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Chapter 2

I pull up to the curb opposite my apartment building, turn off the engine, and got out of the car. I walk over to the tall stone building, which has a Victorian design, with wooden windows, an attic at the top and it has about three floors. It is conveniently located between a grocery store and a pharmacy so food, medicine, and sanitary needs are always near.

I walk up the stone steps, pull out my keys, and open the door. I close it behind me, making my way up the mahogany stairs until I reach my destination. I open the door, close it behind me, expecting Roxie to rush to the door to greet me but I remember she’s at the pet sitter.

I walk into my living room, throwing my bag on the caramel couch, pulling off my jacket and discarding it on the shiny, wooden floor then kicking off my boots one colliding with the beige wall.

I grunt as I walk through the living room and into my room, which is midnight blue and has a wardrobe to the left side of the room. My bed is made with a gold and caramel comforter and my work desk is to the left filled with paperwork.

I unhook the stockings from my panties and pull it off before making my way over to my dark brown wardrobe. I open it searching for the perfect thing to wear.

I finally take out a black cotton dress. It has two braided straps, short at the front, and has a long tail at the back. The bust is adorned with a red braided lace crisscrossing down to a quarter of the dress. The edges of the dress are similar to the bust, with some crisscrossing lace.

I throw the dress on the bed, unclasp my bra as I walk to the wooden door at the right of the room. I open the door and drop my bra and panties, which were pulled off hastily, in the laundry basket. I then step into the shower and turn on the water allowing it to cascade down my body, caressing every inch gently and helping me to relax under its steady stream.

I look down at the sky blue and gold tiles, all having water droplets on them. Together four of them make a gold diamond at the edges and they each are about 7” by 7”. The steam from the hot water fogs up the room making it hard to see.

I blindly grab the strawberry scented shampoo and lather my hair. Then I grab the vanilla-scented body wash and pour some on my bath sponge before proceeding to wash my body.

After a few minutes, I step out, wrap myself in a pink, fluffy towel, and make my way to the bedroom.

I dry off before massaging every inch of my skin with a vanilla body lotion. I then pull on a black lace strapless bra and a matching panty and then the dress.

The bust of the dress comes across in a straight line and fits perfectly, cupping my babies’ just right, while giving them a small boost.

The rest of the dress hugs the little curves I have, showing off my broad hips and slightly small waist. The front of the dress rests on the upper part of my thigh while the back hovers an inch above my calf.

Perfect! I run to the bathroom curl my hair so it rests on my shoulder, brush my teeth, and apply my makeup. I did the dark Smokey eye look, apply nude blush to highlight the steep contours of my cheekbones and a pale red lipstick to highlight my plump lips.

I grab a black clutch, push my keys, and Samsung S7 in it, along with enough money to cover any expenses I may incur tonight and my lipstick tube in case I need a touch-up. I pull on a pair of wedge heeled shoes with a black mesh covering the bright red material that lies beneath it, I accessorize with a silver necklace with a red ruby and a pair of silver hoop earrings.

I glance at the clock on the nightstand beside my bed.

“Ten thirty. I need to get moving,” I say as I run out of the room, through the hall taking a black jacket from the closet beside the door and walk out.


I approach the dark blue building, the red lights blinking brightly from the open doors, the line to the club stretches about a mile down and there were two men in black shirts with “JOHNNIE’S” written on them.

I make my way over to the club doors.

“Hey, Chrissie baby back so soon and alone I see,” says the bald-head, muscular man holding the chains to the entrance of the club.

“Yeah. Guess a sub don’t last like they used to,” I whisper.

“You don’t say.” his voice sarcastic.

“So, are you going to let me in or keep me out here?” I ask bluntly.

“Excuse my manners,” he unhooks the chain and I walk past him. “No, thank you?” He raises his right brow.

I look back and smile.

“Thank you,” I seductively say as I turn and walk away swaying my hips.

I could feel his eyes on me, I smirk in satisfaction. I love teasing men, they’re like predators looking for their next prey.

And let’s just say I’m the most dangerous prey, they could hunt.

I walk down the dimly lit hallway the red lights bouncing on the wall. As I reach the end of the hallway, a slim, dark-haired, black man in a black shirt is standing there. I look over to him, his eyes take in my appearance.

“May I take your coat?” he asks his voice husky.

I look at him intensely and nod. I turn and he slips off my coat. I hear him gasp as his eyes take in my body, probably staring at my tattoo. I turn to him and he stares at me with lusty eyes.

“I’d like an armband, a red one,” he looks at me, his eyes filled with shock and I smirk at that.

This is a fetish club, to normal people it seems like an ordinary club but to people involved in BDSM it is a place to meet a new Sub or Dom.

Red bands are for Dominants, been the hottest and boldest colour while yellow bands are for Submissive. There are others like purple for bisexuals, pink for homosexuals, and grey for transsexuals… as I said a fetish club…

He reaches into the box that holds the armbands; he grabs a red one, takes my hand in his, and slips it on.

“Thank you,” I said as I flutter my lashes and start to walk away.

“You know if you want someone to straighten out those luscious curves for you I am always available,” he says licking his lips.

Deciding against leaving my things in his possession, I turn around. I smile as I grab my coat, biting my lip seductively and walk away. As I walk away, I snicker at the nerve of that guy, talking about straightening out my curves that’s a new one. Where the hell do they find these ridiculous pick-up lines?

I walk over to the bar took a seat as I observe the place. There are red, orange, green and yellow lights spread across the room, the dance floor is full of drunk, horny and wild people, to the back of the club is a VIP area and to the right the DJ area.

I turn to the marble counter, rest my coat and clutch on it, as I observe the different liquors they have. Different brands of Vodka and varying brands of beer both on the tap and off along with some wines. They also had my favourite drink which is Smirnoff Ice.

“Hey, bartender!” I yell over the loud music. I can feel the vibrations in my chest.

The bartender turns to me her dark brown eyes lighting up as she sees me.

“Chrissie!” She yells as she reaches over and hugs me, her black frizzy hair getting into my face. “Back so soon, I’ve missed you it has been what now two weeks or more? You haven’t even texted me. Why? I was so worried. Guess your new Sub kept you busy. Anyway I know I’m yapping away now but, how are you?”

I look at her confused. Which should I answer first? Lexi has that tendency to blabber and confuse me, but I still love her she’s like a little sister to me. She gets me and my dominant ways.

We’ve been friends since college, it was always me and her throughout the years and I love it that way. I’m a keep my circle tight person. No enemy can hurt you as bad as a friend, they know your secrets and can use them against you.

“Ok... First up it has been three weeks. I haven’t called or texted because my phone has been out and I just got it back a day ago. Also, my work life is very hectic! Appointment after appointment and some of the clients act like they have a stick up their asses. Demanding and sometimes I feel like hitting their heads against a wall. And yes my Sub has been keeping me busy but, I dropped him,” I reply the tiredness draining into my voice.

“Like really? He was so hot. What did he do?” She asks as she pulls a Smirnoff ice and gives me.

“He broke rule number one.”

She sighs and shakes her head. “It isn’t his fault you look like a goddess and fuck like an animal. What did you expect?”

“Them to be loyal to their contracts! Is that so fucking hard?!” I say anger evident in my voice. I take a long gulp of my drink almost halving it in one go.

“Hmm... That’s life boo, not everyone keeps their word or in your case contract,” She says fixing her black JOHNNIE’S T-shirt.

Just then someone yells for her and she walks away to serve them.

I turn to gulp my drink, observing the club, spotting potential subs. A minute later she comes back.

“So, how is it tonight, any subs here?” I ask as I give her the empty bottle.

“It’s packed tonight about twenty of them. All in yellow bands,” she gives me another and I shake my head.

“Sky Vodka, the entire bottle,” she gives me the bottle and I turn it to my head, taking a long drink, allowing it to burn its way down my throat “Any new ones I’m getting tired of old faces.”

“A few... but I’ve seen so many doms try to catch their attention but, they just fail horribly,” she says bluntly.

She hates this BDSM thing. She couldn’t imagine why someone will give over themselves to be used anyway by a Dom. She likes mutual relationships where both partners have an equal say and rule together. I use to be like that but, that was then and this is now, things change.

I rise to my feet, taking another drink from the bottle this time halving it before I place it down on the counter. “Watch me reel in a catch.”

She smiles and laughs.

I do too and stagger over to the dance floor. I walk until I’m standing on the writing in bold letters saying “JOHNNIE’S” in the centre of the floor.

Just as I reach the centre “Turn me on” by Kevin Lyttle starts to play.

“Damn, that’s my song!” I yell as I begin to sway my hips side to side and start to sing along.

I run my hands over my curves seductively, moving my hips, swaying them as I descend to the ground dancing for a bit before rotating my hips as I revert into an upright position. I watch as a few men stare at me, taking me in but right now I feel good, too good to go over there and reel them in. I’m too busy dancing without a care and enjoying myself. I put my hands in the air and sway my hips more aggressively.

I love to lose myself in the music, it’s like I’m in my little world where no one can hurt me, I can just be free and be myself.

I dance swinging my hips to the beat until suddenly I feel two hands grab my waist firmly and the person pulls me into his arms.

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