Family Ties - (Book 3 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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44 - The Prophecy

Kiara shot up in bed screaming at the top of her lungs immediately waking Leo and Alexander. Her eyes were a bright jade green as her hair flew wildly around her face. Leo’s glass cup on the dresser exploded along with a lamp.

“Angel! Angel, wake up, baby! It’s okay!” Leo said, trying to shake her out of her nightmare. She stopped screaming as her eyes quickly faded back to brown. She looked at Leo terrified before she collapsed to the side onto Alexander.

“Kiara,” Alexander said worriedly as he embraced her. She shivered in his arms and clutched his hand as tears streamed down her face. “That dream about the apocalypse...” Alexander said softly. “Who did you see this time?”

Kiara shook her head as more tears rolled. “...y-your friend... C-Chris... he...”

Alexander’s jaw tensed as he exchanged an apprehensive look with Leo. He swallowed down his anxiety and kissed her forehead. “Let me go get you some water,” Alexander said. He moved out from behind her and nudged her towards Leo.

Leo immediately pulled a trembling Kiara into his arms. He tried to soothe her as Alexander walked out of their new large bedroom. “It’s gonna be okay, Angel,” Leo said, rocking her.

Kiara blinked for a moment. “...Leo?”

“Yea, Angel?”

“Your friend... the one from New York... Tyler...”

Leo suddenly stopped rocking. “...What about him? Did you see him too?” Leo felt Kiara subtly nod against his chest.

“...was...” Leo took a quick breath. “...was he… alive?”


Alexander walked into their new large kitchen that still felt like it took forever and a day to get to. Their new place was even bigger than the manor. It would definitely take some getting used to.

He walked to the counter and grabbed a glass before filling it with water. He looked up when he sensed a presence. “Elijah...” Alexander said softly. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It was not you that woke me, brother,” Elijah said, walking up to him. Alexander turned around to look at Elijah. “Your lover...” Elijah said. “Is she alright? That scream...”

Alexander looked down into the glass of water he was holding. “I feel like her nightmares are getting worse. I will protect her with my life, Elijah. I wouldn’t think twice about doing what I must to keep her safe, but... I can’t protect her from what I can’t see. My words of comfort are meaningless when her visions contradict them.” Alexander looked into Elijah’s eyes. “She’s terrified, and I can do nothing to ease her fear.”

“Alexander,” Elijah said, putting his hand on his brother’s shoulder. “I told you that I would do everything in my power to protect her. And I intend to keep that promise.”


“Alright, listen up!” Nick said, clapping his hands. “Nikolai! Stop chasing those damn-! Goddammit, boy, would you-”

“I’ll get him,” Ava chuckled. She ran after Nikolai who was laughing like a hyena and chasing after squirrels.

Nick shook his head before looking ahead at his family. They congregated at the back of the house near the outskirts of the woods behind them.

“This oracle has threatened one of our own, and we won’t allow it. We need to gather as much information on this oracle, Kifo, by looking into who she’s connected with. That means a closer look into the underworld and into the spiritual realm. Who she knows. Who knows her. It’s not the first time one of us has been called an abomination, and it won’t be the last. The ideal situation is a compromise. But you know me, I love a good ass fight,” Nick grinned.

Marshala shook her head as she stepped forward, rubbing her belly. “Kiara and Rhea, we will work to put a protective shield around the house. It won’t be an ordinary one either. We’ll need to work hard on this. Kiara your phoenix powers will come into play for this. But we’ll need lots of firewood.” Marshala looked at Alexander and Leo who nodded their understanding.

“Peter and Ava, you go with Elijah. Cole and Levi, you’re with me,” Nick said.

They all took off in their respective directions as Rhea sidled up next to Kiara. “Hey boo, you okay?” Rhea said, nudging her. “You look tired.”

Kiara nodded with a yawn. “Haven’t been getting much sleep with these nightmares...”

“I’ll bring you a sleeping draft tomorrow. That always knocks me out when I have a hard time sleeping,” Rhea said.

“Thanks, Rhea,” Kiara smiled. Kiara spent the next few hours working with Rhea and Marshala on a spell to protect their new home, while Alexander and Leo seemed to be bonding over something as simple as chopping wood. Looking at them, she smiled fondly. She instinctively rubbed her belly and her smile immediately fell.

“Kiara?” Rhea asked, getting her attention.

“I’m gonna take a break,” Kiara said to her. Rhea nodded and watched as Kiara walked off towards Leo and Alexander.


“He’s just stubborn as shit,” Leo chuckled. He brought an ax down on one of the large trees he had cut down. “I mean so am I, but... he’s probably more stubborn than me.”

“I didn’t think that was possible,” Alexander smirked. He effortlessly picked up a large log and placed it in a barrel.

Leo grinned as he wiped the sweat from his brow. “He’s had a rough life. But he’s a survivor. Strong. Smart. Very protective of those he loves. Kinda like us. I think you’d like him.”

“Yea? Maybe you should invite him up here sometime,” Alexander said. “Didn’t you say he’s in a band?”

“His brother is. But I’ll invite him and his crew up. It’s been a minute since we’ve hung out,” Leo said as he glanced over and saw Kiara watching them. “Hey, Angel,” Leo smiled. “See something you like?” he grinned.

“Oh yea, I just couldn’t help checking you two hotties out,” she teased.

“Don’t make fun, baby. You know you love this body,” Leo grinned. He walked up to her and grabbed her waist as he pulled her against him. “Especially when it’s got you pinned up against a wall and fucking the sh-”

“Leo!” Kiara laughed, covering his mouth. She shook her head and looked at Alexander who was smiling at her.

“Are you alright? You seem happier,” Alexander said slightly relieved.

“I... um... I’ve been thinking...” she said nervously.

“Oh, yea? What about?” Leo smirked. He kissed her neck as he teased the hem of her shirt.

“About... about having an abortion,” she said quickly. Kiara swore she felt the world stop as her heart tightened. She could feel Alexander and Leo’s shock and distress all at once. She felt Leo’s hands slip from around her. “Guys?” she said anxiously.

“You... you don’t want to have the baby?” Alexander asked in pure shock.

“Yes. I mean no. I don’t know,” Kiara said desperately. “I just... these nightmares are terrifying. I can’t imagine my future son or daughter is the cause of so much chaos... so much terror, so much... death.” Kiara saw Leo plop down on a tree stump in defeat as he ran his shaky fingers through his hair.

“I’m... I’m also not sure if I’m ready for a child,” she said, trying to gauge their reactions. But they both still seemed to be in a state of shock and distress. “Guys, I’m just... I’m really scared, okay?” she pleaded. “I’ve never felt so lost in my life. I feel like it’s irresponsible for me to give birth to something that could mean the end of the world.”

“Kiara, you don’t know that!” Leo blurted as his voice cracked. Kiara looked at Leo and felt her heart break from the pain reflected in his blue eyes. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she looked from him to Alexander. But they both avoided eye contact with her. Their cold distance sent a shiver down her spine.

“Guys...” she choked out, as her tears blurred her vision. “Please... I... I need you. I’m scared. I’m lost. I don’t know what to do. I-...” She looked down as tears started to fall from her face. She had never felt so alone. She put her face in her hands as she started to sob.

She shivered when she felt a warm pair of arms wrap around her from behind and a cold finger lift her chin. She looked up into Alexander’s crystal clear blue eyes that turned up into a warm smile.

“We love you, Kiara,” Alexander said softly. “It’s your body, and we’ll support you no matter what decision you make.” She felt her words get caught in her throat. She was completely speechless.

Leo tightened his embrace from behind her and nestled his face into her neck. “I swear to god as long as we live, you’ll never be alone, Angel,” he said into her neck. “You’re our heart. Our life. We’ll never leave you.”

“We know this is hard for you,” Alexander said. “We just want you to be okay, iubita mea...”

Kiara couldn’t hold it in anymore. She wrapped her arms around Alexander’s waist and sobbed into his chest. She let out a gutted cry from deep within as she felt Leo move her hair to the side and kiss the back of her neck comfortingly. Leo and Alexander kept her sandwiched between them, providing comfort until her sobs died down. “I don’t deserve you guys,” she said, shaking her head.

“Shit, she sounds like you,” Leo smirked, looking at Alexander who rolled his eyes.

“Don’t say that, Kiara,” Alexander said. “This is what it means to be in love. To support and love each other in both the good times and the bad. The easy and the difficult. We’ll get through this.”

“Till death do us part, baby,” Leo said, kissing her neck again.

Kiara felt her stomach flutter as she leaned back against Leo and held his arms tightly wrapped around her. “I love you guys,” she said finally.

“We love you too, Angel,” Leo said, kissing her temple.

Kiara looked at Alexander and furrowed her brow. “We feel each other emotionally and physically... but I want us to establish a mental link.”

Alexander looked at her curiously. “A mental link? You mean... hear each other’s thoughts?”

“Is that possible with a witch?” Leo asked.

“It’s rare and hard to do... but, yes, it’s possible,” Kiara said. “Marshala can do it with Nick and Elijah, but only in their most desperate moments. And the witch has to be conscious for it to work since she’s the source. It would take a lot of practice. But I think it would bring us closer together.”

“Would it help us to see your visions?” Alexander asked.

Kiara shrugged. “I don’t know... But I don’t want you guys to see them anyway. They’re so horrible.”

“Maybe, if we see them, we can better understand what you’re going through. And we can figure out how to help you so you don’t suffer so much,” Leo said.

Kiara smiled gratefully. “God, what did I do to deserve you two.”


“It sounds like they took it really well,” Marshala said, grabbing a cup of tea from Kiara.

“I thought they were going to break up with me or... divorce me,” Kiara said, sitting down in the armchair across from Marshala.

“Are you kidding me?! Leo?! Break up with you?! HA!” Rhea blurted. “That horn dog has been MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU since forever. He used to talk about you all the damn time when we were younger. Oh my gosh, and then when you started attending Excalibur? FORGET IT! He wouldn’t shut the hell up about you. There’s no way that boy’s ever gonna let you go.”

“Rhea’s right,” Ava chuckled as she played with Nikolai sitting on the couch. “He was so obsessed with you. It was cute.”

“It was annoying!” Rhea groaned.

“Sounds like Alexander,” Marshala smirked. “Except... less manic. Alexander just drew lots of pictures of you. He even gave me one.”

“Nope. Not creepy at all,” Rhea smirked.

“That’s so romantic,” Ava said at the same time.

“How are we sisters?” Rhea said, looking at Ava as Kiara burst out laughing.

“I know it’s a hard decision to make, Kiara,” Marshala said.

“Yea, and I have only a few days left to provide the oracle with my decision...” Kiara sighed.

“You’ll get through this, Kiara,” Marshala said, taking her hand. “You’re the strongest of all of us. I have faith in you.”

“Mama, he’s ready,” Nikolai said suddenly.

Marshala looked at her son confused. “What was that, baby?”

“He’s ready! He’s ready to come out now!” Nikolai said, jumping on the couch as he clapped his hands with excitement. “YAY!”

“What in the world is wrong with this kid?” Rhea smirked.

“Niko, bab-” Marshala started before her eyes widened. She looked down to see water pooling at her feet. “OH GOD!”

“What?” Kiara said, looking at her before she noticed the water at her feet. “OH MY GOD!” Kiara jumped to her feet. “OH MY GOD, IT’S HAPPENING!”

“We have to get her to a hospital!” Ava said, jumping up.

“We can’t! It’s a freaking vampire baby!” Rhea blurted.

“Yay! I can’t wait to meet him!” Nikolai giggled, clapping his hands.

“Okay, Niko, you really need to stop that!” Kiara said as she helped Marshala to her feet. “What do we do?! Hospital? Should I call-”


“Oh god!” Ava freaked.

“Kiara! You’re the medical practitioner here!” Rhea blurted.


“First time for everything! Now do the damn thing!” Rhea snapped.

Kiara tried to calm her breathing as she led Marshala to the couch. “Okay, Marshala, just breathe,” Kiara said. Marshala panted as she lay on the couch and immediately let out a painful cry.

“I’m calling Elijah and Nick!” Ava said, grabbing her phone.


Kiara sat in front of Marshala and pushed Marshala’s dress up to take off her panties. “Girl, if we weren’t close before, we definitely close now,” Kiara murmured. “Okay, Marshala, prop one leg on the table and another right here. Rhea, do we have a potion to help ease the pain?”

“I think I might have something,” Rhea said, rummaging through her bag.

“OH MY GOD!” Marshala screamed.

Kiara’s eyes widened as she saw Marshala’s belly move. “Oh my god, please let this birth be more like comedy central and less like Twilight. I’m so scared this birth is gonna be like something out of aliens-” Kiara started.

“KIARA!” Marshala shouted.

“Sorry,” Kiara said, widening Marshala’s legs. “I can see the head. You need to push, Marshala.”

“I AM PUSHING!” Marshala screamed.

“Push harder?”


Kiara bit her lip as she touched Marshala’s stomach and tried to use her magic to quicken the process. Rhea knelt down next to Marshala, putting a pillow behind her head and gave her a potion to ease the pain.

“I see him!” Kiara said with wide eyes. “Holy shit! OH HELL NO!”

“Kiara! That’s not what a mother wants to hear while giving birth!” Ava said frantically, running back with a bowl of water and towels.

“Sorry. This is all so trippy. I need scissors for when we cut the umbilical cord,” Kiara said, grabbing the water. She said a quick spell as spotted lights started to dance around Marshala’s stomach. “He’s almost there. Just a little more, Marshala,” Kiara said as she quickly grabbed the baby.

Marshala cringed as she pushed again with all her might. But she didn’t hear any crying. Her eyes shot open to see Kiara wrapping a tiny baby in a towel. “Why isn’t it making any noise?!” Marshala asked, frantically.

‘It’ is actually a ‘he’,” Kiara said, grabbing the scissors to cut the umbilical cord. “And he’s not crying because he’s mean mugging me mad hard. Sorry, bro. You couldn’t stay in there forever,” Kiara chuckled. She hit the baby on the butt until he coughed up liquid and started to cry. “There we go,” she said.

Kiara wiped down the baby and carefully handed him over to his mother. Marshala eyed the tiny baby with hair as white as snow and translucent blue eyes that looked up at her with curiosity. “He’s so beautiful,” Marshala said as a tear slipped down her cheek.

“You know for a vampire baby, I didn’t expect him to look so... cute. More like a... Chucky doll,” Rhea said.

“Rhea!” Ava said, slapping her on the arm.

“What?! I’m just... nevermind...” Rhea muttered.

Nikolai walked over to his mother holding his new little brother. “Say ‘hello’ to your baby brother, Nikolai,” Marshala smiled.

“Hi Dimitri,” Nikolai smiled brightly.

“This little boy really out here announcing birth times, genders, and names. Seriously, Niko,” Kiara laughed as she picked up Nikolai in her arms.

“That’s definitely his witch side,” Marshala smirked. She looked at her new baby boy and kissed the top of his head. “Hello, Dimitri.”


Rhea and Ava cleaned up while Kiara held Nikolai in her lap and tended to Marshala and Dimitri. Elijah nearly broke down the door as he immediately swooped inside.

“Record-timing, Elijah!” Kiara said with her hair blowing from how fast he arrived.

“MON COEUR!” Elijah said frantically. “I am so sorry I was not here! I-”

“Elijah, it’s okay,” Marshala chuckled. “Come say hello to your son.”

Elijah’s eyes widened in shock as he quickly sat on the couch next to her. His eyes further enlarged as Marshala carefully handed the baby over to him. “My god...” Elijah breathed out, looking down at him. “He’s... he’s perfect.”

Blood tears brimmed in Elijah’s eyes and on instinct they immediately started to brim in his son’s eyes as well. “OH!” Elijah said startled.

“I think Dimitri is far more connected than we expected,” Marshala said.

Elijah looked at her shocked. “Dimitri? You... you named him... Dimitri?”

Marshala smiled at him tenderly as she grabbed his hand. “Nikolai did.”

“But... but how did he know?” Elijah asked.

“He’s a warlock too, Elijah...” Marshala said warmly.

“Am I missing something here?” Kiara asked, feeling confused.

Elijah looked at Kiara and tried to keep his tears at bay for the sake of his son. “Dimitri Richardson... was my son...” Elijah said. “Back when I was a mortal.”

Kiara’s eyes widened. “Oh wow!”

“Yup. A story for another time,” Marshala said quickly. Kiara sensed there was a bit of tension and quickly dropped the subject.

Nikolai ran to the door. “PAPA!” he giggled excitedly.

“Niko, your dad is not here-” Ava started when Nick suddenly burst through the door.

“SHAL!” Nick blurted. He quickly scooped Nikolai into his arms as he rushed his mate who was waiting for him with open arms.


Kiara sat in the kitchen with Ava and Rhea who were talking. She watched Nick, Elijah, and Marshala dote over their newborn son. She couldn’t help the smile on her face as she saw how emotional Elijah was holding his baby boy. The way Nick kissed his wife on the forehead as Nikolai beamed with joy, enjoying the company of his parents surrounding him.

She instinctively rubbed her stomach and felt a warm feeling wash over her.

“I’ve never seen Elijah so happy,” Rhea smiled. “It’s about time we had some good news.”

“A baby is a precious thing,” Ava smiled. Rhea coughed and gestured to Kiara who had tears slipping down her cheeks. “Oh! Kiara! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean-” Ava started.

“I’m keeping it,” Kiara said quickly.

“What are you talking about?” Rhea asked.

Kiara looked at the two of them. “I’m keeping this baby.”

“YES!” Rhea screamed.



Kiara looked at Leo and Alexander sitting on the bed staring at her with blank faces as they blinked rapidly. “GUYS!” she said, snapping her fingers. “Did you not hear me? I said I’m keeping it!”

“Kiara, are you sure?” Alexander asked, cautiously. “We don’t want you to feel pressured to keep the baby because of us.”

“Remember, it’s your decision,” Leo added. “We support you no matter what. You’re our girl.”

“Yes, I’m sure, guys,” she sighed. “I thought you both would be-” But before she could finish her sentence, Kiara felt herself being hoisted in the air. “OH MY GOSH! LEO!” Kiara squealed as Leo spun her around in his arms, making her dizzy.

“Holy fuck! Holy shit, Angel! I can’t- I can’t even tell you how happy I am!” Leo blurted as he peppered her face with kisses.

“Leo-” she started before she ended up pinned against the wall, staring into Alexander’s shimmering blue eyes.

“He’s just really excited,” Alexander said. He grabbed the back of her neck and smothered her mouth with his. Kiara moaned into his mouth when she heard a loud tear and saw her torn slip fall to her feet.

“Guys-” she groaned before her head spun again and she found herself flat on her back. She breathed heavily as she looked up and saw Leo hovering above her from the side of the bed. “You guys are moving too faaahhhh-fuck! Oh god!” She panted as Alexander ran his tongue along the outside of her thigh, firmly pressing against his mark and causing her to climax.

“You gotta learn to keep up, baby,” Leo said. He nestled his face into the crook of her neck as he sucked on her most sensitive, tender spots. She felt his hands take possession of both of her bare breasts as his thumbs rubbed circles on her nipples.

“I thought you guys would want to talk about this,” she panted. Alexander lay on his stomach and hooked her thighs over his shoulders, leaving her wide open to him. His eyes darkened slightly as he bit his lip hungrily.

“What is there to talk about...” Alexander groaned. He kissed down the inside of her thigh, closer to her heated core. He lightly touched her puffy lips getting wetter from the arousal caused by his teasing.

“Alexander...” she whimpered.

“You know what I like, iubita mea...” Alexander said, pushing his finger deep into her wet sex.

“D-Daddy,” she panted into Leo’s mouth as she shivered at the contact.

“God, she sounds so hot,” Leo smirked as he nibbled on her bottom lip.

“Guys, wait,” she panted, trying to free herself. Leo pulled his head up as Alexander removed his face between her legs. Kiara struggled to sit up and leaned back against Leo’s chest.

“Look, you’ve disappointed Alexander,” Leo smirked. Alexander rolled his eyes and stuck his finger in his mouth to taste her. “What’s more important than us making our mate come?” Leo inquired.

Kiara eyed the way Alexander sucked her juices from his finger, and it set her belly on fire. “You keep looking at me like that, Kiara, and I won’t be able to let you finish your thought,” Alexander grinned.

Kiara felt her cheeks flush as she smiled feeling rather embarrassed. “Sorry... I... if I keep this baby... this might mean war... with the oracle,” she said. Leo and Alexander exchanged looks as they took on a more serious expression.

“Then war it is,” Alexander said.


Lyra walked up to Kifo suspended in the air, meditating above a body of water moving gently beneath her. “My liege,” Lyra bowed.

“She’s keeping it,” Kifo said with her eyes closed.

“Yes, my liege. She seems to understand that this means war,” Lyra said.

Kifo opened her eyes revealing her bright white irises. “She will not have war,” Kifo said. “She will have death.”


“Just how in the hell do you defeat an oracle?” Rhea groaned, looking through one of Marshala’s spell books.

“Check page 348,” Marshala said, holding a baby bottle of animal blood as she fed Dimitri.

Rhea flipped frantically until she reached the page. “Oh my gosh, there’s so much!” she said exasperated.

“Just look at it as cramming for a final exam,” Marshala said.

“Right, in which you live or die,” Rhea said sarcastically.

Kiara stood on the balcony of the side of the house watching Alexander, Leo, Cole, and Levi train with each other. She felt a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. Even though the guys seemed to be laughing and joking around, there was much tension in the atmosphere. The same sort of tension one feels on the brink of a fight to the death.

“You seem troubled, witch,” Peter said, walking next to her.

Kiara looked at him and rolled her eyes. “Don’t talk to me like that, Peter. I’m like your best friend.”

Peter smirked as he leaned against the railing. “Kiara... are you having second thoughts?”

“About what?” she asked. “The baby? No.”

“Not about your unborn,” Peter said, following her gaze. “The two immortals that would happily walk into a pit of lava if it meant saving your life.”

Kiara swallowed hard as she watched Leo flip an angry Levi on the ground as Cole and Alexander laughed. “I don’t want this,” she said. “I don’t want them risking their lives for me again...”

“That’s not your choice to make, Kiara,” Peter said. “It’s theirs.”

Kiara looked at them again as she rubbed her stomach. Her jaw tensed as a more determined look flickered in her gaze. “Or maybe it is mine,” she said.


“Alright everyone, gather around,” Nick said with his hand on his hip as he gestured for everyone to get close. It had gotten significantly dark out, and everyone was exhausted from training. Levi sat on the porch step with a large block of ice on his shoulder while Rhea stood behind him running her fingers through his hair. Marshala handed a sleeping Dimitri to an eager Elijah before picking up Nikolai in her arms.

“We have two more days until we face this oracle,” Nick said. “We may not feel 100% prepared, and we may not be entirely sure what we’re up against. But we will get through this, as long as we have each other.”

“As long as we have each other,” Marshala smiled as she held Nick’s hand.

Kiara looked around to see everyone nodding their agreement and she felt the hole in her stomach widen. “Gina and Rose will meet up with us tomorrow afternoon,” Elijah added. “The women will take the lead on this considering our susceptibility to the sirens.”

“Everyone get some sleep. We have a long day tomorrow,” Nick said, clapping his hands.

Kiara stood still as she watched everyone head out. “Kiara?” Rhea said, touching her shoulder. “You okay?”

“Rhea,” Kiara said, turning to her. “I can’t let you guys do this. I can’t-”

“Kiara,” Rhea smirked as she grabbed her shoulders. “You are family. And family sticks together. How many times do I have to tell you? We’d never let you go through this alone. Now, stop stressing and get some sleep. Go reward your men for working so hard by letting them tap that ass,” she winked suggestively.

Kiara sighed as she watched Rhea run off with Levi.


“The speed is fine,” Leo said, rubbing a balm on his shoulders. “It’s just about using it to leverage stealth. You’re really good at that, but it’s something I need to work on.”

“It won’t take you long,” Alexander said, sitting on the edge of the bed. He tied his long hair up into a ponytail. “You’ve already picked up a couple of our techniques so quickly. If we can optimize using them together. Nobody really stands a chance against us.”

“You guys sound like a power couple.” Leo and Alexander glanced at Kiara standing in their doorway with a robe covering her. She had a mischievous look on her face as she teasingly bit her lip.

“What are you up to, Angel?” Leo asked, curiously.

“Watching you guys train was such a huge turn on,” she said, walking up to Leo. She pushed him back, directing him to sit on the edge of the bed next to Alexander. She untied her robe and let it fall to the floor, pooling at her feet. Leo sucked in his breath and Alexander swallowed hard as their eyes eagerly roamed over her dark, mocha brown naked body barely clothed in sexy white lingerie.

“Goddamn, Angel...” Leo muttered.

“Alexander,” she said.

“Yes,” Alexander said quickly, looking at her as hunger danced in his eyes.

She smirked amused. “The most important part of this training that I’ve learned is how to manage control.” Alexander looked at her startled as she sauntered over to him and crawled onto his lap. She wrapped her hands around his neck and pushed her bosom into his face. “Do you have control?” she asked.

“Not with you, no,” Alexander admitted. He instinctively grabbed her ass and squeezed aggressively.

“At least try,” she chuckled as she pushed his hands down. She lowered her mouth to his and licked his lips before fervently sucking his bottom lip into her mouth. Alexander felt a cool chill as Kiara pulled back and smirked at him.

“Angel-” Leo started before she jumped on him as well.

“Shh, Daddy... let me do the work...” She hungrily kissed his lips as she straddled him between her thighs. She kissed down his jawline and felt him tremble as she ran her lips down his neck. She crawled off of him and knelt on the floor in front of them, staring up at them with big doe eyes.

“Kiara...” Alexander said hesitantly.

“Do you like me this way?” she asked, innocently.

“Baby...” Leo choked out. She grabbed the sides of Leo’s sweats and tugged them down until his large erection sprung free. Leo groaned as Kiara enveloped the large mushroom-shaped head into her mouth. He immediately gripped the back of her head as she ran her tongue along his member. She lowered herself further until his head was hitting the back of her throat. “Holy fuck,” Leo muttered as his head fell back.

She worked her hand to Alexander’s lap and he tried to stop her. “Kiara-” Alexander started.

“Just let me, Daddy, please,” she said, pulling from Leo slightly. She dipped her hand in Alexander’s pants and freed his rock hard manhood. Kiara’s stroke went from slow to desperate as she worked her hand up and down Alexander’s stiff shaft that spazzed in her grasp. Alexander fell backward on the bed feeling beyond overwhelmed as Kiara’s hand sent him into euphoria.

She paid particular attention to both of her men, making sure to send them over the edge as their groans started to fill the room. Leo came first as he spewed his seed into her mouth. He felt his head get light and dizzy as Kiara was unrelenting in licking him up. Kiara soon thereafter felt Alexander tense in her grasp before his semen shot up and fell down the sides and onto her fingers. She kept stroking him until his groans turned to desperate pants.

She stood to her feet, wiping her mouth and her hands as she watched both of her mates try to pull themselves together. Leo looked like he was about to fall off the bed and Alexander looked like he was about to fall asleep. “That was fucking incredible,” Leo panted.

“That’s an understatement,” Alexander groaned. He clutched his package still holding onto the sensation she had given him.

Kiara smiled with satisfaction as she walked to the dresser and picked up a flower. “You guys deserve the best,” she said.

“And we have the best, baby,” Leo said. “You.”

Kiara turned to them and smiled. “I love you guys so much... and I... I can’t lose you.”

Alexander sat up and looked at her confused. “You won’t lose us, Kiara.”

“I know,” she said, looking at the flower. “I’ll make sure of it. Kaima, amin mela...”

Leo and Alexander blinked at her confused before suddenly their eyes glazed over and they both fell backward on the bed knocked out.


“You are family, Kiara. So long as Nicholas, or Alexander, or Leo, or Cole or I... and even Peter as grumpy as he may be, have breath, your safety and your life is our priority.”

Kiara readjusted her backpack on her shoulder as Elijah’s words echoed in her mind.

“You’re basically our third sister. The neutral party between Ava and me.”

A sad smile came to Kiara’s face reflecting back on her conversation with Rhea.

“I swear to god as long as we live, you’ll never be alone, Angel. You’re our heart. Our life. We’ll never leave you.”

She wiped a tear from beneath her eye as she tried to shake the thoughts from her mind. Her heart ached with every step she walked further away from her lovers. She knew they would be pissed when they woke up to find that she was gone and that she had left them incapacitated. But thankfully, that spell she put on them wouldn’t wear off for another few hours, when she was long gone and meeting with the oracle face-to-face.

She knew what she was doing would be considered suicide. But she had to at least try. She couldn’t risk putting her family in danger again. She refused to lose anyone else on her behalf. She was ready to fight for them.

Kiara abruptly stopped walking when she heard a tree branch crack. Her eyes glowed jade green as she threw her bag to the ground and lifted both hands, sending a powerful rippling wave in the direction of the noise.

A man fell from a tree and in seconds was in front of her, grabbing her by the throat. But, Kiara quickly grabbed his hand and the man screamed in pain as she burned him, singing the skin off. He scrambled away from her, but she ran after him. Raising her hands, she sent another powerful wave that sent him flying in the air before landing hard on the ground.

Kiara growled as she attempted a technique she learned from Leo. She jumped on a tree branch, using it as leverage that catapulted her at the man, knocking him to the ground. She wrestled with him for just a few seconds, straddling him between her thighs, before she raised her hand ready to strike.

“Wait! Wait!” he pleaded with his hands up in defense. “My god, you’re powerful. A lot more powerful than I expected. Please, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Startle me?!” she blurted. “You freaking attacked me!”

“Forgive me, I... I just wanted to see if the rumors were true,” he chuckled.

“What rumors?”

“That you’re the most powerful witch in existence,” the man smiled charmingly. Kiara cocked her head in confusion. “What those rumors failed to mention was that you were so goddamn beautiful,” he smirked as he tightened his grip on her waist. “I mean jeezus, look at you...”

Kiara curled her lip up in disgust and immediately rolled off of him. “Sorry. Not smooth at all,” he snickered as he stood to his feet.

“Not in the slightest,” she muttered as she picked up her bag. “If you’ll excuse me. I have places to be. I don’t have time for fanboys.”

“For a phoenix with the rare power to wield fire, you’re a bit cold,” he chuckled, walking next to her.

Kiara rolled her eyes. “You caught me at a bad time, okay?”

“I know,” he said. “That’s why I’m here, Kiara. To help you and your miracle child.”

Kiara glanced at him and her eyes nearly bulged out of her head to see his irises were a mix of blood-red and amber-gold. His fangs were bared and the hair around his face had gotten significantly scruffier. “What... who are you?” she asked shocked.

His eyes immediately faded back to their light blue as his light blonde hair automatically shortened right before her very eyes. A charming smile painted his rather handsome face.

“My name is Jackson,” he said, taking her hand. “And I am a vampire-wolf hybrid. The last... and only of my kind aka... ’an abomination’.”

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