense pressure that was radiating out of Thoran, swiftly vanished, leaving both Thoran and the black dagger to fall to the ground.

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