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INCEST CURSE 17 – The young hottie Vs the sexy MILF: I, Liliya, is a perverted wretch!

“Oh please call me Liliya Madam Principal; and what else do you think I mean, he was with me?” said Liliya raising a brow. Though the people of Argosving may bow down to Mariam, Liliya came from abroad from a family that is more influential than the Acin family. This put Mariam is in a tough spot, could not impose pressure or assert her usual arrogant demeanor on Liliya.

“Miss Liliya it is not my intention to pry. However, I was informed of this boy being in contact with a few other students this morning.”

“Maybe he did, maybe he did not. Why does Thoran talking or not talking to a few students garnered the scrutiny of the high perched Madam Principal?”

“Mind your tongue young lady. Though you may come from an affluent family, now you are in West Shores High.”

“Oh, I beg your pardon, if had offended. Similar to you, it is not my intention to pry. However, since I’ve apologized, why don’t you tell me why you are curious about the private moment of two high school kids? Madam Principal, don’t tell me you have some peculiar hobbies?” the 18-year old who grew up in a political family is slyer than many shameless politicians.

“Shut your mouth! Who do you think you are talking to? If the Innokentievna family has trouble teaching their young ones some manners, I am more than willing to teach you some. After all, your parents had paid me to get you in line,” the veiled threat of getting Liliya’s parents involved quietened her down.

Though Mariam was pissed, she could not outrightly say that she is questioning Thoran because three upperclassmen went missing and he was the last person of contact. The school management would like to keep the scandal of missing students as tight-lipped as possible. It is too soon to let the cat out of the bag. If what Liliya saying is true, then the other student had lied or has misidentified Thoran.

Besides the student only claimed he say Thoran talking to the three upperclassmen. There wasn’t any altercation or disagreements between them. It may have just been a case of Thoran brown-nosing his rich upperclassmen and nothing else. Though Mariam interrogated Thoran hoping to get a lucky lead, she did not for once thought Thoran has done anything to the boys.

After hearing what the teachers have to say about Thoran, she concluded Thoran lacked the capabilities to do anything to the three from the judo club. Even, if he did, there will be a lot of leftover pieces of evidence. It wouldn’t be like how the trio has vanished into the air, like now. She would more likely believe the trio doing something to him, rather than Thoran acting against them.

“Mr. Finley, can you explain why you ended up in the nurse’s office. If you are out with Miss. Liliya, as she claimed?” Mariam directed her gaze back at Thoran, she thought Thoran would be more cooperative compared to Liliya.

“Well… you see …we were…” Thoran fumbled with words as tried hard to come up with a plausible explanation.

“He fainted as I tried to kiss him!” interjected Liliya before Mariam could catch onto the awkwardness of Thoran. However, Liliya came with the worst possible excuse as she had no time to come up with a better one. As she was flustered, she screamed out her reply, which was overheard by some students who were walking by the corridor.

“Huh?” dumbly stared Thoran, but when Mariam stared at him as if she was scanning him. He quickly agreed to the ruse of Liliya.

“Ha! Yes! Yes! How silly of me?!”

“My sweetheart’s beauty is too much for me when she leaned in on me huffing and puffing with her tongue out. I couldn’t help but pass out at her wretched sight.”

Mariam couldn’t believe the thought of one of the school’s top 10 flowers to flagrantly lust of this little fatso. She looked at Liliya with a questionable stare. However, the pitiful young maiden is in no position to contradict Thoran.

Filled with shame, the crimson cheeked Russian volleyball star nodded her head, looking down, hoping to dig a hole and hide in it to escape the judgmental looks of the Principal and the nurse.

With a frustrated sigh, Mariam left the nurse’s office, leaving the two kids to their own thoughts. The principal was of the intention to make Thoran the patsy irrespective of his involvement in the missing case of the Judo trio. Though Thoran’s family was capable of affording the high fees of West Shores. The Finley’s aren’t affluent in any sense. Comparatively the Madigan family of Filip Madigan is a reputable and a dangerous family having their roots in the mafia and underworld of the society.

Now that Liliya has claimed to be with Thoran and has possibly shown interest in the fat boy, he cannot be used as a scapegoat anymore. Although Mariam was not completely convinced with their version of events. She chalked it up as kids hiding some embarrassing events of their date, not multiple murders.

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