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INCEST CURSE 05 – Goddess sister was throat fucked like a whore, her ass spread wide, exposing her tight pink pussy and asshole

Herah was too lost on lust. She barely noticed the mingled taste of her brother and mother whilst she eagerly licked the sticky fluids, cleaning up her brother’s cock.

From the delicate tongue lashing of his sister, his cock gained back its majestic hardness of nine and hard inches. The cockhead hitting on her throat as if it is declaring a challenge of deep-throating…

Ignoring the competitive and eager cock sucking sister, Zeis reached into her toga, cupping and squeezing her young tits. Herah is gifted with bountiful 38 double E cups. Although they are smaller than their mother Reya’s udders, Herah’s tits are more upright and firmer.

Zeis was not gentle with his sister. He grabbed onto her tender tits and harshly squeezed it, making Herah’s eyes tear up and give a short scream. The shout was opening enough for Zeis to push his cock into the un-stretched throat of his young sister.

With a pop, Zeis’s cock was wedged into the slick cervix of her throat, pulling hard on her nipple with one hand and holding her head by her hair, Zeis jammed his cock more into her throat, his balls slapping on Herah’s chin.

The wet squelching sound of Herah’s throat fills the room, as her drool drips down from her chin. Zeis gave no damn about his sister as he was lost in the velvety throat of his young sister. Occasionally, slapping her tits, the vibrations of the moan made him feel even better.

Herah’s face was a mess, as her brother used her like a fuck doll, tears trickled down with the rough handling of her brother. But Herah could not bring herself to hate her brother as more than the pain and discomfort, her arousal is gushing through the core.

Growing up, Herah expected to have a fabled love story with the man whom she will mate with, but she never expected to be used as a cum trash by her beloved brother.

However, the humiliation on served to stimulate Herah more, making her pussy drip more than her tears. In no time, there was a small puddle between her legs, her thighs were coated wet from her pussy nectar.

Zeis grabbed onto his sister’s head with his cock wedged into her throat. He climbed up the edge of the nearby table, holding onto the head of his sister, keeping it at the edge of the table. Zeis squatted down and started to skull fuck his virgin sister.

Like a beast in head, he repeatedly thrust his ass forward, pumping his cock into Herah’s mouth, jackhammering into her slick wet throat.

Looking at the sight of his sister almost passed out, with her eyes rolled back, Zeis felt a stirring in between his balls. He was trying to hold back the sense of cumming, Herah started to lose control of her body.

The noise of her piss hitting the floor filled the room, as her brother thurst his cock repeatedly into her, pummeling her throat.

The sight of his warrior sister pissing golden-yellow liquid, humiliating herself, was a sight that Zeis had not anticipated to see.

However, it only fueled his perversion as he fucked her throat harder, and within a few tens of thrusts, he started to shoot thick hot cum on her throat, filling her tummy.

Zeis got down from the table and peeled off the passed out Herah from his cock whilst his cock still spurting cum. Zeis carelessly cummed all over his sister’s face and tits, covering the noble warrior princess of Mt. Olympus with thick cock batter.

The sexual high of desecrating the dignity of his fabled sister immensely aroused Zeis. He could not contain his lust anymore. He grabbed Herah by the hair and pushed her face between the sprawled legs of their mother, Reya.

“Mmmmmffffgggghhhh…” Reya gave a low moan as she felt her daughter’s cum-covered face on her cunt. Herah’s face was pressed on the drooling sex of their mother, which was dripping with mingled sex juices of her son and herself.

Zeis did not give any time for Herah to get comfortable, he deftly lifted up her ass, while her face was still pressed upon their mother’s pussy.

Stretching up the curved heart-shaped buttocks, it opens up to the marvelous view of a tight pinkish-brown asshole and the wet dripping pale-pink pussy lips, which was perfectly nestled in the midst of Herah’s supple butt-cheeks.

Feeling the need and desire set ablaze within him, Zeis lined up his cock to the tight engorged pussy lips. Zeis had a moment of hesitation as the flower of his sister’s sex was too beautiful to desecrate.

However, the perverse desire to claim his perfect sister only grew rampant inside him with every second. Enraged with lust, Zeis positioned himself to claim his sister’s cunt. He grabbed on the waist of his sister who is licking up their mother’s pussy and with a hard push, thrust his pelvis into her tight virgin pussy…





“…dude, shut your alarm! Why the fuck you keep it so early and sleep through it!” whined a young voice. The one accused was on the other bed. However, he was not sleeping, with eyes wide open, he was just looking at the ceiling.

His forehead was covered in sweat as he vividly recollected the incestuous dream of him sexually dominating his goddess mother and sister, in the form of the Great God of Lightning.

Such wet dreams are not new, ever since he turned 18…


“Thoran! I know you are awake, just shut that damn thing! If I walk up to you, I will fucking stomp you between the legs!”


At the click of the kill switch, the deafening silence was returned to the room. The roommate deftly went back to his sleep leaving, Thoran Finley, to ponder over syndrome of increasingly vivid sex dreams.

“Is there something wrong with me…” faintly muttered the confused young man as his hard member was straining against the crotch of his sleepwear.

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