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INCEST CURSE 16 – The bountiful 38 Double D tits Russian girl, the nurse with the pear-shaped prominent butt and the hard to hide mature buttocks principal

“Ummm… when did I get here…” muttered Thoran, as he looked around the white bed in the school nurse’s lounge.

“Ah! Who the hell stripped me down?!” he screamed out as he noticed that he was in a different dress than his uniform.

Hearing the scream of Thoran, the school nurse quickly rushed to him. Before she said anything, she checked his vitals and checked him for fever or any ailment.

“Ummm… Ms. Erika, what happened to me? Why am I in the nurse’s lounge?”

“We were hoping you would say that to us…” interrupted an authoritative female voice before Ms. Erika could say anything.

Erika is a Finnish beauty of bleach blonde hair with a slim yet curvaceous figure of 36 firm C cups, a toned 26 washboard abs, and a perky toned 34 pear-shaped buttocks that has dimples on either side due to her consistent workout regime.

Contrary to Erika, the female who interrupted her was a fulsome mature beauty with wavy noir tussles. Before her face, almost all men notice her bountiful 38 D cups motherly breasts. Though not toned, she boasts a flat navel of 30 inches and hard to hide 40 inches of bubblicious buttocks. Though her exaggerated curves might be too much for shorter women; being 6 feet tall, the curves are appropriate for the Latina beauty.

Neither Thoran nor Erika is a stranger to the no-nonsense mature beauty as the duo had seen her many times prior. In fact, everyone in West Shores High is well acquainted with her. She is, Mariam Acin, the acting principal for this elite school for the upscale community.

Born into wealth, the young masters and misses of West Shores High are aplenty. Therefore someone of the normal standing of the society could never hold control over them. To remind the little devils of their place a demon of high standing is necessary.

Mariam is the daughter of the State Senator and the niece of the City Mayor. In the city of Argosving, the Acin Family is the judge and the executioners. Therefore, Mariam is quite capable of controlling not just the kids, but also their filthy rich parents. She looked down on Thoran with her no-nonsense stare asserting pressure on him to make him spill the beans on the events surrounding Thoran’s admittance to the nurse’s lounge.

She put pressure on Thoran because a strange coincidence surrounded the time of his unknown admittance into the nurse’s office.

At the same time when Thoran mysteriously appeared on the door of the nurse’s lounge, the Madigan family went crazy and came down with their troop of bodyguards wanting to see their young master Filip Madigan. However, when the staff went to fetch him, he was nowhere to be found.

The staff of the school couldn’t find him or his two mates whom he always hangs out with. Upon questioning the students all afternoon, a student from the parking lot mentioned that he saw them in the morning talking to Thoran.

Thoran may not be rich or handsome, but he has garnered fame over many of his antics. Driving a rusty lady’s bicycle to the school of the rich elite is one of his infamous achievements all the students joke about. His recent scandal of peeping onto the girl’s changing room pushed his infamy to new heights. So the student in the parking lot, knew who Thoran was and informed the same of seeing the Judo Club trio with him the morning.

However, when the staff went to find Thoran, things have gotten even stranger. According to the school nurse he was found unconscious on the doorstep of the nurse’s lounge. Mariam waited in the nurse’s lounge all this time to question Thoran as soon as he wakes up.

“I… I don’t remember much…”

“Tell me all that you remember.”

Thoran is in a tough spot as he was interrogated by the principal. He touched his chest as nonchalant as possible, when he noticed that there is no stab wound. He was genuinely surprised and started doubting his memories. He thought he was delusional because the last thing he remembered was a pink-haired girl calling herself the Valkyrie and stabbed him in the chest.

“I… I…”

“He was with me in the morning,” said Liliya walking into the nurse’s office.




The trio of the nurse, Mariam, and Thoran were all surprised at the same time. Luckily, Mariam had her attention shifted to Liliya and failed to notice the shocked Thoran. However, the nurse noticed Thoran being equally shocked by the admittance of Liliya, but she chose to keep quiet as she felt it’s better to not stir the pot and make things tough for the young chap.

Besides, Erika felt her job was done as soon as the patient woke up and deemed the whole interrogation part has no association with her. In fact, she was a bit miffed that her patient was bombarded with questions as soon as he regained consciousness.

“Miss Aristova, what do you mean by this boy was with you the morning?”

“Oh please call me Liliya Madam Principal; and what else do you think I mean, he was with me?” said Liliya raising a brow. Though the people of Argosving may bow down to Mariam, Liliya came from abroad from a family that is more influential than the Acin family. This put Mariam is in a tough spot, could not impose pressure or assert her usual arrogant demeanor on Liliya.

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