Pink kitty

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Pink kitty is a hotel. A lesbian sex hotel. Will you stay for a night?

Erotica / Romance
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- Chapter 1 -

Alex opened the door to the hotel bar. She was intrigued when she saw the stripper poles, her roommate had said this was a bar, not a strip club. Serves her right for listening to that idiotic boy in the first place. He came on to her so much that she finally told him she was gay, and let me tell you, if there was a prize for biggest tantrum thrown by a 22 year old, he would have won it.

She sat down on the pink cushy barstool and ordered a drink. She was not going home to to his cocky bitch ass.

“are you sure you’re gay? Maybe it’s a phase!” He said.

She took her drink and sat in front of the stripper poles where the emeralds (aka strippers) twisted on the poles. She took her wallet out of her purse, and ordered a lap dance.

“He’s my roommate, not my boyfriend, I could do whatever I want” She thought.

And so she did.

And emerald with impossibly tall black heels and a black lace teddy came over and started her laps dance. “My, oh my, what’s a gorgeous lady like you doing all alone at seven o’clock on a Friday night? Girlfriend troubles?” The emerald pouted as she did her lap dance.

“No, unfortunately I’m single. I have a roommate, Hardy, he thinks he’s my boyfriend, but he’s not.” Alex smiled. “I asked him where some good bars are, and he pointed me here.”

“Oh.” The emerald said carefully “he”-“you know this is a lesbian bar right?” As she turned and and bent over.

Alex laughed “yes, and I am too. Er- a lesbian.” She laughed again.

“Well then,” the emerald purred close to her ear “wanna get outa here?”

“Oh fuck yes.”

“Then come on!” She said with excitement, leading them to the elevator.

The emerald lead them to a hotel room where Alex flung herself on the giant pink bed.

“This is amazing! How could I not know about this?” Alex said.

“We keep it on down low”

“I can see that.”

“So... what now?” The emerald purred.

“You know what now.” Alex whispered softly in her ear. “Just for this one night, I don’t usually do this.” She laughed quietly.

“They all say that.”

“Well I mean it. Now take off your clothes.”

“Bossy, bossy.” But the emerald stripped.

“Now get on top”

Alex layed on the pink blanket and the emerald straddled her.

“Now... kiss me slowly.”

The emerald kissed her slowly, passionately, and with a little tongue. Alex moaned into her mouth, and she pulled away smiling.

“Now do whatever you want...” Alex whimpered.

“Yes ma’am.”

The emerald kissed the side of her face, then her neck. “Take off your dress”she said catching her breath. Alex willingly obeyed, taking of her sleeveless black leather dress, and showing her baby pink lace bra and matching panties.

“Good girl.” The emerald kissed down her chest, unhooked her bra, and licked her sensitive nipples as Alex moaned softly.

“Ohhh fuuuckkk” Alex mumbled. “Keep going.”

So the emerald kissed even further down to her panties, and split her legs.

“No! Keep going!” Alex whined, but she licked the inside of her thighs and Alex melted. “Never mind.” She whispered, as the emerald waited for approval. “Keep going.” And the emerald slipped off her panties.

She slowly kissed down Alex’s pussy, and shoved two of her fingers in her. Alex moaned. She sucked on her clit and slowly pumped her fingers in and out, until she begged “more, please, more!”

So the emerald pushed her fingers in and out quickly, and sucked on her clit until her legs were shaking and she chased her pleasure. When she caught up with it, her entire body shook with a mind blowing orgasm.

“How... where.. I’ve had a lot of sex, with boys and girls, and it was never that good.”

The emerald curtsied and said “all of us know how to do that. Once we’re hired here, there’s a six week workshop on how to pleasure girls and give them orgasms.” She smiled. “You know what you’re roommate definitely wouldn’t like?”


“If you worked here. I know it sounds crazy, but the pay is way good, and there’s housing, and”-

“You know what? I think I like crazy.” Alex grinned.

“Excellent, I’ll go get the paperwork, and we’ll get started. Oh, and, there’s drinks in the refrigerator, and and food in the cupboards next to it.” She said as she left.

Alex was smiling like crazy. Hardy definitely, would not like this. At all.


“You WHAT?” Hardy yelled “you can’t be a stripper! You”-“you’re”-“you are mine!”

“No I’m not. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be a diamond.”

“What the fuck is a diamond?”

“An escort.”

“So let me get this straight. You’re going to quit working my business to work at a whore-house, and move out with me to move in with ten prostitues, and you’re breaking up with me? Anything I missed?”

“And I’m thinking about my stage name being candy. And I’m not breaking up with you. Because we were never together. I’m having my interview tomorrow at 3:00, and I’m not going to contribute to this month’s rent, and it’s three strippers looking for a roommate and they just happened to be closer to the hotel then here.”

“Shit. You know what? Fuck you! I was going to have you meet my parents. But YOU! YOU HAD TO GO MESS IT UP!”

“I. Am not. Your GIRLFRIEND. And as soon as I pack, I’m outta here. Peace!”

She walked away with her suitcaseAlex was excited. She had never yelled like that at hardy. It was thrilling. In a way, she was happy that he had sent her to a strip club. It had given her an escape. When she walked away with her suitcase, it was with a smile.

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