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INCEST CURSE 06 - The panty-less schoolgirl and the fearless protagonist?

“Is there something wrong with me…” faintly muttered the confused young man as his rockhard member was straining against the crotch of his sleepwear.

Ever since his 18th birthday, Thoran was plagued by dreams and whispers of taboo lust. Thoran grew up with not much memory of his father or his mother, not that they were dead. It was even worse, they never cared.

His father remarried when he was seven, leaving his mother and the kids of his first wife to fend for themselves. Abruptly forced to become a single parent, work has become the religion for Thoran’s mother.

Though their social standing improved with her hard work, home felt colder and lonelier.

Kids learn from their parents; the lesson that Thoran and his siblings learned is that they need no family. The drive of chasing success is rampant in the Finley family. With both the parents putting career over family, the notion of failure is an unspoken taboo.

However, Thoran differs from his family on this point. Not that he takes failures with a smile. Despite his ardent attempt at getting a good grade or winning a sport, he is delivered nothing but defeat.

Being constantly beaten down by winners since his very young age, Thoran became numb to the sense of defeat and humiliation. He chose to just exist without any aspirations or dreams.

The 18-year-old young man has become nothing but a human husk with no ambitions or shame.

His mother made sure to enroll him in the West Shores Elite High, the most elite high school in the country. However, being surrounded by the top-scoring ambitious youth of the country, his high school only served to aggravate his sense of inferiority.

No matter how smart the kids become and despite how cultured the lessons are, kids will be kids. Least, that’s how the adults will chalk up the everyday bullying that Thoran had to face.

His seemingly invisible personality did not help him when someone wanted to humiliate him for fun. The life of Thoran may seem illustrious to outsiders, but such a mechanical lifestyle surrounded by the fake smiles and back-stabbing mindset has slowly sucked the life out of young Thoran. Leaving him obese, awkward, and with a frumpy sense of fashion.

Looking himself in the mirror dressed in the green suit, his school uniform, Thoran sighed at the stuffy round belly of his and his pudgy cheeks. Having no friends or any caring member of the family; junk foods are one of the few things that make Thoran happy. His round belly is the indication of his ardent pursuit of happiness.

When his mother noticed Thoran’s lack of motivation, he was dealt with tough love. His mother reduced his allowances and pocket money to the bare minimum and paid only for his education and life essentials. Therefore, in a school filled with the second generation rich elite, who drove around Ferraris and Maseratis…

Huff! Huff!

Thoran pedaled a rusted bicycle that the old lady down the street has lent him out of kindness.

Honk! Honk!

The customized obscenely loud horn disturbs the whole neighborhood as a black Ferrari glides past the intersections at dangerously high speed.

As a target of constant bad luck, Thoran was coincidently in the middle of the street, picking up a bag of cheap potato chips that fell off from his bag…

“Huh…” the bespectacled four eyes of Thoran saw a humongous black shadow coming at him at a demonic speed.


Though his mind screamed at him, there is not much Thoran can do as he just squatted down, closed his eyes shut, and held the bag of chips over his head, hoping the air-filled flimsy bag to act as a life-saving air-bag.

‘Dear God! If you do exist, please let me live. I’ll… I’ll…’

The attempt at prayer made Thoran quickly notice he has no good qualities or the mindset to cultivate a decent conviction…

“Shit! I am dead!”


In the middle of the street was a fat kid screaming his lungs out with a bag of chips over his head. Though this reaction is not much in a situation of life or death, it has been ten seconds the car has stopped before hitting him…


15 seconds…


20 seconds…

Even the most sympathetic old ladies on the street were annoyed by this overtly paranoid schoolkid.

However, when the screaming went beyond twenty-second the driver of the Ferrari could not just continue to look on…



The soft white palm of the feminine hand had slapped some sanity into the terrified fatso.

“I… I am not dead?”

“Fuck! I should have just run over you, you dumb fuck!�� snarled a pretty face to whom Thoran is no stranger.

Paige Boone is one of the 10 popular flowers of West Shore Elite. Being the class topper and the daughter of the City’s Mayor, Paige does not lack in smarts or status.

However, her most notable feature is her beauty, which is second only to her arrogance. She also bears the nickname as the Dragon Queen owing to her fiery way of speaking and her fervent desire for expensive cars, accessories, and jewels.

Despite her nasty personality, she has no lack of fans and admirers, as the Dragon Queen is nothing short of a walking wet dream.

At the age of 18, when most school girls are still developing, Paige was blessed with bountiful curves, thanks to her mother’s Russian lineage and superior genes.

36 D cups strain the top buttons of her uniform shirt, while her willowy navel was perceived by her tight undercoat.

The short skirt was stretched at the back, making the two round globes and her ass crack faintly visible.

It was rumored that Paige does not wear underwear, but the fiery teen is yet to date any boy, so there is no one to validate the rumor.

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