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INCEST CURSE 04 - Zeis's virgin sister is forced to become cock cleaner after she was caught fingering pussy!

“Herah!” Zeis called out, still just looking at his mother.

The Goddess of Nature was anxious and embarrassed over being caught by her brother. Hesitating for a bit, she walked into the royal chambers, fixing her toga properly.

“Bro… Royal Brother… you need me for anything…“, Herah asked with a faint voice. Her nipples stretched over her toga as she took a closer look at the nakedness of their mother covered in her brother’s cock milk.

“Come here, dear sister,” smiled Zeis. He was completely comfortable being naked in front of his gorgeous sister.

With a slight hesitation and trepidation, Herah slowly walked closer to her brother, her eyes roaming all over his firm body, despite her incessant admonishing of herself.

Zeis just smiled genially at his luscious sister. His eyes blatantly taking in her feminine charms. Her rockhard nipples and the faint smell of freshly squeezed pussy does not go unnoticed.

“…yes …brother …” Herah, the renowned warrior princess of God’s crusade has become a meek little kitten in front of her brother. She clutched tightly on her toga and just looked down, being embarrassed about being caught by her brother.

Zeis could not contain his desire as he looked at his flustered sister. He walked closer to her, reached out, and grabbed her right hand. The pale milky hand of Herah was soft to Zeis touch. He let his thumb rub her palm, he noticed a sticky substance.

With a slight chuckle, lifted up Herah’s hand and took a loud whiff at her cunt-smelling hands…

“Mmmmm Herah, what is this wonderful smell…” Zeis teased, but before she could form a reply to her brother, he let out his tongue and pressed it at the soft palm of her.

“Ooohhh…” the thought of Zeis licking her sticky cunt discharge made her heart flutter. Zeis gave no mind to the flustered emotions of his sister and started to ravenously lick her palm, making sure to take in all the traces of her fresh virgin cunt.

“Sister, did I do a good job cleaning you up?” cheekily asked the God of Lightning. The wordplay was too much for the virgin Goddess maiden. A red blush crept up her cheek, as she adamantly kept her head down. She just nodded slightly to Zeis’s question.

“hehe, good sister, it isn’t polite of you to not reciprocate the favor…” hearing her brother Herah was confused and looked up. To the inquisitive stare, her brother just smiled back at her and looked down to the nether region between his legs.


Herah let out an audible gash and grabbed hard on her toga as she followed the look of her brother and set her sights on his semi-hard cum covered cock. It was covered by white and clear water-like fluids.

Herah instantly knew that her brother’s cock was coated with their mother’s cum and his thick white semen.

With a slightly hoarse voice, Herah asked,” bro… brother… what… what do you …want me to do…”

Zeis did not reply in words, as he lightly touches the bare shoulders of his sister, relishing the feel of her smooth skin, and just pressed her down.

Herah’s eyes widened as she understood the request of her brother. Though she struggled a bit, she was too weak to voice out anything against her brother’s wishes…

The noble princess of Gods soon kneeled in front of her brother. Her face directly at his semi-hard cock that is quickly regaining its hardness at the thought of violating his sister’s mouth.

Zeis step up closer to the kneeling Herah, with his cock rubbing on her lips…

“Mmmmppphhhh…” Herah faintly showed her reluctance by sealing her lips shut. The sticky hardness of her brother scraped over her lips, coating it with the mixed sex-juices of her brother and mother.

Noticing his sister’s faint reluctance, Zeis just placed a hand behind her head and gently stroked her like he is petting a submissive animal.

Herah has always looked up to her brother. He saved her many times during God’s crusade. For a young woman who grew up without the warmth of her father, her strong and heroic brother is the male role-model of her life. Even if Zeis asked for her life, she would willingly give it in an instant. However, Herah did not expect her brother to ask of her sacred body and womanhood.

Herah was conflicted over the indecent request of her brother. Rightfully, she should admonish her brother for indulging in their lonely mother, desecrating her dignity.

However, the longer Herah felt the warm cock on her face, her reluctance was evaporating like dewdrops on midday sun.

Zeis always comforted his sister with a touch, holding her tight, holding her hand, rubbing her back. Every Herah had any fear in her, the warm touch of her brother’s hand always helped her regain her peace.

Now that her brother was stroking the back of her head, the anxiousness in Herah’s heart swiftly melted away. With his other hand, Zeis stroked her cheek and gently rubbed her lower lip and pulled it open.

Herah followed her brother’s lead and let him pry her mouth open. Knowing fully well what is to come next, Herah kneeled before her brother with her mouth open.

Her red cherry lips and the pink-wet tongue is a sensual sight. Quickly this submissive sight was marred by a hard cock penetrating into her mouth….


Though Herah feigned reluctance, her eagerness was hard to hide, as she ran her wet tongue swirling around the cockhead of Zeis.

Wetting the bulbous cockhead of her brother, Herah was ready for more. Zeis reached into her toga and pinches her nipple making his obedient sister moan out, as he thrust his pelvis into her mouth.

Ridden by lust, Zeis pumped more of his cock into Herah’s mouth, making her lick more and more of his cum covered cock.

Herah too was lost in lust, she barely noticed the mingled taste of her brother and mother; eagerly licking the sticky fluids, cleaning up her brother’s cock.

With the tender tongue lashing of his virgin sister, Zeis’s member gained back its majestic hardness of nine and hard inches. The cockhead hitting on her throat as if it is declaring a challenge of deep-throating…

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