Family Ties - (Book 3 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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40 - A Different Kind of Family

“LEO!” Kiara jumped on Leo as he caught her in his arms. He stumbled backward, almost falling down as he backed into the kitchen wall of their apartment.

“Shit, Angel. I missed you so much, baby,” Leo said, clutching her tightly against his chest. She took his face between her hands and plastered a long, hungry kiss on his lips. His beard tickled her chin as he buried his face in her neck. Leo carried her with her legs wrapped around his waist as he walked over to Alexander. “How’d it go? Run into any trouble?” Leo asked him.

“Leo, you can put me down, you know,” Kiara said, poking him.

“Why? You’re gonna be in this position for the next hour anyway,” Leo grinned. Kiara covered her face as Alexander chuckled.

“It went really well. Saw old friends and met new ones,” Alexander said. “But most importantly, Kiara had a great time. She’s truly remarkable with what she’s accomplished and plans to accomplish in the future.”

“Oh really?” Leo said, quirking a brow at Kiara.

“I’m not filling you in until you put me down,” she smirked. Leo rolled his eyes as he set her down on her feet. “So, I met the owner of the foundation. She is A-MAZING and so friggin sweet. A huge ass nerd like me, go figure. She’s so smart. She’s also got like 50 bajillion lovers and 50 bajillion kids. Like, I thought y’all were too much, this girl outchea-”

“Kiara, why don’t you skip to the part about your research and partnership,” Alexander but in as Leo laughed.

Kiara smirked. “Fine, fine. You know about the disease outbreak that’s been plaguing the Northeast? Well, apparently her foundation or company... or maybe it’s her husband’s company. Husbandssss’ company? Damn it’s hard to keep up.”

“Kiara,” Alexander laughed.

“Anyway, they’ve been trying to manage the outbreak and have designed a team of scientists, researchers, and doctors to start working on a cure. And guess who is co-heading the research and development?” Kiara beamed.

Leo smirked and looked at Alexander sporting the same grin. He looked back at Kiara who looked like she was about to burst. “” Leo grinned.

ME!!” Kiara screamed. She tackled him again, sending him tumbling to the floor. “She said my application and research background was one of the most impressive she’d seen and that my current grad work on the mort de l’âme disease made me more than qualified to not only be a part of their team but also co-lead!!! GAH!!!” Kiara rolled on her back and kicked her legs in the air, bursting with excitement.

Alexander and Leo both chuckled amused by her excitement when all the windows and doors went flying open and all the light bulbs exploded. “Ooh!” she said, sitting up. “Crap... sorry...”

“Maybe... tone it down a little,” Alexander grinned.

“Shit! That’s so fucking awesome, Angel!” Leo said, pulling her into a tight hug. “I’m so proud of you, baby! Look at you! Helping save the world. Again,” he smirked.

Kiara laughed. “Yea, I kinda left out the part about me being a witch as I’m sure she wouldn’t believe that anyway. But, I’m hoping my magic will at least help me to find a cure. I didn’t know so many people’s lives were at risk. I get to use their new Massachusetts facility, and I want to start working on it right away,” she said, getting off the ground.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Leo grabbed her waist and pulled her back. “You just got back, Angel.”

“I know, Leo, but-”

“No ‘buts’ unless it’s yours and it’s sitting on my face,” he said, picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom.

Alexander shook his head with a smirk as he turned to follow after them when he heard something in his ear. He quickly turned around but didn’t see anything. He tried to block out Kiara’s giggling as he listened again but heard nothing. He closed all the windows and doors that Kiara had accidentally opened and looked around again. His brow furrowed before heading to the bedroom.


“That’s it, Angel. Ride me, baby.” Leo groaned as he gripped Kiara’s bare cheeks, trying to maintain some control of her movements. But she wouldn’t allow it. Leaning over, she pressed her hands flat against his bare chest, panting heavily as she rotated her hips against his pelvis.

Leo struggled to keep down his climax that was just barely hanging on from how good Kiara worked him. She rode him like a cowboy trying to tame a raging bull. She swirled her hips before bucking forward, causing him to jump. “Woah!” Leo said, breathing heavily. “Damn, Angel. Where’d you learn that from?”

Kiara smirked as she leaned over and licked his lips. “Something I practiced on Alexander down in Philly. I just wanted to see if it had the same effect on you.”

“Clearly it does,” Alexander smirked. He walked into the room, taking off his jacket. He felt himself harden and his hunger intensify with every gasp and moan that escaped Kiara’s lips. He took his time roaming his eyes over her body, watching her shiver in pleasure as she pulled Leo’s orgasm from him.

Kiara felt the bed dip behind her before Alexander swept her hair away from her sweaty neck. She moaned as he cupped both mounds within his grasp from behind. He peppered her neck and shoulders with kisses. Running his tongue along her sweaty skin. She whimpered as Leo slowly pulled out of her only for his fingers to replace and refill the brief emptiness.

“Shit, Angel...” Leo groaned as he pumped into her with one hand while he slipped his thumb inside her mouth. Leo’s gaze darkened as he watched her close her eyes and suck his thumb between her lips. “Goddamn...”

“What do you say we show him what other tricks you learned...” Alexander said heatedly in her ear as his finger teased her puckered star. Leo looked at Alexander curiously. “I’ll get the rope,” Alexander smirked before he left the bed.


“Mon coeur?”

Marshala turned around from brushing Nikolai’s full head of hair and looked at Elijah standing at the door. “Elijah,” she smiled.

“I’m sorry I could not get to you sooner,” he said apologetically as he crossed the room. He gently grabbed her chin and left a soft kiss on her lips. He looked down at Nikolai and gently caressed the top of his head as the toddler started to nod off.

“It’s okay,” she said, picking Nikolai up. “Cole told me you guys have been really busy.”

Elijah followed her as she walked to the nursery in another room and placed a sleepy Nikolai in his bed. “How did it go?” Elijah asked.

“Well,” she said, walking back to her room. “I’ve never seen Kiara so happy. She was truly in her element. She just... radiates wherever she goes.” Marshala took off her earrings and stared at Elijah through the mirror. “Your kin are perfect. Happy. Successful,” she said to him. “They have three children now. Two boys and a girl.”

Elijah quickly looked up at her with widened eyes. “Did you see them?” he asked.

Marshala picked up a small picture and walked over to hand it to him. A few blood tears escaped Elijah’s eyes as his thumb caressed the faces of the three youngest kin of his family. “... They’re... They’re so beautiful...” Elijah covered his mouth, trying to control his tears.

“And they came from you, Elijah,” Marshala said.

Elijah shook his head. “No. No, these pure, innocent creatures will never be associated with me.”

“Elijah...” Marshala said sadly. She walked up to him and grabbed the picture, putting it on a chair by the wall. She held his face in her hands and wiped the blood tears away.

Elijah stared into her eyes lovingly before he quickly took her lips with his. Their mouths moved hungrily against each other as they hadn’t touched in days. Elijah quickly picked her up in his arms, being careful of her stomach as he carried her to the bed.

He peeled down the straps of her dress and immediately latched his mouth onto her neck, kissing her fervently. Marshala moaned erotically as Elijah pulled her dress down further, letting her large heavy breasts spill out. He took one of her hardened nipples into his mouth as he gently massaged the other.

“Elijah,” she moaned out as he reached under her dress and pulled down her panties. After sitting down on the bed, he turned her around and pulled her onto his lap. His thick manhood plunged deep inside of her. Her back rested against his chest as she moved her hips against him, enjoying the way his length invaded her heaven.

“Oh... mon coeur...” Elijah sensually kissed her shoulder as he continued to massage her breasts. Marshala looked down at his hand squeezing her before she grabbed his hand and ran her lips over his palm. She licked at his wrist over and over again until she bit down, drawing blood.

Elijah slowly opened his eyes once he realized that Marshala was more focused on drinking from him rather than the love he was making to her. “Mon coeur?” he asked, confused. “Are you...”

Marshala’s eyes popped open when she realized what she was doing. She immediately stood from Elijah’s lap and turned around to look at him in shock. “Marshala,” Elijah said, standing to his feet. She frantically covered her blood-coated mouth and ran to the bathroom as she started hurling blood into the toilet.


“Long story short: you’ve got a vampire baby.”

“WHAT?!” Marshala blurted, freaking out. Elijah’s eyes widened in shock as Nick’s jaw nearly hit the floor.

“Well, technically it’s a vampire-witch baby. You know... a hybrid. Like us,” Gina said.


“Makiko, Makiko,” Gina said, grabbing her and pulling her back. “No, sweetie. No.”

“But Gina! We’ve been like the ONLY vampire-witch hybrids EVER!” Makiko whined.

“Makiko, go show Nikolai the garden or something. You’re scaring his poor mother,” Gina said, motioning her to the kitchen.

Makiko huffed as she picked up Nikolai from Marshala’s lap. “You hungry?” she asked him.

“Yes,” Nikolai nodded.

“Okay, well, we don’t have food cause we’re vampires, so,” Makiko shrugged.

“Here,” Nick said, still stunned as he handed her Nikolai’s bag.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” Makiko asked, looking at it awkwardly.

“For goodness sake, Makiko! Figure it out! Just go!” Gina snapped.

“Sheesh!” Makiko said, turning around to the kitchen. “Don’t have to be so rude! Come on, Niko. Let’s leave the grumpy weirdos to themselves.”

“Sorry, she’s excited,” Gina said. “We’re definitely not the only vampire-witch hybrids, but we’re not that common either.”

“Okay, wait, wait,” Marshala said. “Can we go back? My baby is... a vampire?”

“A vampire-witch hybrid,” Gina corrected.

“This is unbelievable!” Marshala said, holding her head in disbelief.

“Is it though?” Gina asked, giving her an obvious look. “What else did you expect was going to happen with you three fucking like rabbits every five seconds?” Gina shrugged.

“But, I thought vampires couldn’t have children?” Nick asked.

“Well, that part is true,” Gina said. “However, that blood bond already did a doozy on the Blackbournes. Every side effect was biological. Alexander’s hair. Peter’s... age, that was the weirdest if you ask me, couldn’t even push the poor boy to his late twenties or something. But anyway, Elijah, seems like you can spread your seed now. Congrats. Maybe try to start wearing condoms, yea ya crazy kids?”

Elijah was speechless before he finally found his words. “You must be mistaken,” he said. “Is this some cruel joke?”

Gina rolled her eyes. “Right, cause I have nothing else better to do than pull foolish jokes on immortal vampires.”

“Remember that one time-!” Makiko shouted from outside.

“MAKIKO! HUSH!” Gina shouted at her.


“Just... a few... more... droplets...”

Kiara looked through her lab goggles at the beaker in front of her as she squeezed a few droplets of a green liquid into the small vial. She waited until it fizzled out before she frowned. “Must have been too much solution.” She turned to her notebook and scribbled a few notes. She took out a pencil from her lab coat and made a few extra etchings before she heard a sound and immediately looked up.


She looked around, waiting for someone to answer or step into her vision, but she was the only one in the lab. “You’re a witch. Of course, you’re hearing things,” she said, shaking her head. She went back to scribbling in her notebook.

She immediately looked up when she heard another loud noise. “HELLO?!” she shouted more annoyed this time. But still, she received no answer. She lifted her goggles and walked to the center of the lab. “Listen, bro! Whoever the hell you are. I’m not down for whatever games you’re tryna play. IF YOU WANNA GET CRAZY! WE CAN GET CRAZY!” she shouted, clapping her hands.

Still, no noise came and she rolled her eyes. “See, now they got me out here lookin’ crazy talking to my damn self,” she muttered as she walked back to the counter. She grabbed another beaker and started pouring the liquid. “Now, to dilute the solution... and...”

She quickly looked up just in time for a vampire to rush into her. He shoved her into the wall, and she roughly hit her head. She immediately raised her hands and blew the vampire backward as it smashed into the counter. She caused one of the stools to levitate as a piece of the leg broke off. She aimed at the vampire and stopped it before it could pierce into the vampire’s chest.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” she demanded. But before she could finish, another vampire grabbed her from behind and tossed her to the side. “What the hell?” she said, struggling to her feet. The second vampire rushed at her. Her eyes turned jade green as she lifted her hands and sent him flying backward. With her magic, she split the levitating stick and broke it in half. She motioned with her hands and sent both pieces flying into each vampire’s heart.



Elijah looked up from his seat at the kitchen table in the Blackbourne manor to see Nick walking towards him. “... how... how is she?” Elijah asked.

“She’s resting,” Nick said, sitting on the chair in front of him. Nick folded his hands and looked into Elijah’s blue eyes. The corners of his eyes were stained with red blood tears.

“...that’s... good...” Elijah said, averting his gaze.

“Elijah,” Nick said. “Why are you upset? I thought this would make you happy?”

Elijah shook his head and looked down as he quickly wiped away a tear. “I am not... equipped, Nicholas,” Elijah said so softly that if not for his super hearing Nick wouldn’t have been able to hear him. “I’m... I’m not. I was reborn as a creation from one of the most ruthless and vile creatures of the underworld. My sole purpose has been to kill. Nicholas, I... I cannot. I am ill-equipped, ill-prepared, ill-fated for such a thing, such a small and innocent thing as a... a child. I don’t know what it is to be a father.”

“Elijah!” Nick burst into laughter. “Are you fucking kidding me?! You practically raised Cole, Alexander, and Peter both when he was a kid and even now as a teen. You took care of Evangeline while she was on her damn deathbed. Shit, you protected Kiara before she even knew who and what she was. You’re more ‘equipped’ than me!”

Elijah looked up at Nick with eyes full of emotion as he digested his words. “Thank you... Nicholas. I... I needed to hear that,” Elijah said, trying to muster a smile.

“Clearly. I’m always right,” Nick smirked.

“I feel awful, however,” Elijah continued. “I feel like I stole a child from you.”

“You vampires are so fucking emotional. I swear sometimes you sound just like Alexander. You two are so much alike, and yet so different,” Nick said, shaking his head with a smirk. He grabbed Elijah’s shoulder and cracked a grin. “We’re fucking family, Blackbourne. Get over that shit already.”


Nick and Elijah heard screaming from outside before Kiara nearly broke down the door. “ELIJAH!!! YOU’RE GONNA BE A DADDY?!?!”

“Kiar-” Elijah said, standing to his feet.

“HOLY MOTHERFUDGER!” Kiara screamed as she immediately tackled him to the ground.

“Kiara, this is a bad habit,” Nick smirked as he watched her hug Elijah on the floor. “How did you even find out?”

“Marshala told Ava told Rhea told me! OH MY GOD, ELIJAH! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!”

“That’s so sweet of you, Kia-... Kiara, are you bleeding?” Elijah asked, touching her forehead.

“Huh?” she said. “Oh, yea. Just a scratch from some vampires that attacked me a few hours ago, BUT HOLY CRAP! YOU’RE GONNA BE A FATHER! OH MY GOD!”

“What do you mean ‘attacked by vampires’?!” Nick asked with narrowed brows as he pulled her to her feet.

“But Marshala-” Kiara started.

“Kiara, tell us what happened,” Elijah said, standing to his feet. “What vampires?”

She slowly exhaled. “Okay. I was in the lab doing some testing, and these two random vampires attacked me. I’m assuming they either got lost, confused, hungry or maybe they have beef with either Leo and Alexander and know I’m their mates and tried to come after me. It wasn’t too big of a deal. I held them off very easily. I just got a scratch. Not even enough to alert Leo and Alexander.”

“You haven’t told either of them?!” Nick asked, surprised.

“Well, no. They’ve both been so stressed with managing everything. I didn’t want to worry them. Like I said, it’s not really a big deal. I took care of them. I’m a phoenix, remember?” she said.

Elijah and Nick exchanged frustrated glances. “They’re not going to be happy you didn’t tell them, Kiara,” Elijah said. “It may seem minor to you, but they put your safety above all else. You have to tell them.”

“But the baby-” she said.

“Will still be here... You need to speak to them,” Nick said.

Kiara sighed. “I really don’t think it will be a big deal...”



Kiara cringed as she watched Leo angrily pace the living room floor of their apartment. She didn’t know what worried her more: Leo’s ferocious anger that rose higher with his tone of voice as his eyes blared amber or the way Alexander stood completely still against the wall. His blood-red eyes locked on her as he absentmindedly pulled at the beard he hated so much. She could practically feel his rage. “Why didn’t you tell us sooner?” Alexander asked tensely.

Kiara swallowed thickly and thought long and hard about her answer. “... I didn’t think-”


“Not even a fucking text,” Alexander snapped.

Kiara ran her hand over her face. “I think you guys are overreacting just a bit. Nothing happened. I fought them off. I’m fine.”

“That’s not the fucking point!” Leo said, turning to her angrily. “Do you know how hard it was to lose you the first time?! Hell the second fucking time?!”

Kiara’s shoulders fell once it dawned on her that neither of them had truly recovered from her possession by Melissa and her dying. “...guys...” she sighed.

“Don’t do that,” Alexander said quickly. “Don’t downplay our concerns just because you think you have everything under control. Yes, you’re a fucking phoenix witch, but you’re still bound to us, Kiara. Leo and I have been taking extra precautions every damn day to make sure we stay safe out of concern for you, and you’re off fighting vampires and not even telling us like it’s a damn hobby!”

“You sat us down months ago and told us that we need to be more open with communication. Don’t ask us for something you yourself won’t do,” Leo said to her.

“We’re honest with each other. We communicate. That’s the fuck how this relationship goes,” Alexander said, glaring at her. “Is that clear?”

Kiara looked up at them and instinctively bit her lip as she swallowed down a groan. “She’s fucking turned on! I can’t!” Leo said, throwing his hands in the air.

“Kiara!” Alexander said annoyed.

“I’m sorry! The way you guys are yelling at me and that look in your eyes’ got me wanting to scream ‘Yes, Daddy’!” she said, covering her face in embarrassment.

Leo sighed and looked at Alexander. “You did this,” Alexander accused.

“How the hell is this my fault?!” Leo asked.

“The way you had her bent over, making her call you ‘Daddy’. I knew this was going to come back and bite us in the ass,” Alexander said, shaking his head.

“Woah! Back it up! First of all, you’re the one who brought out the rope, Blackbourne!” Leo laughed. “And lastly, if I recall correctly, you actually bit her ass right before you-”

“I get it, Leo! Goddamn...” Alexander groaned. He covered his face before he looked at Kiara between his fingers.

“It’s okay. It was a love bite,” she winked.


“Congrats!” Levi said, clinking beers with Elijah. “Are you excited?”

“A bit terrified, honestly,” Elijah chuckled nervously.

“Nah, you’ll be fine,” Nick said. He playfully shoved Elijah as he sipped from his beer with a smirk.

“So, does a vampire-witch...hybrid... baby whatever. Does it drink blood? Eat food? Like how does that even work?” Cole asked.

“We’re trying to figure that out,” Nick said. “Marshala’s been craving a lot of meat... both the food and the male kind,” he grinned.

“Nicholas...” Elijah smirked, shaking his head at his naughty joke.

“He’s literally you,” Alexander said, hitting Leo’s shoulder.

“Shut up. I’m not that bad,” Leo said, sipping his beer.

“No, you’re right. You might be worse,” Alexander grinned.

“Fuck you!” Leo laughed, shoving him.

They heard the music in Marshala’s living room get higher as they heard Nikolai being cheered on. Cole peeked through the kitchen entryway to see Rhea and Nikolai dancing to a music video on the TV as Marshala, Ava, Giselle, and Kiara cheered them on. “What song is that?” Cole asked.

“It’s either Beyonce, Rihanna, or Janelle Monae, cause that’s all Kiara blasts in our apartment,” Leo snickered.

“Wow! Your first offense was peeking in the living room. Your second offense is not knowing who sings that song and your third offense was having a mocking tone about it,” Rhea said, walking into the kitchen.

“Rhea... kroshka,” Levi said, approaching her.

“Nuh-uh,” Rhea said, dodging his arms. “The other witches will be here soon. Can’t you guys take this testosterone-heavy, vampire/wolf sausage-fest elsewhere? Like outside? Maybe to your house?”

“Are you kicking us out?” Nick asked.

“Uh… DUH!” she said, motioning to the door. “We never got a chance to give Marshala a baby shower. Now that she’s having a mini-Elijah and we’re all together, we can make up for it.”

“Listen, Elphaba,” Cole protested as she started pushing him out the door.

“Save it, Dracula,” she said. “Y’all ain’t got to go home, but you got to get the hell up outta here.”

“Wait, RiRi,” Leo said quickly. “Kiara was attacked the other day. By vampires. Alexander and I don’t feel comfortable leaving her alone.”

“We don’t care that she’s a phoenix witch,” Alexander said before Rhea could protest. “We’re not taking any chances. We need her safe.”

Rhea sighed. “Fine. We’ll put a protective cloaking spell over the house that keeps vampires away. Satisfied?”

“Thanks, RiRi,” Leo said, hugging her. “And please call us if anything pops up.”

“Yes, yes, Leo. Go already. Damn,” Rhea said impatiently.


“Aww! This is so adorable!” Marshala said, holding up a small baby jumper.

“A little too small for Nikolai,” Giselle said, bouncing the little boy on her lap. “But should fit your newborn in no time.”

“I love it. Thank you, Giselle,” Marshala smiled. She leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh! Mine next!” Ava said, shoving a gift in Marshala’s face.

Marshala grinned as she unwrapped the gift and revealed a tiny book of spells. “Those are some of my favorite spells my mother taught Rhea and me when we were just little girls,” Ava smiled.

“Oh... Ava... this is... this is so precious,” Marshala said, leafing through the book.

“Gotta pass down that black girl magic,” Rhea smirked.

“Or black boy joy,” Ava winked. “Well... half of it at least.”

Nikolai scrambled off of Giselle’s lap and walked up to Kiara. “Hey, Niko. What’s up?” Kiara asked. “You missing out on all the goods? Don’t worry I can take you toy shopping or whatever.”

“Bad men, KiKi,” Nikolai said.

Kiara looked at him confused. “Bad men?”

Nikolai’s eyes suddenly shimmered amber as a rock came flying into the room breaking through the window. It stopped just before it made impact with his mother’s face. Marshala put her hand to her chest in shock. “Bad men, Mama!” Nikolai shouted as the rock dropped to the floor.

Kiara’s eyes widened. “EVERYONE GET DOWN!” she shouted. Within seconds, several sharp pieces of wood and rocks started flying into Marshala’s living room from outside. Furniture was being split in half and the couch torn apart.

Several of the witches ducked and dodged, seeking cover. Rhea and Ava quickly covered Marshala as Marshala used her magic to create a protective barrier. Meanwhile, Kiara cradled Nikolai in her arms to shield him from the barrage. “Mama!” Nikolai cried.

Kiara’s eyes flickered green as she raised a hand. A strong force sent everything flying within the house shooting right back outside, knocking out whoever was out there. She quickly stood to her feet and handed Nikolai to his mother before rushing to the shattered window. Looking outside, she saw three unfamiliar warlocks working to break down the barrier that Rhea had put up.

Kiara snarled. “They’re trying to hurt Marshala and her baby. Ava and Giselle, keep up the barrier. Rhea, come with me.” Kiara stormed outside, slamming the door open as Rhea rushed after her. One of the warlocks caught sight of her and panicked as they tried to step back, but Kiara lifted her hand and whipped him into a tree.

“Kiara! Watch out!” Rhea shouted.

Kiara turned just in time to see three vampires running towards her. “PROTECT MARSHALA!” Kiara shouted. Her eyes turned jade green as she put up an invisible barrier. It pushed her backward as the vampires charged, trying to get to her. Kiara called the elements as pieces of wood flew off the trees and headed for the vampires, impaling them through their chests.

She looked out of the corner of her eye to see more vampires headed towards her. The warlocks took their eyes off of Rhea and the house and focused on her. She felt a pounding headache consume her mind as the warlocks started chanting, and she fell to her knee in agony. “They’re not... they’re not after Marshala,” she groaned, holding her head.

Kiara held her head with one hand and put the other hand up, sending several vampires flying in the air. Her eyes switched to two of the chanting warlocks walking towards her. She sent one flying and missed a piece of wood that came flying towards her. She moved slightly, but not in time to stop it from impaling her thigh.

Kiara screamed out in agony as a fire lit up around her, immediately catching the vampires too close in the vicinity on fire as well.

“KIARA!” Rhea gasped.


“Okay, but at least tell me how you used the rope,” Cole grinned.

“That’s none of your fucking business,” Alexander muttered as he downed another beer.

“Oh, come on! I keep picturing Kiara as this innocent perfect girl and here you are telling me she’s a damn freak in the sheets. JUST LIKE YOU!” Cole laughed. “I was waiting for someone to bring the beast out. Pretending to be all romantic and shit when you know damn well you’re nasty.”

Leo laughed out loud at Alexander’s flustered face. “Shit, you have no idea. Alexander does this thing where he-” Leo started before his face immediately tightened. He looked at Alexander who had the same look of dread on his face.

“Boys?” Elijah asked, confused.

“KIARA!” they both snarled before they dashed out of the bar without a word to anyone else.


Kiara sat on her couch back at their apartment with her shoulders hunched. She was watching Netflix, hoping it would drown out the anxiety, angst, and anger she felt emanating from her two raging lovers that went full-on, hardcore protective mode.

She had managed to fend off the surviving vampires and warlocks that were now being questioned by Elijah, Nick, and Marshala. She had hoped that the fact she saved everyone in the house would have been enough. For Marshala it was. For her mates, it was not.

Alexander was practically vibrating with anger when he made her feed from him to heal. They had taken her home and bounded up the house like they were waiting for the apocalypse. The attack on her life led to both of her mates going on a warpath, questioning and roughing up every supernatural creature in their territory. She had never seen them so angry in all her time knowing them.

She heard the door slam as Alexander walked in with sharp blue angry eyes. His face and hands were caked with dark blood. “Um...” Kiara said softly. His angry blue eyes instinctively locked on her, nearly sending her into a panic.

“Anything?” Leo snarled, walking into the living room with his fists clenched. Alexander merely shook his head as he ran his fingers through his long black hair.

Kiara cautiously got up from the couch and approached Alexander. She gently touched his stomach and his eyes shot open as he quickly grabbed her wrist. “Don’t Kiara,” he said sternly.

“I was just going to wash your shirt...” she said. His jaw tensed as he allowed her to peel his shirt off of him. She exposed his sculpted bare chest that was decorated with harsh marks complementing his brand scar as they started to heal. “Jeez, Alexander...” she said, wiping some of the excess blood off of his hands. “How many vampires did you-”

“Does it fucking matter?” Alexander snapped sharply. Kiara furrowed her brow and looked away from him. She heard him sigh with regret before he gently grabbed her chin and lifted her head to meet his gaze. “I’m sorry, iubita mea...” he said remorsefully with a bit more softness in his voice. “I didn’t mean to snap at you... I’m just...”

“I know,” she said, giving him a weak smile. He leaned down to kiss her, but she put her hand in his face. “I’d like to taste your lips, Alexander, not vampire blood,” she said.

“...fair point,” Alexander said, walking to the kitchen sink.

She glanced at Leo who was still pacing frantically as he ranted in Russian on the phone. “Leo-” she started.

“Not now, Angel!” he snapped angrily before he started yelling in Russian again. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her face into his chest. She felt the muscles in his torso soften before his hand gently touched the back of her head. “Denis, I gotta go. I want an update in an hour,” Leo said before hanging up. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head as he took a deep breath. “I love you, Angel.”

“...I love you too, Leo...”

“Let me just finish locking up the windows and doors,” Leo said, stepping away from her.

“How’s this?” Alexander asked, walking up to her. Kiara turned around and eyed a shirtless Alexander. His long black hair covered half his face as his light blue eyes gazed at her from underneath his tresses. She sensually bit her lip and tried to resist jumping him. “From the look on your face, I’m gonna guess, I look okay?” Alexander chuckled.

Kiara smirked and walked up to him with a towel. “You always look good, Alexander,” she said, wiping some of the residues from his neck. She took her time wiping down his chest and absentmindedly licked her bottom lip.

“Kiara...” Alexander said with a bit of rasp in his voice. His eyes zeroed in on her lips.

She looked up at him with big doe brown eyes and pushed his hair out of his face to see him staring intently at her. “Don’t look at me like that,” she smirked as she wiped his neck.

“Like what?” he asked.

“Like you’re about to bend me over your knee and spank me,” she teased.

“Oh? Is that what you want?” Alexander smirked. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. He leaned in again to kiss her when she dodged his lips.

“You need to shower,” she said.

Alexander sighed with a smirk. “If you insist...” He wrapped his hands underneath her thighs and lifted her onto his waist, making her squeal.

“Alexander! Watch it! Leo’s mark!” she warned.

“What, this one?” He sensually rubbed his finger underneath her thigh and over Leo’s mark. Kiara immediately clutched Alexander’s head and tightened her legs around his waist. She groaned into his neck as she quickly met a climax she was not prepared for.

“You’re such a jerk,” she moaned into his shoulder.

Alexander chuckled amused. “I couldn’t help myself... I love the smell of your arousal...” He started walking to the bathroom, still holding her wrapped around his waist.

“Leo!” Kiara called out. “Stop messing around already!”

Leo finished locking another window before he glanced back at her. “I’m taking precautions, Angel.” She whimpered with a pout, causing him to groan in frustration. “You can’t just whimper every time you want something, Angel,” he said. She whimpered even louder and used her finger to conjure a wind that made him stumble forward towards them.

Alexander chuckled. “Apparently, she can,” he smirked.


Kiara gently ran her fingers down Alexander’s face, tracing the trail that the water droplets from the shower-head left. He kept his steady blue eyes on her, not breaking eye contact as he thrust deep inside her, causing her to gasp with pleasure. She tightened her legs around Alexander’s waist, enjoying the way his girth stretched her out. She felt a hard stinging slap against her ass from Leo behind her.

“Goddamn, Angel… You’re so tight, baby,” Leo groaned in her ear. He gripped her waist and slammed into her, causing her to squeal a sound so piercing it rang out between the marble walls that surrounded them. Her heavy breathing and desperate moans were most prominent, only making Leo and Alexander hungrier and more desperate for her.

Kiara had gotten used to the erotic damage her body would take when caught between the throes of passion between her two lovers. They became as much of an addiction for her as she was for them. Her head fell back against Leo’s shoulder as she wrapped an arm around his neck. Her breasts jumped erratically with each rough and forceful thrust.

She looked down when she felt Leo’s hand wrap around her to selfishly grab her plumpness within his grasp. He massaged her as his fingers teased her nipples. She shivered when Alexander removed her hand from his chest and slowly sucked her finger into his mouth. “Oh god...” she whimpered as the sensual sensation of his tongue emanated to her core.

“You like that, huh, baby,” Leo smirked as he sucked on her neck. “Learn something new about your body every day...” Kiara’s body jumped as she felt them both push deep inside of her. She leaned forward, wrapping her arms around Alexander’s neck. She bit down on his shoulder as their pace increased, driving her wild.

“Guys!” she panted erratically as she raked her nails down Alexander’s back. “Fuck. Fuck.”

“You can take it, Angel,” Leo said as he started slapping into her from behind.

“Come, Kiara,” Alexander ordered, licking the curve of her jawline. She desperately tugged at Alexander’s hair and cried out as her body released. One of the light bulbs in the bathroom broke as she felt them both tense and release inside of her.

“That’s the sixth one in three weeks...” Alexander sighed.

“Sorry...” Kiara said embarrassed as she buried her face into his neck.


Kiara pulled on a pair of boy shorts and threw on one of Leo’s long tees before she hopped on the bed. “If we’re staying cooped up inside tonight, can we pleeeeeease watch Whatever Happened to Monday?” she asked.

“You’ve seen that movie like five times, Kiara,” Leo said, pulling on a pair of sweats.

“I know. It’s so good!” she beamed. She scrambled off the bed and went looking for the remote before Alexander grabbed her from behind.

“Mm, you smell so good, iubita mea,” Alexander smiled, burrowing his nose into her hair.

“I would hope so. I just showered,” she teased as she wiggled out of his arms.

“Smartass,” Leo grinned. “We got something better planned for you tonight.”

Kiara’s eyes widened when she saw a long scarf dangling from Leo’s hand. “Man, you guys really like that game, don’t you?” she grinned.

“You’re the one who introduced it to me,” Leo grinned as he handed the scarf to Alexander. Kiara crawled backward on the bed as Leo crawled on top of her. He immediately grabbed her waist and nestled his face into her shirt. She arched her back as he kissed over her chest and down her stomach while Alexander gently lifted her arms above her head.

“We’ll be gentler this time,” Alexander grinned as he tied her wrists together. She looked down to see Leo lifting the hem of her shirt as his tongue trailed down her pelvis, caressing her bare skin. She groaned as his thumb stroked Alexander’s mark, making her squirm on the bed.

Alexander quickly swallowed her moans with an impassioned kiss as he softly caressed her face. Leo licked her heaven through her dampening boy shorts. His lips impatiently sucked at her sensitive bud, eager to taste more of her when suddenly his ears perked up. He quickly sat up as both he and Alexander immediately looked towards the door.

“Leo?” Kiara asked.

“I just... Alexander, did you hear that?” Leo asked.

Alexander’s ear twitched before he quickly got up from the bed. “Let’s go check it out. Kiara, you stay here.”

“What?!” Kiara blurted.

“Don’t worry, baby. We’ll finish what we started when we get back,” Leo said, lightly tapping her wet core. “But we need to make sure there’s no one lurking, for your safety.”

Kiara quickly sat up in frustration with her tied hands in her lap. “Guys, this is exactly how horror movies start! You know what the victims always say right before they die? ‘I’ll be back!’ AND THEN, THEY DON’T COME BACK!”

“Relax, Angel.” Leo leaned down to kiss her on the lips as he stroked her inner thigh. “It’s just a security check.”

“We’re the scariest creatures on this planet, Kiara,” Alexander said, kissing her temple. He walked with Leo towards the door. “There’s no bigger threat than us.”


Kiara exhaled as she grew impatient waiting for the guys to return. She used her magic to loosen the scarf as she pulled it off and stood from the bed. “Guys?” she said, walking into the living room. But there was no one there. All the doors and windows were closed shut.

“Leo? Alexander?” she called out. She opened the door to the dark outside. “LEO! ALEXANDER!” she shouted. But still no response. She sucked her teeth as she closed the door. “I’m just gonna call them,” she said, pulling out her cellphone. She dialed Leo and heard his phone go off in the living room.

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she looked for it and found it on the couch. She rejected the call and turned around. She screamed, startled to see Leo standing in the corner. “DAMMIT, LEO!” she said with her hand to her chest, trying to catch her breath. “You scared the crap out of me!”

Leo looked at her without saying a word before he cocked his head to the side. “Leo?” she said. “What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you talking?” She walked up to him when his hand jutted out and roughly grabbed her by the neck. “LEO!” she screamed before he violently tossed her to the ground. She crawled backward and looked up into his eyes to see them glowing a crystal pearl-white with no pupil. “Le-”

“Kill the witch!” he snarled as he charged at her.

She quickly dodged out of the way, and he fell into the table. Kiara jumped to her feet and ran into the kitchen before running smack into Alexander. “Alexan-” she started when she looked up to see the same crystal pearl-white in Alexander’s eyes that she had seen in Leo’s. She backed up as he took a step forward and grabbed her roughly by the neck, lifting her high into the air. “Alexan-der,” she choked out, trying to gasp for breath.

Kill the witch!” he growled as his nails elongated. He swiped at her just as she blew him backward, sending him flying into the window. Kiara fell to the floor and looked at the long, bloody mark left on her arm from Alexander’s nails that just barely missed her chest.

“This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening!” she said, crawling around the counter. “I’m dreaming again! I’m dreaming! That’s it. I’ll just wake up. Come on, Kiara. Wake up, girl. Wake u-AH!” she screeched, just dodging Leo before he could tackle her. “Leo, please! Snap out of it!” she said, stumbling into the living room. “I don’t want to hurt you!”

But it was as if she were talking to a wall. Both Leo and Alexander whisked into the living room, charging after her with a violence she never thought would be targeted towards her. She raised her arms and sent both of them flying in opposite directions before she ran out the door. She pulled out her cell phone as she kept running into the darkness. She didn’t care that she was only wearing her underwear and Leo’s shirt.

“Hello?” Elijah answered.

“ELIJAH!” she started. But she went flying backward in the air from how hard Alexander abruptly rammed into her. Her phone whipped several feet away from her. She groaned from landing so hard and rubbed at the blood oozing from a wound in her head. Her vision was blurry as blood dripped into her eye until her vision adjusted to see a strange dark-haired woman standing in front of her in a long black cloak. “Hey... you-” Kiara started as she struggled to her feet.

The woman raised her head as she eyed Kiara curiously, taking her in. Her eyes glowed to the same crystal pearl-white. “End her,” the woman demanded.

“What?” Kiara said before she felt a sharp pain in her waist. She looked to the side to see Leo snarling with his nails shoved deep into her waist. “Leo-” she choked out in shock. She heard footsteps and saw Alexander approaching her as his fangs elongated and his nails extended.

Kill the witch!” Alexander growled.

“Guys...” Kiara said surprised as a tear slipped down her cheek. “It’s me. Kiara. It’s... it’s your Angel.” Leo’s snarl slowly faded as his eyes flickered from the pearl white. Alexander stopped in his tracks, a look of confusion plastering his face.

I SAID END HER!” the woman shouted again as she raised her hand. Both of their eyes went back to pearl white as Alexander approached her again. But a speeding force rammed into him, sending him flying into a tree.

Kiara looked at what collided with him, and her eyes widened in shock. “ROSE?!”

“Hey, Barbie,” Rose said, dusting herself off. “I honestly thought you guys were doing some really funky foreplay, but I’m not sure how turned on you are about getting your innards ripped out. So, I figured-” Rose immediately went flying into the air as Alexander sped into her, shoving her high in the sky.

“ROSE!” Kiara screamed. She grabbed Leo’s wrist and cringed as she pulled it out of her side. “I’m sorry, Leo. Please forgive me,” she said quickly. Leo started shouting in pain from the way she burned his hand. A similar burn started to form on her own wrist as she scrambled to her feet and headed for the woman.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” Kiara demanded. She raised her arms to attack, but the woman instantly disappeared. Kiara looked around stunned when she felt herself get picked up by her neck and body-slammed to the ground. She gasped from shock as she looked up into Leo’s pearl-white eyes. “Leo!” she blurted, grabbing his wrist. “IT’S ME, LEO! IT’S KIARA!” she shouted. “PLEASE!”

Leo’s pupil-less, white eyes looked around frantically as if trying to figure out what was going on. He hesitantly released her and put his hands to his head. Kiara struggled to her feet and limped towards him, holding her side. “Leo, baby-”

“Watch out, Barbie!” Rose shouted.

Kiara glanced to the side just as Alexander quickly grabbed her and squeezed her with a bone-crunching embrace. She cried out in pain, writhing in his arms before Rose ripped him off of her and tackled him to the ground.

She sat on top of him, pinning him to the ground as he thrashed underneath her. “Gosh, I wish we were doing something naughtier in this position,” Rose sighed. “No hard feelings, yea cupcake?” she said, before knocking him out.


Alexander slowly opened his eyes to a bright light above him. He immediately put his hand to his head that was pounding something fierce.

“You’re awake. Good,” Elijah said, coming to his side.

Alexander sat up and looked around, noticing he was in the Blackbourne manor. “Elijah?” he said, looking at him confused. “What... what happened? How did I-” Suddenly, his eyes widened as he felt his heart stop. “KIARA!” he blurted as he shot up from the couch.

Elijah put his hand on Alexander’s shoulder. “Sit down, Alexander. Take a minute,” Elijah insisted.

Nick looked down at his brother rubbing furiously at his eyes before they popped open. “HOLY SHIT! KIARA!” Leo said, snapping up.

“Calm down,” Nick said.

“WHERE IS SHE?!” Leo panicked. “IS SHE ALRIGHT?! WAS SHE-”

“Leo, I need you to calm down,” Nick said again.

“WHAT HAPPENED?!” Alexander shouted. “WHERE IS SHE?!”

“We can’t tell you that,” Rhea said, walking into the living room with a towel and a sad look on her face.

“RiRi,” Leo said, approaching her. “Tell us where she is! Tell us what happened! Is she alright?!”

Rhea looked up at him. “You don’t remember... do you?”

“REMEMBER WHAT?!” Leo growled at her.

“Leo...” Rhea sighed. “... you… you almost killed her...”

Leo’s eyes widened in shock as he took a step back from her. “W-... what? N-no. No! No, you’re wrong! I would never!” Leo snarled. He looked at his brother. “She’s lying! Tell me she’s lying!” Nick lowered his head unable to look his brother in the eyes.

“This is a mistake,” Alexander said, pulling his hair. “No, something’s not right. There’s something you’re not telling us.”

“Alexander-” Elijah started.

“WE WOULD NEVER HURT HER, ELIJAH!” Alexander shouted. “SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT!” Elijah tightened his lips as he watched Alexander plop down on the couch, putting his head in his hands. He could see blood tears falling to the floor that leaked from his face. “Please... just tell us where she is,” Alexander pleaded, wiping his face. “We need to see her.”

“Until we figure out what happened with you two,” Elijah said. “I’m afraid... we need to keep her whereabouts... unknown... for her safety.”

Alexander and Leo looked at them in shock. “YOU’RE KEEPING US AWAY FROM HER?!” Leo blurted.

Nick swallowed hard. “I’m sorry, Leo...”

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