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INCEST CURSE 09 – Fuck this shitty expensive car! It doesn’t even massage my butt cheeks?

‘The fuck! This bitch is indirectly cussing all of us to our face!’ fumed the upperclassmen as the more they listened to him.

“Easy! Easy! Little brother spare some of ur upperclassmen’s dignity! We seem to be wasting time standing in the pathway, why don’t we continue our discussion on how bad the upperclassmen were as we drive you to your class?”

“Hai! Big brother is the most knowledgeable, look at me wasting time. I will ride shotgun on the Bhenz Z-class! Ah! It’s a coupe, I will ride with that big brother, why don’t you keep standing here in the middle of the pathway and give some other underclassman a lift?”

‘Fuck! You little shit what did you take me for?!’ fumed Filip in his mind.

“This… little brother how can I accept that? I will drive escort in the other car!”


“No argument little brother! I have to make sure that my little brother’s safety, I insist!”

“This… Alright! Since, the big brother said so, I will allow it…”

‘You little crap! You will allow it? I will fucking make you a mincemeat today!’

With a strained smile, the trio of bullies struggled hard to maintain their guise. It took them a lot of restraint to not beat the crap out of Thoran in the very pathway.

Thoran acted oblivious to everything as he was enamored by the brand new limited edition coupe. Having a strict mom, Thoran couldn’t even afford a taxi, much less a luxury car.

‘Heh, I’ve been waiting long to spit on the face these prodigal whores. You sluts are too young to trick me, your grandpa.’

‘I wonder, do the seats of the expensive car are like the massage chairs in the mall. Hmmm, I must take this opportunity to thoroughly experience the life of the rich.’

Thoran was bullied so much, he got numbed to it and sought small benefits at his misery. Like the time he was shut in the locker of the girls’ changing room, he immediately stopped his crying and begging as soon as the locked door was shut and positioned him for the best angle to peek at the girls.

Thoran knew that these bastards would bully him no matter what, so he went with the flow, rather than oppose it.

‘sigh! I was hoping to be free from bullying at least till the first recess’ with a downtrodden look Thoran got into the luxury car.

“Big brother can you turn on the massage seats, my butt was aching from sitting on the small cycle seat,” saying so Thoran obscene rubbed his ass on the custom racer seats with an expectant look, which only looked more perverted to the upperclassman.

“What massage seats? There is no such thing!”

“Che… Then why is it so expensive?”

“Your car is useless just like you…” Thoran muttered under his breath, which the upperclassman clearly heard...

“What did you say you little…”

“Don’t raise your voice or I will complain to big brother!” threatened Thoran, as he stuck his head out and waved at Filip in the car behind him.

“Hahaha, yes yes, Filip will take good care of you, just you wait!” Ramon Franco, the friend of Filip and a member of the judo club, stepped hard on the accelerator, as he drove deep into the school ground.

‘Sigh! And that’s how my Mondays’ begin, taking a lift to be bullied… well, I should make the best of it, till I can and make it worth the pain afterward!’

“Big brother turn on some music!”

“Turn that A/C on don’t be stingy on the gas money…”

“Can you drift like a dope racer?”

“I… I… SHUT UP!”

“Cheh… what’s the point of owning a sports car when you can’t even drift… useless…” muttered Thoran, making Ramon’s veins pop.

“What did you say?!”

“Sorry sorry, haha big brother I meant the car was useless, not you… but ….you still drive this sports car like an old lady, right?”


Filip who was trailing Ramon with another car, saw Ramon’s car sped up on the pathway into the woods. West Shores Elite’s campus is a total of over 500 hectares, it is a mammoth property taking almost 1/30th of the entire city.

Since the school only take in the rich and gifted children, the school student populace is only in hundreds. Therefore, most of the campus space is just trees and wilderness.

“Heh, Ramon was hesitant to fix up that bicycle bitch and now he could not wait for the fun to begin. What a two-faced cunt! Hahaha,” gaggled Filip in glee as he trailed close behind Roman, thinking of ways to humiliate Thoran.

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