Family Ties - (Book 3 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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42 - To Catch a Killer

“Something doesn’t feel right,” Kiara said, rubbing the back of her neck. “Alexander... Leo... God, it feels like they’re spiraling or something... They feel so... distant. So disconnected.” She quickly stood to her feet. “I need to speak to them.”

“Not yet,” Gina said.

Kiara sighed impatiently as she paced the room. “I just wish I knew why this siren was targeting me. What the hell did I do?”

“You’re one of the most powerful witches alive,” Gina said. “You’d naturally be a target for any supernatural creature.”

“Oh, that’s comforting,” Kiara said, rolling her eyes. “We could have just talked. I mean damn, girl, you had to attack my ass?” Marshala chuckled when she heard a car pull up their hidden cabin.

“Rhea!” Ava squealed as she quickly ran outside to greet her sister. The two of them hugged before Rhea walked into the house.

“RHEA!” Kiara blurted. She ran up to her friend and hugged her tight.


“Sorry,” Kiara said, pulling back. “How are they? Are they okay?”

“Physically, they’re fine,” Rhea said. “Emotionally...” Kiara’s brows furrowed in apprehension and concern. “When I performed Gina’s spell to remove the rest of the siren’s manipulation, they saw what happened... what they did...” Rhea said.

“... oh no...” Kiara groaned.

“Well, the sooner we get this over with, the sooner you can comfort them with a hot threesome. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Rose said, clapping her hands.

“Girl, who even are you?” Rhea asked with a raised brow.

“Do you have their blood samples?” Gina asked Rhea. Rhea nodded as she handed Gina the two jars.

“What’s the plan, Gina?” Marshala asked.

“The siren only manipulates men,” Gina said, pouring the blood into two separate bowls. “Her goal was to have Kiara killed. She tried with the vampires. But she underestimated Kiara’s power, and they failed. She tried bombarding her with both warlocks and vampires and managed to inflict some damage because Kiara was protecting you. But, still, she failed.” The women watched as Gina mashed herbs into each bowl.

“The fact that she targeted Leo and Alexander as her next victims to attack Kiara shows she’s learning their weak spots. She knows they both are the closest to Kiara. But they both failed. And since she can only manipulate men, the most logical reaction to this is to make them try again.” Gina grabbed the bowls and turned to the women.

“So, we’re going to trick her into thinking two of us are Leo and Alexander,” Gina explained. “Lure her in to try manipulating what she thinks are two men. And then, when she tries her mind tactics again-”

“WE WHOOP THAT ASS!” Rose said.

“Precisely,” Gina grinned.

“Will this potion affect my pregnancy?” Marshala asked.

“Marshala, you’re not doing it,” Gina said, rolling her eyes.

“But-” Marshala started.

“I know you want to help, but Gina is right,” Kiara said. “With a baby on the way, you’re the most vulnerable of us. Stay with Nikolai. We’ll take care of this.” Kiara looked at Rhea and Ava. “Can you guys do this? Ever since the soul bond, Leo and Alexander have been close. Almost like brothers. Since you guys are sisters, the dynamic shouldn’t be hard to replicate.”

“I call dibs on Alexander!” Ava said, shooting her hand up.

“Oh, what?” Rhea said annoyed. “I wanna pretend to be a vampire.”

“You know Leo best. You’re his best friend,” Ava smirked.

“Fine, whatever,” Rhea said, grabbing the bowl from Gina.

“Now remember, ladies. This potion will only last for 10 hours. So, we have to be quick about this. It would help if you already know their mannerisms.”

“Course, we got this,” Rhea said, drinking the potion. “OH GROSS!”

Ava shot back the potion and coughed as she put her hand to her chest. “Salty...”

Kiara looked at both of them. “You guys okay?”

“I feel like... oh...” Rhea said, holding her stomach. Suddenly, they both started to change. The hair on Rhea’s head shortened and turned a dark dirty blonde color as hair grew on her face. Ava stumbled to the side as her skin started to change color and her eyes shimmered.

Kiara looked at them both in utter shock as soon both women were gone and Leo and Alexander’s images were standing in front of her instead.

“Oh... my.... God...” Marshala said, trying to hold back a snicker.

“Oh, my gooosssshhhh. So much hairrrrrr,” Rhea whined. “Why is Leo so hairryyyyy.”

“Alexander literally has like... no acne,” Ava said, looking at her face in the mirror. “His skin is perfect. So smooth. What the heck!”

“Perks of being a vampire,” Rose smirked.

“Perks, huh?” Rhea said, checking herself out in the mirror. “Do I get some white male privilege up in this body?”

Kiara burst into laughter. “We should go shopping and see if you get followed around a store!”

“Right?!” Rhea laughed. “Maybe my credit score will skyrocket.”

“Apply for all the jobs!” Kiara said. “I bet you could run for president and win!”

“I could probably slap a cop and get a free meal at Wendy’s,” Rhea said.

“That 4 for 4, bro!” Kiara laughed. “I’ll have a side of ‘let me speak to your manager’ and an extra dash of ‘I don’t see race’.”

Kiara and Rhea burst out laughing as Marshala cleared her throat. “Ladies, I think we’re getting off track here. You only have 10 hours,” Marshala said.

“I was rather enjoying that,” Gina smirked.

“Fuck. Do we white people really say that shit?” Rose muttered. “That’s embarrassing.”


Kiara left the house with Ava and Rhea looking like Alexander and Leo. Gina walked ahead and came to a spot in the woods. “How do you know where she is?” Kiara asked.

“I don’t... But she probably knows where you are,” Gina said. “You guys will have to pretend. Put on a show. When she comes to try to manipulate Ava and Rhea, Rose and I will be here in case she has reinforcements.”

“What if she already knows what we have planned?” Ava asked.

“It’s just a risk we’ll have to take,” Gina said. “This is the best we’ve got right now.” Kiara waited for Gina and Rose to disappear into the trees before she started walking between Rhea and Ava.

“So... we have to make this convincing...” Rhea said. “Let me try.”

Rhea turned to face Kiara and cleared her throat. Kiara looked at her curiously as Rhea ran her fingers through her short blond hair and gave a fake smoldering look. “Oh yea, Angel, baby,” Rhea guttered. “You’re lookin’... mighty fine in those fine-ass jeans, oh yea. Gimme some of that.” Rhea started making thrusting movements towards Kiara that sent Kiara into a fit of laughter.

“Rhea, I mean Leo,” Kiara laughed, covering her mouth. “You’re doing the most right now. I can’t take you seriously.”

“Oh, come on, Angel, you mean you don’t like this? Uh! Uh! Uh! Look at me and my big dick energy. Uh! Uh! Uh!” Rhea said, moving her pelvis in circles. “To the left. To the right. Now kick. Now walk it by yourself.”

“Are you seriously doing the cupid shuffle?” Kiara was practically choking on her tears from laughing so hard.

“Please. The real me wishes I had these moves,” Rhea said, dancing in a circle.

“Okay, since Rhe-Leo is acting a hot mess,” Ava but in. “Kiara, my... ma?”

Kiara was wheezing from how hard she was laughing. “Iubita mea!”

“Yes, iubita mea,” Ava said. She grabbed Kiara by the waist and pulled her close. “How I love thee. Let us run away together and live happily ever after,” Ava said dramatically in a thick British accent.

“He’s not Elijah, Ava!” Kiara burst out laughing.

“Oh... I’m confusing my Blackbournes,” Ava frowned.

“You guys are the worst. I swear,” Kiara cracked up.

“No fucking way, Angel. I’m the best. A Volkov never cries... or is it dies... maybe lies? No, they definitely lie. I forget,” Rhea said.

“Watch me be all dark and brooding,” Ava said. She put the back of her hand to her forehead and dramatically ran ahead of them. “Kiara! Kiara! Wherefore art thou, Kiara!” Ava said, fluttering about.

“Ava, I swear you don’t know Alexander at all,” Kiara blurted as she doubled over in laughter. She hooked onto Rhea and Ava’s arms and walked between them. “Thanks for at least turning such a horrible fiasco into a good laugh for me. I seriously love you guys.”

“Anything for you, Angel,” Rhea winked at her. The three of them walked throughout the woods talking lowly amongst themselves when Kiara sensed a dreadful presence.

“Kiara?” Ava asked.

“She’s here… I can... I can feel her...” Kiara said apprehensively. She turned to Ava. “Just act natural,” Kiara smiled.

Ava looked down at Kiara and grabbed her shoulders. “I’m so sorry for hurting you before, Kiara. I promise I’ll never do it again.”

“I know, Alexander,” Kiara smiled. “I forgive you gu-” But before Kiara could finish speaking, she went flying backward and slammed into a tree.

“KIARA!” Rhea and Ava both screamed before they were both grabbed by two vampires on each side of them and forced to their knees. They looked up to see the siren approaching them.

“Let’s try this again,” she said, approaching Rhea. “And this time... don’t disappoint me.” She grabbed Rhea by the chin and looked into her eyes before pressing her lips to hers. “Kill... the witch!” she demanded. Rhea shuddered as she watched the siren walk over to Ava and do the same thing. Rhea and Ava exchanged looks as they heard Kiara struggling to her feet.

“YOU!” Kiara growled at the siren. Several vampires quickly ran at her to subdue her. Kiara threw two of them into the sky before lighting the other two on fire.

The siren merely smirked at Kiara. “KILL THE WITCH!” She ordered Ava and Rhea. Ava and Rhea stood to their feet and turned to Kiara who looked at them knowingly. They both turned to the siren and created a large barrier around her while Kiara said an incantation.

The siren looked at them startled before she felt herself freeze and fall to the ground. She watched as Kiara approached her with jade green eyes. “END HER!” the siren demanded. “KILL THE WITCH!” A few more vampires attacked from the trees. But Gina and Rose charged at them and ripped them apart.

“Surprise mothafuckaaaa! You just kissed a girl. Did you like it?” Rose smirked as she grabbed the siren by her arms. Gina quickly followed after and touched the siren’s head with a cloth before the siren passed out.


The guys pulled up to the abandoned cabin in two jeeps as Alexander and Leo immediately hopped out. They both froze in their tracks to see an exact replica of themselves standing in front of them.

“ what the fuck?” Leo said, confused.

“Heyyyyyyy good lookin’,” Rhea smirked at Leo as she walked around him.

“...R-RiRi?!” Leo said shocked.

“Oh no.... not my kroshka,” Levi groaned, covering his face.

“AYYYY! WHAT UP, CUZ!” Rhea said, trying to chest bump Levi. “Oh hey! That actually doesn’t hurt when you don’t have boobs!”

“Princess, please stop...” Levi muttered.

“Alexander, how do you get your hair all silky and soft like this?” Ava asked, playing with her long black hair. “What shampoo do you use? Do you also use a conditioner? We should swap hair tips.”

“” Alexander said startled. “What... I-”

“This is a major turn off,” Cole said, approaching Ava. “Why do you look like my brother?”

“Turn off? I don’t remember trying to turn you on?” Ava said, feigning confusion.

“Can you just change back already?” Cole said annoyed, getting closer to her.

“Why?” Ava said defiantly, folding her arms across her manly chest.

“You know the fuck why?” Cole said irritably.

“Guys, this is awkward,” Alexander said, cutting in. “Your sexual tension is awkward as fuck when it’s in my body. Please stop until Ava changes back.”

“Yes, because that’s what Alexander needs after just recovering from nearly killing his mate,” Peter quipped. “To see a version of himself kissing his brother. Please do go on, you Neanderthals,” he said sarcastically.

Ava’s face immediately flushed as Cole grinned. “We haven’t- I mean we didn’t-” Ava stuttered.

“Ava, I’m white,” Alexander said. “Meaning I turn red when I blush... so you-”

“Oh crap, I forgot!” she said, covering her face. “God, I miss my melanin!”

“Do you losers want to see your girl or not?”

They all looked up to see Rose standing on a high branch looking down at them.

“It’s the dullard,” Peter sighed.


Nick picked Nikolai up in his arms and nuzzled him with his face. He saw Marshala struggling to her feet and quickly came to her side to help her up. “Shal,” Nick smiled. “How are you, baby?”

“I’m okay,” she said gratefully. “Though I’ve never felt more useless in my life. The younger generation is taking over,” she laughed.

“Let them.”

Marshala looked to the door and saw Elijah step inside. His gaze upon her was tender. “You’ve done more than enough already, mon coeur...” Elijah said, approaching her. Marshala smiled as Elijah immediately took her into his arms and kissed her passionately on the lips. She pulled back and grabbed his hand. Elijah resisted slightly once he realized she was trying to put his hand on her belly.

“Relax, Elijah,” Nick said. “It’s your child... Relax.”

Elijah released a bit of his tension as Marshala gently put his hand on her protruding belly. He felt his entire body warm over as his eyes brimmed with blood.

“Oh God...” he breathed out as he fell to his knees. He gently caressed her belly and put his face to her stomach as he started to sob. Marshala and Nick looked at each other sympathetically as Marshala ran her fingers soothingly in Elijah’s hair.


Kiara rushed to open the door to a room when Rhea blocked her. “Rhea!” Kiara said, surprised. “They’re here! I can finally see them!”

“Kiara, they’re... they’re apprehensive about seeing you,” Rhea said. “They’re still afraid of hurting you.”

“But it wasn’t them. And we captured the siren,” Kiara said.

“Yes, you know that and they know that, but they’re still broken. You need to be gentle with them, Kiara,” Rhea advised. Kiara swallowed hard and nodded as Rhea stepped to the side.

She slowly turned the knob and opened the door to one of the rooms. She saw Alexander standing by the window looking outside and Leo sitting on the couch. They both immediately looked at her as Leo shot up from the couch. “Angel!” Leo blurted.

Kiara expected them both to run towards her, and it looked as if they wanted to. But they both severely hesitated as if they didn’t trust themselves. “Guys...?” she asked.

“You’re... you’re okay?” Alexander said with wide eyes. He clutched his hands together just to keep them from grabbing at her.

“Yes, I’m okay,” she reassured them.

“That’s good,” Leo anxiously nodded. He impatiently rubbed at his arm, feeling the same itch Alexander did.

“Are you guys okay?” she asked. She tried to get them to move by walking towards them.

“Yea, yea. Especially now that we see you,” Leo said with a sad smile. He moved away from the couch and towards the window near Alexander.

Kiara furrowed her brow at the way Leo distanced himself from her. “Then why are you guys staying away from me?” she asked. Leo and Alexander exchanged glances with each other without saying a word. “You guys won’t hurt me. You know that,” she said, guessing what they were thinking.

“We already did,” Alexander said quickly. She could see the same pain and regret in his eyes that reflected in Leo’s. Kiara slowly exhaled as she closed the door behind her and locked them inside.

She walked up to them, and just as Leo took a step back she grabbed his hand. He visibly shuddered to feel her dainty, warm hand grab his and press it against her face. “Angel...” he choked out as his tears brimmed.

“You said that I was yours, remember?” she said. “Am I not yours anymore?”

“Of course you are,” Leo said quickly.

“Then act like it, Leo,” she pleaded.

Leo’s Adam’s apple bobbed erratically as he gently caressed her face. His thumb pulled down her bottom lip before he slowly leaned down and caressed her lips with his. He erratically breathed out to finally feel her soft lips against his again. “Angel...” Leo moaned out as he kissed her sensually. His tongue ran over her lips before slipping between them and tasting her. “Oh, God... I missed you, baby...”

Kiara wrapped her arms around Leo’s neck. She allowed his arms to completely envelop her body in a possessive embrace as he kissed her like it was the first time. His body was already responding to feeling her softness against his chest. She pulled back from him and stared into his eyes, giving him a reassuring smile.

She grabbed his hand and turned to Alexander who had been watching them with blood tears streaking down his face. There was a look of hesitation and sorrow in his gaze so heavy it nearly broke her. “Alexander,” she said, stepping towards him.

“Kiara, just-” he said, stepping back.

“No,” she said, gently pushing him back against the window. “I’m not letting you do this to yourself.”

Alexander shivered and tensed up as he felt her hands rub down his chest. He tightened his fists, trying to control himself as she looked up at him with those large doe chocolate eyes that he fell in love with.

She licked her thumb and rubbed off the bloodstains just underneath his eye and on his cheeks. “Kiss me, Alexander,” she said, searching his eyes.

He took in the details of her face, re-sketching in his mind the image of a woman who brought new meaning to his life. He felt his heart beating fast in his chest and quickly wrapped his hand around the back of her neck to pull her towards him. He immediately slammed his lips into hers, kissing her so passionately he felt her body completely submit and melt against his.

Kiara felt Alexander both whimper and groan into her mouth, as his tongue claimed dominance over hers. She breathed heavily, trying to catch the breath he forgot to let her have until he finally pulled back. She wheezed slightly as she put her hand to her chest.

“Shit, I’m so sorry,” Alexander said quickly once he realized he nearly forgot to let her breathe. “I-”

“It’s alright,” she chuckled as she put her hand on his chest. “I missed you too.” She felt both of her lovers close in on her, sandwiching her between them as their lips found a new place on her body to claim. Sighing with content, she leaned back against Leo’s shoulder as her fingers played with the tips of Alexander’s hair. She closed her eyes, inhaling their scents that she missed so much. She enjoyed the soft caresses of their lips on her neck and chest and the erotic, sensual groping of their hands along her body.

Alexander unbuttoned her shirt until her bra was exposed. “Who healed you?” Leo asked. He tenderly caressed her side where he had originally rammed his nails.

“Rose,” Kiara answered. She grabbed Alexander’s hand and kissed his fingers.

Alexander watched her attentively as she guided his hand down her neck and over her chest before he took control again. He gently massaged her breasts within his palm. “Kiara...” Alexander groaned. He peeled down her bra until her pert nipple popped out. He bit his lip eager to feel her nipple between his fingers. He felt himself harden as he rubbed his thumb over her taut nipple. His erection grew by the second at the way her mouth parted and she heaved in want.

Leo tugged her jeans down ever so slightly until it sat underneath the roundness of her backside. “Guys...” she breathed out. She felt Leo’s fingers slip between her thighs from behind. “We can’t right now.”

“We missed you, Angel...” Leo said in her ear as he kissed her neck.

“I missed you guys too, but- ohhh!” she moaned as Leo plunged two thick fingers inside of her wet cunt.

“Oh fuck, baby,” Leo groaned as he held her up. “Goddamn, you’re so fucking wet. Alexander, feel her.” Kiara shivered as Alexander slid his fingers between her puffy lips and gently stroked her bud. His finger applied pressure and started rotating in slow sensual circles that made her tremble between them.

“KIARA! LEO! ALEXANDER!” Cole shouted from outside. “Stop fucking! We’ve got shit to do!”

Alexander used his other hand to pull the shade down next to them as his finger on her clit picked up the pace. The sound of Leo fingering her wetness was the loudest sound in the room as Kiara tried to stifle her moans. “Don’t, Kiara. We need to hear you,” Alexander said, pulling her hand away from her face. “We missed this. We missed you. Hearing you laugh... Sigh... Moan... Come.”

“Feeling you tremble...” Leo said in her ear as he continued to finger her. “Smelling your sweet, sweet intoxicating wetness. God, we missed you, Angel.”

“But everyone-” she started.

“Can wait,” Alexander said. “You come first.”

“You always come first,” Leo said, kissing her neck. “Literally and figuratively.”

Breathing heavily, Kiara felt her stomach tighten and that euphoric feeling hit her that her two lovers were always so good at pulling out of her. They both licked their fingers just to savor her taste as they waited for her to come down from her high.

“We know that was very sudden,” Alexander said. He pulled her towards him and into a warm hug. “But the last time we touched you was with violence. We had to rectify that, iubita mea.”

Kiara hugged him tightly as she nestled her face into his firm chest. “I understand.”

Leo turned her around and picked her up in his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. “Kiss me, Angel,” he ordered. Kiara smirked as she grabbed his bearded face between her hands and planted a firm kiss against his lips. “We’re never letting that shit happen again,” Leo said, palming her ass. “Let’s go kill this son of a bitch.”


“You guys should stay out here,” Gina said to the men. “Right now, we only know that she has the power to manipulate the minds of men by touch... but we don’t fully know the extent of her power. So keep your distance.”

They all nodded in agreement. The women walked into a dark, empty room where they had tied up the siren and cast a binding spell that had her on her knees. She looked up through her long dark hair and immediately set her eyes on Kiara before a menacing grin split her face. “What are you?” Gina demanded.

“You already know what I am...” the woman said.

“I want to hear you say it,” Gina ordered.

The woman looked at Gina. “I am a siren.”

“And what’s your name?” Kiara asked.

The siren slit her eyes over to Kiara. “...Lyra...”

Kiara looked at Marshala and Gina to see if the name sounded familiar. But, they both had stumped looks on their faces. “Why were you trying to kill me?” Kiara asked.

“I am not a killer. Your men, however,... are,” Lyra said.

Kiara quirked a brow. “They’re not-”

“Do not lie, witch,” Lyra said. “Humanity is weak. Vampires and Lycans are just parodies of that weakness.”

“This bitch is really speaking in riddles,” Rhea muttered.

“I think we can all agree that men, in general, tend to make stupid decisions. But what does that have to do with you trying to kill Kiara?” Gina asked.

“I told you. I am not a killer,” Lyra said.

“Right, right. You used other men, including her mates, to try to kill her. So, because the violence didn’t come from your hands, that all of a sudden exonerates you?” Rhea said coldly.

“I’ll take Jigsaw for 500, Alex,” Kiara said.

Lyra shook her head. “I am not the problem here, witch.”

“We’re all witches here. So, you’re gonna have to be a bit more specific,” Marshala said.

“Umm... I’m not,” Rose said, raising her hand.

“The phoenix,” Lyra said, glaring at Kiara.

“Okay...” Kiara said cautiously. “Then why are you trying to have them kill me?”

“It is less about you and more about the world,” Lyra said, looking away from her. “Kill the witch, save the world.”

“’Kill the witch, save the world’? Now, why does that sound so familiar?” Rose smirked.

“Save the world?” Kiara asked, confused. “That makes no freaking sense. How is killing me going to save the world?” Lyra just stared at the ground, refusing to say anything more. “Hello!! Earth to Jigsaw!” Kiara said, snapping her fingers. “I asked you a question.” But Lyra still ignored her.

Kiara’s eyes glowed jade green and caused the siren to levitate from the ground without so much as lifting a finger. “You’re going to answer me, or I’m going to peel the skin off of your body,” Kiara snapped at her.

“Dark Phoenix...” Rose smirked.

“She tried to kill me 3 times. I have a right to be angry,” Kiara snarled.

“I am just a messenger,” Lyra said quickly. “I am merely serving my master.”

Kiara dropped the siren to the ground before she looked at Marshala and Gina. “She has a master?” Kiara asked. “But I thought-”

“Who is this master?” Marshala asked.

Lyra looked up at them as her eyes shimmered. “Kifo.”

“Kifo... Is she a siren too?” Kiara asked.

“She is a priestess of the highest divinity,” Lyra said. “She is... an oracle.”

Gina’s eyes widened in shock. “Shit,” Rhea muttered.

“Oh, God...” Ava said, covering her mouth.

“That can’t... that can’t be,” Marshala said, holding her stomach as she shook her head. “Why would an oracle want Kiara dead?”

Lyra looked at Kiara. “Kill the witch... save the world.”


Kiara sat down on the ground, picking at the grass as she heard Gina and Marshala arguing in front of her. “She’s got to be lying!” Marshala said frantically. “An oracle?! Kill Kiara to save the world?? None of this makes any sense!”

“Marshala, calm down before you unsettle your baby,” Gina said. “We’ll figure this out.”

“Kiara?” Ava said, calling her attention. “Any ideas?”

Kiara looked up at them and hesitated for just a moment before speaking. “Only one,” Kiara said finally. “I need to speak with the oracle.”

“Any other perhaps sane ideas?” Rose said, looking around.

“Guys, I’m serious,” Kiara said, standing to her feet. “Lyra is clearly being obtuse for a reason. She’s afraid of me because I’m powerful. Apparently, powerful enough to be considered a threat and worth all this effort of trying to kill. The only way to go about this is for me to speak with the oracle myself.”

Marshala and Gina exchanged uncertain looks. “We need to trust Kiara’s judgment,” Marshala said. “She told me about these dreams long before, and I misinterpreted them. I should have taken them more seriously as it almost resulted in her death. I say we follow her decision.”

Gina looked at Kiara and sighed in resignation. “Very well, Kiara...”

Kiara walked back inside to see Lyra humming a soft tune to herself before she looked up at her. “Can you take us to her? Your master.... the oracle?” Kiara asked. Lyra looked at her curiously. “I want to speak with her,” Kiara added.

Lyra grinned mockingly. “To bargain for your life?”

Kiara’s nostrils flared as her eyes flickered green. “To bargain for yours.”

Lyra immediately lost her grin as Rhea, Ava, and Rose snickered in the back.


“Wait a fucking minute!”

Kiara sighed as she watched Leo angrily pace the living room. “We’re not doing this shit! No fucking way!” Leo growled.

Kiara slowly exhaled. “Leo...”

“Angel, this bitch tried to kill you!” Leo snarled. “She fucking got in our damn heads and controlled us! SHE CONTROLLED US! If she alone could do that shit, then what the fuck kind of power do you expect a fucking deity to have?!”

“She’s a priestess not a deity,” Kiara said quickly.


Kiara rubbed her temples as she looked at Alexander. “Can you please talk some sense into him?”

“He is talking sense,” Alexander said quickly. “It’s you that’s not making sense.”

“Alexander-” Kiara started.

“Kiara, you don’t know anything about this woman. Her master. Her intent. What she can and cannot do. You think you’re more powerful, but what if she’s just messing with you? What if this is a trap?” Alexander said, approaching her.


“No, Kiara,” Alexander said, grabbing her shoulders. “Leo and I cannot be there to protect you because she can just turn us against you again. What if she tries to kill you? We can’t lose you again! I refuse!”

“We’re not doing this again,” Leo said, walking up to her. He spun her around to face him. “I will tie you up and hold you down myself if I have to.”

“And make me call you daddy,” Kiara tried to joke.

“I’m fucking serious, Angel,” Leo snapped. “We’re not letting you leave.”

Kiara sighed as she anxiously rubbed her arms. She looked between the two of them and felt their tension and angst. She knew trying to convince them of this was probably the hardest task she’d take on. “You guys told me this relationship is built off of two things besides love... communication... and trust,” she said. She grabbed both of their hands and held them to her chest. “I need you to trust me right now.”

“Kiara-” Alexander started.

Kiara shook her head. “I’m not an expert. I’m not a leader. I’m not perfect. But I’m not a child either. I’ve been through enough, and I’ve learned enough to know when I’m doing the right thing. Please... please trust me.”

Leo and Alexander exchanged tense looks before Leo spoke up. “I swear, Angel, if anything happens to you,” he croaked as he pulled her into his chest.

“It won’t. I promise,” she said, hugging him tightly. She turned in Leo’s arms to look at Alexander who stared at her with conflict dancing in his eyes.

“You better come back,” Alexander choked out as he caressed her face. Kiara smiled as he leaned down and ran his tongue over her lips, giving her a sensual kiss.


“I hate that you’re not letting me come with you,” Marshala sighed as she held Kiara.

“You need to keep my little niece or nephew safe,” Kiara chuckled. “Besides, it’s about time you had some more quality time with your family,” Kiara gestured behind Marshala. Marshala glanced back to see Elijah holding Nikolai in his arms as he talked to Nick. The sight brought a warm smile to her face.

“Just be safe,” Marshala said, turning back to Kiara. She gave her a comforting kiss on the cheek.

Rose walked up to Alexander who was staring intently at Kiara. Worry lines creased his forehead. “Don’t worry. I’ll look after your Barbie for you,” Rose smirked.

Alexander looked at her surprised before cracking a grateful grin. “Thank you, Rose. Not just for this, but... for saving her... from...”

“You?” Rose smirked. “Didn’t think I could still kick your ass, did you?”

Alexander rolled his eyes. “You’ve never been able to take me. I was under the influence.”

“Yea, sure thing, hot stuff,” Rose winked before she walked to join Kiara.

“Are you ready?” Gina asked, holding the end of a magic-laced rope that bound Lyra. Kiara nodded. She looked back at Leo and Alexander who looked like they were both just barely able to keep it together. She gave them a quick, small smile before she turned around and walked away with Rose, Rhea, Ava, Gina, and Lyra.


“So, why only men?” Rose asked as they followed Lyra down the forest path.

“Men are weak,” Lyra said.

“Weaker than women?” Rhea asked, confused.

“Psychologically, yes,” Lyra said.

“Makes sense,” Rose shrugged. “But how does your power manipulate them?”

“The mind of the average man becomes more fragile and brittle in the presence of a woman. My powers simply play on their vulnerabilities,” Lyra said.

“Okay, but what if he’s gay?” Rhea inquired.

“That’s Yara’s domain,” Lyra said.

“Yara?” Kiara asked.

“My sister... She too is a siren. Her tactics of control differ from mine,” Lyra said.

“So, you and your sister... both work for this... oracle?” Rhea asked.

“We don’t work for her, we serve her. She is our master. Our savior,” Lyra said.

“A savior who wants to kill,” Kiara muttered. “Weird flex, but okay...”

“Save the world... That doesn’t necessarily have to include you,” Lyra said.

“Well damn,” Kiara said.

“Ignore her, Kiara,” Rhea said coldly.

“Shhh!” Gina said, snapping her fingers. “Stay alert... We’re not alone...”

The women looked around and settled into the eerie silence of the forest. Within seconds, they heard the chaotic sound of several vampires and warlocks shuffling from the tops of the trees to attack them. Rose snarled and immediately pounced from one to the other, tearing their throats out. Rhea and Ava whipped several into the air before they could reach them. Gina slashed through multiple at a time with lightning speed. She dropped Lyra’s rope and the siren started to run.

Kiara’s eyes turned jade green as she sent a strong ripple wave into the air, knocking everyone down including Lyra. Lyra tried to scramble to her feet, but Kiara immediately spotted her and ran after her full speed before she pounced on her. With a snarl, Kiara grabbed her by her shirt when another woman shoved into her and sent her flying backward off of Lyra.

Kiara sat up and looked at the woman who just rammed into her. With long dark hair and pale white skin, she looked very similar to Lyra.

“Sister!” Lyra said, struggling to sit up. Yara turned around with a snarl on her face that quickly disappeared when she saw her sister on the ground.

“Lyra,” Yara said, rushing to her. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m alright,” Lyra said as her sister helped her stand to her feet.

Yara looked at Kiara with a hard glare. “Kill the witch!” she shouted. All of the surrounding vampires and warlocks immediately scrambled to their feet to attack Kiara again. Kiara’s eyes quickly turned jade green as Rhea, Ava, Gina, and Rose prepared to attack again.

But a bright, blinding light shined from the sky before anything else could happen, making everyone shield their faces. “What the fuck...?” Rose said, trying to cover her eyes.

“That’s enough, I think...” a soft voice echoed around them. Kiara uncovered her eyes slightly as she looked around her, trying to see through the light. Her eyes widened when she was able to make out the figure of a woman drifting towards her.

Kiara dropped her arm from her face as the woman levitated towards her. The woman wore a crown on her head adding just a tinge more height to her already imposing stature. She was barely covered with just a sheer dress draping from her chest. Her dark mocha skin brightly reflected the glow that surrounded her. Her eyes mimicked the same crystal pearl-white of those that had been possessed. Kiara had never seen such a beautiful creature in her life.


The woman had a soft faint voice that made Kiara feel warm inside. She swallowed, trying not to show any weakness as she stood her ground. “I’m guessing you’re Kifo,” Kiara said.

Kifo smiled so brightly it made Kiara forget herself for a moment. She looked around at the vampires and warlocks that Yara had called to her command. “Go home,” Kifo said, waving her hand. The warlocks and vampires looked at each other confused before calmly walking away.

“My liege-” Lyra started.

“It’s alright,” Kifo said. She barely moved her lips and put her hand up as she kept her large, white, pupil-less eyes on Kiara. “She’s come to talk.” Kifo cocked her head to the side curiously as she looked at Kiara. “Let us talk.”


Kiara felt unsettled as Kifo just stared at her without blinking. “Yes, I am really an oracle,” Kifo said. “Ask your next question.”

“I didn’t ask that,” Kiara said.

“You were going to,” Kifo said. “Ask your next question.”

Kiara glanced at Gina standing next to a confused Rose and an anxious Rhea and Ava. Gina nodded for her to continue. “Why did you send your siren to kill me?” Kiara asked.

“Because you are dangerous,” Kifo said without blinking.

Kiara looked at her confused. “But how? I have not done anything.”

“It’s not what you haven’t done. It is what you are going to do,” Kifo said.

“And what am I going to do?” Kiara asked, annoyed.

“You will bring unthinkable evil into this world,” Kifo said, finally looking away. “As if it needs any more of that...”

“What?” Kiara asked, confused. “I have helped to stop evil. How could I bring evil into this world?”

Kifo looked Kiara in the eye before glancing down at her belly. “Evil comes in many forms. A mortal... a spirit... a wolf... a vampire... a witch...” Kifo looked into Kiara’s eyes again. “A tribrid.”

Kiara’s face went blank as she tried to figure out what the oracle just said to her. “...wait… what?” Kiara said, blinking erratically.

“WHAT?!” Rhea blurted.

“A wolf... a witch... and a vampire tribrid,” Kifo said, touching Kiara’s belly. “The first of its kind... Only possible because of a rare living phoenix witch... and a blood bond gone horribly wrong.”

Kifo looked at Kiara again with a sharp glare.

“You will birth the apocalypse.”

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