Family Ties - (Book 3 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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41 - Knowing the Unknown

“Please, just let me talk to them.”

“Not yet, Kiara.”

“They didn’t mean it, Marshala! It wasn’t them!” Kiara said, frantically. “I told you there was a woman-”

“We’re looking into it,” Marshala said. “But I need you to first take a deep breath... and relax.”

Kiara groaned in frustration. She plopped back down on the couch in a house located in the far outskirts of town that they had shielded with a masking spell. Her knee bobbed up and down frantically as she anxiously chewed her nails. She felt a crushing feeling in her chest that could only mean one thing. “Marshala, they’re worried sick about me,” Kiara insisted again. “I can feel them. I can feel their anguish. They’re hurting. Please!”

Marshala sighed as she turned to Kiara. “I’ll tell Rhea to inform them again that you are okay.”

“They need to see me to believe that!” Kiara blurted. “Come on, Marshala! This is Alexander and Leo we’re talking about!”

“Kiara...” Marshala said patiently. “We’re doing this for your safety. Let us figure out this part first: this woman you say you saw. Then, we’ll get you back to Leo and Alexander.”

Kiara growled in frustration as she shot up from the couch and rushed outside. She took a few steps and let out a deep breath, trying to calm her anger. She felt her emotions well up inside of her like a wrench tightening her chest. Her throat felt dry and clogged from the sobs she wanted to spill. Her body ached from how badly she wanted to be in their arms. She needed Leo’s warm, soft embrace. She missed Alexander’s piney male musk that invaded her nostrils every time he pulled her in for a kiss.

“So, that’s what being in love looks like.”

Kiara looked up into the trees and saw Rose casually sitting in a high branch. “Hey, Rose...” she said softly.

“Hey, Barbie,” Rose said, jumping down to the ground. “You okay? Even with a frown on your face, you’re still cute as hell.”

Kiara chuckled as she quickly wiped the tears from her face. She looked up at Rose with a grateful smile. “Thank you for saving my butt back there,” Kiara said.

Rose shrugged. “It’s no biggie. I’ve seen you kick vampire ass before. Torch them in seconds like a total badass. But... with Alexander and the wolf...”

“I can’t hurt them,” Kiara said, shaking her head as she wiped her nose. “I... I couldn’t...”

“They almost killed you, Barbie,” Rose said with a quirked brow.

Kiara shrugged with a pathetic chuckle. “I love them, Rose.”

Rose curled her upper lip in disgust. “Eesh... the single life is looking mighty good right about now.”

Kiara couldn’t help but laugh. “We’re connected to each other. My life... is tied to theirs. Other than the fact that I could never hurt them, if they die, so do I.”

“Shit, that sucks for you, Barbie,” Rose said surprised. “You got the raw end of the deal.”

“My entire bloodline was massacred by a vampire who was basically pissed cause his dick game was whack. I never stayed in a home long enough for it to actually have an impression on my life. I was given the shortest crash course on being a witch and saving the world. I died twice in the process, once involving my dead great great great great grandmother possessing me and killing all my friends. Sooo... I’m kinda used to getting the raw end of the deal,” Kiara laughed.

“Shit...” Rose muttered. “Bad...ass...”

Kiara rolled her eyes with a smirk. “That’s one way of looking at it.” Wrapping her arms around herself, she rubbed her shoulders and thought out loud. “Besides, I know that wasn’t them. There was a woman. I’m pretty sure she was controlling them. Her eyes were the same color as theirs, and she told them to end me right before they attacked,” Kiara said. “They would never hurt me of their own free will...”

“Oh, yea... the scraggly broad. Didn’t really see her face, but I did see the rags she was wearing. Gross,” Rose shuttered.

Kiara exhaled as she looked up at the bright blue sky. It had been three days since she had last seen or heard from her mates. She knew that Marshala was keeping her hidden from them for her safety until they could figure things out. But her chest literally ached with pain. Kiara had never been with a family long enough for her to miss them the way she missed Alexander and Leo.

“Separation anxiety is a bitch,” Rose said, breaking her out of her thoughts.

Kiara looked at her and frowned. “It sure as hell is...”


Alexander sat on the roof of an abandoned warehouse with his eyes closed. His legs folded underneath him as his chin rested in his hands. His long black hair blew gently in the breeze as his fingers methodically clenched and released from tension.

His mind fluttered, trying to remember the details of his lover’s face both before and after the attack. But he severely struggled. His intense need for her overshadowed his ability to think straight. He opened his eyes when he heard rustling from the forest ground below him. He saw Leo’s wolf running through the bushes at full speed. Leo let out a loud howl followed by whimpering as he fell to the forest floor in a heap.

Alexander furrowed his brow. He leaped off the roof and landed quietly on his feet. He could feel a tight pressure in his chest as he walked closer to Leo’s wolf that lay still on the forest ground. Only Leo’s chest moving up and down as he panted. Alexander stood in front of Leo’s wolf whose eyes were closed as he continued to whimper.


The wolf slowly opened his amber eyes meeting Alexander’s light blue gaze. The wolf merely whimpered as he covered his eyes with his paw. “Leo, come on...” Alexander sighed as he crouched down. He gently ran his fingers through Leo’s dark blonde fur, softly massaging his head. “I need you. I can’t talk to you like this...” Alexander persisted.

Leo’s wolf groaned as he reluctantly rolled over and stood back on his hind legs. Alexander watched as Leo transformed back into his human body. “Where were you?” Alexander asked, handing him the clothes from a small bag.

“East... west... I don’t fucking remember,” Leo grumbled as he shoved his legs into the pants. He plopped down on the ground and ran his shaky fingers through his shaggy hair.

“You were looking for her...” Alexander said, playing with a blade of grass.

“I fucking miss her,” Leo muttered. He glanced at Alexander to see him staring at nothing. “You know where she is?” Leo asked.

Alexander subtly shook his head as his jaw tensed. “I don’t want to look for her. Because when I find her, I’ll go to her. And I... I can’t risk hurting her again...”

Leo let out a loud growl as his head fell. He grabbed anxiously at the back of his neck, trying to rub the tension out. “There’s no fucking way,” Leo said, shaking his head. “There’s no way I’d... I couldn’t... we would never.”

“They said we almost killed her,” Alexander said.

“That’s fucking bullshit!” Leo snapped.

Alexander glanced at him. “You don’t remember anything? Anything at all?”

Leo sighed as he tugged at his beard. “I remember us making love to her... kissing her... I was about to tongue-fuck the shit out of her, I remember that.”

“A little further, Leo...”

“A noise outside,” Leo shrugged. “I remember us going out into the dark and then... nothing.”

Alexander furrowed his brow. “That’s all I remember as well...”

“None of this shit makes any damn sense,” Leo groaned. He rubbed his hands over his face. “I just miss her so goddamn much.”

Alexander absentmindedly rubbed at his scar on his chest through his shirt as he thought about her. “I miss her too...” he sighed. Suddenly, both of their phones went off. They checked a text to their group message from their mate.

Kiara👻: Marshala would be pissed if she knew I was messaging you guys. Just know that I’m okay. I love you so much. And I know you would never hurt me on purpose. We’ll figure this out.

“Goddammit,” Leo groaned as he held the phone to his chest. “Angel...”

Alexander swallowed down a sob as he tried to resist the urge to call her. He desperately missed her voice, her laugh, her sighs. “If what they’re saying is true... I don’t want to risk hurting her again,” Leo said, biting the pad of his thumb. “But I need her, Alexander... What do we do?” Alexander looked at Leo as he tried to digest his words. He had no idea what they should do.


“Wait, those motherfuckers can actually see their reflections now?” Rose scoffed. “Bullshit! Why can’t I get those kinds of perks?”

Kiara chuckled as she walked next to Rose in the forest, scrolling through pictures on her phone. “It was a fluke, to be honest.”

“Fluke my ass. OH! He’s cute!” Rose said, pointing at Kiara’s screen.

“He’s one of the major investors for the foundation,” Kiara said. “He did tell me I looked like his wife or fiancé or something. And this picture was from the after-party.”

“Shit, Barbie. You sure know how to work a dress. Look at those legs!” Rose winked.

Kiara shook her head with a grin. “I swear you’re bisexual, Rose.”

“Sexuality is fluid, not restrictive to an immortal vampire,” Rose grinned. “My preference is dick. But I’m not opposed to some good pussy.”

“That’s entirely too much information,” Kiara laughed. Rose suddenly snarled as she ran full speed forward. She jutted out her fist just as quickly as Gina caught her fist in her hand. “Gina!” Kiara said, running to catch up to them.

“Who the fuck are you?!” Rose snarled at her.

“None of your goddamn business, Blondie. Who the fuck are you? And what are you doing with Kiara?” Gina snapped.

“Guys!” Kiara shouted. “It’s okay! Rose, Gina is my friend. Gina, same with Rose!”

Rose looked at Gina curiously. “You’re a hybrid...”

“And you’re irrelevant,” Gina said, moving past her as she approached Kiara.

“Damn Gina...” Kiara murmured.

“You’re just making friends with any old random vampire now, Kiara?” Gina scolded.

“She’s my friend, Gina,” Kiara said. “She helped save me from the attack.”

Gina looked back at Rose who had her arms crossed over her plump chest and a scowl on her face. “Hmm... I guess she is useful,” Gina said, walking towards the house. “Come, Kiara. Let’s talk.”


“I spoke with Rhea,” Marshala said. “She said neither Alexander nor Leo remember anything. They don’t remember attacking Kiara.”

“Well then, that leaves you, Kiara,” Gina said, looking at her. “You need to tap into your powers. Try to see what they saw.”

“But, I can only see their memories if I’m touching them,” Kiara said.

“Do you have anything of theirs? Maybe a hat or shirt they’ve worn?” Gina asked.

“I still have Leo’s shirt that I wore the night of the attack,” Kiara said.

“Perfect. Use that,” Gina said. “Inhale Leo’s scent and focus on him.”

Kiara pulled Leo’s shirt from her bag and bunched it in her hands. She put the shirt to her face and inhaled deeply which only made her miss him that much more. Her eyes rolled up as an image came to her mind.


“Relax, Angel.” Leo leaned down to kiss her on the lips as he stroked her inner thigh. “It’s just a security check.”

“We’re the scariest creatures on this planet, Kiara,” Alexander added. “There’s no bigger threat than us.”

Leo waited for Alexander to close the door to the bedroom before they both headed to the living room. “It might be another vampire,” Leo said, opening the door to the outside. “These sons of bitches are gonna learn to leave our girl alone.”

“Wait,” Alexander said, holding Leo back. “You hear that?”

Leo’s ears perked up to hear the sound of a woman faintly calling for help. “Help!” the voice cried. “Please help me!”

The two of them looked around until they spotted a woman near a tree who seemed to be injured. They exchanged uncertain looks before they both cautiously approached her. “Hey... are you okay?” Leo asked. “Are you lost?”

The woman slowly turned around, and they were startled by her bright eyes. “Please help me,” she said, stumbling into Alexander’s arms.

“Hey, it’s alright,” Alexander said, catching her. He tried to help her find her balance. “Are you hurt? Do you need-”

Leo noticed Alexander’s eyes quickly glaze over as the woman looked into his eyes. She grabbed Alexander’s face between her hands and firmly planted her lips against his. “I just need you...” she said, kissing him forcefully.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Leo snarled. He grabbed her wrist and ripped it off of Alexander before he felt himself freeze too. A wide grin came to the woman’s face as she moved from Alexander to Leo. She ran her finger teasingly down his bare chest before hooking her finger into the waistband of his sweats. Leo tried to move, but it was as if he were completely paralyzed.

“The famous... Volkov...” She raked her eyes over Leo’s chest before looking into his light blue eyes. “Finally at my command...” She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, and Leo felt his mind completely blank. Kill the witch,” she said against Leo’s lips. “Kill... your witch.


Kiara quickly came back as she stared at the expectant faces of Gina, Marshala, Ava, and Rose. “That nasty ass kissed my men, trying to give them freaking mono!” Kiara blurted.

“What?” Marshala asked, confused.

“Sorry, let me just... ugh...” Kiara shook her head, trying to calm her frustration long enough to explain. “Leo and Alexander went outside to check out the noise and ran into this strange woman. She pretended to need help, but she was really just tricking them. She freaking KISSED them, and somehow that put them under her spell or whatever.”

“She kissed them?” Ava asked. “That’s so weird. What kind of magic is that? Is she a witch?”

“I’m not aware of that kind of magic,” Marshala said, looking at Gina. “Gina?”

Gina furrowed her brow as she tried to think. “Kiara, do you remember seeing the eyes of the other vampires that attacked you?” she asked.

“Not really...” Kiara said. “I mean... everything moved so quickly.”

“And the witches you interrogated who attacked your house, Marshala,” Gina said. “Did they remember anything?”

“Well, they were all warlocks... They didn’t remember anything either,” Marshala said. “Took me a lot to convince Nicholas and Elijah to let them go unharmed.”

“Kiara... were you attacked by any women?” Gina asked. “Any female vampires?”

Kiara pondered for a minute before slowly shaking her head. “”

“So what, this is a misogynist attack or some shit?” Rose said flatly.

“No,” Gina said, looking at Kiara. “Kiara, I believe the woman you saw was a siren.”

Kiara looked at her severely confused. “A siren? I thought those were myths? And aren’t they like mermaids?”

Gina rolled her eyes. “Stop defining your reality by pop culture. A siren is a supernatural creature who has the ability to lure men and manipulate their minds. However... I did not know they had the power to control the actions of men to this extent. This siren is unique.”

Marshala shook her head. “What on earth would a siren have against Kiara? What does she want?”

“In order to find that out, we need to catch her again,” Gina said. “We’ve got to think of a plan.”

“Let the games begin,” Rose smirked, rubbing her hands together.

Ava noticed Kiara’s brows were furrowed as her mind was in a flurry of thoughts. “Now that we know what we’re dealing with... can Kiara see Leo and Alexander again?” Ava asked. Kiara quickly looked up at her in surprise and gave her a grateful smile.

“Not yet,” Gina said. “We need to make sure they are both completely out from under the siren’s influence. It could be that whenever they see Kiara, that command to kill her returns.”

Kiara deeply exhaled. “Makes sense.”

“I’ll tell Rhea,” Ava said, pulling out her phone.


“I can’t believe you’re going to be a father,” Alexander said to his oldest brother from across the kitchen table.

“Yea, who knew all that fucking would lead to a vampire-baby,” Cole smirked. He leaned against the kitchen counter with his arms folded across his chest.

Elijah shook his head at Cole’s comment and revealed a small, unnerved smile. “It hasn’t quite entirely sunk in yet. I wouldn’t know what to do with a child.”

“Uh... the same thing you’ve done with us,” Alexander smirked.

“Be annoying as shit and act like you have a stick up your ass,” Cole teased.

“Impose hundreds of ridiculous rules,” Alexander added.

“Smack us around a bit and tell us you ‘love’ us,” Cole rolled his eyes.

“Take us hunting only to show us how superior you think you are,” Alexander chuckled.

“Oh, I know I’m superior!” Elijah grinned.

“This motherfucker!” Cole said as Alexander laughed.

“And we’ll be here to help you look after him... or her...” Alexander smiled.

“Thank you,” Elijah smiled. “It means so much to have the support of my brothers.”

“All of your brothers,” Cole said. He leaned to the side and looked into the living room at Peter, texting on his phone. “Right, Peter?” Peter merely lifted his middle finger, flipping Cole off while not taking his eyes off of his phone. “Little asshole,” Cole smirked.

They heard the doorbell ring. Elijah walked to the door and opened it to see Rhea, Nick, and Leo. “It’s a siren,” Rhea said, rushing into the house. “It’s a freaking siren! A SIREN!”

“A siren?” Elijah said, confused. He moved to the side to let them in.

“She hasn’t stopped saying that since she got off the phone with Ava,” Nick said, walking in. “Said she’d explain further when we got here... Are you alright?”

“I’m okay,” Elijah smiled.

“Sit down! All of you, sit down!” Rhea said, motioning with her hands.

“I don’t need to be here for this,” Cole said.

“Shut up and sit down!” Rhea demanded.

“Shit...” Cole muttered as he plopped down on the couch next to Alexander.

“You’ve heard from Kiara?” Alexander asked quickly.

“Well, no...” Rhea said. Alexander instinctively frowned as Leo nudged him in the shoulder. “But Ava told me she’s fine. She misses you guys. But anyway, the reason you guys can’t remember anything is because you were manipulated by a siren,” Rhea explained.

“I’m assuming this isn’t the same type of siren like the one I’ve taught about,” Nick said.

“Sort of. I remember my mom teaching Ava and me about all kinds of supernatural creatures when we were just kids, but I thought sirens were mythical. Fictional. Not like us. Turns out I was wrong. Sirens are totally supernatural and have the power to lure and manipulate men under their control, whether they’re warlocks, vampires, wolves, and the like.”

“So this... siren... made us attack Kiara?” Alexander asked.

“Yes,” Rhea nodded. “Just like she made the other vampires and warlocks attack her as well.”

“You guys don’t remember seeing a woman?” Nick asked.

Both Leo and Alexander shook their heads. “Kiara is the last person we remember seeing,” Alexander said.

“Sirens have the ability to make it so that you never know what happened or what you did. It’s like they never existed in your mind,” Rhea said. “Their magic can also last for days, which is why it’s best to keep you guys away from Kiara until we’ve cleared your minds.” Alexander and Leo both looked at each other apprehensively before Rhea grabbed both of their hands. “Don’t worry about it,” she said. “I can fix it. Gina told me how.”

Elijah and Nick helped set the candles around them as Leo and Alexander sat on the floor in front of Rhea. She read over Gina’s text message again, going over her directions for the spell one more time before setting her phone down. She grabbed a bottle of oil mixed with herbs from her bag and dabbed some on her fingers before rubbing them against their temples.

“Once I do this, you’ll be rid of any of her influence over you,” Rhea said. “But...”

“But what?” Leo asked.

“Doing this will also cause you to see everything you did... everything... that you couldn’t remember,” Rhea said.

“You mean how we hurt her...” Alexander said tightly.

Rhea gave him a worried frown. “I’ll try to make this quick. Close your eyes.”

Leo and Alexander both closed their eyes as Rhea grabbed their wrists and started to say an incantation. The flames of the candles around them rose higher as a wind circulated everyone in the room. Their minds flashed with the events of what happened the moment they left the house up until the point that Leo got his painful migraine and Rose knocked Alexander out.

“HOLY FUCK!” Leo shouted the moment Rhea released their wrists. “SHIT! FUCK! I FUCKIN-” Leo jumped to his feet in shock and anger as tears ran down his face.

“Leo, wait-” Rhea said, quickly getting up to follow him.

“I FUCKING GUTTED HER! I RAMMED MY- HOLY SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK?! I HURT MY ANGEL?? HOW COULD I-” Leo stammered frantically as he ran to the door.

“LEO!” Nick said, rushing after him. But Leo immediately transformed into his wolf and took off outside, howling with intense anger and pain.

“We have to go after him!” Rhea said. “He’s freaking out! Alexan-” Rhea turned around to see that Alexander had completely disappeared. “What the-?!” she said startled.

“This was too much for them,” Elijah said in frustration, running his fingers through his hair. “Neither can bare knowing that they hurt her. Even if it wasn’t of their own volition.”

“We have to get them back,” Rhea said. “Gina has a plan to catch this siren.”

“Well, Nick just ran after Leo,” Cole said. “I need to go after Alexander. He needs my help-”

“Peter and I will go after Alexander,” Elijah said. “Take Rhea and go help Nicholas find Leo.”

“But, Elijah, he needs-” Cole started.

“I know what he needs, Cole,” Elijah said sternly. “I will take care of it...” Cole gave Elijah a frustrated look as Elijah walked up to Cole and looked him in the eye. “I’ll bring him back. Don’t worry,” Elijah reassured him. Cole let out a deep breath. He nodded as he grabbed Rhea’s hand and headed towards the door.

“Are we driving?” Rhea asked.

“Driving... That’s cute, Elphaba,” Cole said. He picked her up on his back and sprinted off as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Peter?” Elijah said, looking at Peter on the couch.

Peter sighed as he put his phone down and looked at Elijah. “The best way to help Alexander is to kill this siren,” Peter said.

“We have to find him first... before he spirals. You remember what happened last time,” Elijah said.

Peter shook his head as he stood to his feet. “Mortals are more trouble than they’re worth,” he said before the both of them left the house.


“COLE! Can you please slow the fuck down!” Rhea said, squeezing his shoulder. Cole stopped running and let Rhea go as she nearly fell over. “God-!” she blurted, nearly throwing up.

“...ssssorrry?” Cole cringed. Rhea stuck up her middle finger, flipping him off as she leaned over gagging again. Cole smirked as he looked around. “I can smell his scent... He’s is Nick.”

Rhea wiped her face as she took deep breaths. “Good. The sooner we find him the better. I should have known he’d fly off the deep-end like this.”

“Is this normal for him?” Cole asked.

Rhea shook her head. “Only when it comes to Kiara. He’s obsessed with her. Always has been since I first met him years ago. Leo used to have a list of places he wanted to take her when they eventually got together. He would have me help plan out their whole imaginary world tour,” Rhea chuckled. “God, he was such a sap. He’s always been head over heels for her. But... that vision he saw... of him... smacking her to the ground... shoving his nails into her side... that’s gonna take him a minute to recover from.”

Cole sighed as he stroked his beard. “I can feel Alexander’s anxiety and anguish too... I’m hoping Elijah can calm him down. When Alexander spirals he REALLY spirals. I want to be there for him. Alexander has always been the annoying, caring asshole who beat the shit out of me every time I lost my fucking mind. I should be there for him, but... Elijah-”

“Will bring Alexander back,” Rhea said, taking Cole’s hand. “Ava’s the one who told me we need to learn to trust each other. So that’s what I’m doing. Trusting Elijah. Don’t worry. We’ll fix this.”

Cole looked at her for a moment and gave a small smile. “Did she mention me?”

Rhea rolled her eyes. “Let’s go, Dracula.”

“It’s a harmless question!” Cole said.

“Bitch, I said let’s go!” Rhea snapped her fingers at him.


Nick’s wolf sniffed the tracks on the forest floor before he looked up. He could sense his brother was close by and slowly trotted along the grassy ground. He picked up his pace and kept running as Leo’s scent got stronger. His ears perked up when he heard his brother’s tearful whimpers as he got closer.

Nick’s wolf looked around and realized their location seemed awfully familiar as the landscape transformed from the overcrowded forest to a more open-land cemetery. Nick finally spotted Leo digging furiously at the ground with his paws. Whimpers and howls escaped his mouth as the dirt kicked up around him.

Nick slowly stalked over to Leo who stopped digging and fell, whimpering on the ground of dug-up dirt. Nick approached his younger brother to see tears mixing in his dirty blonde fur. Leo’s amber eyes looked at Nick in distress. Nick finally looked down to see that Leo was lying on their parent’s gravestones embedded in the ground. He looked at Leo again to see more tears falling down his furry face.

“Pa would have never hurt ma... not like I hurt Kiara...” Nick heard Leo’s wolf say.

Nick shook his head as he nuzzled his forlorn brother lying whimpering on the ground. “It’s not your fault, Leo. You had no control,” Nick said to him.

Leo barked angrily. “I SHOULD HAVE!”

Nick patted around his brother before he lay down next to him. “Do you remember the tongue-lashing you gave me back in New Orleans about ending my feud with Elijah and putting Shal first?” Nick asked. Leo blinked the tears out of his eyes as he just stared at the sky.

“You’re often wiser than me, Leo. Your love knows no bounds. You fucking sacrificed your life for her as I knew you would. None of us are perfect. But this? This is not your fault. Kiara needs you. Alexander needs you. And I need you to wolf the fuck up. Pull your shit together. And figure out how to save your damn mate.”

Leo blinked a few more times before he slowly stood on all four paws. Nick got up as well and approached his younger brother. He stared him in the eyes and nuzzled the side of his neck in gratitude and comfort.


Elijah followed the trail of dead vampires as he and Peter walked alongside an abandoned road. “At least none of them are mortal...” Peter said, kicking the head of a dismembered vampire to the side. “That’s progress.”

Elijah’s nose wiggled as he used his keen sense of smell and precise vision to see Alexander beheading another vampire off in the distance. “Let’s go,” he said. He quickly took off with Peter right behind him.

“Please! I didn’t do anything!” the vampire shouted as he thrashed at Alexander who was holding him by the neck.

“We are evil,” Alexander muttered. He absentmindedly ripped the vampire’s arm off and the vampire screamed in pain. “We are... an abomination,” he said, ripping off the other arm. “We don’t... deserve... to live.” Alexander squeezed the vampire’s next so tight until blood spurted. His neck snapped in half and his head fell from his body.

“What am I? I am a monster.” Alexander stumbled backward before falling to the ground amidst all the carnage that he created. He pulled at his hair in anguish. “William was right. He was right. He’s always fucking right!”


Alexander looked up to see Elijah and Peter jumping from off of another roof before running up to him.

“Stop!” Alexander growled as he jumped to his feet. “I fucking swear-”

“Alexander, you cannot do this,” Elijah said, grabbing his shoulders. But Alexander quickly slapped his hand away before jutting his fist out and shoving Elijah backward.

“I am William’s creation! Don’t you get it?!” Alexander growled. “This is all we’ll ever be! He wins! He always fucking wins!”

“Alexander, it was not you! It was the siren,” Elijah persisted.

Alexander shook his head as he furiously beat his chest with his fist. “I would not have been able to hurt her in such a way if I were not what I fucking am!”

Peter rushed past Elijah and grabbed Alexander by the shirt, yanking him forward. “You need to snap out of it. WE. KILLED. WILLIAM! Did you forget?! We are free! Stop giving him this bloody power!”

“Peter-” Alexander said.

“NO!” Peter growled. “He murdered my entire mortal family when I was just a boy! He TURNED ME before I could finish learning how to bloody write! He abused us! He tormented us! AND WE KILLED HIM! Understand?! We. Killed. Him! Stop giving him the bloody power, Alexander! HE’S GONE!”

Alexander looked at Peter startled. “It’s just us, brother,” Peter said, pulling Alexander closer. “You protected me when I was helpless against him. Used your body as a bloody shield from his abuse. I’m not allowing him to hurt you anymore. To control you. It’s just us. JUST. US!”

Alexander looked from Peter’s tense face to Elijah standing a few feet behind. He gave Alexander a sympathetic look. “Just us,” Elijah repeated with a nod.

“Kill the bloody siren and get your mate back,” Peter snarled.


Rhea grabbed a hot cup of chamomile tea and handed it to Leo sitting on the couch back at the Blackbourne manor. Leo waved her off. “I’m fine.” She frowned as she looked from him to Alexander whose face was still stained with blood from either his tears or the vampires he massacred.

“What the fuck is tea gonna do?” Cole said, walking up behind her. “They need the hard stuff. This is some heavy shit. They need liquor.” Cole handed Leo a mug of beer and Alexander a blood-vodka tonic.

“But that’s not-” Rhea started before she watched Leo and Alexander down both drinks in seconds. “Well damn.”

“See?” Cole smirked.

Rhea pulled up a chair and sat in front of the two of them. “Are you guys feeling any better?”

Leo’s fingers were embedded in his hair, digging into his scalp, when he looked up at her with bloodshot eyes. “What do we need to do,” he guttered.

Rhea swallowed as she nodded, realizing neither of them were in the mood to talk. “Gina has a plan to capture this siren and stop her. But I need a blood sample from both of you,” she said.

“Have at it,” Alexander muttered. He violently tore a large hole into his wrist with his fang and held it out to her. Rhea cringed seeing how much blood he carelessly let fall onto the floor. She knew it was because he was still so broken.

Once she was done taking a blood sample from both Leo and Alexander she stood to her feet. “I have to go meet with the rest of them,” Rhea said. “Once we’re finished and hopefully Gina’s plan has worked... you guys can finally see Kiara again.” She tried to smile reassuringly, but neither of them bothered to look at her.

She felt Nick’s hand on her shoulder and turned to look up at him. “Since the siren only manipulates men, we’ll stay here for everyone else’s safety. Elijah and I don’t want to risk any danger to Shal either. Who knows what this siren has planned” Nick said. “Just keep us updated.”

Rhea nodded. She headed towards the door and looked back at all of them. The feeling in the room was heavy and depressing. Not even the excitement of Elijah’s child seemed to cheer them up. She quickly headed outside to her car, hoping Gina’s plan would work.

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