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INCEST CURSE 08 – The bullying bitches vs Thoran the fashion guru: Please don’t give me any head infection!

INCEST CURSE 08 – The bullying bitches vs Thoran the fashion guru: Please don’t give me any head infection!

“Hmmm, he is the one…” she muttered to herself, as she kept looking at Thoran pedaling hard with bated breath.

As Thoran rushed forward, a majestic gate of complicated coiled metal, which was beyond a practical design for security, came into view.

It is a majestic artwork with the intent of announcing that the world will bend to one’s will, even if the concept of impossibility is as rigid as metal.

“Possibility is an infinite existence.”

The bold phrase was embossed below the School logo and the big letters that are impossible to miss, reading, “WEST SHORE ELITE HIGH.”

The gate opens up to a vast expanse of green lawn, which was littered with multiple majestic three to four-storied buildings in medieval European design.

Youngsters smartly dressed in green suits and green skirt populate the school grounds, standing together and walking around with their clique.

The students’ parking is on the right end of the wall connecting to the School gate. The student parking is one of the prized attraction of West Shores High as you can find the most expensive and limited edition cars one after the other.

Automobile journalists are found pretending to be students on occasions more than one. However, the dignity of such fabled grounds is being desecrated today as amidst this opulent parking of the insanely rich second generation…

Ring! Ring!

The noise of the cheap ringer of Thoran’s was thoroughly irritating all those who are present. If it was Bhuhati Vrehon that was honking, the usually arrogant students of West Shore may give way giving face to a fellow peer from a high standing family.

However, Thoran was bringing trouble upon himself when he pedaled his bicycle standing up with a half watermelon on his head. Some say it is a real watermelon that Thoran sun-dried after eating it.

*sigh* knowing Thoran’s stingy nature, it may very well be true…

Ring! Ring!

Thoran is in a hurry to park his cycle in the cycle bay at the very end of the student parking. The disdain showed towards Thoran doesn’t stop with just the students, even teachers take every opportunity that they can to dole out any punishment they can at every chance they get.

Going late to class is the last thing he wanted on his already rocky Monday morning.

Ring! Ring! Ring…

“Shut the Fuck Up, you dweeb!”

An upperclassman coming out from a Porchii had enough of the cycle bell and decided to find trouble with Thoran. West Shore Elite High is a combination of High School and Prep School, so students continue to study here two more years after graduating high school.

This is the reason for so many self-driven sports cars, as the prep school kids are usually over 18. The upperclassman is from the 1st year of the prep school, he is a minor celebrity on campus as he is the president of the Judo club and has won the national tournament that year.

The upperclassman was not too bulky but had muscles bigger than his peers, he signaled his friends nearby, as two cars closed off the road in the front and at the back, trapping Thoran in the watermelon in the middle.

“Huh… Senpai… I… I am touched by your generosity! But just one car is enough to drop me to the school building, an escort of an additional sports car seems too wasteful…” saying all that Thoran came down from his rusty cycle and handed the half watermelon to the Judo club president.

Thoran abruptly thrust the half watermelon to his upperclassman and as a natural response, he received it.

Ignoring the worsening expression of the stocky upperclassman Thoran went close to him and whispered to him, “Senpai, please don’t try on my helmet. I don’t know if your short hair is by choice, but I know guys with short hair has some nauseating hair problem. You don’t want to give some head infection to the underclassman you are helping, right?”

Nodding to himself, Thoran looked at the two cars that blocked his route, to choose between the two to be driven to his class. Thoran is not an outright idiot but he has a problem with being overly optimistic.

Experiencing so many difficulties in his young life, he tends to be hopeful for the best at every instance. Sadly, his optimism is always rewarded.

“Guys, did you hear it? Our underclassman wants a lift, we the good senpais shouldn’t disappoint this little brother, right?”

Filip Madigan, the Judo club president winked at his friends hinting them to play along. Thoran who was oblivious continued…

“Well said big brother! Being constantly bullied, I thought all the upperclassmen are shameless whores who will trick their underclassmen just for their entertainment. I thought there are no good souls amongst these pathetic bitches until I met big brother…”

The more Thoran cussed at the scheming bullies, the more dark lines were added to the face of Filip and his friends.

‘The fuck! This bitch is indirectly cussing all of us to our face!’ fumed the upperclassmen as the more they listened to him.

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