Family Ties - (Book 3 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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21 - Loathsome

“Thank you for picking me up, Alexander.”

Alexander glanced over at Kiara in the passenger seat and smiled. “It’s no problem, Kiara. How was your training with Gina and Makiko?”

Kiara deeply exhaled. Gina had convinced Marshala to have Kiara spend the remainder of the evening and the following day practicing magic. Marshala didn’t think it was the right time so soon after her aunt’s death, but Gina insisted that it was the best distraction and motivation to get Kiara going, especially in preparation for her ceremony.

“You know when it’s finals week and you’re trying to cram like 6 months of lectures and lessons into 2 days of studying for a final exam worth 90% of your grade? That’s what this feels like,” Kiara said finally as Alexander chuckled.

She looked out the window and reflected back on the time she spent with Gina and Makiko:

“Try it again,” Gina instructed. She walked around Kiara who sat on the matted floor with her legs folded beneath her. Makiko leaned against the wall watching attentively.

Kiara took a deep breath and closed her eyes to concentrate. What used to feel strange and foreign, now seemed familiar through practice. The light, warm feeling flooded her body and mind as her hair blew from the strong wind that picked up around her. The shades of the small windows could be heard flapping rapidly.

“Hold it... hold it...” Gina said sternly. Kiara felt herself start to sweat. “...And... release,” Gina said. Kiara quickly exhaled as the warmth immediately disappeared. “And again,” Gina said.

Kiara looked up at her incredulously. “Again?!”

“You must learn to tap within and keep control,” Gina said.

“I don’t see how this is helping me to do either,” Kiara said exasperated.

“Oh really?” Gina queried. She moved her hand and with her magic quickly threw one of the many cups of water that Kiara was channeling from, onto Kiara’s head.

“What the hell?!” Kiara blurted as Makiko burst out laughing.

“If you were truly tapping within, you would have sensed that and stopped it,” Gina said.

“You caught me by surprise,” Kiara said.

“Is that so?” Gina moved her hand and threw another cup at her.

Kiara sputtered as she wiped the water from her face. “Okay... you’ve made your point,” Kiara said, ringing the water from her hair.

“Are you sure? Maybe we should try another,” Gina said, moving another cup.

“No!” Kiara yelled and the cup stopped mid-air. Her eyes widened as she stared at the water-filled cup suspended in the air. “I... I did it!” she said before the cup continued and splashed on top of her head. Makiko chuckled as Kiara groaned.

“You have a ways to go, Kiara,” Gina said.

“So, I’ve been told,” Kiara groaned.

“You should consider yourself lucky, Kiara,” Makiko smirked. “Gina used boiling hot tea when she was training me.”

Kiara looked at Gina surprised and Gina rolled her eyes. “And you’re all the better for it. Besides, you healed quickly,” Gina said.

“It was still painful!” Makiko blurted. Gina waved her hand flippantly.

“Are you alright?” Alexander asked, snapping Kiara out of her thoughts.

“Yea,” she breathed out. “Just a little stressed… I kind of feel like my life is spinning out of control. I still can’t believe my aunt is dead... A bunch of Peter Jackson orcs keep trying to kill me. A crazy vampire lady is after me. And now I have my own Voldemort trying to get revenge on me just because his game is whack. No offense.”

“There is literally nothing you could say about that monster that would offend me,” Alexander said quickly.

Kiara smiled at him fondly. Her face slowly fell as she got lost in her thoughts. “Gina told me that… she was born a witch several centuries ago in feudal Japan…” Alexander glanced at her. He knew this story all too well. “She told me that she was part of a royal family who was known for their mastery of magic. They ruled several villages and made the lives of their people as that of a utopia.” Kiara swallowed hard as she thought back on Gina’s words. “She told me about the invasion of the undead. How the vampires attacked and nearly slaughtered her entire family… How she wished she hadn’t survived her own attack that turned her into the vampire-witch hybrid she is today…”

Alexander’s jaw tensed as he set his eyes back on the road. “I think… the only thing that hurt more than hearing Gina relay to me how much she hated surviving her own attack, was watching blood tears fall down her face as she told me about how she had to turn Makiko at the wish of her dying sister to save her life as well…” Kiara said remorsefully.

Kiara glanced at Alexander who remained silent, though she could practically hear the thoughts swirling in his head. “There’s not a vampire alive with a happy story, is there?” she asked him.

Alexander glanced at her and gave her a sad smile. “Happiness is often the antithesis of vampirism, Kiara…” Kiara’s brows furrowed as she looked at him with remorse. Alexander shook his head, trying to change the subject. “What did you learn while you were with them?” he asked.

Kiara twisted her mouth before turning her attention back to the road. She moved her fingers, playing with the ice crystals on the windshield. “Makiko taught me how to manipulate natural elements. All this time I’ve been treating them as just an object to move. She taught me to treat them as part of me. Makes manipulating them a lot easier because then it’s like moving my own arm or leg...” Kiara said.

“It sounds like you’re learning a lot fast,” Alexander said.

“Not fast enough...” Kiara frowned.

Alexander looked at her downcast face. “You know that I will always protect you, Kiara.”

“I know, Alexander...” she said softly as she got lost in her thoughts again. “I know it’s kind of late and probably nobody is on campus, but do you mind if we stop at the school for a sec?” she asked. “There are a couple of genealogy books Gina recommended for me to research in learning more about my family. It might help prepare me for this... ceremony.”

Alexander nodded. “Sure.” They pulled up to the campus parking lot and hopped out of the car. Alexander escorted Kiara up the stairs to the entrance of the library. She turned around to face him just as they got to the door.

“I promise I won’t take long. But I also don’t want you to have to wait for me,” she said.

“It’s fine. I’ll stand outside the door and keep watch,” he said. Kiara smiled and stood on her tiptoes to give him a kiss on the lips. He flicked his tongue against her lips, causing her to giggle. A smirk painted his face as he watched her run inside the building.


Kiara roamed the empty library, pulling books from shelves and checking off each title from a paper she held. “Généalogie de la Seine... where are you... aha! Wait... volumes 1-5??” She glanced at the 5 large books. “Gina is crazy... I’ll just grab the first 2 volumes for now,” she said, pulling out the books.

“Kiara!” a frightened child’s voice called. Kiara abruptly turned around. The sound of her name being called by no one present brought back too many frightening memories of similar situations.

“You know what...” She packed her books into her arms and headed towards the circulation desk. “I’ll just get the rest later.” She handed her books to the campus librarian. “Hey, Sarah.”

“Hi, Kiara,” Sarah said, smiling as she rang up her books. “You caught me just as I was about to leave. I haven’t seen you around. I’m so used to you basically living here.”

Kiara chuckled. “Yea I’ve been... busy...”

“Kiara!!” Kiara immediately spun around.

“Did you hear that?” Kiara asked her.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Sarah said confused. “There’s practically no one on campus. After hours, you know?”

Kiara scrunched her eyebrows together before shaking her head. “Right... sorry...”

Sarah finished ringing up her books and Kiara placed them in her backpack. “Well, you were my last patron! I’m off! See you soon!” Sarah said, leaving.

Kiara waved as she headed towards the exit back where Alexander was. “Oh shoot,” she said, slapping her forehead. “I need to go get my textbook for next week’s exam.” She quickly turned the other direction and headed towards the campus corridor. She stepped out into the empty hallway and headed towards her locker.


She spun around again to see a young, dark-skinned girl who couldn’t be more than 13 wearing a dress that seemed far beyond her time. Her hair was twisted into two ponytails on her head. She sat on the floor whimpering before she looked up at Kiara.

“Hey,” Kiara said, looking at her confused. “Are you okay?” The little girl just stared at her with chocolate brown eyes filled to the brim with tears. Kiara cautiously approached her and could see now that her dress was torn and bloodied at the hem. “Are you hurt? Do you need help?” Kiara said, rushing up to the little girl.

The little girl looked up at Kiara and opened her mouth. “They’re coming!” she screamed out. She scrambled to her feet and ran away from her as fast as she could.

“What..? Wait!” Kiara said, running after her. She followed the little girl down the hallway and made a sharp turn before she ran smack into something hard. She stumbled backward before she felt a strong hand wrap around her waist to catch her. “Leo!”

She looked up to see Leo smiling down at her. He was wearing his football jersey and a pair of jeans. His hair was a tousled mess on his head. “Hey, Angel. Sorry, babe. Didn’t mean to knock into you.”

“I was the one running around like a madwoman,” she said. She looked behind him to see the locker room was empty. “Did you see a little girl run past here?”

He looked at her confused. “Little girl? No. There’s no one here. Practice ended a while ago.”

“That’s so weird...” Kiara said, confused. “She was... just here...”

Kiara looked behind him again when she felt Leo cup her chin and lift her head to meet his gaze. They were shimmering with sorrow and sympathy. “I’m so sorry about what happened to your aunt, Angel...”

Her face slowly fell and she gave him a sad smile. “Thanks, Leo...”

He looked at her tenderly and pulled her body flushed against his. “I missed you, Angel...” he said. He cupped the back of her neck and pulled her head towards him. “I missed you so much...” She closed her eyes as he brushed his lips softly against hers.

A slight growl escaped his lips that caught her off guard. He nudged his face between her chin and shoulder as his nose scoured her neck. “Leo?” she said confused as his hands grabbed at her.

He pulled back from her and she was startled to see his eyes were full-on amber. He looked pissed. “Um...” she said hesitantly. “...Leo...?”

“Did he seriously fuck you?!” he snarled angrily.

Kiara’s eyes widened, completely startled. “What the-!” He roughly grabbed her waist and quickly picked her up, setting her on a tabletop. He leaned over on the table, caging her between his arms as he pressed his face into her bosom. “Leo, what are you-”

“I smell a fucking Blackbourne on you!” he growled, pulling back from her. “You smell just like him! What the hell, Kiara?!”

“Leo, you can’t just-”

“What part of you belong to me didn’t you understand?!” he shouted at her.

She looked at him wide-eyed before she narrowed her eyes and got upset. “First of all, Leo, I belong to me, myself and I. Not you. Not Alexander. Myself,” she said annoyed. She jumped off the table and started to walk past him.

“That’s not how that works, Kiara!” he said, grabbing her arm. He pulled her back towards him as she knocked into his chest again.

“Leo!” She pushed her hands against his firm chest as she felt him wrap his arms around her waist and lock her in his embrace. “Seriously?!” she said exasperated.

“Do you have any idea what you mean to me?! I fucking love you, Kiara!” he said angrily, not letting her go.

She stopped wiggling in his embrace and looked up into his angry amber eyes. She could feel both his rage and his pain and immediately felt bad. “..Leo..”

“The last time you were with him you almost died! Because of his fucking kind! You have no idea how dangerous he is!” Kiara bit her lip as she looked down. “Look at me, Angel,” Leo said irritably. He lifted her chin so that she met his gaze. His eyes just barely returning to its crystal clear blue. “I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if anything happened to you. Marking you didn’t just make you mine. I can literally feel you, Angel. And you... you can feel me.”

She looked at him, confused by his words when his hand descended to her backside and cupped just underneath her cheek. He squeezed her aggressively where his mark was. She felt an outrageously invasive heated feeling overwhelm her that set her whole body ablaze as her heart beat faster. She gasped as her knees buckled and would have fallen if Leo wasn’t holding her up. “What the-?” she said, feeling dazed.

“You feel that?” he said. “That’s part of our connection, Angel. I can feel you when your emotions are at its peak. I was a wreck when you were mourning your aunt. I wanted so badly to be with you and comfort you, but I was told you needed time.” Kiara felt her heart swell as she looked at Leo with tenderness, love, and gratitude. His love for her was palpable and it did not leave her indifferent.

“And if I have to supersede Marshala and Nick to protect you from those demons, then I will. I don’t give a shit,” he snapped.

“That’s... that’s not necessary, Leo...” she said, trying to calm him.

“Apparently it is,” he said, letting her go. “I know that motherfucker is here. His stench is all over you. First, he endangers my girl, and then he fucks her?! I’m about to set his Edward Cullen-looking ass straight.” He quickly stormed out of the locker room and headed outside.

“Wait, Leo-” she said, following after him. Leo angrily stormed onto the field, headed towards the parking lot. “Can you please just stop and think for a second?!”

“NO!” he growled angrily. “I’m gonna find that son of a bitch and fuck him up!”

She grabbed his arm, but it barely made a difference as he dragged her along with him. She quickly ran in front of him and put her hands to his chest. “Oh my god, Leo! Please, just calm down!”

“Move out of the fucking way, Kiara!”

“This is so stupid! Don’t be that cliche of two guys fighting over one girl bit,” she said exasperated.

“I’m not fighting over ‘one girl’. I’m fighting for my girl!” he shouted. She looked up at him surprised and bit her lip slightly turned on by his outburst. “Don’t fucking look at me like that, Kiara! Your puppy dog eyes won’t work on me when I’m this angry.”

“Leo, please just-” she started.

“Kiara?” Kiara’s eyes got big. She prayed to God that that wasn’t who she thought it was. She looked behind Leo to see Alexander standing a few feet away. His face went through a range of emotions as he watched the two of them. The dominant feeling reflecting in his tense and angry expression.

“You motherfucker!” Leo snarled, spinning around.

“Oh my god, Leo!” Kiara pleaded, trying to hold him back.

“You fucking soul-sucking demon!” Leo sneered. “What sleazy vampire trick did you pull on her this time?”

Alexander snarled as his fist clenched. “The fuck did you say to me?” Alexander shot back.

“You wait till she’s at her weakest point. Mourning the death of her last family member who was killed because of your fucking scumbag father. And then you use that to take advantage of her?! Pretend to be the ‘nice guy’ just so you can get into her fucking pants?!” Leo shouted angrily. His eyes glowed and his claws descended. “All you fucking vampires are the same!”

“You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about or who the hell I am, Volkov! But keep talking that shit and you’re about to fucking find out!” Alexander said menacingly. His eyes glowed red and his fangs bared.

“Alexander, no, don’t-” Kiara pleaded.

“Stay out of this, Kiara!” Alexander hissed at her as he immediately charged at Leo. Leo charged back at Alexander and the impact with which they hit each other sent them both flying backward.

“Are you freaking kidding me right now?!” Kiara shouted with exasperation.

Both of them were already back on their feet. Leo growled madly to a mocking Alexander ready to make the next attack. “Vampires are nothing but pure evil, Kiara,” Leo said angrily. “I’m just trying to protect you. They have no heart and no fucking soul. All they do is kill and bring death-” Before Leo could finish his sentence, something made impact with his body. He went flying backward on the field as blood spurted from his chest.

Kiara watched in horror as Leo landed multiple feet away on the grass. “LEO!” she screamed. She ran as fast as she could towards him.

“These bluidy mutts always seem to talk sooooo fookin’ much, bruv! But, they never actually have anything substantial to say... am I right, Alexander?” Alexander looked up to the source of the familiar cockney English-accented voice. His eyes widened in shock to see a vampire with a jean jacket standing on top of the ledge of the short wall. His closely shaved blonde hair complimented his bright red eyes and the sinister smirk on his face. He had one hand in his pocket and the other dripping blood from slicing Leo’s chest with his nails.

“...F-Flynn?” Alexander stammered.

Flynn’s square jaw moved into an amused grin as his red eyes peered at Alexander. “What’s happenin’, bruv. Been a minute since I’ve seen your broodin’ mug, innit,” Flynn smirked. He sniffed his bloody hand and pretended to gag. “Eugh. Wolves are fookin’ filthy. Done caught a bluidy disease I bet,” he said, wiping the blood off on his pants.

“What are you doing here, Flynn...?” Alexander said cautiously. He glanced back to see Kiara tending to Leo.

“Oh noffin’,” Flynn smirked. “Was just in the neighborhood and I thought to meself... me old mate Alexander lives ’round these parts. Wonder what that prat ‘as been up to.” Flynn caught Alexander’s defensive glare and immediately burst into laughter. “Fookin’ shit, Alexander. Thought you’d be happy to see me, bruv. I’m hurt,” Flynn said with his hand to his chest, feigning offense.

“Why the fuck are you here, Flynn?!” Alexander repeated angrily.

Flynn folded his hands behind his back and started walking along the ledge. “Heard you’re fookin’ witches now... interspecies matin’? Come on, Alexander. Has pussy been so sparse for you lot?”

Alexander watched him tensely. “That’s none of your goddamn business!”

Flynn looked down at Alexander with a cocked brow. “See, this is where you Blackbourne pricks always fuck up.” Flynn held up three fingers. “Fuck, feed, kill. That’s it, Alexander. It’s what we live by. It ain’t that hard to follow, bruv.” Flynn looked over at Kiara and Leo. “I mean shit, she looks fuckable but why’s the broad still alive?”

“I’m not asking you again, Flynn! Why. Are. You. Here?!” Alexander barked angrily as he quickly blocked his view.

Flynn shrugged with a smirk. “Your old man seems to have a real murder boner for this... LaFleur broad.” Flynn jumped down and came face-to-face with Alexander. “I’m here to do the job he recruited me for,” Flynn grinned.

Alexander abruptly grabbed Flynn by his shoulder before he could head towards Kiara and Leo and flung him into the brick wall behind him. He approached Flynn with his nails elongated and his eyes blood red. But an unsettling familiar sound coming from afar gave Alexander pause.


Leo groaned as he sat up. He looked down to see that he was bleeding from his chest. Kiara fell down on her knees next to him. “Leo! You’re hurt! Let me see it!” she said frantically, looking at his wound.

“I’m okay, Angel. I heal quickly,” he breathed out as she inspected his injury. “But what was-” he started before they both looked up and heard loud snarling.

Kiara looked in terror at the massive herd of snarling and hungry ferals charging in their direction. She glanced ahead to see Alexander fighting off what looked to be another vampire. “Leo...” Kiara said nervously. She clutched his arm and helped him stand to his feet.

“Stay behind me, Angel,” Leo said tensely, standing protectively in front of her. Kiara watched the overwhelming herd running towards them and had no idea how the three of them would make it out of this alive.


Alexander leaped in the air and kicked his feet out, sending Flynn flying backward again. He quickly turned to run towards Leo and Kiara, but he barely made it halfway to them before he felt himself get tackled to the ground.

“You disappoint me, Alexander,” Flynn mocked as he rolled on top of him. “You’re fookin’ weak as shit, bruv. You’ve clearly stopped feedin’ on human blood.”

Alexander growled as he shoved his claws into Flynn’s abdomen, clutching his innards. “I don’t need human blood to kick your ass!” Alexander seethed as he tossed him to the side.

Alexander scrambled to his feet and made it to Leo and Kiara in seconds. He grabbed two ferals by their necks, snapping them and tossing them to the ground. “Kiara!” Alexander shouted, frantically looking for her. He glanced to the side to see Leo keeping most of the ferals away from her. Meanwhile, she used her magic to send any stragglers flying in the air before they got too close to them.

Alexander looked across the field and saw Flynn was already healed and back on his feet. He watched them amused as if it were one big game to him.

“Friend of yours?” Leo growled angrily as he ripped the arm off of a feral and kicked its body to the ground. Alexander groaned as he assessed their predicament. Ferals had them on the defensive as Flynn slowly approached.

“It’s an ambush. This was planned,” Alexander said.

“Angel, you need to get out of here,” Leo said as they backed up away from the herd.

“What?” she said, looking at him shocked.

“Run back to the school. Marshala’s magic barrier should keep them out and protect you. We’ll handle them,” Alexander said.

“But you guys are outnumb-” she started.

“Fucking go, Kiara!” Leo yelled at her. She immediately turned on her heels and started running across the field back to the school. She quickly glanced back to see Leo and Alexander killing off the ferals surrounding them.

She said a little prayer as she kept running and pulled out her phone from her pocket to call Elijah until she felt something moving at the speed of light violently ram into her and knock her down. Her chest was pounding from the impact. She looked up to see the horror of her nightmares smiling down at her. “Gwendolyn...” Kiara choked out. She had had nightmares about seeing Gwendolyn again.

“God, you LaFleurs are so fucking cute right before you’re about to die,” Gwendolyn smirked. She violently grabbed Kiara by the throat. Kiara tried her best to concentrate on her magic. She turned her hands up towards Gwendolyn and sent her flying backward. It took considerably more effort than with the ferals. Once Gwendolyn landed on the ground, Kiara took the opportunity to run towards the school as fast as she could. She nearly reached the door when Gwendolyn roughly tackled her through the floor-to-ceiling window glass.

Alexander had just thrown a beheaded feral to the ground when he felt a sharp pain resonate throughout this entire upper body. He took a quick breath and looked across at Leo to see Leo with the same pained apprehensive look on his face as he broke the back of the last feral over his knee. They shared a quick glance before they heard a loud yelp come from the school. “” Alexander gasped as he felt his heart drop to his stomach.

“ANGEL!” Leo shouted as he started running full speed towards the school with Alexander just behind him. Alexander saw Flynn run in front of Leo and shove his arms out. He sent Leo flying backward until he landed hard on the ground. In a flash, there was a dark-skinned hand on Alexander’s neck as he felt his body being lifted from the ground.

“What the fuck, Hugo?! I have this handled,” Flynn snapped, annoyed.

Alexander clawed at the menacing vampire holding him up with one hand. His skin was as dark as obsidian and his deep blood-red eyes seemed to pierce Alexander’s psyche. “Remember that we are here for the witch, Flynn. William ordered us to leave his sons... alive...” Hugo said, eyeing Alexander still struggling in his grasp. His voice was so deep that he was almost incomprehensible.

“Fookin’ shit. Gwendolyn always gets all the bluidy fun,” Flynn muttered. He looked over at Leo, trying to sit up from his injuries. “What about the filthy mutt? I can kill him, right? I’m itchin’ to kill somefin’.”

“If you must...” Hugo said. He grabbed Alexander’s arm and twisted it till it cracked. Alexander shouted out in pain as Hugo threw him to the ground.


Kiara took small, quick breaths. She cringed as she carefully pulled the large piece of broken glass out of her abdomen. After tossing it to the side, she quickly covered the gash in her waist with her hand. Her face burned from the multiple cuts from the broken glass that sliced her face. She couldn’t tell if the wetness dripping down her cheeks was from her blood or her tears.

Gwendolyn crouched down in front of Kiara as Kiara tried crawling back away from her. She looked into Gwendolyn’s menacing blood-red eyes and watched as she slid her finger in Kiara’s blood on the floor before bringing it to her lips. “Mmm...” Gwendolyn moaned out. She sucked on her finger as if the taste was orgasmic. “The blood of a LaFleur is intoxicating. Every single one of you... tastes so much better than the last...”

Kiara’s breathing quickened as she slipped on her own blood on the ground. She tried to distance herself from Gwendolyn who eyed her like the prey she was. Gwendolyn reveled in Kiara’s pain and fear. “I only got a small taste of your aunt… What was her name again? Chamomile?” she laughed mockingly.

Kiara’s lip tightened in anger. “William did the real damage. You should have heard her screaming for her life,” Gwendolyn laughed. “Honestly, it was a bit embarrassing. She looked so pathetic. Clearly one of the weaker witches, if a witch at all. But... you little LaFleur... you’ve been so much more fun...”

Kiara’s eyes turned from shock to rage as she glared at Gwendolyn with hate in her eyes. “Oh! Now you really look like her,” Gwendolyn smirked. “The really pretty one? Your mother...? She looked at me with that same burning anger I see in your eyes right now just before I ripped her arm from her body. It was a bit of a turn on. If William wasn’t so eager to tear her throat out, I would have enjoyed having my way with her first.”

Kiara felt a burning rage build up inside her as she started breathing heavily. Her chest rose and fell with a foreign hatred, coursing through her body. The broken glass started to rise from the floor as the lockers banged violently behind her.

“That’s a cute little trick,” Gwendolyn smirked. “But you’re no Melissa, little witch. Let’s cut the bullshit and take you to William so he can finish you off himself and finally be done with your damn bloodline. I’ve grown bored of this stupid revenge kick he’s been on for the past few decades. Though... I am curious to see if you scream like your mother...”

Just as Gwendolyn grabbed Kiara by the throat, Kiara immediately gripped Gwendolyn’s wrist with both hands as her eyes flickered a bright jade green. Gwendolyn eyed her curiously before she felt her wrist start to sizzle and smoke. She abruptly tore her hand away from Kiara’s throat.

She looked at her wrist that was so burnt it completely exposed her muscle. “The fuck?!” Gwendolyn said, looking at her burnt arm. Kiara snarled at Gwendolyn and smacked both hands to Gwendolyn’s face, holding on tightly. Her pale face immediately started to sizzle and Gwendolyn let out a bloodcurdling scream. Her skin started to wrinkle and fall off of her face as the smell of burnt flesh filled the air.

Kiara had no idea what the heck she was doing or how. All she felt was anger and hatred as she kept her eyes on Gwendolyn, watching her face contort from its perfect porcelain skin to a singed unrecognizable bloody mess.


“Why won’t this bluidy mutt die already?!” Flynn said annoyed as Leo outmaneuvered him for the fourth time. Leo breathed heavily, still clutching his bleeding side that was nearly almost healed after Flynn’s second attack.

“He’s a Volkov,” Hugo said, easily dodging an exhausted and bloodied Alexander. “They are bred warriors... making them exceedingly more difficult and annoying to kill. But not... impossible.”

“Just try it, you bitch ass motherfucker,” Leo snapped at them.

“Volkov,” Alexander breathed out, catching Leo’s angry glare. “One of us has to get to Kiara. You go. I’ll hold them off!”

“Check you out, Billy big Bollocks!” Flynn laughed. “You think your pussy shit can hold both of us off, Alexander? You can barely take on Hugo who’s honestly just pissin’ around. You’re fookin’ delusional, bruv.”

Suddenly all four of them looked up when they heard a high-pitched scream come from the school. Alexander and Leo feared the worst.


Gwendolyn screamed as she jumped backward throwing Kiara to the side. Kiara landed hard on the ground. Gwendolyn hissed as the flesh on her face came off with just one touch.

“My dove!” Hugo said in shock, appearing next to Gwendolyn.

“Hugo...” Gwendolyn said, looking up at him through her scarred face. Hugo picked Gwendolyn up in his arms and glared angrily at Kiara. He was conflicted about whether to follow through with what they came to do or tend to his injured lover in his arms.

Alexander violently knocked Hugo to the ground as he rushed in front of Kiara. He stood protectively in front of her, daring Hugo to make a move. Hugo eyed Alexander’s bloodied appearance and sneered before he shouted. “FLYNN! WE TAKE OUR LEAVE!” And in moments they all disappeared.

Kiara lay there in shock, still trying to process what just happened. She looked at her hands to see some of Gwendolyn’s melted skin still attached before she quickly wiped it off in disgust.


She looked up to see a haggard Leo rush to her side. Leo and Alexander’s clothes were torn to crap. There was black feral blood, mixed with their own blood smeared on their hands, face, and what was left of their clothes. Leo quickly knelt behind her and braced her back against his chest. “Are you okay, Angel?!” Leo asked in a panic.

“...Yea,” she said wearily.

Alexander crouched down in front of her. “You... you held Gwendolyn off, Kiara?” he said, looking at her surprised.

“I did something,” Kiara said, wincing at the pain in her side. “Not necessarily sure what. It was all ad hoc.”

“Shit! You held your own against a bloodsucker?! Damn, Angel! That’s fucking badass!” Leo said, hugging her tightly.

“I mean I almost died, but sure, let’s go with badass,” she chuckled before she winced from his tight hug.

“Oh... sorry, baby,” Leo said, loosening his grip.

Alexander was deeply uncomfortable with the way Leo was holding Kiara. But nothing unsettled him more than how much she was bleeding. “You’re really hurt, Kiara...” Alexander said apprehensively as he eyed her wound and the cuts on her face.

“She sent me through the damn glass like I was freaking Jason Bourne,” Kiara groaned. She felt her side throbbing from the pain.

“We have to get you to a hospital,” Leo said, going to pick her up.

“She won’t make it in time,” Alexander said quickly. “She’s lost too much blood...”

Leo locked eyes with Alexander, reading his unspoken intent. “FUCK NO!” Leo growled angrily.

“Do you want her to bleed out?!” Alexander shot back.


“Guys, stop yelling. My head...” Kiara said weakly. “Just let me sleep...”

“No, no, Kiara, don’t sleep,” Alexander said, gently slapping her cheek. “Come on, stay awake.” But she slowly started to nod off against Leo’s chest.

“Angel? Angel, come on, baby, please!” Leo pleaded as he tried sitting her up. Leo watched her eyelids start to close. He looked at Alexander who glared back at him.

“I’m not going to let her die, Volkov. I don’t give a fuck if I have to fight your stubborn dumbass to do it,” Alexander threatened.

Leo’s jaw clenched angrily before he looked back down at Kiara. “... fine...” he muttered.

Alexander quirked a brow. “You sure you won-”


Alexander set his eyes back on Kiara. He lifted his wrist to his mouth and punctured his flesh with his fang. Leo curled his lip up in disgust as he watched Alexander bring his wrist to her mouth to feed. “Come on, iubita mea...” Alexander said, urging Kiara to drink. Leo cradled her head to give her better positioning before her lips finally started to move. She sucked on Alexander’s wrist and felt her energy slowly being restored.

Alexander felt himself involuntarily harden in his pants and his eyes darkened with want. The sensation of Kiara’s plump lips on his wrist, feeding from him, awoke something in him. He tightened his lip, trying to hold back the moans eager to escape, knowing it would cause a major problem with the possessive and short-fused wolf in front of him.

Leo could sense something going on with Alexander and it irked him to his core. When he felt Kiara’s body start moving against his again, he quickly pushed Alexander’s hand away. “Alright, that’s enough,” Leo said irritably. Alexander scoffed.

They waited for Kiara’s breathing to regulate before her soft brown eyes slowly opened. She looked between the two of them to see them both sigh with relief. “What the hell just happened?!” she blurted.

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