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INCET CURSE 18 – This is all too good to be true! Might as well grope her while I can…

Liliya walked Thoran out of the nurse’s office, she was sweetly holding onto Thoran’s hand and was very attentive to his well-being and asked him of his condition every few steps. To loosely hold onto the flower of the school whilst everyone watching is an experience that is completely new for Thoran.

After doubting himself for a short while, Thoran started believing in the story that both he and Liliya cooked up. He thought that meeting the Judo club trio and crazy murdering Valkyrie was all but a dream and believed that he truly was spending the morning courting the delicate and beautiful Liliya.

He ever started having condescending thoughts on Liliya for not being able to hold her feelings for him and attack him on their first date, scaring him into fainting. But try as he might, he couldn’t think of how or why they were seeing each other…

However, at 18 years of age a guy who has no female contact or admiration, he is not going to question too much of the meat pie that fell from the sky.

‘Hmmm, this entire day is damn crazy, if my other memories, which were so vivid are dreams. Am I still in a dream?’

‘Heh, it can’t be. In the morning I remember seeing a gothic pink-haired girl summoning swords and murdering students. If that was true the whole town would be in panic mode. All the crazy things are pure fiction, just my imagination.’

‘Well since this Russian bitch has hots for me, might as well cop a feel, while her hormones are high.’

‘Hmmm, should I squeeze her tight buttocks? Or put my arm over her and cup her full jiggling tit?’

‘Tsk tsk tsk… choices …choices’

‘Got it! Let’s go for both! Might as well shove my tongue into her mouth just to satisfy the girl’s curiosity. She did try to kiss me before I passed out.’

Thinking all this to himself, Thoran nodded silently. He let go of her hand and walked a few feet ahead of her and turned facing her. The virgin fatso took a full look at the young and sweet Liliya up close. Before now, he never dared to shamelessly stare at the goodies of a girl. However, now that he believed that Liliya was a girl who is madly in love with him, he took the opportunity to let his perverted eyes lick all over the tight and bountiful curves of the Russian transfer student.

With no pocket money and strict supervision of his mother. Thoran did not even have access to a legitimate free porn site. He has to make do with old porn mags that he steals from the old books store. Therefore, to leer at a live woman is too much for Thoran. His nose started steaming up with his hands one higher and one lower, each deployed towards the left tit and right ass cheek of Liliya, with his tongue out like a deranged psycho r*pist Thoran ran those few steps to jump at the sweet smiling transfer student.

He thought she also had the urge to jump onto him because she led him to a deserted alley far from the school building. Oh, how wrong was dear Thoran…


-Punch to the gut-

-hair grab, knee to the face-


-Broken nose-

-Shove to the floor-

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

-A few minutes later-

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

-Quarter of an hour has passed-

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

“Pwease… sthop… have… mewcy…” cried Thoran with snot dripping down as he was on the ground in a fetal position with his hands over his head. The boy came out of the nurse’s office with a full bill of health, but now he was bruised black and blue warranting a call for an ambulance.


With a last kick to the butt, Liliya let go of the perverted fat boy. She was completely frustrated by having all her schoolmates think that she is dating this pathetic loser. Although Liliya is not a shallow woman, she does have some standards on how her boyfriend should be. Although she can be sly like an old politician, she is still a beautiful 18-year-old girl studying high school.

Even though Liliya let emotions cloud her judgment for a bit, she also had a hidden motive for trampling on Thoran. The alter-ego residing inside Thoran is too frightening for the princess of the Innokentievna family. She wanted to make sure that the scary presence inside him would not flare up despite its promise of not wanting to interfere in the life of Thoran.

Liliya sighed in relief when she saw the groveling Thoran. Just this morning she literally pissed herself just looking at him. She even thought that the pitiful Thoran is rather cute.

Sob! Sob! Sob!

“You awre a she-dewil!” sobbed Thoran, as he hatefully stared at Liliya. More than the physical hurt, the mental trauma of the promise of courtship by a school’s flower, but only to be beaten black and blue, was too much for him. Thoran felt the whole world is cruel and want nothing but to just jump into a swimming pool filled with cheap potato chips, drown himself in the crusy flakes and end his misery.

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