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INCEST CURSE 19 – Forced my daughter Persephoneh on her wedding day and sent my daughter to her husband with his cum dripping from her recently virgin

Sob! Sob! Sob!

“Now… now… my dear master. How would you call me with such a mean name? If you want to give me a nickname, call me kitten. I would very much prefer that over she-devil,” smiled Liliya with a devilish smile that made Thoran think that he is being stared down by a predator.

“Get away from me, you bipolar woman! I would rather the morning of death and destruction be real than think of you being interested in me!” Thoran shivered at the flickering mood swings of Liliya.

“Oh master, what happened in the morning was all real. I just cooked up an alibi for you, as admitting to magic and murder will lock us up in either the jail or the mental asylum.”

“You… you mean Filip and the guys were murdered by that pink-haired girl?”

“Oh, you remembering all that, saves me the trouble of explaining things to you. What you witnessed was all real. The capture of you as a sacrifice, the bloody ritual, Merete’s intervention and her stabbing you,” saying so Liliya just smiled at Thoran, letting him process the weird reality that is going to surround him.

“What happened after? My memories stop at being stabbed. Hey, wait a minute! If what you said about everything that happened in the morning being real, why the hell there is no wound or even a scar on my chest? I clearly felt the pain of the metal going through me.”

“Well… I am not too sure why or if I am entitled to say much about you. But let me ask you this, do you believe in gods?”

“Mmmm… I don’t disbelieve in God. By the way, what do you mean by ‘Gods’? Are you implying that there are numerous Gods and every diety is real?”


“What? Are you for real?”

“Though I like to play with your emotions, I’m not doing it now. Every God culture; mythologies; devils; demons and hell have some semblance of truth to it and some mighty being attached to it. But the immediate factions that have eyes on you and may probably seek you out are the Greekh gods and their subordinates; the High Devils and their minions; and the Norseh gods and their Valkyries.”

“From my networking, I can ascertain that these three factions may cause trouble for us in the coming days.”

“The… the gods are gunning for me?! Why?! What have I done?!”

“Nothing too cruel or overtly heinous in this lifetime. But your progenitor has fucked, seduced, and forced a bunch of women who were wives, sisters, and mothers of other gods. Heck! Your ancestor did not spare even his own mother and sisters. Whether they came to him willingly or not, he made sure to taste and desecrate every beautiful flower of the god realm. He even forced himself on his daughter Persephoneh on her wedding day and sent his daughter to her husband with his cum dripping from her recently virgin cunt. She is the goddess that I follow, she led me to you, with the sacred obligation of looking after you.”

Liliya did not try to overload Thoran’s mind with the revelation of the possibility of him being the reincarnation of Zeis, the ruler of Gods. Liliya, withheld the information because she was not sure if Thoran was the reincarnation of the mighty god of Lightning or was just a mortal within whom Zeis was sealed in.

She did not want to create any false sense of superiority within Thoran or concoct any rumors. Her mission from Persephoneh was plain and simple, aid Thoran and help him to break or least weaken the shackles of the Nirvana curse. Liliya felt that Thoran was neither mature nor strong enough to know more of the mystic realm and its beings.

“If what you said was true? Why is your goddess helping me? After all my ancestor has r*ped her on her wedding day.”

“Oh, the concept of the incest taboo is unheard of in the God realm. Though procreating within the family is not seen as often, the choices are usually a matter of convenience and preferences, rather than restriction. Your ancestor is known to be a lover who generous and filled with vigor. Though my goddess was initially reluctant, her father’s repeatedly pummeling her tight pussy; and made her heart and pussy open up for her thick member of her mighty father,” Liliya winked at the subtle bulge formed in his pants as he listened to her reiterate the past dealings between Persephoneh and her father.

“Hehe, the apple doesn’t fall far, I am glad of your favoritism over incest, it will make my job easier.”

Liliya held onto her antique locket and uttered…

“Depriigeo Rateseo”

The plants all around Liliya started to grow at a visible pace and were following every command of her. The sight was both fascinating and freaky to Thoran, to whom, all these supernatural elements are very new.

“What! How?!”

“Hehe, exactly the reaction I hoped for. I am not an expert on the field of magic to give you a detailed and precise explanation, but my goddess has told me that the most basic way of utilizing magic is by manipulating controllable energy reserves through a sacred construct aka sacred gear.”


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