Family Ties - (Book 3 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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43 - Kill the Witch, Save the World

All the trees within thirty feet of the perimeter were sliced in half as Kiara stumbled backward, clutching her chest in agony. Kifo slowly turned her head, watching all of the trees collapse to the ground followed by several dead birds as Kiara tried to gasp for breath.

“...She’s powerful...” Kifo said, setting her white eyes back on Kiara.

Kiara shook her head frantically as she felt vomit making its way up her throat. Rhea wanted to rush to her, but Gina held her back. “Don’t...” Gina said, shaking her head as she kept her worried eyes on Kiara.

“...Do you see now, Phoenix?” Kifo inquired as she watched Kiara sob uncontrollably. “Do you see what the birth of your offspring will bring?”

“No,” Kiara sobbed, shaking her head. “That can’t be. That can’t be the future.”

“It is,” Kifo said. “If you conceive...”

Kiara fell to her knees as her hands covered her face. “Marshala... Gabrielle... a-all those people... dead? But... I...” Kiara struggled to speak as her sobs clogged her throat. The terrible images of her vision flashed through her mind like a horror movie on repeat.

“Okay, I’ve had enough,” Rhea said, finally ripping her arm out of Gina’s grasp. The two sirens stepped forward to block her, and Rhea gave them a dirty unamused look. “You feelin’ froggy? Jump, bitch,” Rhea threatened.

“Rhea-” Ava started.

“Move!” Rhea snapped at them.

“Let her pass...” Kifo said finally. The sirens simultaneously parted to the side, eyeing Rhea as she passed between them. Rhea sucked her teeth, giving them a dirty look before she set her eyes on Kiara and ran to her friend.

“Kiara...” Rhea said, touching her back. But Kiara just shook her head, trying to control her tears. “What did you do to her?!” Rhea growled at Kifo.

“I did nothing,” Kifo said. “She is a seer. She has seen the future.”

“Which you claim is the apocalypse,” Rhea said flatly.

“Which I know,” Kifo said.

“How do we know this isn’t some trick? That you didn’t plant some bullshit in her mind?” Rhea asked.

Kifo smiled disturbingly. “I am but an oracle. My purpose is to maintain the balance. If I had personal ill-intentions against the Phoenix, I would have easily had one of the Blackbourne vampires or one of her mates killed. But that would disturb the balance, seeing how they are all linked. Only the Phoenix needs to die.”

“H-how...” Kiara finally choked out as she stood to her feet. “H-how... how do you know th-that my... my child... is the cause of...”

“The end of the world?” Kifo finished. “Because it is the ultimate abomination and disturbs the balance and natural order. A wolf, vampire, and phoenix witch hybrid is the most dangerous threat not just to humanity but all living creatures. With such a creature comes the unspeakable, far worse than the vision you saw.” Kiara’s eyes welled up with tears again.

“What if she doesn’t have the baby,” Gina said, finally speaking up. Kiara looked at Gina wide-eyed.

“Gina!” Ava gasped.

“Hush,” Gina quieted her as she turned to Kifo. “If Kiara aborts the baby before it can be born, will you stop sending your crazy little minions after her?”

Kifo thought for a moment. “The Phoenix still has the ability to conceive a tribrid with her wolf and vampire mate. And at the rate they’ve been-”

“So, they’ll use protection!” Gina said quickly.

“It is not enough,” Kifo said.

“If Kiara promises to terminate any sign of life when impregnated. If she promises to never bear a child,” Gina persisted.

“Gina, that’s not your-” Ava said again, but Gina snapped at her.

Kifo thought again. “If the Phoenix promises to never conceive... and the child she has now is terminated... perhaps... we can make an arrangement.”

Gina breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to Kiara who looked back at her with confusion and horror. Gina immediately felt the tinge of guilt, realizing this was the second time Kiara would be royally screwed without her consent. “We need time to think about this,” Gina said quickly. “Please.”

Kifo nodded and looked up at the sky. “Half of a lunar cycle.” She looked to her sirens before the three of them quickly disappeared.


Gina rushed to Kiara who was paralyzed from shock. “I’m sorry, Kiara,” she said regretfully as she held her. “I was just trying to buy us more time. Give you more options. I’m trying to save your life-”

“I-I know, Gina. I know,” Kiara said, holding her. “Thank you...”


“What?! Are you serious?! You’re pregnant??” Marshala gasped.

Kiara sat on the couch between Ava and Rhea as a very pregnant Marshala sat in the large armchair across from her. Kiara looked down at her lap, playing with her fingers as a million thoughts raced through her mind.

“Yes... with a child that will apparently bring about the end of the world,” Rhea sighed.

“How far along are you?” Marshala asked. “How did Alexander and Leo not hear the heartbeat?”

“The baby is still but a tiny embryo,” Gina spoke up from against the wall. “They must have only recently conceived.”

“How long ago did y’all get busy, Barbie?” Rose smirked.

Kiara looked up at her quickly and flushed over. “Well, we’ve always been sexually active. But we’ve been careful. I was extra cautious with Leo.”

“Well, it looks like Alexander had just as much potential to impregnate you as Elijah did with me,” Marshala said, rubbing her large belly. “It was the Blackbournes you needed to watch out for, not the Volkovs.”

“But that doesn’t explain a tribrid,” Ava said. “A wolf, vampire, witch tribrid. How is that even possible?”

“She’s a living phoenix witch,” Gina said. “One of the last of her kind. Kiara is already living proof of the impossible.”

“And so is this baby,” Marshala said. She leaned over and grabbed Kiara’s hand. “This baby will be a miracle, Kiara. Screw what that oracle had to say. We’ll find a way.” Kiara looked up at Marshala and her face slowly contorted into a frown. “...Kiara?” Marshala asked, confused.

“Maybe... maybe I shouldn’t have this... baby...” Kiara said softly.

Ava, Rhea, and Marshala looked at her in shock. “What do you mean??” Rhea said suddenly. “Don’t let that oracle scare you, Kiar-”

“I’m not scared of the oracle, I’m scared of this baby,” Kiara said quickly.

Rhea frowned. “...Kiara...”

Kiara quickly stood to her feet and paced the room. The women watched her as she tugged at her hair in distress. “You guys didn’t see what I saw,” she said, nibbling on her nails. “You didn’t see my vision... It was... God, it was so horrific...” Kiara stopped pacing and looked down at her stomach. “I don’t want to birth the apocalypse.”

“But, Kiara, the future is not certain,” Ava said. “We can’t just blame an innocent child for something we don’t know the full context of.”

Kiara sighed as she rubbed the back of her neck. “It’s not only that...” she muttered. “I don’t know if I’m... if I’m ready to... to be a mom. I mean crap, I can’t even fully take care of myself, nevermind a mini-me.”

“Kiara,” Marshala said, grabbing her hand. “Not all mothers plan to actually have a baby. I sure didn’t. You learn as you go.”

Kiara shook her head. “I just feel like it would be irresponsible of me. I’m nearly done with this degree program. And... I’m working on this disease that’s been plaguing the Northeast. Dr. Gabrielle is depending on me. Her whole foundation and all of her investors are counting on me to find a cure to stop this disease that is wiping out so many people. Thousands of people need me. I can’t just... I can’t just all of a sudden put that on hold...”

Marshala looked at her sympathetically. “Well, the important thing to note is that you have options,” Gina said. “To keep the baby... or to...”

Kiara looked at Gina who seemed to be the only one supportive of the idea of not keeping her unborn child. She looked down and felt her chest tighten when the realization hit her. “But Leo... he’s always wanted children... and Alexander... he didn’t even know he could have them,” Kiara said as tears welled up in her eyes again. “This decision is just as much theirs as it is mine... isn’t it? I can’t... I can’t just decide on my own...”

“I think it’s important that you have the conversation with them,” Rhea said, grabbing her shoulder. “Remember you’re not alone in this, Kiara. You have family. And nobody loves you as fiercely as those two.”

Kiara managed to muster a grateful smile. “Thanks, Rhea. I’ll... I’ll figure out how to tell them.”

“About the baby or the apocalypse?” Rose asked.

Kiara took a deep breath as her stress festered again. “Both.”


Leo paced outside in an isolated part of the woods, frantically running his fingers through his short dark blonde hair. A slight growl escaped his lips as his anxiety only increased. “She should be back by now!” he growled.

“Just try to relax,” Alexander said. Leaning back against a tree with his arms folded across his chest and his eyes closed, he tried to meditate.

“I don’t understand how you’re so fucking calm!” Leo snapped as he shoved his fist into a tree cracking it in half.

“One of us has to be,” Alexander muttered. Truth be told, Alexander was just barely hanging onto his sanity. Every second that Kiara wasn’t with them was driving him insane. His mind was a flurry of anxiety, worry, and stress, and Leo’s frustration was the icing on top of the cake.

“I think we should go look for her,” Leo said quickly. “What if something happened to her?”

“We would feel it,” Alexander said. He finally opened his eyes and looked at a distressed Leo. “We need to remain calm.” Leo shook his head as he ran a shaky hand over his face. Alexander eyed him and deeply exhaled. “We’ll give her another 10 minutes... Then we’ll go look for her,” Alexander said finally.

That seemed to slightly relieve Leo when suddenly they both perked up at the feeling of her presence. “You feel her?!” Leo said, looking at Alexander.

“Yea, let’s go,” Alexander nodded. They both took off back towards the cabin. As they got closer, they could see Nikolai run out of the cabin at top speed, his curly hair flopping about as he giggled.

“Nikolai! Get back here!” Nick shouted as he stepped outside with Elijah. “Goddammit, that boy.”

Leo immediately ran up to Nick and nearly tackled him. “Is she back?!” Leo asked frantically.

“She is,” Nick said, grabbing Leo’s shoulders. “She’s talking to Marshala. Give her a minute.”

Leo breathed a sigh of relief. He glanced at Alexander who looked like he could finally breathe again as well. “Is she okay?” Alexander asked Elijah.

“She seems a bit... emotional. But physically, she is fine,” Elijah said.

Leo and Alexander exchanged concerned glances. “Did she talk to you?” Leo persisted. “Did they tell you what happened?”

“The women have not allowed us to intrude on their conversation. I’m sure they’ll inform us of what happened soon,” Elijah said reassuringly. The four of them looked to the door when Kiara stepped outside with Gina, Rose, and Marshala by her side.

“Angel!” Leo breathed out excitedly. Kiara looked up at him and gave a small smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. Alexander furrowed his brows in concern as Leo ran up to her. He hoisted her in the air, wrapping her legs around his waist as he hugged her tightly. “God, I was so worried, baby,” Leo said, gripping the back of her neck. He smothered her lips with a kiss.

“I’m okay, Leo,” Kiara chuckled softly.

Leo could feel the detachment in her kiss and pulled back to look at her. “Angel, are you okay?” he asked, looking into her eyes. Kiara swallowed hard and averted her gaze. “Baby, look at me.” Leo maneuvered his head to keep her from avoiding him. “What’s wrong?”


Leo looked behind Kiara and saw Marshala motioning for him to put her down. With a sigh, he reluctantly let her slide down to the ground.

“Did something happen? Were you hurt?” Alexander asked, approaching them. He grabbed Kiara’s hand. She tried to keep her head down, but Alexander pulled her body against his and gripped her chin, tilting her head up so that she was looking at him. “Kiara?” he persisted.

“Everything went as well as it could,” Gina said finally. “The sirens agreed to stop their attacks... for now...”

“What does that mean?” Elijah asked.

“It means... we’ll have to debrief this after Kiara has gotten some much-needed rest,” Gina said, eyeing Kiara. Kiara stiffened and turned her head again.

“Come on, Angel. Let’s get you home,” Leo said, taking her hand. Alexander watched them walk away and felt an incomprehensible aching in his heart.

“Be patient with her.”

Alexander turned to the sound of the voice to see Rose standing next to him. Her gaze was on Kiara as well. “Be patient with her?” he repeated confused.

“Your Barbie,” Rose said. “Be patient with her. Be kind. Be sensitive to her needs. Be understanding of her pain.”

“I’m always-”

“I’m fucking serious, Alexander,” Rose said, cutting him off. “Listen. Don’t talk. I know that’s a struggle for men but try. And be there for her. She needs you. Both of you. Okay?”

Alexander looked at her with surprised confusion before he nodded. Rose glanced at Kiara again before quickly taking off.


Elijah watched Alexander jog to catch up with Kiara and Leo who were jumping into Leo’s jeep. “Shit, what happened?” Nick asked as he watched Levi pick up Nikolai and walk back into the cabin.

“Is she alright? She looks distraught,” Elijah said.

Marshala turned to Elijah and Nick and took a deep breath as she rubbed her belly. “Kiara... is pregnant.”

They both looked at her wide-eyed. “You’re shitting me!” Nick blurted.

“Is she... Is she having a vampire-witch hybrid too??” Elijah asked, startled.

Marshala groaned. “You guys are going to need to sit down for this...”


Kiara had tried to hide her distress on the ride home, but she knew Alexander and Leo could already feel it. She wasn’t ready to talk about everything just yet and racked her brain on how to mitigate discussing it. “So, it’s cute how Cole and Ava are a thing now, right?” Kiara said, trying to break the silence.

Leo glanced at Alexander in the passenger seat on the other side of Kiara. “I guess...” Leo said. “Isn’t there something else you want to talk about?”

Kiara looked up at the ceiling of the car to change the gravity of the tears attempting to escape her eyes. “Rose is actually really cool. I like her,” she said.

Alexander sighed in frustration. “Kiara-”

“Oh! Arby’s! I haven’t been to an Arby’s in like... forever. Can we stop? I’m so hungry!” she said quickly. Leo’s jaw tensed as he pulled into the Arby’s parking lot. Alexander got out of the jeep and watched her hop out and run off to the restaurant. “Leo, you want anything?” she asked, running backward.

“I’m not hungry, Angel... thanks,” Leo said, getting out of the jeep.

“K!” She turned around and rushed inside.

“Something’s wrong,” Alexander said, leaning against the side of the jeep next to Leo.

“No shit...” Leo muttered. “She’s trying to avoid talking to us.”

“We have to give her time,” Alexander said. “Rose... told me we need to be patient with her. I guess this is what she meant.”

Leo deeply exhaled as he shoved his hands into his jean pockets. “I hate it when our baby ain’t acting right. She’s hurting... and I need to know why so I can fix it...” Alexander nodded, understanding perfectly how Leo felt. He eyed Kiara rushing back out of the store with a bag of food and a mouth full of curly fries.

“Ready!” she said, getting in. Kiara’s demeanor had changed drastically. She seemed happier, more chipper on their drive back home as she talked more about the B-R Clinical program and all the research and lab-testing she was doing for the disease. But Alexander and Leo caught on that she was using it to avoid what was really bothering her.

“And so this girl, Tiana, who’s like some computer genius from New York is going to help with developing a mobile app that provides updates on the infected and what steps we’re taking to remedy it. I’m honestly so excited,” Kiara rambled as they pulled up to their apartment.

She barely let either of her men get in a word before she was rushing out of the jeep and heading up to the apartment. Leo grew more frustrated, knowing that something was wrong and that she wouldn’t speak. Alexander gave him a look of warning, but Leo couldn’t take it. “Angel,” Leo said tensely, leaning back against the kitchen counter. “Can we talk now?”

“About what?” she asked. She kicked off her shoes and turned on the TV. “OH! Infinity War is on Netflix! BRUH! We have to watch it!”

“Kiara!” Leo snapped. Kiara turned around to see a look of annoyance on Leo’s face and a look of concern on Alexander’s. “What is going on?” Leo asked. “There’s something wrong, Angel. We can feel it. Talk to us.”

Kiara bit her lip before she walked up to them. Her look of worry quickly turned to a playful smirk as she wrapped her arms around Leo’s neck. “What’s wrong is that you both still have your clothes on,” she grinned. She stood on her toes and pressed her lips against Leo’s. Sneaking her hands underneath his shirt, she ran her palms over his back muscles as she tugged his bottom lip with her teeth.

“Angel...” Leo muttered against her lips. His hands instinctively gravitated towards her backside and squeezed softly.

Kiara smirked as she turned around in his arms and caught Alexander’s gaze. He still looked very concerned. “Don’t make me beg, Daddy,” she said, biting her lip. Alexander felt himself harden with Kiara’s provocation. But, he was still well aware she was using this as an avoidance tactic.

“Alexander,” she whimpered. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her, sandwiching herself between her two lovers. She pressed her lips against his, as Alexander tugged at the hem of her shirt. Leo lifted her arms as Alexander peeled her shirt off of her torso.

Kiara sighed with content as Leo kissed her neck while Alexander palmed her breasts, already tugging at her bra. Suddenly she heard the sound of a baby crying so loud in her ear that she jumped startled.

“Kiara?” Alexander said as she nearly toppled him to the ground. “Are you okay?”

Kiara looked around frantically, trying to find the baby she heard before she looked at Leo and Alexander with confusion. “You guys didn’t hear that?!” she asked anxiously.

“Hear what?” Alexander said, confused.

“Baby, what’s going on?” Leo insisted again.

Kiara swallowed hard and looked down at her shirtless body. She gently touched her stomach with both hands before she looked back up at them with tears brimming in her eyes. “I... I’m pregnant,” she breathed out.

Leo and Alexander’s eyes widened in shock. “HOLY SHIT! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Leo blurted. She nodded as she quickly wiped a tear from her eye.

“Kiara, that’s incredible!” Alexander said elatedly. He excitedly picked her up in his arms and spun her around. Kiara chuckled as Alexander set her back down on her feet just as Leo crouched down and picked her up in his arms, bridal style.

“I thought you were on birth control,” Leo said, kissing her neck.

“I was...” she said quietly.

“Shit, you Volkovs don’t miss,” Alexander smirked, patting Leo on the back. “I’m happy for both of you.”

“Wolf-witch hybrid? At least Nikolai won’t be alone,” Leo laughed as he set Kiara back down on her feet.

“Um...” Kiara murmured, backing into the counter as she looked at the both of them. “It’s... it’s not a wolf-witch hybrid...” Leo and Alexander looked at her confused.

Suddenly Alexander’s eyes widened. “Did... did I-”

Kiara shook her head again as she took a deep breath. “I’m... uh... having the world’s first... tribrid...?” Alexander and Leo blinked at her a bit stunned, not knowing what to say.

“I’m so confused,” Leo said.

“Yea, I was too,” Kiara chuckled nervously.

“A wolf.. witch.. vampire... tribrid?” Alexander said, surprised. Kiara nodded as she eyed them, assessing their reactions.

“Shit! Is that even possible?!” Leo said, smacking his forehead.

“Apparently, with a phoenix witch and the effects of the blood bond... yea...” she squeaked.

Alexander looked at Kiara and frowned. “Is that what you were so nervous to tell us? That our baby is a tribrid? Did you think we’d be upset?”

“Um...” Kiara hesitated.

“Angel, that’s incredible news!” Leo said excitedly as he pulled her into his arms. “We would never be upset with you over something like that! Are you kidding?! This is amazing!”

“I mean I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it,” Alexander chuckled. “But Kiara, this... this is the best news I’ve heard since you first told me you loved me. I didn’t even think I could have children. And now...” Kiara felt her heart swell as she saw blood tears brim in Alexander’s eyes.

“Now, we’ll really be a family,” Leo said, grabbing Alexander by the shoulder. “All of us. This baby will be so loved.”

Kiara felt like she couldn’t breathe as she watched her two mates exchange joyful, tearful smiles. She nearly panicked when they both set their blue eyes on her. “I’m... I’m so glad you guys are... are happy with this news,” she squeaked out, not knowing what else to say.

“Are you kidding, baby?!” Leo said, picking her up in his arms again as he tickled her neck with his nose. “Though I should have guessed it would have happened eventually with how many times we fucked you. We never gave your ass a break,” he smirked.

“Leo...” Kiara muttered embarrassed as she nestled her face into his chest.

“It was all those new tricks you wanted to test out,” Alexander laughed. “You’re dirty, Leo.”

I’M dirty?! Motherfucker, half those tricks were by you!” Leo laughed.

“You both were bad!” Kiara blurted, sending them into a fit of laughter.

Were?” Leo said mischievously. He tightly gripped her thigh right on Alexander’s mark, sending her into a spasm of orgasms.

“Ohhhh crap!” she moaned out. “Leo! Dammit!”

Leo chuckled as he carried her to the couch. He sat her down just as Alexander sat behind her. Leo pushed her back against Alexander’s chest, who was unlatching her bra before throwing it over his head. He cupped her breasts in both hands, squeezing gently and sighed with content. Kiara gasped as her head fell back against Alexander’s chest. He looked down at her warmly as a hand left her chest to gently thumb her bottom lip.

Leo unbuttoned her jeans. He quickly pulled them down her dark brown legs before he was sliding his hands on the outside of her thighs and settling his face between her legs. “Fuck, Angel,” he groaned. He pressed his nose and lips against her panties and inhaled her arousal. He gripped the waistband with his teeth and lifted her hips to pull them down off of her.

“God, she smells amazing,” Alexander sighed, catching a whiff of her arousal.

“That’s because she’s soaking wet...” Leo groaned as he pulled her thighs apart. Kiara let out a desperate pant as Leo slid his tongue between her puffy lips. She clutched the back of his head with one hand and Alexander’s forearm with the other as her thighs tightened around Leo’s neck.

She felt lips press against hers as Alexander’s tongue easily slipped into her mouth. His fingers still teasing her hardened nipples. Alexander chuckled from the way she whimpered as Leo plunged two fingers inside of her while sucking fervently on her clit. “Oh fuck, Daddy,” she panted. Her hips rotated in sync with Leo’s tongue swirling in circles along her folds.

Leo hooked her legs over his shoulders and cupped her ass cheeks with both hands as his mouth completely dominated her pussy. His hunger manifested in his groaning that vibrated against her core, sending her over the edge.

“Come, iubita mea,” Alexander groaned. He kissed down her cheek until he reached her neck and sucked softly. Kiara let out a cry as she felt her stomach tighten and her body tremble, squirting all over Leo’s mouth and beard.

“Goddamn, I love when she does that,” Leo groaned, licking her up. Kiara panted, trying to catch her breath before Leo pulled her to sit up on the couch. “You okay, baby,” he asked, releasing his raging erection from his pants.

“I won’t be for long!” she said apprehensively as Leo laughed. She heard Alexander chuckle behind her as he unzipped himself as well. She felt the cool sensation of gel against her puckered star as Alexander kissed her neck. Kiara shook her head with a smirk. “You guys are insatiable.”

Alexander licked the side of her ear before whispering. “I just love it when you call me ‘Daddy’,” he mused.

“Alexander!” she smirked.

“See? You’ve turned him into a freak?” Leo laughed.

“Alexander was always a freak!” Kiara blurted as Alexander chuckled.

“I love being able to fuck you without having to worry about some crazy siren turning us against you,” Leo said as he started to ease into her. Kiara suddenly lost her smile as the reality of her situation hit her again.

“Just relax, iubita mea,” Alexander said softly. He kissed her neck as he eased into her as well. Kiara swallowed hard as she leaned back against Alexander’s chest and kept her eyes on Leo. She felt her anxiety building up again.

“What’s that look on your face?” Leo asked.

Kiara quickly shook her head. “Nothing I... I need it harder, Daddy.”

Leo smirked as he grabbed her waist and eyed Alexander. “You heard the lady,” Leo winked.

Kiara gasped as she felt them both thrust into her with such ferocity. She screamed out and decided to choose better methods of diversion. She closed her eyes, letting her mates claim her body in the way that she loved. She tried to get lost in the euphoric feeling they never failed to give her. But her mind couldn’t help but wander to the impending fear she felt. She turned her head to nestle her face into Alexander’s neck.

“Kiara?” Alexander asked.

“Harder, please, baby,” she muffled into his neck as she tried to hide her tears from them.

Alexander and Leo exchanged concerned glances and stopped thrusting. “Angel, what’s going on?” Leo asked.

“Nothing,” she said quickly, not showing her face.

“Kiara,” Alexander said, trying to nudge her up.

She exhaled with such defeat as she finally pulled back. “...I just need your love right now...”


Kiara lay on the bed in just a night slip, nestled between Alexander’s legs. She leaned back against his chest as Leo rested his head on her lap, rubbing gentle circles on her stomach.

She felt overwhelmingly better as Alexander’s comforting caresses on her shoulders complemented the soft kisses Leo left on her stomach. It was the most tender either of them had ever been with her. It was so sweet it made her want to cry.

“I can’t even hear a heartbeat yet,” Leo said.

“It’s like... 2 weeks... 3 weeks maybe?” Alexander said.

“Oh... so conception must have been that time we fucked you in the shower and had you pinned against the wall,” Leo smirked.

“LEO!” Kiara blurted as she hit him with a pillow.

“We should think of names,” Alexander said. “If it’s a boy or girl.”

Kiara felt her throat tighten as Leo smiled. “I’d be happy either way since we plan on giving you many more children,” Leo smirked at her.

“No!” Kiara blurted, startling both Alexander and Leo. She exhaled as she ran a shaky hand over her face. Tears started to trickle again as she heaved against Alexander’s chest. She couldn’t keep it in any longer. “There... there was an oracle,” she said with her eyes still closed. She felt Alexander’s chest tighten behind her as Leo quickly sat up. “Kifo is her name,” Kiara continued. “She told me that the reason she sent her sirens to have me killed was...”

“Was what, Kiara?!” Leo asked, impatiently.

“...Was because our baby will bring about... the apocalypse...” Kiara said finally. Leo blinked startled as Alexander shifted behind her.

“What the fuck?!” Leo blurted.



“The Apocalypse?! What the hell?!”


“I mean is this oracle just fucking with her?! Is this some cruel joke?! Who does she think she is?!”


Alexander stopped pacing his kitchen and looked at Elijah leaning against their small stove. “I need you to calm down, brother,” Elijah said softly.

“Elijah! This is Kiara!” Alexander said, rushing up to him. “She’s been through so much! Too much! I can’t have her go through this shit again! She’s so broken. I can feel it. And this fucking oracle is just-”

“Alexander, be still,” Elijah said, gripping his brother by the shoulders. “She can feel you. Your anxiety. Your stress. You need to control your emotions for her and your child that she now carries.”

Alexander suddenly looked up at Elijah as the words shook him to his core. And Elijah could already tell the effect it had on him because he had felt it as well. “S-say that again,” Alexander pleaded.

Your child, Alexander. Your mate. Your wife. Is bearing your child. And we will do everything in our power to protect her and your baby. Understand?” Elijah said.

Alexander shook his head as he took deep breaths. “My child... my mate... the love of my life...” he said to himself.

Elijah smiled as he pulled Alexander into his embrace. It was an act that the Blackbourne brothers rarely practiced. But lately, it was starting to become the norm. “I’m so happy for you, brother,” Elijah said, holding Alexander comfortingly.

Alexander clutched Elijah tightly. “And I you, Elijah.” Alexander glanced out the window to see that Nick was taking on the same strenuous task that Elijah did in calming his younger brother down. He smiled as he saw the two wolves give each other a rough, emotional hug and felt a wave of joy and sorrow overwhelm him at once.

“Go get her,” Elijah said. Alexander disappeared into their bedroom as Leo and Nick walked back inside their apartment. “Are you alright, Leo?” Elijah asked, eyeing the young wolf running his fingers through his hair.

“I have a strange mix of desires to kill something and then fuck my mate. But other than that I’m fine,” Leo muttered.

“Sounds like a Volkov,” Elijah smirked.

“Fuck off,” Nick said, rolling his eyes.

Kiara walked into the kitchen holding Alexander’s hand. Her eyes widened to see Nick and Elijah. “Elijah! Nick!” she said surprised. “What? Why are you guys here?”

“Marshala told us about your pregnancy,” Elijah smiled. “Congratulations.” Kiara gave a small smile before her eyes fell.

“She also told us about this so-called apocalypse,” Nick said, folding his arms across his chest. “And to that we say, fuck all that shit.” Alexander, Leo, and Kiara looked at him startled.

“This oracle thinks she can come and fuck shit up and threaten your life and the life of your unborn because of some stupid-ass vision,” Nick said. “I don’t fucking think so. We have a plan. First step: the house that Elijah and I have been overseeing the construction of is complete. All of us will be living in it so we can keep track of everyone. You guys need to pack your shit tonight. Move-in day is tomorrow. This oracle gave us half a lunar cycle. That’s only two weeks. Time is short.”

“Wha?!” Kiara said startled. “But, my vision-”

“We’ll deal with that later,” Elijah said. “You are family, Kiara. So long as Nicholas, or Alexander, or Leo, or Cole or I... and even Peter as grumpy as he may be, have breath, your safety and your life is our priority.”

Alexander looked at Elijah with such gratitude as he clutched Kiara’s hand tighter. “Wow...” Kiara said, wiping her face. “I... I don’t know what to say.”

“Say ‘holy shit’ cause damn you got a lot of stuff, girl. GET TO PACKIN’!” Nick said, clapping his hands. He headed back to his truck to get some boxes.

“Cole and Levi are on their way to help with moving. I had to threaten Peter so he may or may not come,” Elijah sighed.

Kiara chuckled as Leo walked in front of her and lifted her chin with his finger. “See, Angel? Everything is going to work out,” he said, peering into her eyes. Kiara smiled as Leo leaned down and kissed her fervently.

“Alexander,” Elijah said, walking to the door. “You’ll need to go back to the manor to pack the rest of the things that you left.”

Alexander nodded with a smile. “Thank you... Elijah.”

Elijah smiled back at him. “Don’t thank me, brother. Your physical and emotional well-being has always been important to me.” Elijah glanced at Kiara fondly. “Your happiness is my greatest joy.”


Kiara laughed as Cole spun her in a circle before dramatically dipping her. “Cole! You cannot tango to rock music!” Kiara laughed.

“Clearly, I can, little thing. See? I just did,” Cole smirked as he picked her back up.

“I can’t even hear you with all that screaming going on. Are you sure this is actual music?” Kiara teased as Cole danced her down the hallway.

“Wow! Check out the smart mouth on you,” Cole smirked as he spun her around again. “I’ll have you know your kind loves my music.”

“You must mean mortals cause ain’t no way black people listen to this,” Kiara teased.

Cole dramatically gasped. “SMART. ASS!” he said, pinching her in the waist.

“Cole, please stop rattling my mate around like a rag doll. She’s carrying some very precious cargo,” Alexander smiled as he stepped out of his old bedroom.

“Oh, come on! She’s a fucking badass phoenix witch!” Cole grinned. “Since when has Kiara ever been a fragile submissive little witch?” A naughty smirk crept onto Alexander’s face. Kiara ran to him and quickly covered his mouth with both hands.

“Was he about to say something naughty?!” Cole blurted. “AND YOU STOPPED HIM?! What’s wrong with you, little thing?! I’ve been waiting to hear the dirty side of Alexander again for DECADES!”

“Hush, Cole!” Kiara snapped at him as Alexander chuckled in her palm. “Leo has tainted you,” she said, quirking an amused brow at Alexander. She felt Alexander palm her ass with one large hand as he pressed his growing erection against her pelvis. He muffled something into her hand before she removed it from his face. “What did you say?” she asked.

“I said that it is you who has bewitched me,” he grinned, kissing the corner of her mouth. Kiara chuckled as he released her and walked back into his room to pack more things.

“Jeez, Cole! How much stuff do you have?!” Kiara gawked at all his things piled in a box.

“Listen, little thing. When you’ve lived as long as we have, you can’t help but save a few hundred things,” Cole said, putting the 15th pair of drumsticks into a box.

“That’s an understatement,” she muttered. She saw Alexander walk back out of his room carrying a large painting draped with a cloth. “Wait! Can I see?” she asked.

“It’s not really... finished...” Alexander said, setting it down. He lifted the flap and her eyes widened as her mouth dropped.

“...Alexander...” She stared at a detailed painting of her face so beautifully crafted it made her throat tickle. “It’s... it’s beautiful...” she choked out.

Alexander shyly rubbed the back of his neck. “I actually started this painting before you met me. I wanted to finish it, but well... after you moved in, you were constantly in my room...”

“Getting BUSAAYYYY,” Cole shouted, causing Alexander to chuckle with embarrassment.

Kiara walked up to her lover and moved his long hair out of his face to peer into his warm blue eyes. “I love you, Alexander...”

Alexander smiled as he cupped the back of her neck and kissed her softly. “Si eu te iubesc, iubita mea...”


“Is that the last of it, Angel, or am I missing another bag,” Leo said, packing Kiara’s things into his truck.

“Don’t get snippy with me, Leo,” Kiara smirked, poking him in the side.

“You have a shit ton of stuff, baby. I mean damn,” Leo said. “Why do you still have all these Beyoncé CDs?”

“Don’t be coming for my Beyoncé CDs, homey!” she snapped.

“Jeez, iubita mea, you’re sounding older than me,” Alexander teased. He grabbed her waist from behind and pulled her back against him. “Aren’t you supposed to be ‘hip’ and ‘trendy’?” he smirked, kissing her neck.

“Okay, first of all, I’m not that young,” she said, reaching up and tugging on his long locks.

“You’re younger than both of us,” Leo said. He closed the door and turned around to face them.

“Leo, you’re barely older than me!” Kiara blurted.

“Ehhhhh.” Leo smirked as he walked up to her and pressed his lips against hers. He hiked her leg up to his waist as he pushed her back against Alexander. Both of them attacking a part of her with their lips.

“You kids need to calm your damn libido!” Cole said, clapping his hands to get their attention. Alexander rolled his eyes as Leo set her leg back down, and Cole threw his head back laughing. “Sorry, I just wanted to cockblock. Also, we gotta go,” Cole said, tapping the hood of the jeep.

They hopped into the jeep and headed off to their new estate.


Leo helped Kiara out of the jeep as he wiped her lip gloss from off of his lips. “You look ridiculous,” Alexander smirked.

“Shit, is it still not off?” Leo asked, wiping his mouth. “How did you not get any on you?”

“I didn’t try to devour her,” Alexander teased.

Leo rolled his eyes. “Get outta here with that sensual vampire bullshit.”

Kiara’s mouth dropped as she stared at the large estate in front of them. “HOLY FUDGE! It’s practically Hogwarts!” she blurted.

“Aaaand, there she is,” Cole smirked. He stepped out of his car as Peter stepped out on the other side. “Our little witchy nerd is back.”

“Wasn’t easy to find multiple houses close to each other, so we had one that was connected,” Nick said, carrying Nikolai on his back. “This made the most sense.”

“What about your pack?” Marshala asked.

“We’re still running things, but Leo and I just won’t be at the cabin. This actually works out best as many of the wolves are now able to stay with each other in the Volkov cabin and work more cohesively as a pack. Levi will head the Volkov cabin while I train Leo to be my successor,” Nick said. Leo groaned as Kiara squeezed his hand comfortingly.

“Cole and Peter will be located in the far east wing. Alexander, Leo, and Kiara are in the center wing. We will be in the left-wing,” Elijah pointed.

“What do you think, Kiara?” Alexander asked.

“I think this house just called me a broke hoe,” Kiara said. “This house just told me it’s taxing me for the air I breathe. This house just said, ‘turn back around, boo, you can’t even afford to look at me’.”

“KIARA!” Marshala burst out laughing. “Stop being ridiculous and go inside.”

“What kind of neighborhood is this?” Kiara asked, looking around. “All I need is some white people calling the cops on my black ass cause they think I’m trying to break into my own home. With a house like this? No sah! They gonna think I’m the maid or a thief or- WOAH!”

“Alright, Angel, let’s go,” Leo said, picking her up. He tossed her over his shoulder and headed inside.

“That girl is something else,” Nick snickered.

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