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CHRISTINA HASE AGE: 20 years OCCUPATION: Interior Designer for one of the top Design companies in California. HOBBIES: Designing, Drawing, Dancing and dominating men JOHNATTAN BLAKE AGE: 24 years OCCUPATION: CEO of Blake's Architecture, the riches architectural firm in New York. HOBBIES: Bike riding, Hiking, Zip-lining, and dominating women. The similarity between them? Yeah, they're both Dominants. What do you think will happen when they both strike a deal? They both sign the contracts and become one another's Submissive and Dominant? They give in to the physical temptation and give each other control over their sexual pleasuring? When desire starts to flare consuming them in the bliss of being wrapped in each other’s arms and moulded against each other’s body? Over time they find themselves becoming engrossed with each other, feeling this agreement more than they should. Christina now finds herself fighting with her inner demons that try to rip open her wounds. She tries to keep them sealed and away from prying eyes, never wanting to go back to that time of her life where she was nothing… no one. Johnattan tries to bring her to the light but she slips away from him … It’s an endless cycle, each trying to be the dominant persona whilst trying to claim the other’s heart… This deal will either make or break them but they’re in too deep to notice.

Erotica / Romance
Nia Shan
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Chapter 1

I slam the door shut as I slip out of my sleek black car and make my way to the pathway. My brown fur coat hugs my body highlighting every movement as I make my way towards the glass doors.

I strut across the lobby like I own the place. My hair lies over my shoulder in a neat French braid, the lights glimmer off my blood-red lips and my black boots tap against the hardwood floor. My eyes are covered by black sunglasses with gold lining and a light tint. I sigh as I walk towards the main desk. It has been a long night.

“Welcome to Heaven’s Playground,” the cheery receptionist greets. “How may I assist you today ma’am?”

“Well, you see, I left my car out front. Can you please get someone to bring it to the garage for me?” I ask slipping her my keys. “And can you please give me the room number for James Sanchez? He’s expecting me.”

“Give me a minute. I need to confirm with Mr. Sanchez,” she says before grabbing her telephone and phoning his room.

“Sure, no problem.” Just hurry up I’m itching for some good fucking right now.

“Ah, hello Mr. Sanchez there’s a lady here­- Um, yes I’ll send her up right away,” she says before hanging up. “Room 301.”

I thank her before making my way to the elevator. I wait for the ding and as the doors open I step into it. The doors close and I take a deep breath taking off my shades and tucking it on my coat. The elevator stops a couple more times to pick up people and I breathe a sigh of relief when it stops on the third floor. I step out of the elevator turning heads as I bound pass men in the halls and I smirk. Men just can’t help but ogle good merchandise.

I knock on door 301 before placing my hand on my waist and waiting for the door to open. A creak is tell-tale that the door’s opening and I grab hold of the sash of my coat. Hungry eyes take me in before settling on my face with a pleased look. His hair’s tussled, his posture is relaxed and a towel lies around his waist leaving little to the imagination. My eyes trail down his body taking in the curves, bulges, and bumps before making their way to his V line enjoying the trail of brown curls that tease me. Oh, fuck.

He clears his throat and I look up at him with hunger pulsing through my veins.

“May I help you?” he asks in his husky voice and I pool between my legs.

“No, but I may be able to help you. I heard you needed some assistance, Mr. Sanchez,” I say before undoing my sash and allowing the coat to fall open.

He licks his lips as a lustful expression crosses his face and I smirk. “I’m not too sure if this will help you get up and running but I’d love to try.”

He grins smugly at me before gripping my waist and I shake my head before placing my hand to his chest and pushing him back into the room. The door slamming shut behind us.

I grip the end of the whip firmly in my hand and walk around him, my heels clicking on the wooden floor.


The first swing hits him between his shoulder blades, he arches his back and grunts.

“Why do you defy me, James?” I ask as I walk in front of him.

“I did not mean it. I am sorry mistress,” He replies in a sexy Spanish accent with his head down.

“Look at me,” I command coolly.

His eyes slowly trail up my body, taking in every detail.

His blue eyes run over my red ankle-high boots, moving up to my ‘diamond’ pattern black stockings which are attached to my red and black lace thong. They then travel to my breasts which are pushed up slightly by a black and red lace bra, showing just enough cleavage to turn him on. My hair is tucked under to avoid it from getting into my way. He gulps as his eyes connect with my hazel ones, I smirk as lust fills his blue eyes.

James is kneeling on the floor gloriously naked and his hands bound over his head. I stoop down so that my eyes are in line with his. I deftly grab him by his hard-on, he gasps as my hand grips him.

“You know what the punishments are. Don’t you?”

He nods.

“Speak,” my voice screaming with authority as I grip his erection more firmly.

“Yes... Mistress,” he breathes out, his breath shaky.

“So you know what’s coming?”

“Yes, mistress... Ah,” He moans as I slowly move my hand up and down on his hard-on. I move my hand up and down a little faster, he moans.

I jerk him increasing in speed and he groans. I smirk at his reactions. I move my hand up and down slowly now, watching as he tugs on the rope bounding his hands. His body twists and turns as I pleasure him and my ego swells with pride. I feel my body kick into over-drive, lust pulsing through me and I feel the heat between my hands and his erection reduce as his pre-cum lubricates his hard pulsing cock. He moans, groans and arches his back as a sweet sensation passes through him, calling my name as I jerk my hand faster.

God my wrists are killing me.

“Tell me how it feels,” I demand, as I slow down my pace, taunting him.

“Ah ... So fucking good... Ah,” his voice coming out husky and laced with lust.

Imagine the general movement of up and down can get him worked up like this and I’m just warming up.

I move my hand swiftly against his manhood and all he does is moan in pleasure as I apply my punishment.

I move my head down to his chest and grab his left nipple between my teeth. He tenses as I grind my teeth over his nipple and cries out. I tug on his nipple as I move my hand maintaining my quick pace. He arches his back farther as I release his nipple and then suck it. I swirl my tongue around his hard nipple, sucking until it turns red. I move my mouth to the next nipple repeating the procedure while moving my hand in a rhythm against his organ. First fast then slow, then fast again. It is driving him nuts.

“Oh... Gosh... Fuck... Yes... Ah,” he cries out.

He pulls on the ropes harder, his body and black silky hair, soaking with sweat. His voice breaking as he cries out. He is so near. I rest my thumb on his tip as I move, applying force to it each time I go down.

“Ah... Mistress!” He cries out in sweet ecstasy.

I feel the muscles in his dick contract beneath my hand. He pulls harder on the rope crying out as he finds his release.

I pressure my thumb on his tip, blocking the path of his release and he cries in agony.

“Beg me to release you,” I yell.


“Please who?”

“Please Mistress,” he cries and I remove my finger, allowing him to cum.

A feeling of accomplishment flows through me but it’s short-lived as the words that leave his mouth next ground me from my high.

“I love you!” James screams in ecstasy as his head drops and I gape not believing what I’ve just heard.

I stand above him staring at him in horror. Did he just say he loves me? That can’t be.

I quickly untie his hands; he lets out a breath of relief. I watch as he rubs his wrists, his eyes never glancing up. I walk over to the bed behind him and pull on my coat, covering my body down to my knees. I grab the black bag I had brought with me after calling the front desk advising them to bring around my car. I push a chair towards James, step up and twist the knob on the metal hook which the ropes are tied onto. It falls into my hand; I swiftly push it into the black bag and climb down.

My eyes run over the caramel coloured room until they land on my shades on the cedar nightstand beside the bed which is covered in a red and white comforter.

I run over to the stand took my brown shades and walk back to James.

“Stand,” I command.

He makes his way up onto his feet, holding down his head.

“Look at me,” he snaps his head up.

God he is handsome, his baby blue eyes, his thin moustache, and beard. Not to mention his sexy body. His chest is firm, his rock hard abs and his manhood just the right size. It pains me to do this.

“You are now released from your contract. I don’t want you to call me, visit me or speak to me. This deal is off,” his eyes dim and clouds with fear.

“What did I say? What did I do?” He asks as he attempts to move over to me.

“Read rule one on the contract you signed,” I reply as I walk away from him.

“Please don’t go, I’m sorry for breaking your rule. Please, can’t you just punish me? Don’t-”

“Stop! We are no longer in any dealings, you are no longer my submissive and this discussion is over,” I say as I walk over to the door to the left of the bed and slam it.

I run down the brown hall towards the elevator, I catch it before it closes and thankfully it was empty. I pull my hair from its tuck and release it from its braid. It rests on my back in its luscious curls. My mind ponders on what James just did.

“I love you.”

It keeps on repeating in my head. How can he say he loves me? He doesn’t even know me like that, he’s only been my sub for a few weeks and we barely talk to each other but, yet he loves me. I hate when men use that word, they don’t know the difference between lust and love. That’s why my number one rule is: Never to express any emotions other than lust, respect, and trust towards your mistress, specifically love. But yet he did and it sickens me. Love is non-existent in my world and no sub shall ever use that word towards me.

Suddenly the elevator doors open and I put on my shades. My bag is clutched in my hand as I walk out. I make my way to the front door and notify the valet which car is mine. I watch as the black Mitsubishi Lancer pulls up in front of me. I walk around the car, swinging my hips and the valet watches me attentively. I opened the door, flip my long brown curls over my shoulder, and slip in. Putting my bag on the passenger’s seat, I press the gas and speed off down the asphalt driveway adorned with flowers on each side.

Christina… I scold myself when I am a good distance away from the hotel. You handled that wrong and you know it! What is one of the most important things in BDSM? Aftercare… and you just disregarded it!

I sigh agreeing with my subconscious, I was too hard on James and I didn’t take into account his feelings. Palming my forehead, I decide that I need to talk to him and end it correctly.

I glance at my phone before taking it up and texting James as I stop at a red light.

I suggest that meet in two days, to talk over what happened tonight. I was irrational and I failed to play my role as a Dominatrix, in regards to your feelings.

He knows the address and time will be sent to him a day prior so he just responds with a “yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress” and a gif of a man jumping for joy.

It seems I have given him hope on something that will never happen and I feel like a terrible person. His words still play over in my head and I know I am not getting any sleep tonight.

I need a distraction. Looking down at the time, an idea comes to mind.

“Hmm, it’s eight-thirty. I could go clubbing...” I consider talking to myself. “Yeah, I need some me time after all this shit.”

I sigh before changing gear as I make my way onto the main road leading into the city.

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