Family Ties - (Book 3 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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46 - Endgame II

“You need to move faster than that, Kiara.”

“That’s as fast as I can go!” Kiara said, running between the trees nearly stumbling over her feet.

“Nonsense,” Alexander said. He flashed in front of her, startling her as she jumped backward and fell on her butt.

“Dammit,” she groaned.

“You sensed me, but your response time was off,” Alexander said, lowering his hand to help her up.

“Yea, that’s cause you’re really freaking fast,” she sighed, resting her forehead against his chest.

“You’re fast too, Kiara. You just need more practice,” Alexander said, kissing the top of her head. He grabbed her waist and turned her around so that her back was against his chest. “Now sense Leo,” he said in her ear. Kiara closed her eyes as her ears twitched, listening for the sound of her other lover.


Her eyes popped open and she looked up at Alexander in shock. “Is he-?! Can you hear him too?!” she blurted. Alexander nodded with a smirk.

“Focus, Kiara...” Alexander said, gently turning her head forward again. Kiara closed her eyes again as she tried to sense him. From the speed, she could tell he was in his wolf form.

“Focus, Angel. Are you ready for me, baby?”

“I hope he means ready as in like... to catch him and not something naughty, cause then I’m not-”

“Kiara,” Alexander chuckled. “What did I just say?”

“Sorry,” she said, facing forward again. She closed her eyes as Alexander slowly backed away from her. She picked up Leo’s presence coming from the side and aimed until she felt herself get tackled from the other side. “OH GOSH!” she groaned as Leo’s wolf licked furiously at her face.

“I call that a... SNEAK ATTACK!” she heard Leo’s wolf say.

“Oh my gosh, Leo, stop!” she laughed as she tried to push him off. Alexander chuckled as he crouched down and handed Leo a pair of pants as Leo transformed back into his naked human form. “I thought you guys were supposed to go easy on me,” she groaned from the ground. She looked up at Alexander towering over her while Leo shimmied his pants on.

“Why would we go easy on the most powerful witch around?” Leo laughed as he sat down on the ground next to her. “We’re trying to fashion you into the G.O.A.T., remember?”

“Is it too late to change my mind?” she joked.

“Afraid so,” Alexander smirked as he sat down on the other side of her. “You’re getting better though. Have faith in yourself. We do.”

Kiara looked between the two of them and smiled. “I didn’t know I could hear Leo’s thoughts like that. Is that how it’s been for you guys all along?”

Alexander nodded. “It became more prevalent and stronger when we got to New Orleans.”

“How come I couldn’t hear you guys?” she asked.

“Well, you had a lot going on, Angel,” Leo said, grabbing her hand and kissing the back of it. “Too much noise in your head for you to hear us.”

“That and Melissa was kind of occupying the rest of your mind,” Alexander added.

“Crap... yea... that,” she muttered.

“Don’t worry. This is why we’re training,” Leo said. “So you can get stronger and faster.”

“And this will bring us closer together, emotionally and mentally,” Alexander said, caressing her back.

“So that we can be prepared for anything. Especially concerning that oracle,” she said.

Alexander nodded. “It’s not an option to let you face her alone anymore. Even if she is giving us all this time. We need to be ready upon her return if things go... sideways.”

“We’ll be ready,” Leo said, leaning over to kiss Kiara’s neck. “Right, Angel?”

“...right...” she sighed. Leo pushed her back on the bed of grass they sat on. He ran his tongue along the side of her neck as his hand sneaked underneath her shirt and palmed one of her breasts.

Alexander smirked as he leaned down next to her. He placed his hand on the side of her leg, softly stroking the inside of her thigh. She looked up at him to see a mischievous glimmer in his eyes. “Are we taking a break?” she smiled innocently at him.

“We’re taking something...” Alexander said, lowering his lips to hers. His fingers grazed against her core, covered by her jeans as she shivered. He rubbed her provocatively as his lips moved sensually against hers, sucking her tongue into his mouth like he needed her to breathe.

“No more jeans while we’re training,” Leo said. He unbuttoned the clasp of her jeans and tugged them down off of her hips, letting them rest at her ankles.

“Leo! We’re in the middle of the forest!” Kiara said, moving out from under Alexander’s kiss.

“And?” Leo said, tugging her panties down with his teeth.

“And?! We are not doing this outside!” she said, hitting his shoulder.

“Why not?” he asked, rubbing his nose against her damp slit. “Did I ever tell you how my mom gave birth to me in a bush during a battle my father was having with another pack? All by herself.”

“WHAT THE HELL?!” Kiara blurted.

“Leo, you’re not helping your case,” Alexander laughed. Kiara let out an unexpected moan as Leo slid his tongue between her lips and up her slit. “I guess we’re doing this in the forest,” Alexander grinned. He palmed her breast, squeezing it softly in his hand and lowered his lips to hers again.


The three of them jumped startled as they heard Rhea calling Kiara’s name. “KIARA! GIRL, WHERE ARE YOU?!” Rhea shouted. “MARSHALA AND GINA ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!”

Leo groaned as he rested his forehead against her pelvis. “Goddammit, RiRi... Couldn’t give us five more minutes? Shit...”

Alexander chuckled as he helped Kiara sit up, while Leo pulled her panties and jeans back up. “You look so disappointed, Leo,” Kiara teased as she eyed the frustrated look on his face.

“Because I am disappointed,” Leo muttered. He trapped her between his arms and leaned over her. He rubbed his lips against hers, letting her get a small taste of herself. “You’ll just have to make it up to us later...” he said hoarsely before he took her bottom lip between his teeth.

“KIARA!” Rhea screamed again. Leo rolled his eyes as he pulled back, and Alexander helped Kiara stand to her feet. Rhea looked around aimlessly. “What the hell? I know they were training out here.”

“I’m here, Rhea.”

Rhea turned around to see Kiara emerging from a thicket of trees with Leo and Alexander on either side of her. “Kiara! There you are!” Rhea said, running towards her. “Sorry to steal her from you guys, but she needs a break from all this training anyway. I need her.”

“For what?” Leo asked, annoyed. “You totally ruined our moment, RiRi.”

“Boy! Don’t take that tone with me! You can spend a few minutes without her, jeez!” Rhea said, grabbing Kiara’s hand.

Kiara looked back at Leo and Alexander and shrugged with a wink. “I’ll catch you guys later!” she said before Rhea dragged her to the house.

Alexander laughed to himself when he heard Leo sigh next to him. He looked over at him and furrowed his brow. “What’s wrong?” Alexander asked.

Leo looked at Alexander and cracked a sideways grin. “I’ve never been this happy... in my entire life...” Leo said. Alexander’s face softened as a warm smile came to his face. “This life... with you and Kiara,” Leo continued, looking ahead of him. “It’s perfect... and now we have a child on the way. I couldn’t ask for anything better...”

Alexander put a comforting hand on Leo’s shoulder as Leo met his gaze. “Now who’s fucking sentimental,” Alexander teased.

“Man, fuck you!” Leo laughed as he shoved Alexander’s hand off of him.



Alexander cringed as Chris Richardson’s voice screamed through the other side of the computer of their Skype call.




“Shit. Sorry, let me tone it down,” Chris said, lowering his voice. Alexander saw him get up from his seat in his home office and walk to the door to close it before sitting back down in his chair. “I tell you my kids are always ratting me out to my wife. No loyalty,” Chris chuckled.

Alexander laughed. “How’s your family?”

“They’re good. They’re good,” Chris said, readjusting the cap on his head. “You know, things were pretty busy after the banquet, but it’s quieted down. Michael, Charlie and I took her on a much-needed vacation. But you know, fun time’s over, and it’s back to business as usual.”

Alexander noted Chris’s face seemed a bit strained. “Everything okay?” he asked.

“Yea, yea,” Chris said, waving him off. “It’s no big deal. This disease outbreak has just got everyone a bit on edge. But, it will be under control soon, so no worries. Plus, it’s great to have your wife on the team. Shit, man. I still can’t believe you’re having a kid! Goddamn! How’s she doing? Can she handle being pregnant and working on finding this cure?”

“She’s doing well,” Alexander smiled. “She’s a hard worker and finding a cure for this disease outbreak has been really important to her. If there’s one thing I know about my wife is once she puts her mind to something... she won’t stop until she succeeds.”

“Our wives have that in common,” Chris smirked. He looked at Alexander and his smile widened. “You look happy, Alex. Like... really happy.”

“I am Chris,” Alexander smiled warmly. “I really am.”

“Well, I’m glad you reached out to me to let me know the good news. Maybe our kids can hang out sometime and play together,” Chris said. “I don’t know about CJ...”

Alexander chuckled. “Yea, I think I’d like that. It was good seeing you, Chris.”

“Good seeing you too, buddy.”


“Come on, Nick!”



“I said ‘no’, Rhea. Shit,” Nick groaned as he capped the baby bottle filled with warm animal blood and handed it to Elijah.

Rhea looked at Marshala with big doe eyes, pleading for her to make him change his mind. “Rhea, don’t look at me like that,” Marshala laughed.

“You can’t use my mate against me, Rhea,” Nick scoffed. He picked up Nikolai and sat him on the kitchen counter before handing him a sandwich.

“Why not? She’s my god-sister. Plus, I’ve seen the control Marshala has over you,” Rhea teased.

Nick looked at Rhea and then at Marshala who was trying hard not to laugh. “You better get her,” Nick warned. He turned back to Nikolai and ruffled his curly hair.

“Are you sure that Kiara would even want this... what’s it called again?” Elijah asked, holding Dimitri in his arms as he fed him.

“END OF THE WORLD PARTY!” Rhea said exasperated. “It’s like a big ‘F U’ to the so-called apocalypse, you know? And yes, Kiara would totally want this. She’s been stressing out over this entire situation so much that it’s been giving her nightmares. What better way to help her conquer that fear than by making a huge mockery out of it?”

Marshala thought about it as she leaned against the fridge. “That doesn’t sound like a bad idea actually.”

“Shal...” Nick groaned.

“And it’d be a nice way to end the school year,” Rhea continued. “We’d have people dress up as typical end-of-the-world caricatures like zombies or aliens. You know... stupid stuff. Come on, Nick, it’ll be fun! You can even go as yourself, cause well... you’re scary.”

“Oh, I see you got jokes,” Nick smirked at her.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help but take my shot,” Rhea teased.

Nick sighed as he looked at Elijah and Marshala. “It could be fun,” Marshala shrugged.

“They’ve all been rather stressed,” Elijah said, patting Dimitri’s bottom. “This could be good for them. A nice way for them all to unwind.”

“See? Elijah gets it!” Rhea nodded.

Nick groaned as he looked at his son who just finished his large sandwich. “PARTY!” Nikolai squealed, putting both arms in the air.

“Yea, you’re not going,” Nick smirked as he picked him up.

“Is that a yes?” Rhea asked, clasping her hands together as she looked up at Nick.

Nick looked at her and exhaled. “The gym should be left exactly as you found it. No mess. No fighting. No sex between students. Each student is allowed only one off-campus guest. No underage drinking. I’ll let the Dean know.”

“YES! YES! YES! THANK YOU SO MUCH, NICK!” Rhea blurted. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

Leo walked into the kitchen with Levi and Cole just in time to see Rhea jumping up and down excitedly. “What’s going on?” Levi asked.

“PARTY IN THE HIZZ HOUSE!” Rhea said, running up to them. “Leo, could you call up your friend in New York and ask if he’d be willing to come play a few songs for our End-of-the-Year Excalibur University End-of-the-World Party with Cole and his band Nocuous?”

“Wait what?” Cole said.

“RiRi, I told you my friend doesn’t play. It’s his brother,” Leo said.

“Then ask him to ask his brother!” Rhea said. “Come on, Leo, please! This is for Kiara!”

Leo groaned as he ran his fingers through his hair. “Alright fine... I’ll ask.”

Rhea whooped with excitement right before Cole stepped in front of her. “Can we rewind to the part where you signed me up to perform for a party I didn’t even know existed?” Cole asked with a raised brow.

Rhea looked at him and smiled sheepishly. “Hey, Cole... So, you’re gonna perform for this end-of-the-year-”

“Princess,” Levi laughed. “That is not how this works.”

“At all,” Cole said. He folded his arms across his chest and looked down at her. “What do you think this is?”

“Okay, so remember that time I helped you get Ava that-” Rhea started.

“Alright! Alright!” Cole said, covering her mouth. “Damn you witches!”

Rhea chuckled into his palm as she pulled his hand down. “Thanks, bestie,” she winked at him before she walked out of the kitchen.

“What the hell just happened?” Nick asked, looking at Leo and Cole.

“I think you all just got bested by a witch,” Marshala smirked. She grabbed Dimitri from Elijah and carried him into the living room with Nikolai at her heels.

Women. I fucking swear,” Cole muttered.


“Breathe in... and out...”

Kiara took a deep breath as she slowly exhaled.

“Do you feel that?”

Kiara smiled with her eyes closed as she nodded. Jackson looked down at her sitting with her legs crossed, her hands resting on her knees in the small cozy den of the house.

“Hybrid children... have a particular bond with their mothers that differ from wolves or mortals,” Jackson said. “The connection is different. Stronger. You sense it?”

Kiara slowly nodded. “I do...”

Jackson smiled to himself. “I could sense my mother way before I had even met her. I was attached to her long before I opened my eyes for the first time.”

Kiara instinctively touched her stomach as she breathed out. “I already love her... or him...”

“Or them,” Jackson grinned.

Kiara popped an eye open and gave him a dirty look. “Don’t start with me, Jackson.”

Jackson chuckled as he raised his hands. “I’m kidding. I’m kidding.”

She closed her eyes again as she heard Jackson walk around her. “Since the other New Orleans witches have given you a potion to help slow the baby’s development to that of a mortal child, you’ll have a longer time to form that bond. Make sure to take advantage of it. You can draw energy from your child as they can draw from you. That makes you more powerful than you already are. It’s the whole reason why Kifo is frightened of you.”

Kiara opened her eyes and looked up at him. “She’s frightened of me? She didn’t seem like it.”

Jackson smirked. “Trust me, she is. But you can’t allow her to instill that fear in you. We’ll prove her wrong.”

Kiara looked at Jackson and smiled. “Thank you, Jackson. This... this really means a lot to me.”

Jackson looked at her fondly and bowed his head respectfully. “It’s my pleasure.”

Kiara looked to the door when she saw Leo and Nick walk in. “Leo!” she beamed as she stood to her feet.

“Hey, Angel,” Leo said, pulling her into his arms. “How are you feeling, baby?”

“Good,” she smiled. “For once, I actually don’t feel too overwhelmed. These exercises I’m going through with Jackson are helping me a lot.”

Leo looked at Jackson and held Kiara flushed to his body. “Thank you again for helping my Angel.” Jackson nodded without saying a word.

“Are you ready?” Nick asked Jackson. “Levi, Leo and I are about to head out and meet up with the rest of the pack. You should come with us.”

“More than ready,” Jackson smiled. “I really appreciate this.”

“Hey, it’s no worries,” Nick said, putting his hand on Jackson’s shoulder. “After what you did for our family. For Kiara. It’s the least we could do.”

Kiara watched as Nick and Jackson left the room together. “What’s going on?” she asked Leo.

“Jackson is joining the pack,” Leo said.

Kiara looked at him startled. “What? He’s... how? He’s not a Volkov.”

“Not every wolf in our pack is a Volkov, Angel,” Leo said, caressing her cheek. “Nick has been known to take in wolves without a family, without a home, if they prove themselves worthy of his trust and his leadership. Which Jackson has.”

Kiara furrowed her brow. “But he’s a hybrid.”

“All the better,” Leo smiled down at her. “There are things we can learn from him and that he can learn from us. That was part of the agreement, Angel. He wanted to help save your life... but he also wanted a home. So, Nick and Elijah agreed to allow him to be a part of the Volkov pack and the Blackbourne clan.”

“Wow...” Kiara said, surprised. “I honestly wasn’t expecting that from them.”

“Well, you’re important to us, Angel.” Leo leaned down and rubbed his lips against hers. “And Jackson seems like a good guy.”

Kiara pushed him back and looked at him curiously. “Oh, now you approve of him.”

Leo chuckled as he shrugged his shoulders. “He’s alright...”

Kiara snickered as Leo wrapped both arms around her and firmly pressed his lips against hers, kissing her fiercely. He wrapped his hands around her thighs and lifted her onto his waist as he pushed her back against the wall. He sucked on her neck as his hands immediately went for the clasp of her jeans. Kiara gasped as she felt Leo’s fingers plunge into her panties and sink deep into her core.

“Goddamn Angel,” Leo groaned into her neck as he pumped his fingers into her. “I miss fucking you so badly.” Leo went to unbuckle his pants when he heard his name being yelled from downstairs.

“LEO! WE GOTTA GO!” Nick shouted from downstairs.

“Motherfucker,” Leo snarled. Kiara could barely contain her laughter as Leo set her down on her feet. “I love our family, but shit,” Leo muttered as he buckled his pants.

Kiara snickered as she stood on her toes and kissed him on the lips. “I’ll see you later,” she said, pushing him out the door.


~Night of the Party~

“Rhea, I swear you are such a weirdo...” Kiara said, looking down at her outfit.

“WHAT?! You’re a huge Marvel nerd! I thought you would love it!” Rhea laughed as she fixed Kiara’s red leather coat.

Kiara looked down at her skin-tight black pants, dark green corset with yellow lace lining that pushed her breasts nearly up to her chin and a long red leather coat with yellow handguards. “Don’t you think the red and green clash?” Kiara asked, checking out her backside.

“No. It’s a Jean Grey-Scarlet Witch cosplay mashup!” Rhea said. “Both mutant women nearly caused the apocalypse... twice. There’s no better badass female villain character mash-up more fitting.”

“Daenerys,” Ava smirked.

“Morgana,” Rose added.

“Hela,” Kiara spoke up.

“Maleficent,” Ava nodded.

“Bellatrix Lestrange,” Kiara continued.

“Ursula,” Rose laughed. “Ooh! Harley Quinn!”

“When has Harley Quinn ever caused the apocalypse?” Rhea asked. “When has URSULA ever caused the apocalypse?!”

“I literally thought we were just naming badass female villains,” Rose shrugged.

Rhea rolled her eyes as she looked at Kiara. “You look hot. Alexander and Leo will be tripping over themselves to get to you.”

“I’ll be tripping over my damn self with this long-ass coat,” Kiara muttered.

“You do look hot though,” Rose winked.

“Thanks,” Kiara smiled “What about you? You should totally dress up as Daenerys. You already have the hair.”

Rose shrugged. “Maybe... Am I even allowed on your school campus?”

“Each of us is allowed one non-student guest,” Kiara said.

“That includes vampires?” Rose quirked a brow.

“Yes,” Kiara smiled. “And you can be mine.”

Rose grinned widely. “SHWEEET!”

“Are you girls ready or not?! What the fuck?!” Cole yelled from downstairs.

Rhea glared at Ava. “Girl, you better get your mans before I do. Rushing us...” Rhea said, sucking her teeth. Ava chuckled as she walked out of the room and headed down the stairs.

“Well, that’s one witch. Two more to go,” Cole said. He grabbed Ava’s arm and pulled her towards him. He looked over her outfit and a sly grin came to his face. “You look... nice.”

“Nice?” Leo blurted. “Just nice? You’re the worst mate ever.”

“Yea, seriously, Cole. You can do better than that,” Alexander snickered.

“How about you both shut the fuck up, yea?” Cole snapped at them.

Ava chuckled as she looked up at him. “You look nice too, Cole.” Cole cracked a sideways grin and went to speak when Peter interrupted him.

“He took an extra three hours just to look exactly the same way he always does,” Peter muttered. “Moron.”

“ALRIGHT, YOU KNOW WHAT!” Cole growled. He flew at Peter and sent everyone else into a fit of laughter.

Ava snickered when she eyed the silver sleeve on Alexander’s arm. “Alexander, are you dressed up as Bucky?!” she asked excitedly.

Alexander looked at Ava confused. “Who the hell is Bucky?”

“The Winter Soldier, silly!” Ava laughed.

“Oh...” Alexander said. “No, I’m a robot.”

“You know... like killer robots who destroy the earth,” Leo clarified.

Ava scratched the back of her head in confusion. “Oh. I guess I kind of see it... sorta.”

“RHEA!” Levi shouted impatiently.

“You know what. I’m about sick and tired of y’all wolves and vampires thinking you can just bark and we come rushing to you,” Rhea said, walking down the stairs finally. Alexander and Leo looked past her to see Kiara in her Jean Grey-Scarlet Witch cosplay costume and completely forgot about everyone else in the room.

“Holy shit, Angel,” Leo said, rushing up to her.

“Leo’s catchphrase whenever Kiara is near,” Rhea snickered as Levi grabbed her and wrapped her up in a kiss.

“You keep me waiting forever, princess,” Levi said against her lips.

“I’m just teaching you some patience,” Rhea teased.

“Oh sure,” Levi smirked at her.

“Aww! Don’t you guys look cute!” Marshala said, walking into the living room where everyone was gathered. “I should take a picture.”

“Bloody hell,” Peter muttered. “Just kill me now.”

“Um, since I’m like the only vampire who still abides by the rules of vampirism and can’t be seen in photos, I’m just gonna stand over here while you kids look cute,” Rose said, moving next to Marshala.

“Come on, guys, move in!” Marshala said, pulling out her phone.

“It’s not like we’re going to prom, Marshala. We’re a bunch of grown-ass adults,” Cole sighed. “Supernatural ones at that.”

“Stop complaining and get your little immortal behind in the damn picture!” Marshala snapped as a window flew open.

“Eesh!” Kiara laughed. “Better listen to ha!”

“Say ‘cheese’!” Marshala squealed, snapping a few pictures.

“Ow, Leo! My hair!” Rhea said, slapping him.

“I didn’t even touch you!” Leo said. “That was Cole!”

“How are you going to blame me when I’m nowhere near Elphaba!” Cole snapped.

“I’m pretty sure that was Alexander,” Kiara teased.

“Wow, Kiara. Way to sell me out,” Alexander smirked as he pinched her in the side.

“You guys ruined the picture. Take it again,” Marshala said.

“End. Me. Now,” Peter groaned.


Kiara walked into the large gymnasium where music was blasting. Many people were gathered, wearing different costumes, and laughing and dancing to Janelle Monae’s “Dance Apocalyptic.”

“Wow, this blew up,” Kiara said.

“We had to have a minimum headcount of 250 people to get this approved by Administration... sooo yah!” Rhea said, grabbing her hand. “Come on! Let’s dance! This is all for you, boo!” Kiara signaled for Rose to join them. The blonde vampire hesitated for just a second before Ava grabbed her arm and dragged her towards the center with Rhea and Kiara.

“This is cute,” Alexander smirked, looking around with his hands sitting in his pockets.

“This is disgusting. Dullard mortal drivel,” Peter muttered.

“Ah! You said ‘dullard’! You owe me another 5 bucks.”

Peter turned his head to see Sasha walking towards him. “Sasha...I...I didn’t know you were coming,” Peter said anxiously.

“Yea, well, now you know. Cough it up, Downton,” she smirked at him.

“Downton?” Leo asked, confused.

“You know... like Downton Abbey. Cause he’s a 300-year old British man in a really nice 19-year old body,” Sasha smirked at Peter as she grabbed onto his arm.

Peter eyed her for a moment. He bit his lip as he instinctively wrapped his hand around her waist. “I missed you...” he said to her.

“I saw you last night!” she blurted.

“Sasha-” Peter started.

“Remember? When you and Jeremy had me-” she started. But Peter quickly covered her mouth, and she laughed mischievously into his palm.

“Oh shit. Is Downton a freak?” Leo smirked.

“I am not. And don’t call me that!” Peter snapped.

“Yes, it’s only reserved for me. Right, Downton?” Sasha winked at him.

“...Sasha...” Peter said, a bit embarrassed as his cheeks flushed.

“Are you... are you blushing?!” Alexander asked with raised brows.

“I am not! I will end you, Alexander,” Peter threatened as Alexander chuckled.

“Come on, Downton. Jeremy’s got something to show us,” Sasha grinned. She pulled Peter towards the other side of the room.

“You Blackbournes are a bunch of nasty supernatural freaks,” Leo grinned.

“Look who’s talking,” Alexander smirked as he shoved Leo. He looked up when he caught someone off to the side. “Looks like your friend is here though.”

Leo turned around in time to see his friend Tyler walking up to him with a grin on his face. “Motherfucker, you made it!” Leo smiled brightly as he pulled him in for a rough hug.

“Yea well, my brother honestly wouldn’t shut the hell up about it,” Tyler grinned. “And apparently, Tiana knows a few students here so she was on board. The rest of Dark Riot was down for the road trip, so they were all in. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to see you again.”

“Yea, I know it’s been a minute,” Leo said. “You look better. Less... angry. You get back into boxing like I suggested?”

“Yea, that,” he chuckled. “And...” Tyler glanced back at Tiana who was already getting acquainted with Kiara, Ava, and Rhea.

“Ah, shit!” Leo chuckled. “Didn’t I tell you?!”

“Shut up,” Tyler smirked.

“Oh, by the way, Tyler, this is Alexander my...” Leo looked at Alexander as they shared confused stares. “I have no fucking clue what to call you,” Leo said bewildered.

“Let’s just say friend for now,” Alexander grinned, taking Tyler’s hand.


“Thanks so much for talking me through all of this,” Shae said, hugging Ava. She pulled back from her and gave her a tired, yet grateful smile. “It’s hard enough not really being able to talk to my best friend about this. Can I eventually tell her one day?”

“Well, telling her isn’t going to do much of anything except make you look crazy,” Ava chuckled. “You’ll have to show her... when you’ve practiced enough, you trust her, and when you’re ready.”

Shae twisted her mouth as she looked into her cup of juice. “When I’m ready...” She quickly looked up at Ava. “Hey! How is Marshala? I haven’t seen her in so long. I was hoping I’d see her here when Tiana told me we were heading back up to Massachusetts for a concert.”

“She would have been here if she didn’t have two children to look after,” Ava said. She pulled out her phone and showed Shae a picture of Dimitri and Nikolai.

“Oh shit!” Shae blurted. “She’s got two whole ass kids!”

Ava chuckled. “Yup.”

“Are they witches too?”

“Half. Dimitri’s also half vampire. And Nikolai is half wolf.”

Shae just blinked at Ava, completely lost. “Okay... what?”


Leo grinned as he caught Tyler sharing a look with Tiana who shook her head with a smirk and went back to talking to Kiara. “Look at you with your damn googly eyes,” Leo teased. “Never thought I’d see the day when a woman would make you smile like that.”

Tyler shook his head and couldn’t help the crooked grin that crossed his face. “Neither did I...” he said, running his fingers through his short brown hair.

“I’m happy for you,” Leo said, slapping Tyler on the shoulder. “You deserve this, man. After everything you’ve been through...”

Tyler looked at him and smiled. “I couldn’t have gotten through it without you, you know? Owen, Jason, and Tiana were critical, but you... I can’t thank you enough for not giving up on me.”

“That’s what friends are for,” Leo said. He held up his beer and clinked bottles with him. “Don’t be a stranger. You should visit more often, or I can bring my girl and Alexander and come down to New York.”

“I’d like that,” Tyler said, looking back at Tiana and Kiara. “Think Tiana would too.”


“Oh my gosh, that’s so cool!” Kiara blurted as Sasha demonstrated the mobile app on her phone. “That’s tracking from New York?”

“New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and once I get the data from you, Massachusetts,” Sasha said.

“That’s incredible!” Kiara said. “So, now we can keep everyone updated on the progress of the disease in real-time. Did you show your cousin Dr. Gabrielle yet?”

“She’s seen the prototype,” Sasha said. “But Tiana added a few more features I think she’d like.”

“I still can’t believe you were about to give her that whack-ass shit you showed me,” Tiana teased.

“Girl, bye! I told you it was a blueprint! That’s why I contacted you!” Sasha said, shoving a laughing Tiana.

“So, you did most of this?” Kiara asked, looking at Tiana. “Man, that’s impressive!”

Tiana looked at Kiara and grinned. “Girl, you out here developing a whole-ass cure. If anyone’s impressive, it’s you. I stan a badass bitch.” Tiana grabbed a cup of liquor and went to hand it to Sasha before she snatched it back. “Are you even legal?”

“On god, if you don’t give me that drink,” Sasha said, snatching it out of Tiana’s hand. Tiana burst into laughter.

She went to hand a drink to Kiara, but Kiara politely rejected. “Oh no, I can’t,” Kiara said.

“Come on, girl. I thought this whole party was for you?” Tiana encouraged her. “Let’s get white girl wasted.”

“No, I mean... I’m... I’m pregnant,” Kiara said shyly.

Tiana looked at Kiara surprised. “Well shit,” Tiana said.

“You and my cousin have way more in common than I thought,” Sasha laughed.

“Well then, girl, just dance like you’re white-girl wasted,” Tiana said, downing her drinking. She grabbed Kiara’s hand and pulled her closer to the speakers.

Rhea took center stage and tapped the mic. “Alright, everyone! Thanks for coming out to our End-of-the-World Apocalypse-themed End of the Year party. Visiting all the way from New York is Dark Riot who will be doing a collab with Cole’s band Nocuous! Give it up!” Rhea said as everyone cheered.

“You sound like my #1 fangirl,” Cole smirked at her as he settled his guitar strap over his head.

“Wrong sister, Dracula,” Rhea mocked him with a grin. She looked at Owen. “You guys ready?”

“We’re good, thanks!” Owen grinned as he grabbed his guitar.

“Actually, you guys got any more of those tequila shots?” Jason asked from behind the drums. “Cause with the way Tiana’s looking, got daddy feelin-”

“Jason, I fucking swear!” Owen snapped.

Jason grinned mischievously as he clapped his drumsticks together to start the song. Dark Riot and Nocuous started jamming out to the 90’s classic “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine).”

Alexander grinned as he watched Kiara dance like she was having the time of her life. He couldn’t help but chuckle at her ridiculous dance moves as she danced with Rose and Rhea. He glanced to the side and saw Leo walking up to him as he leaned back against the wall. “She feels so... happy,” Alexander said, keeping his eyes on her.

“It’s about time...” Leo sighed.

Alexander smiled at her fondly before he turned to Leo. “Let’s go away.”

Leo arched a curious brow. “Go away?”

“Yea,” Alexander said. “You brought it up before. Let’s just do it.”

“I thought you said it was a bad idea.”

“That was before all of this,” Alexander said, looking at her again. “Before she got pregnant... before this so-called ‘end of the world’ shit. Rhea’s party idea was nice but... we can do one better. Let’s just go away for a few days. What do you say?”

Leo looked at Alexander with a grin. “I’ve got a few places in mind.”

Everyone cheered as the song came to an end. Kiara searched the crowd for Leo and Alexander and ran up to them when she spotted them. “There you guys are,” she said, running up to them. “Hiding are you?”

“Not hiding,” Alexander smiled. “Just watching you have fun.” Kiara rolled her eyes as Alexander grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him. He lifted her chin and lowered his head as his lips softly caressed hers.

“This next end-of-the-world-themed jam is a love song,” Owen said from the mic. “So grab your partner and hold them tight like it’s your last day on earth.”

Kiara smiled as she looked up at Leo and Alexander. “Dance with me?” They both grinned. Leo moved behind her, sandwiching her between the two of them as they swayed to the soft melody of the music. Kiara wrapped her arms around Alexander’s neck as he rested his hands on her waist. She shivered with delight from Leo’s touch as he stroked her hips. Leaning back against Leo’s chest, she felt him kiss her cheek before nestling his face into the crook of her neck.

“Never thought the happiest moment for me would be in a crowded, hot gym that reeks of alcohol,” Kiara chuckled.

“Doesn’t matter where we are, iubita mea,” Alexander said, looking into her eyes. “As long as we’re with you.” She smiled up at him and felt her stomach warm over.

Leo tenderly kissed her from her neck to her cheek and nibbled on her earlobe. “Come away with us, Angel...” he whispered in her ear.

Kiara furrowed her brow in confusion as she looked up at a smiling Alexander. “You mean like leave? Here?” she asked.

“Yea, why not?” Alexander said, stroking her waist with his thumb. “Just for a few days... Just the three of us.”

She turned her head to catch Leo’s gaze who looked as if he were pleading with Alexander. She smiled, nodding eagerly, and Leo immediately pressed his lips against hers in a passionate kiss.


Marshala sat on her bed leaning back against Nick’s chest as she lightly bounced Dimitri on her lap. She glanced up to see Elijah walk into their large bedroom with Nikolai sitting on his shoulders. “Hey,” she smiled. “Where were you guys?”

“Nikolai was just helping me bid Jackson farewell for the evening,” Elijah said. He picked Nikolai off of his shoulders and placed him on the bed. Nikolai eagerly scrambled over to Dimitri and fell on top of him as Dimitri let out an angry cry that rattled the windows.

“Oh come on, Dimitri. He’s just playing,” Marshala chuckled.

“I’m trying to find your traits in him, Elijah, cause he’s coming off more like Peter,” Nick smirked as he stroked Marshala’s shoulder.

Elijah grinned. “He’s the first vampire birth and must feed from a bottle rather than from the flesh... He’s allowed to be angry.”

Nick chuckled. “Fair point. Leo messaged me to let me know he and Alexander are taking Kiara away for a few days.”

“Is that a good idea?” Marshala asked, slightly worried. “Shouldn’t we be keeping an eye on her, especially now that she’s pregnant?”

“Jackson has bought us some time, so I believe she’s fine for now,” Elijah said. “I believe the boys need this. She needs this. Let’s let them have their time alone. If they need us, they’ll let us know.”

Elijah sat on the bed next to Marshala and gently grabbed her hand. “For once... we can be at peace.”


“UGH! When you guys said let’s get away, I thought you meant to like Paris or something! Not a freaking hiking trip!”

Leo snickered as he stood on top of a high rock. He looked down at Kiara struggling to climb up another ledge. “Come on, Angel, this is cake for you,” Leo grinned.

“No, it’s not! I’m tired! I’m sweaty! I’m hungry! I feel like I’m being eaten alive by mosquitoes, and you two jerks are- STOP LAUGHING, LEO!” she blurted.

“I’m sorry, baby. You just look so cute,” Leo chuckled. He climbed down a few steps and grabbed her hand to help her to her feet.

“I know I’m like... barely pregnant. But seriously, guys, I’m still a human! I don’t have super vampire or wolf powers,” she groaned.

Alexander walked down to her and handed her a bottle of water. “We’re almost there, Kiara,” he said.

“Almost where?!” she blurted. “Where are we going? The center of the earth?!” Leo and Alexander exchanged amused grins as Kiara growled angrily. “I will literally send both of you flying off this rock!” she threatened.

“Relax, Angel, I got you,” Leo said, picking her up in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lay her head on his shoulder as her eyes closed. She felt herself starting to drift off to sleep as Leo and Alexander continued to descend a hill. Suddenly, the air got fresher and she could hear the sound of rushing water.

“We’re here,” she heard Alexander say.

Leo set her down on her feet again. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes when her mouth dropped in awe of the view. They stood in a large beautiful cave with a small waterfall that flowed into a shallow pond. She saw the two of them set their things down on the sand as Leo kicked off his shoes and started to take off his clothes.

“Don’t worry. There’s an actual place we will be staying that’s nearby,” Alexander smirked as he noted the look on her face. “We just wanted to bring you here first.”

She looked up at him as he approached her. “It’s... this is beautiful,” she said with disbelief. “Where are we?”

“The mystery is part of the fun, Kiara,” Alexander said, cupping her cheek with his palm. He kept his eyes locked with hers as he moved his hand down towards the front of her shirt. “You said you wanted us to form a stronger bond... mentally and emotionally, right?” Alexander said, unbuttoning her shirt. She nodded her head as she kept her eyes on him.

“This waterfall is called the Cognitixia Waterfall or otherwise known as ‘Falls of the Breathing Mind’,” Leo said, walking up behind her.

“Oh!” Kiara said, surprised. “I remember reading about it in one of Marshala’s Wiccan books. It’s supposed to... stimulate cognitive interconnection.”

“Yea, well, your mind won’t be the only thing being stimulated,” Leo grinned as he tugged her jeans down from her hips.

Kiara looked at Alexander surprised as Leo crouched down to pull her feet out. “Don’t worry. This isn’t a substitute for our training,” Alexander said, tossing her shirt to the side. “We’ll still need to work on strengthening our link.”

“But it’s a damn good alternative,” Leo teased. Kiara squealed as Leo picked her up in his arms. She pressed her hands against his naked chest as he started walking into the water.

“Leo!” she squealed again before he tossed her in. Alexander snickered as he peeled off the rest of his clothes and followed in after them.

Kiara swam up from underneath the water and found herself right behind the rushing falls. She ran her fingers through her wet hair, trying to cough up water. She looked around for her two lovers that seemed to be hiding from her.

“Guys?” she called out as her voice echoed off of the limestone walls. She bobbed around the water, looking for them until she felt a strong pair of arms wrap around her waist and pull her down. She splashed around a bit until she heard Leo’s voice.

“Relax, baby,” his voice echoed in her mind.

She held her breath as she looked around under the water and saw Alexander. “Oh my gosh, I can hear you!” she said without speaking. “Can you hear me?!”

Alexander nodded with a chuckle. “Yes, I can. But maybe you should try coming up for air now. I may not need oxygen, but you do.”

“Good call,” she said. She quickly swam up to the surface where she saw Leo waiting for her. “THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!” she blurted.

Leo grinned as he wrapped her in his arms. He cupped the back of her neck and slipped his tongue into her mouth. Kiara moaned as her body melted against his until she felt Alexander behind her. She knew it was coming but was still annoyed when he tore her panties from her body.

As Leo released her lips, she gasped when she felt Alexander cup her entire core and sink two fingers deep into her cunt. She desperately panted and clung to Leo’s shoulder as Alexander mercilessly fucked her with his fingers.

“You okay, baby?” Leo asked, tossing her bra to the side. He squeezed one of her breasts in his palm, flicking her nipple with his thumb. But, she could only whimper as her head fell back against Alexander’s shoulder, breathing heavily between them.

Kiara felt her climax sneaking up on her as Leo’s lips played with her nipples. She could hear him moaning his satisfaction as his tongue flicked teasingly. She felt Alexander pull his fingers out of her before she could orgasm and heard his voice echo in her head.

“She’s ready...” his voice came.

“Is this how you guys would communicate every time you tagged team me?” she panted in frustration.

“Not in so many words,” she heard Alexander’s voice in her head again. His lips landed on her neck and she felt his fangs gently puncture her skin. His fingers probed her rosette before gently pushing into her, causing her body to jerk.

Leo grabbed her thigh and lifted it to his waist as he aimed his head at her entrance. “Don’t tense up, baby... “ she heard Leo’s voice.

Kiara relaxed her body until she felt Leo sink his full length into her. She panted erratically as she felt Alexander maneuver his thick, hard shaft between her cheeks and slowly push into her from behind.

In moments, they were both moving in and out of her to a rhythm she had not only gotten used to but craved. Her body cried out for them as they claimed her yet again. The slapping of their pelvises meeting hers as they pounded into her reverberated around them. Alexander ran his thumb down her arm, admiring the way her dark mocha brown skin contrasted beautifully with his pearl-cream color and Leo’s sun-kissed tan skin.

“Oh god!” Kiara cried out as their movements became rougher and faster. Her walls tightened, and they both visibly shook from the vice-like grip she had on their shafts. Her eyes turned jade green as Alexander’s eyes faded blood-red. Leo growled as his eyes flickered its signature bright golden amber.

Their moans made a melodious sound that echoed around them, just barely drowned out by the sounds of the falls hitting the crystal clear water they made love in.

Alexander wiped the blood from her shoulder as Leo pulled out of her. Kiara started to drift off when she felt her body get picked up. The water fell from her skin and a light cool breeze sparked a wave of goosebumps.


Kiara slowly opened her eyes to a view that completely took her breath away. Massive towering mountains outlined a dark sky littered with stars and the moon. She rolled over in the large soft bed only to hit a shirtless Alexander lying next to her.

“Hello, beautiful,” Alexander smiled as he stroked her cheek. “Did you sleep okay?”

“I don’t even remember passing out,” she chuckled as she rubbed her eyes. She looked down to see she was completely naked underneath the bed sheets. “Did you guys... clean me?” she asked.

“We’re catching up on our husbandly... mate... duties,” Leo said. He walked out of a large bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Alexander snickered. “Also you... completely knocked out.”

“Yea, I wonder whose fault that is!” she teased as she pinched Alexander in the arm. Leo plopped down next to her on the bed. He palmed her backside over the sheets as he planted a kiss on her cheek. “What do we do now?” she asked.

“Anything we want,” Alexander smiled at her. “We have our whole lives ahead of us.”

Kiara smiled with content. “No more doomsday nonsense. I finally get to relax with my two favorite people.”

“Ah... three,” Alexander said, rubbing her stomach.

“Or four... or five... or six...” Leo grinned.

“Boy! I will hurt you!” Kiara threatened as they laughed. “Well, if you guys are giving me the choice, I say we eat,” she smiled.

“Funny... I was just thinking the same thing,” Leo grinned. He shimmied underneath the covers and nestled himself between her legs.

“Leo!” she blurted.

“Go easy on her, Leo. We were pretty rough with her,” Alexander smirked.

Leo grinned mischievously.

“Don’t I always?”


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