Family Ties - (Book 3 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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39 - Premonition

“Oh God! Leo...” Kiara moaned out as her back arched, and her fingers grasped the bedsheets. She bit down on her lip and squeezed her eyes shut as she felt another orgasm creeping on her while Leo’s thick fingers worked wonders inside of her.

“Alexander!” she gasped as her body trembled between her two lovers. She entangled her fingers in Alexander’s long, silky black hair as he sunk his fangs deep into her neck and palmed her breasts possessively. Her body heaved with want as she slowly started to succumb to the pleasure.

“Alexander...” she said, tugging on his hair. “That’s too much, baby.” But Alexander only painfully tightened his grip on her chest as he buried his face further into her neck, drinking from her selfishly. “Alexander...? Alexander! Stop!” she said, trying to push him off. She tried to pull away from him until Leo snarled at her and grabbed her chin.

“Leo!” she screeched. She panicked as she stared into his amber eyes that didn’t seem to recognize her at all. Her eyes turned jade green as a powerful force sent both men flying off of her. “AH!” Kiara cringed. She quickly grabbed her bleeding neck that was missing a huge chunk of her flesh from Alexander being forced off of her. She looked at the two of them frantically as she tried to control the bleeding in her neck. “What is wrong with you two?!” she shouted.

Kill the witch!” Leo snarled as he immediately leaped for her. She quickly raised her hand, blowing him back, and blew back Alexander before he could charge at her. She ran out of the bedroom with the bed sheet wrapped around her body.

Kiara frantically searched for her phone until she saw it on the couch. She ran for it before Leo caught up to her and blocked her again, shoving her to the floor. “Leo,” she said crying as she crawled backward on the floor. “Please, Leo! It’s me! It’s your Angel! Snap out of it! I don’t want to hurt you!”

He crouched down in front of her as his nails elongated and rammed them into her leg. She screamed out in pain as the muscles in her thigh were torn. She quickly grabbed his hand until it started to sizzle. He howled in pain before she sent him flying back into the wall, nearly knocking him out.

Kiara turned on her stomach and started crawling on the floor. She held her hand against her neck that was leaking more blood than she was able to contain. The pain in her thigh was like nothing she had ever felt before. Briefly looking down, she saw her leg was completely ripped open.

Pushing past the pain, she continued to crawl. She reached for the phone before she saw Alexander’s foot step on her hand, crushing it until her bones cracked. She screamed out in agony sending Alexander flying through the air. She pulled her bleeding, mangled hand to her chest, trying to control her breathing as she leaned back against the couch.

Tears and blood streaked down her face as she watched Alexander get up and stalk towards her with blood-red eyes and his fangs hungry for another attack. “Alexander, please,” she choked out before he grabbed her by her bleeding neck. She tried gasping for air as he slowly started to crush her windpipe.

Kill the witch,” Alexander snarled. Her mangled hand slapped around on the floor until she felt a piece of broken wood from when she sent Leo flying. She rammed it into Alexander’s side making sure not to hit a major organ. Alexander fell over with a snarl as Kiara tried to crawl away from him. She started to speak an incantation as objects lifted from the ground and flew towards Leo who was already getting up.

Kiara nearly reached the door before Alexander yanked her by her hair and pulled her back against his chest. “STOP! ALEXANDER! PLEASE!” she screamed as she pressed her hand against his face, singeing the skin off.

Kiara’s body abruptly jolted as her eyes widened. She looked at their reflection in the window to see the broken wood rammed through her back and sticking out of her chest.

...Kill... the witch...” Alexander snarled for the last time before Kiara’s arms dropped to her sides.


A bloodcurdling scream pierced the night air before Leo and Alexander came running into the room to see Kiara hyperventilating. Her face, hair, and shirt were completely soaked with sweat.

“Angel!” Leo said, rushing to her side. She flinched in fear. But when she noticed the light blueness of his eyes she quickly breathed a sigh of relief and flew into his arms. She held him tightly as she pressed her face into his shoulder, trying to control her sobbing.

Leo could feel her body trembling in his arms. He looked at Alexander with distressed confusion as Alexander’s jaw tensed with apprehension. “You had the nightmare again?” Alexander asked hesitantly. Kiara pulled back from Leo. She wiped her face and looked at Alexander before slowly nodding her head.

“Goddammit!” Leo said frustrated. “Angel, you know we would never hurt you!”

Kiara rubbed her arms as she looked down and away from them. “I know... it just... it felt so real...” She looked up at them and bit her lip with anxiety. “And the look in your eyes, it’s like... it’s like you guys didn’t even recognize me...”

“Kiara,” Alexander said, sitting down next to her. “That is not us. You know that’s not us.”

Kiara furrowed her brow as she looked into Alexander’s worried blue eyes. “I know...” she said softly.

“Maybe you should ask Marshala or Gina why you keep having these dreams,” Leo suggested.

“That’s a good idea,” Alexander nodded. “Maybe Marshala has a potion to help lessen them.”

She nodded in agreement before looking at the two of them a bit confused. “Why weren’t you guys in bed?” she asked.

“We were just talking,” Leo sighed. He leaned back against the bedroom wall and ran his fingers through his hair. “We didn’t want to wake you.”

“Talking about what?” she asked.

“How to deal with all these new vampires,” Alexander said as he moved on the bed behind her. He sat with his back against the headboard and pulled her into his arms and between his legs.

“They’re fucking out of control,” Leo muttered. “Everywhere they go they leave a fucking mess. They have no regard for the rules or for human life. My wolves are starting to lose patience with their shit and frankly, so am I.”

“And we’re running out of tactics to manage them that doesn’t involve killing,” Alexander said, rubbing his thumb against the back of Kiara’s hand. “Elijah told us that killing should be the last resort, but... I’m honestly running out of options.”

“They don’t listen to you?” Kiara asked.

“Most of them do,” Alexander said.

“But still not enough...” Leo groaned. He plopped down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. “Nick is completely checked out. I mean I’m happy for him. Marshala is pregnant with his second child, and he’s fucking over the moon. But goddamn... the struggle.”

Kiara cracked a small smile. “I’m really happy for them. Nick, Marshala, and Elijah. This is probably the happiest I’ve seen any of them since I moved here, but... I wish it didn’t have such a negative impact on you guys...”

Leo shrugged. “Comes with the job. We’ve dealt with worse.”

“Clearly,” Alexander smirked.

“Did you guys ever see each other? I mean... during the war?” she asked.

Alexander and Leo looked at each other a bit tensely. “A few times...” Alexander said. “It wasn’t very pleasant.”

“But you guys were on the same side,” she said.

“Of the war, Angel,” Leo clarified. “Doesn’t mean we liked each other.”

“Unlike now...” she said with a grin. “Look at little ol’ me bringing a wolf and a vampire together,” she said teasingly.

Leo and Alexander exchanged amused grins as Leo rolled over onto his stomach. “Truly the most powerful of the three of us,” Alexander smirked as he softly kissed her neck.

“Don’t make fun of me,” she said, pinching him.

“We’re not,” Leo insisted. “We’ve already discussed how you bewitched us with that sexy ass of yours,” he grinned.

“LEO!” she laughed. She tried to kick him but he grabbed her foot. He massaged her foot between his hands and lay soft kisses along the side of her heel. His tongue darted out to flick at her toes, and she immediately shivered within Alexander’s embrace.

“You just have that effect on us, iubita mea...” Alexander said softly. He licked behind her ear before taking her lobe gently between his teeth. Her back heaved against his chest as his hands softly palmed her breasts. His fingers ran slow, sensual teasing circles over her hard nipples.

Kiara glanced down to see Leo kissing his way up her leg. His tongue left an obvious trail up her calf before he sucked on the soft flesh behind her knee. “You guys have an effect on me too, ya know,” she breathed out.

“Oh, we know,” Leo grinned. His lips continued their journey up her thigh. He gripped her hips and pushed his face just at the apex between her legs and inhaled deeply. “God, you smell so good, baby,” Leo groaned. He tugged at her panties, pulling them down. His fingers softly caressed her puffy lips before slipping between them and pushing inside of her. She gasped as Alexander licked the vein in her neck and gently punctured her skin with his fangs just as Leo thrust two fingers inside of her.

A disturbing flashback from her nightmare flooded her mind. She instinctively scrambled out of Alexander’s embrace and away from both of them to the other side of the bed. They both looked at her puzzled. “Angel?” Leo asked worriedly.

“Did we hurt you?” Alexander asked, concerned.

Kiara groaned as she palmed her forehead. “No, no. It’s just... you guys were doing this exact same thing to me in my dream... right before you...”

Leo groaned in frustration as he pushed his face into the pillow. Alexander’s eyebrows furrowed as he grabbed her hand. “Kiara-”

“Honestly, it’s probably just stress,” she said quickly. “This banquet is coming up, and I’ve been scared out of my mind finalizing my research proposal. Also, meeting the head of the team. I think it’s just getting to me a little. I’m sorry, guys.”

“Don’t apologize,” Alexander said, pulling her next to him on the bed. “We’ve all been a bit stressed lately.”

She smiled up at him. “Can we just... cuddle for now?” Leo loudly groaned his dissatisfaction, and Kiara couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh come on, Leo!” she said, throwing a pillow at his head.

“I was trying to come! In you!” he said, throwing the pillow back at her.

Kiara and Alexander both laughed as Kiara pinched Leo in the side. “Don’t be such a baby and come hug me,” she said, tugging on his hand. Leo crawled onto the bed on the other side of her and sandwiched her between him and Alexander. “JEEZ, LEO!” Kiara blurted. “You’re gonna poke a damn hole in my back!”

“Well, you’re the one who made me hard as a rock and then gave me blue balls,” Leo groaned.

Kiara turned her head to face him and smirked. “You wanna fuck me, Daddy, is that it?” she teased. She grabbed his hard member and softly stroked him through his shorts.

“Angel, I swear to g-” Leo muttered.

She giggled amused before Alexander gently grabbed her chin and turned her head to face him. “What did we say about teasing us?” Alexander spoke in a low tone with a bit of rasp in his voice as he ran his tongue over her lips.

“I’m not teasing...” she said, feigning innocence. But her actions betrayed her words as she grabbed his erection with her other hand.

“...Kiara...” Alexander guttered lowly in want.

“You know one thing you guys weren’t doing to me in that dream...?” she said, looking into Alexander’s eyes. Alexander’s gaze darkened. He grabbed her waist and lifted the hem of her slip up to her stomach, exposing her bare bottom half.

“Oh fuck, yes,” Leo groaned. He eagerly grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed hard.

“Wait, wait,” she said quickly.

“Kiara...” Alexander groaned impatiently, covering his face.

“Now she’s just doing this shit on purpose,” Leo muttered as he pinched her ass.

“OW! No, I wanted to ask before you guys dick me down so hard I forget,” she said.

“Has that actually happened before?” Leo asked.

“Many times,” Alexander smirked as his fingers slipped between her thighs.

“I haven’t asked yet!” she said, grabbing Alexander’s hand. “Will you guys go dress shopping with me?”

They both looked at her strangely. “Is this... for some kind of foreplay?” Leo asked.

“What? No-” she started.

“Do we get to take the dress off of you?” Alexander added.

“Guys, this is for the banquet!” she said, shaking her head.

“So, let me get this straight... You want us to watch you try on sexy dresses... and not fuck you?” Leo asked.

“I think we’re missing something else here,” Alexander said, looking at Leo.

“Clearly,” Leo said with a quirked brow.

“Never mind...” she groaned, covering her face.


Kiara ran out of the library with a heavy bag full of books for research. She stopped short and rolled her eyes at the person in front of her.

“Hi, Barbie,” Rose waved.

“Seriously?” Kiara groaned as she tried to walk past her.

“Okay, wait. I think we should start over,” Rose said. She ran in front of Kiara to keep her from walking further. Kiara stopped and took a deep breath. “Come on! Who doesn’t want a vampire best friend? Especially one as fun as me?” Rose said. “We could swap secrets, swap stories, swap beauty tips cause your skin is radiant-!”

“Alexander and Leo already told me how you propositioned them for sex,” Kiara said flatly.

“Oh...” Rose said caught out. “...’Bout that.” Kiara shook her head and walked past her again. “Oh, come on, Barbie. Sharing is caring!”

“Then call me selfish, cause I’m not sharing,” Kiara said, quickening her pace.

Rose sped in front of her, blocking her again. “At least hear me out.” Kiara sighed in frustration and readjusted her bag as she looked at her expectantly. “You have to understand that before I turned into that... thing... Alexander was the last guy I was intimate with... Well, if you discount that redhead with the tattoos, the dirty blonde surfer guy I snacked on, and the bank teller I tied up in his bedroo-... oh shit... is he still there?!”

Kiara immediately walked around Rose before Rose grabbed her arm. “Can’t you relate?” Rose asked.

“Snacking on innocent people? Nah, not really,” Kiara said, pulling her arm out of her grasp.

Rose rolled her eyes. “I mean missing someone you care about.”

“He told me you guys weren’t together,” Kiara said.

“I mean we weren’t...” Rose said. “We certainly didn’t have what you guys have, lucky bitch.” Kiara sucked her teeth. “What I’m saying is that I thought I’d at least have him to help me reintegrate into this... new world,” Rose said quickly. “But I don’t. Because he’s so madly in love with you he can’t be bothered with me. And I’m not gonna lie that shit sucks.”

Kiara’s shoulders relaxed as she looked at Rose with a bit more sympathy. “I get it. He’s yours... and you’re his. You guys and your weird... wolf, vampire, witch threesome orgy. God, you know you guys should try making a sex tape? I bet that shit would sell like crazy,” Rose said.

“I can’t with you,” Kiara said, turning around again.

“Okay, wait, wait! Sorry! Jeez. I’ll keep my dirty fantasies to myself. Shit,” Rose grinned.

Kiara rubbed her palm against her forehead as she tried to think. “Alright... I’m only going to give you my time as long as it doesn’t involve discussing my relationship with Alexander or Leo,” Kiara said.

“Shit, the wolf too? But he looks like he’s seriously packin-”


“Okayyyyy! You got yourself a deal, Barbie,” Rose beamed.


“What about this one?” Kiara asked. She twirled around in a strapless, champagne-colored dress that fell to her ankles.

“It’s cute, but... it does nothing for your figure,” Rhea said. She sat on the couch in a dressing room with Ava and a very pregnant Marshala as Kiara tried on dresses.

“Really?” Kiara asked, looking at herself in the mirror.

“She’s right,” Ava agreed. “You have a great figure. That dress looks like a drape.”

“You should try this one,” Rhea said, getting up from the couch. She grabbed a short bright golden dress.

“Woah! That’s gorgeous,” Kiara said in awe of how it shimmered.

“There’s no way Alexander would be able to keep his hands off of you if he saw you in that,” Ava snickered.

“That’s the point,” Rhea winked.

“Listen. Can we not try to make Kiara end up like me?” Marshala laughed as she rubbed her belly.

“Well, she’d only have to worry about that if it were Leo,” Rhea said.

“I’ve been extra careful when it comes to Leo,” Kiara laughed. She shimmied out of the champagne dress and put on the short golden one.

“I still can’t believe Nick got you pregnant again so quickly,” Ava said, shaking her head. “Those Volkovs, man.”

“Really?! You can’t believe it?!” Marshala blurted. “Nicholas has not left me alone since New Orleans. My birth control didn’t stand a chance,” she said, shaking her head as the rest of the girls laughed.

“I’m glad Nick was able to take a break from managing the pack to watch Nikolai while we went shopping,” Ava said, handing Marshala a bottle of water.

“Nicholas is as much a family man as he is a warrior,” Marshala said. “He loves that little boy.”

“Pretty sure Niko would be throwing a fit if he had to sit around watching us try on clothes for hours,” Rhea smirked.

“What do you guys think?” Kiara asked, turning around.

“Girl, you look damn hot!” Rhea said, snapping her fingers.

“Gorgeous,” Ava nodded. “It’s perfect.”

“You sure it’s not too revealing? And it’s so bright... I don’t want to bring too much attention to myself,” Kiara said, trying to cover up her cleavage.

“Kiara, this is your time to shine,” Marshala said. “You worked your butt off to get here. You deserve this and more.”

Kiara smiled at her. “Thanks, Marshala... And what about you?”

“I’ll find something at home to wear,” Marshala said, waving her hand dismissively.

“UH, I don’t think so!” Rhea said, rummaging through the racks. “They’ve got a whole maternity section here. We’ll find you something nice.”

“Oh, this should be fun,” Ava grinned. She joined Kiara and Rhea on the search for a dress.

“Girls,” Marshala sighed.

“AHA!” Kiara said, holding up a long, silky red dress.

“No,” Marshala said.

“Come on, Marshala! At least try it on!” Kiara pleaded.

Marshala groaned as she struggled to get up from the couch. Kiara and Ava helped her out of her clothes and into the dress. “Oh, nuh-uh!” Marshala shook her head. The dress pushed up her already large breasts heavy from pregnancy. The gown shimmered and fell down to her feet. The red complimented her rich dark skin.

“This screams MILF!” Kiara snickered as she dramatically pretended to take snapshots with her fingers. “Pose for me, baby! Work it, beautiful! Oh, yea! Show me that black girl magic! SLAAAAAYYY!”

“Kiara!” Marshala laughed, shaking her head. “I cannot wear this.”

“Is it comfortable?” Ava asked.

“Yes, but-” Marshala protested.

“Do you hate the way it looks?” Rhea asked.

“No, but that’s not-”

“Then, what’s the problem?” Kiara asked.

Nicholas Volkov is the problem!” Marshala sighed as the girls burst into hysterical laughter.

“Welp! Can’t help you there,” Ava shrugged.

“I already know the struggle. Sorry,” Kiara laughed.

Marshala rolled her eyes as she looked at herself in the mirror. “This dress won’t last the night...” she muttered. She felt her stomach move a bit and rubbed at it. “I’m starving. Ladies, let’s stop at a steakhouse before we go home,” Marshala said as Ava started helping her out of her dress.

“You’ve been eating a lot of steaks lately,” Ava said, hanging the dress on a hanger.

Marshala shook her head. “Blame the little Volkov inside me. Think they’re worse than Nikolai...”


Kiara sat next to Rhea on the bench, picking at her steak as she got lost in her thoughts. “You okay?” Marshala asked from across the table as she stuffed her mouth. “You’ve barely touched your food.”

Kiara looked up at her. “I’ve... been having these... nightmares...”

The three of them looked at her. “What kind of nightmares?” Marshala asked.

Kiara looked around to make sure no one else was watching them. “Of Leo and Alexander... attacking me... trying to kill me. They keep saying ‘kill the witch, kill the witch’ and nothing else. They’re terrifying,” Kiara shivered.

Rhea frowned. “Well, they would never hurt you. Those boys have sacrificed their lives for you before, and they’d do it again.”

“I know,” Kiara sighed. “Which is why these nightmares are so freaking disturbing.”

“I think I know what the problem is,” Marshala said, wiping her mouth. “Kill the witch... I used to have fears of people trying to kill me once I became the head priestess of the coven.” Kiara looked at her confused. “I had been wanting to talk to you about this for a while, but never got the chance what with all the new vampires, running the university, and getting pregnant AGAIN,” Marshala said.

Marshala leaned forward and grabbed Kiara’s hand. “I want you to be my successor, Kiara. I want you to lead this coven.”

Kiara’s eyes grew wide as saucers. “Wait what?!” she freaked. “But, Marshala, I’m not equipped. It should be Rhea, not me. I don’t have nearly as much experience, and-”

“Kiara, you’re one of the most powerful witches in the history of our people,” Marshala said.

“Power does not make a leader, Marshala,” Kiara said, shaking her head. “You can’t-”

“I’m not asking you to take my place anytime soon, Kiara,” Marshala said, trying to calm her. “Just... think about it... alright?”

Kiara looked at Rhea who gave her a warm smile. “Just so you know, I would totally follow you,” Rhea said.

“Me too,” Ava smiled.

Kiara tried to crack a smile as she took a deep breath. “I love you girls,” she said, taking their hands.


“Is that everything?” Nick asked, pushing a suitcase into the backseat.

“Wait!” Kiara said, rushing with another bag.

“Jeez, Kiara,” Nick muttered.

“Don’t jeez me! A woman has needs!” Kiara said.

“Exactly,” Marshala nodded. She fed Nikolai who was sitting on Ava’s lap. “Don’t forget Nikolai’s bag.”

“Already got it,” Alexander said, placing the bag in the backseat.

“Here, Elijah,” Kiara said, tapping away at an iPad. “I created a Snapchat profile for you so you can keep tabs on what we’re doing at the banquet.”

“A...” Elijah asked, confused.

“It’s a social media messaging app where I can send you photos and videos and stuff. I just added me and Leo, and Ava and Rhea and-”

“Kiara, that’s not necessary,” Elijah said, cutting her off. “Just you is fine.”

“Okay, well, I added them anyway,” she smiled as she showed him the iPad. “Click this button to view stories and click that button to send me a message. When I send you a message or a snap, you’ll get an alert.”

“Um...” Elijah said, looking it over.

“And now that you can see your reflection, you can take a picture and send it to me too. You can even use filters, see? Smile!” She held up the iPad camera to his face and snapped a picture of him with a dog filter. “You’re so freaking cute!” she gushed.

“That... is deeply unsettling...” Elijah said.

“Wanna try another?” she asked.

“Uh...” Elijah hesitated.

“Angel, don’t worry,” Leo said, pulling her hand down. “I’ll show him how it works.”

“You’re so sweet. Thank you, Leo,” Kiara said, giving him a quick kiss.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to watch Nikolai while you guys are gone?” Ava asked. “I don’t mind.”

“No, it’s okay,” Nick said, taking his son from Ava’s arms. “Can’t stay away from this little pup for too long anyway. I’d miss him too damn much.”

Elijah caressed Marshala’s shoulder with one hand and gently rubbed her belly with the other. “I’ll miss you...” Elijah said, looking into her deep brown eyes.

Marshala smiled up at him. “I’ll be back in a few days. Don’t worry.” Elijah lifted her chin with his finger and gently caressed her lips with his.

Kiara squealed as Leo hoisted her in the air, wrapping her legs around his waist as he hugged her tight. He swallowed her squeals with a domineering and possessive kiss as he gripped the back of her neck and moved his mouth passionately against hers.

“Leo...” she whimpered as he tugged her sore bottom lip between his teeth. “You can still come you know...”

“I don’t think we have time for that, Angel,” he smirked against her lips as he playfully squeezed her ass in his palms. Alexander shook his head with a grin at Leo’s dirty innuendo.

“You know what I mean,” she laughed, hitting his chest.

Leo grinned as he pulled his head back to look at her face. “I gotta stay here with Levi to run the pack while Nick is gone,” he said.

Kiara sighed as she averted her eyes. “I get it...”

“Hey.” Leo brushed her hair out of her face. “Look at me, baby.” He waited until her dark chocolate eyes lifted to stare into his light blue ones. “I’m gonna miss the shit out of you, Angel,” he said, thumbing her bottom lip.

“I’m gonna miss you too...” she said, furrowing her brow.

“But, I know Alexander is going to take care of you,” he said, glancing at Alexander who was watching them silently from behind. “And when you get back...” Leo kissed the corner of her mouth before whispering in her ear. “I’m gonna tear that sexy ass up...”

“Just an FYI that every wolf and vampire here heard you,” Levi said, rolling his eyes as he leaned back against the car with Rhea in his arms.

“Like I give a shit,” Leo smirked as he possessed Kiara’s lips again.

“Alright, let’s hit the road!” Marshala said, clapping her hands.

Kiara chuckled as Leo put her down. “Let me talk to Alexander for a second, Angel,” Leo said, patting her behind before he walked up to Alexander.

Kiara saw Elijah helping Marshala into the car and approached him. “It’s not too late to change your mind about joining us,” Kiara said to him.

Elijah looked down at her surprised and smiled. “That’s very kind of you, Kiara. But, I can’t risk my kin recognizing me. Besides... you should be supported by your professor and school counselor for this honor.”

“You were a teacher to me too, Elijah,” she said, holding his hand. “I wouldn’t have survived half the things we went through if not for you.”

Elijah felt his chest warm up as he looked at her tenderly. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. “That’s all the honor I need, Kiara,” he said, kissing the top of her head. Kiara pulled back from him and stood on her toes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

They all said their goodbyes before Kiara, Alexander, Nick, Marshala, and Nikolai took off for Pennsylvania.


“Is this all of them?” Elijah asked, staring at the vampires thrown into a holding cell.

“There’s one missing,” Cole said, counting. “The one with the funky-ass breath who looks like he hasn’t showered since 1881.”

“Ah, that one,” Elijah sighed. “I’ll be right back.” Elijah quickly took off from the warehouse, letting his keen sense of smell lead him. He ran at lightning speed, leaping from rooftop to rooftop as his eyes darted around the city.

He finally caught sight of the vampire he was looking for and quickened his pace. The vampire spotted Elijah and freaked out as he scrambled in another direction out of Elijah’s line of sight. Elijah snarled as he jumped off the walls like a cat and landed on the ground. He saw the vampire snarling as he thrashed against the wall, held up by Leo’s hand.

“This thing belong to you?” Leo asked with amber eyes and his teeth bared. He tossed the vampire to the ground and sat on top of him. Leo bound his arms tightly with a poisoned rope as the vampire slowly started to calm down.

Elijah looked at Leo intrigued by the rope. “Rhea created a poison that I’ve been lacing ropes with to help subdue vampires,” Leo said, answering Elijah’s unspoken question. “Pacifies them enough so that their strength doesn’t break the binds.”

“That’s... impressive,” Elijah said. He approached them and used his foot to move the vampire’s head and identify him. “You could have killed him.”

Leo shrugged. “Alexander told me you guys are trying to do some rehabilitative shit.” He pulled the vampire to his feet and looked at Elijah. “Said that if he was allowed a second chance then so should they.”

Elijah smirked. “That definitely sounds like Alexander.”

“He’s a fucking sap,” Leo smirked. “But, I’ve never felt closer to anyone else in my life than I have to him. Well... besides Kiara.”

Elijah looked at Leo fondly as Leo pulled out his phone and checked his messages. “Miss her already?” Elijah asked.

“Like crazy,” Leo said. “Both of them actually. God, that’s so fucking weird,” he laughed.

Elijah chuckled as he grabbed the vampire and sat him down. “Sleep,” he ordered. The vampire stared at Elijah for just a moment before dozing off.

“Not gonna lie. You vampires can do some cool ass shit,” Leo grinned. “Why’d you make him sleep?”

“Let’s talk,” Elijah said, motioning with his head.


“Let me,” Nick said, approaching Alexander.

Alexander stepped back and leaned against the car as Nick grabbed the collar of Alexander’s button-down shirt to fix it. “... I think... seeing myself in the mirror so many damn times threw me off,” Alexander sighed.

“I’m sure Kiara snapping pictures like she’s the damn paparazzi didn’t help either,” Nick smirked.

Alexander chuckled. “She’s just excited.”

“She’s always excited,” Nick grinned. “Gotta love that girl though.”

“How much longer do you think it will take them to get ready,” Alexander asked, checking his watch.

“Just prepare to be late,” Nick smirked as he finished fixing Alexander’s collar. “There.”

“Papa, fix me next!” Nikolai said, sticking his head out of the window.

“Nikolai, didn’t I tell you to stay in your seat?” Nick asked.

“It came off,” Nikolai shrugged.

“Came off?” Nick said, eyeing the ripped belt. “Did you chew through this?” Nikolai shook his head, feigning innocence before he burst out laughing. “Little liar,” Nick smirked as he grabbed his son out of the car. He sat Nikolai on the hood next to Alexander and started fixing his small suit.

“He looks so much like you,” Alexander smiled as Nikolai grabbed Alexander’s hand.

“Let’s just hope he’s not as bad as I was,” Nick sighed.

Alexander laughed. “And now you’ve got another on the way.”

“I honestly don’t know how,” Nick said. “We were extra careful. I mean I want to give Shal more kids, but I wanted to at least give her a break. Goddamn.”

“Goddamn!” Nikolai laughed.

“Don’t say that word, Nikolai!” Nick said sternly.

“But you said it!” Nikolai pouted.

“Forget I said it,” Nick said as Alexander laughed.

“I can’t wait for Leo to give Kiara children,” Alexander said, stroking the curls on Nikolai’s head. “He’s been talking me through it...”

Nick glanced at Alexander when he didn’t finish his thought to see his expression had taken on something more somber. “You gotta stop doing that to yourself, Alexander,” Nick said. Alexander looked at him confused. “Thinking you don’t deserve her,” Nick finished as he picked up Nikolai in his arms.

Alexander slowly exhaled. “The thought is fleeting...”

“But you still have them nonetheless,” Nick said. “You’ve already pledged your life to her. And she to you. You have nothing else to prove.”

“I know,” Alexander sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair. “It’s not that... She’s just so pure. So innocent. So good. And I... I have killed so many people, Nick...” Nick frowned as he watched Alexander hunch his shoulders. He placed Nikolai back in the car and handed him his phone to keep him distracted.

“You know what I hate most about myself?” Alexander continued. “...That I sometimes... miss it. The fear in the eyes of a mortal right before I tore his throat out gave me the most euphoric high. I’ve silenced the screams of people begging for their lives by ripping their heads from their bodies... I’ve massacred... entire families-” Alexander stopped himself. “Shit, I can’t influence Kiara’s mood like this.”

“Alexander,” Nick said, grabbing his shoulder. “Too often you see yourself as a monster because of what you are. Because of how the world sees you. But that’s not the truth. None of us are without our faults. My ledger runs red with blood from the number of innocent people caught in the crosshair of the wars we waged on each other. You focus too much on the mistakes you made. Do you know how many people you saved during the war? How many more witches would have been massacred if not for you?”

Alexander looked up at Nick who was smiling with his eyes. “Kiara still doesn’t know it was you who fought off William and tried to save her parents, does she? She doesn’t know you were the one who saved her from your father?”

Alexander’s eyes widened with shock. “Elijah told me,” Nick smirked.

“No, I... I didn’t want to freak her out,” Alexander said quickly.

Nick laughed amused. “You’re a vampire, she’s a witch, and you’re sharing her with my brother who’s a wolf. Don’t think anything else could freak her out at this point. But... at your own time.”

Alexander blushed as Nick grabbed his shoulder again. “You deserve to be happy, Alexander,” Nick said. Alexander cracked a grateful smile. He looked up as Kiara came rushing out of the hotel with Marshala behind her.

Nick walked up to help Marshala and gave her his arm. “God....damn, Shal! What the fuck?!” Nick murmured as his eyes raked over the long, silky, form-fitting red dress. “Can we go back to the hotel for a second?”

“No, Nicholas,” Marshala laughed as he helped her down the stairs.

Alexander’s eyes couldn’t scan Kiara’s body quickly enough. She twirled in front of him, showing off her shimmering golden dress that clung sensually to her enticing curves. “Shit, Kiara...” Alexander said, looking at her hungrily.

“What do you think?” she smiled. “Do you like it?”

Alexander grabbed her by the waist and pulled her pressed against his chest. His blue eyes took their time roaming from her voluptuous cleavage down to her thick dark mocha thighs and over her toned legs. His hands eagerly grasped at the opening in the back of her dress. “Alexand-oh!” Kiara’s eyes widened when she felt his erection press into her pelvis.

“I wish you had warned me about this dress beforehand...” Alexander said, roaming his palm over her plump backside. “My God, Kiara...” he groaned.

Kiara chuckled. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’?”

Alexander grinned. “You’re perfect, iubita mea...” He eagerly squeezed her backside as his other hand gripped the back of her neck, pulling her face towards him. His mouth completely conquered hers as his tongue captured her own in a possessive tango. Kiara moaned into his mouth as he pushed his erection harder against her.

“Alexander...” she whimpered. Her hunger for him grew exponentially and her body temperature skyrocketed.

“...see what you do to me...” he groaned heatedly against her lips.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” Marshala said, clapping her hands. “We have a banquet to go to, people! Save that nastiness for later!” Alexander reluctantly released her as Kiara laughed, trying to wipe her mouth.

“You’re such a cockblocker, Shal,” Nick grinned as he helped her into the car.

“Boy, hush up. Kiara, fix your lipstick. Nikolai, stop playing those games and put on your seatbelt,” Marshala said.


“It doesn’t bother you?” Leo asked, sitting on top of the roof of a tall shopping mall. He took a huge bite of a large hamburger as Elijah sat next to him looking out into the distance over the city below them.

“Not at all, actually,” Elijah said. “I mean I’ve always wanted to have children, but... I accepted it was impossible centuries ago. I am quite happy for Nicholas. He and Marshala both.”

Leo nodded as he swallowed another large bite. “You’re family anyway, Elijah.”

Elijah glanced at Leo and gave a soft smile. “Thank you for saying that.”

“Did you ever meet him?” Leo asked, taking another large bite of the burger.

“Your father?” Elijah asked. “A few times... He didn’t like me very much...”

Leo chuckled. “My father didn’t like anyone very much. Especially vampires. He was a tough guy who had to deal with some tough times. Nick and I had to grow up fast. I was fighting vampires and watching my friends die before I even graduated high school.” Elijah sighed as his mind flashed of memories of the war.

“My father only hated vampires because he grew up on that... watching them kill everyone, unchecked, unchallenged,” Leo continued. “It made him hard. Cold. Vicious. Losing him was... one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to experience. But all I could think about was that now he’s free from this hell.”

Leo looked down as a small smile came to his face. “For all his rough training and discipline, one thing I loved about my pops... was how he loved my mother. He loved her something fierce. Would do anything for her. Without question. I had never seen a love like that before... Didn’t think I’d ever find someone to love like that... until I met Kiara...” Leo tried not to blush as he habitually checked his phone again to see if she had messaged him.

“You really love her,” Elijah said.

“More than anything,” Leo nodded. “Alexander is the romantic in this relationship, so his words are much better than mine,” Leo chuckled. “But... I’m so in love with her. And I can’t imagine my life without her. The woman of my dreams. She makes me feel... whole.”

Leo suddenly looked at Elijah. “I know we started off on bad terms. But, thank you for protecting her. Thank you for watching my Angel.”

Elijah smiled. “It’s always my pleasure, Leo. But you know, you and Alexander were the ones who protected her the most. It was the both of you that saved the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people. Every day you prove yourself to be an incredible warrior. And one day... Alpha.”

Leo lost his smile as he averted his eyes. “That’s a title I know is coming... but don’t want.” Elijah looked at him confused. “I’ve seen what Nick went through. How it tore him apart. How it had damaged his relationship with Marshala all those years. How much he suffered. Being an Alpha requires so much sacrifice. And perhaps I’m just selfish,” Leo said. “I just want to live my days with the woman I love. Whisk her away from all this shit. And give her a few babies. That’s all.”

Elijah smiled. “Sounds beautifully simplistic.”

“Sounds like something I’ll never have,” Leo sighed. He heard his phone go off and checked his messages to see a snap from Kiara. “It’s about damn time,” Leo grinned. “Looks like my baby is having a blast.” Elijah and Leo enjoyed the reel of pictures that Kiara sent from their time at the banquet.


“Mm. Nope. Nope. Nope. You sound so off tune.” Rhea spoke with her mouth full while eating a bowl of cereal.

“Excuse me? I’m never off tune,” Cole scoffed, strumming his guitar in the Blackbourne living room.

“Except today. You sound outta whack,” Rhea said. “Ain’t he outta whack Peter?”

“I don’t know what that means...” Peter said absentmindedly as he flipped the pages of a book.

“Peter agrees with me,” Rhea said to Cole. “Fix your life, Cole.”

“Now, that I understand. She’s right, Cole. Your life needs mending,” Peter said.

“Man, fuck you both. Levi is busy so now you have to burden me with your presence?” Cole rolled his eyes.

“You’re the one who asked me to come over, Dracula,” Rhea said, eating.

Peter looked at Cole. “You’re an idiot.”

Suddenly, the doorbell rang causing the three of them to exchange looks. “Well, my black ass isn’t getting it. This ain’t my house,” Rhea shrugged.

Cole sucked his teeth as he put his guitar down and walked to the door. He opened it and met Rose on the other side. “You gotta be fucking kidding me,” Cole muttered.

“It’s the dullard. Are you still in heat, dullard?” Peter said, still flipping through his book.

“What did that little pipsqueak-sized Blackbourne say to me?” Rose said, trying to walk in.

“Goldilocks,” Cole said, blocking her. “What the fuck are you doing here? Didn’t Alexander kick your ass to the curb?”

She went to speak when Peter cut her off. “The answer is ‘yes’, dullard. Be gone please.”

“I’m seriously going to slap the shit out of that little prepubescent-” Rose started.

“Good luck with that,” Rhea scoffed.

“Rose, I’m fucking serious,” Cole said, blocking her again. “Alexander isn’t even here.”

“Well, I’m not here for Alexander,” she said, fixing her shirt. “I’m here for Barbie. I mean... Kiara.”

Rhea suddenly looked at her. “Why?”

“Another witch? Jeez, you Blackbournes love your witches, don’t you?” Rose smirked.

“Answer the fucking question,” Cole said. “Why are you looking for Kiara?”

Rose sighed as she leaned against the door frame. “There’s been some talk among the vampires... Her name keeps coming up. I can’t imagine it’s good, and I wanted to warn her. You know, since we’re BFFs now.”

“Um... come again?” Rhea said, standing to her feet.

“What do you mean her name keeps coming up?” Cole asked. “In what context?”

Rose shrugged. “If I knew, don’t you think I would have told you?”

“I’m surprised you even figured out how to use the doorbell,” Peter said snidely, still reading the book.

“Damn, Peter. You extra grumpy today or what?” Rhea said, looking at him. She motioned with her hands for him to calm down.

“Did you hear anything else?” Cole asked Rose.

Rose shook her head. “No. If I do... you’ll be like the 5th person to know cause I don’t really like you.”

“Goodbye, Goldilocks,” Cole said, closing the door in her face.

Rhea looked at Cole worriedly. “Should we take her seriously?”

“She’s a crazy-ass son of a bitch, so I don’t know,” Cole said, running his fingers through his hair. “I’ll bring it up to Elijah. I don’t really wanna worry Alexander, in case it’s nothing.”

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