Man’s Weakness - (Book 2 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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Gabrielle Johansson's childhood best friends, Chris and Charlie Richardson belong to the most infamous mobster family in the world. Known in their underworld as the 'Blue Kaiser' and the 'Blonde Lycan' for their brutal and ruthless history, their ledger runs red with blood. Her Irish ex-boss, Michael Beaumont, runs one of the most elite and dangerous mobster family businesses the world has ever seen. With clients from national military all over the world, his weaponized drugs rival the nuclear bomb. And they're all in love with her. Did I mention that the Richardsons and the Beaumonts absolutely hate each other? After surviving a kidnapping from Australian BloodHound leader Liam, Gabrielle finally not only learns the truth about her friends and her boss, but even darker secrets about her past. She'll either cope with them or take them head on regardless of what the collateral damage is. CW: This book will have violence, torture, sexual assault, smut/erotica, trafficking, and mentions of PTSD. And of course... the love square.

Erotica / Thriller
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1 - Man's Weakness

“I’m glad you came...” His Irish accent was as thick as ever.

“I said I would.” Her eyes lingered on him for a moment.

Michael watched from the entrance of the veranda, separating his hotel bedroom from the open balcony, as Gabrielle strolled to the other side. She looked out across the river. “Dinner was lovely,” she said fondly. “What did you say it was again? French?”

“Parisian, to be precise,” Michael corrected. His eyes wandered over her form as she leaned over the railing. The hem of her dress danced around her dark mocha-colored thighs with each subtle movement she made. Teasing him.

“I didn’t even know you could get Parisian food in Philly,” she said, tapping her finger against her chin.

“You can’t. I had it especially made for you,” he informed her.

“Oh jeez, Michael… Pulling out all the stops.” She blushed and it made his heart beat a little faster to see the way her face lit up at this simple gesture.

“I missed you...” he breathed out, suddenly. His eyes wandered over her mid-thigh-length, sleeveless blue dress. Her blue heels emphasized the muscles of her toned dark brown legs. She turned around, leaned back against the railing and locked eyes with him with a sweet smile.

“I missed you too, Michael.”

He hesitated. Wanting to approach her but afraid he’d scare her off like a deer in the forest. “Are you... Have you been okay?” He was surprised at his inability to form a complete sentence. It was unlike him. Her presence disarmed him. He craved her so badly.

“Define ‘okay’,” she sighed as her head fell back and she deeply exhaled. The angle of her neck and the light from the moon detailed the smoothness of her cleavage, luring him in. Before he knew it, he was already walking towards her. “The clinic is up and running so there’s that...” she continued.

He cautiously approached her, being careful not to startle her. Resting her elbows on the balcony’s railing, she closed her eyes and deeply inhaled. Her hair falling over the side. Her plump lips teasing him. “Gabrielle...” he said, sliding his hand across her waist. She jumped slightly at his touch as her head sprung forward to look at him. “My apologies...” he said quickly, pulling his hand away.

“Why are you so shaky?” she asked, looking him over.

He took a deep breath and stuffed his hands into the pockets of his slacks. “I’m anxious.”


“Because I want to touch you,” he said impatiently. “...desperately...”

She averted her eyes from him and she stood up straight, feeling flustered. “But I understand... that you wish to talk first,” he said, noting her discomfort. “I owe you an explanation.”

“If you don’t mind...” she said to him.

He shook his head. “Of course not. I’d do anything you asked of me. You know that.” He led her to a plush lounge chair and sat down in front of her. She folded her hands in her lap, anxiously waiting for him to speak. “I’m assuming the Richardson’s told you about their... family business,” he started.

“That they dabble in the black market, yes,” she said, nodding her head.

“Well... we Beaumonts are not so different. We specialize in the creation and distribution of weaponized pharmaceutical drugs,” Michael explained. She looked at him wide-eyed and sat back against the seat, already overwhelmed with what he had just said. “This has been a part of my family for decades. I currently head our operations. Aidan is my second-in-command.”

“I’m confused,” she said. “You’re the head of the hospital administration. How do you-”

“It’s just a cover, Gabrielle,” he said quickly. “In this world... your world, that’s my job. I head the health administration. I’m just someone from executive management. But in my world-”

“You’re a dark overlord?” she mused.

“That’s a bit... dramatic...”

“Is it? It sounds like you hurt people for a living. That screams ‘dark overlord’ to me. And not even Thanos-level but like... Darkseid-level,” she said.

“Gabrielle, I don’t even know who those people are,” he admitted with a raised brow.

She rolled her eyes. “We really need to have a Netflix binge one night.”

“That being said...” he tried getting back on track. “I run a business. It is never my intent to directly hurt anyone.”

“But your weaponized drugs end up in the hands of dangerous people.”

“I vet my buyers. They’re usually military leads cracking down on domestic terrorism.”

“So... less Darkseid more... Lex Luthor...”


“Sorry…” She sighed as she ran her hands down her arms and hugged herself. “So then, why this hospital?” she asked.

“It was the most ideal facility I needed to execute a few of my other operations.”

“So what... me and the other staff were just... pawns in your little plan?”

“You were never a pawn,” he said sternly. “You were... unexpected.”


“As in, I never expected to fall in love with you.”

“Oh...” Gabrielle nervously bit her lip and looked down. Michael could barely keep himself in control as he leaned towards her. He slid his hand between her thick thighs, leaning in to kiss her. “And Damian?” she said, slightly pulling back from him.

His jaw twitched as he begrudgingly pulled back. “I... don’t have much information on Mr. DuPont as of right now... except that at one point he was on our payroll,” he said to her.

Gabrielle frowned, not necessarily believing him. “He was my ex. My ex-fiance,” she said to him. Michael felt his throat dry up and constrict, unsure of how to respond. “He abused me. Physically, emotionally, sexually... He broke me, Michael...”

He could see her eyes starting to water and could tell she was straining to keep herself from crying. There was a deep-rooted anger building inside of him, recounting the details of what Damian had done to her. He couldn’t imagine anyone harming her the way that Damian did. It infuriated him. “I... I am so sorry, Gabrielle.”

She looked into his blue-green eyes and could see that he was sincere. He analyzed her face and grabbed her hand. “I want you to know... I need you to know how much you mean to me. And that I never meant to hurt you... or frighten you. I just wanted to protect you.”

She stood up from the seat and walked over to the railing again. “I know, Michael...” She looked up at the night sky, lit up with the bright lights of the moon and the stars. “I’m blown away by this view,” she smiled in awe.

“Then this view has the same effect on you that you have on me,” he said standing up. Gabrielle blushed as he approached her from behind. Unable to stay away from her, he slid his arms around her waist and lowered his lips to the nape of her neck. Gabrielle tingled at the sensation of his warm breath on her skin.

“What about your feud with Chris?” she persisted.

Michael audibly sighed out of frustration and grimaced. He wrapped his arms tighter around her body and nuzzled her neck with his face. “I can’t think about the Richardsons. All I can think about is pulling this dress off of you and bending you over my-”

“Michael, you promised me...” She whimpered and he nearly fell apart at the sound she made that only excited him even more. He tried his best to gain some control to answer her.

“The Richardsons and the Beaumonts are direct competitors and have been for decades. Christopher is my direct opposite in every way. If I’m first, he’s second and vice versa. Even before this business came to front. We’ve never liked each other. It’s natural for us to feud.”

“I was only curious...” she said, noting the tension in his voice.

“Forgive me,” he said cursing under his breath as his grasp on her tightened. “They irritate me.”

“How can you be irritated when I’m in your arms?” she teased, grinding her backside against the hardness protruding from his pants.

“Gabrielle...” He breathed roughly against her neck as he firmly grasped her hips. “You have no idea what you’re doing to me right now...”

“I think I have some idea...” she breathed out. With a smirk, she wrapped her arms around his neck from behind and continued to rub against him. He groaned into her ear when suddenly she took a step away from him. She gave him a sly look before stepping into the bedroom. His eyes followed her as she walked towards the edge of his bed. “Would you mind helping me with this?” she asked suggestively, pointing to the back of her dress.

His eyes lit up with excitement. He quickly approached her from behind and slowly unzipped the back of her dress. He gently tugged at the straps as he kissed her exposed shoulder. Pulling her dress down further, he revealed her right breast clothed in a white lace bra. His hand immediately cupped her breast squeezing gently as she leaned her head back against his shoulder. She reveled in his touch, amazed by how gentle yet firm he managed to be with her. He kissed her neck and lapped at her with his tongue. His fingers itching to tweak the nipples guarded by her lace bra.

Gabrielle could feel herself getting wetter with each stimulating squeeze. His desperate kisses on her neck left her panting, wanting more. I have to remain in control, she reminded herself.

She turned around in his arms and gave him a mischievous smile as she pushed him down backwards onto the bed. Leaning back on his elbows, he eagerly watched as she pulled her dress down all the way, revealing her white lace bra and thong that complemented the richness of her dark brown skin. His eyes couldn’t roam her body fast enough before she climbed on top of the bed, straddling him between her legs. She descended upon him, kissing him fervently as her hands rushed to remove his jacket. She felt his hands working the latch of her bra and gasped when he suddenly grabbed two handfuls of her ass. When her bra fell, his lips found their prize and suckled her pebble. She moaned loudly as his tongue teased her, licking and flicking her nipple. His face nuzzled between the softness of her breasts.

He gripped her by her hips and swiftly flipped her onto her back, devouring her like he was starved. “I have wanted you... for so long... Fantasized about all the things I’ve wanted to do to you and this... glorious body.” His hands roamed, caressing her from her waist to her hips before wrapping behind her and possessively grabbing her backside. “Let me know if it’s too much...” he breathed in her ear.

She barely had time to respond before his lips were latched onto her neck again. “I can’t get enough of you, Gabrielle,” she heard him moan into her neck. She held him between her legs as he moved further down her body. Kissing her collarbone, her shoulders, her chest, he left no part of her skin untouched. He took her right nipple into his mouth as he gently squeezed her left breast. Moving his body against hers, the fire red stubble on his chin tickled her skin. She ran her fingers through his hair and closed her eyes, getting lost in the feeling.

She felt him move further down her body, kissing his way from her breast to her stomach to her hips. He tugged at the strap of her thong, and she obliged, lifting herself up slightly for him to pull her thong down and off her. For a moment she felt nothing. She opened her eyes and looked down to see him staring down at her core. “Michael?”

He looked up at her and smiled sheepishly. “I’m sorry, I’m just… You’re so perfect,” he grinned. She felt her cheeks get hot as she blushed. His eyes flickered from excitement to hunger, as he lowered himself between her legs. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her closer to him. Running his fingers over her thigh, he left tender kisses on the inner parts of her legs. His fingers danced on her stomach as he gently caressed her, dragging his fingers down her abdomen and grazing over her core.

Gabrielle held her breath when she felt his finger touch her. His touch was gentle and fleeting before two of his fingers parted her wet lips. She bit down on her bottom lip when he pushed a finger inside her, while his thumb playfully rubbed her nub. She heard a quiet suction-like pop when he removed his finger and looked down to see him licking the same finger as if it were a delicious snack.

“You taste delicious,” he moaned before he buried his face between her legs. She heaved as she felt his tongue explore her inner folds. His lips tugged at her own while his tongue flicked at her clit. He slipped a hand beneath her ass, aggressively squeezing her cheeks, while the other hand clutched her thigh and brought her down further onto his mouth. Gabrielle squirmed as she felt his tongue dip inside her. It explored her dripping core like it had already been there many times before, hitting all her sensitive spots.

“Fuck, Michael,” she cried out.

“Soon...” she heard him moan between her legs as he continued to eat her out. The skilled work of his tongue gave her no mercy. She bucked unwillingly against his face while his hands held her in place. She felt the pressure start to rise as her body tensed up before she reached her climax. She moaned loudly, her hand clutching the sheets as she gasped and whimpered. Michael slowed his movements and licked her gently and softly as if to welcome her back down from her high. He stayed there for a moment, nuzzling the side of her thigh with his nose as she caught her breath.

When her breathing regulated, he gave her sore center a quick kiss before he crawled back up to lay next to her. Popping his head up with his hand, he looked down at her. His eyes wandered her face, watching her pant with eyes closed. She felt his hand caress her cheek and opened her eyes to see him looking at her affectionately. “Was that okay?” he asked.

She smiled. “That was amazing.”

He smiled back at her and nibbled his thumb. “You taste as good as you look,” he smirked.

She blushed and covered her eyes quite embarrassed. “Michael...”

He chuckled as he sat up on the bed. Looking down at her laying on his bed, he ran his hand over the length of her body. “Your body is becoming an addiction for me,” he said.

She slowly got up on her knees and faced him. With a wanting look in her eye, she provoked him. “Then indulge.”

He looked at her seriously. His eyes searched her face as he unbuckled his pants and discarded the remaining clothes. Gabrielle broke contact for a minute to look down and admire his manhood as he rolled a condom down his shaft. She bit her lip nervously, inadvertently making him harder. Crawling up to him kneeling on the bed, she felt up his hard sweaty chest. He watched her attentively as she ran her fingers over his shoulders and biceps. Her fingers traced down his arms before landing back on his chest again. She looked up at him with big inviting brown eyes and he immediately took her lips with his, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth. He gripped her hips and positioned her on top of him. Her warm, wet core rubbed up against his manhood.

“I want to go at your pace,” he said, watching her. “You seem like the kind of woman that likes to take control.” With a smirk, she placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself. She reached down to feel him, wrapping her hand around his girth. He moaned and dropped his head back as she stroked him, moving him closer to her center. She thumbed the tip of his head, as his precum filled the tip of the condom, and guided him toward her entrance.

Placing her hand back on his shoulder, she slowly lowered herself onto him. She gasped as she struggled to take all of him. “Oh fuck,” she whispered as she sat on him, his manhood fully inside her.

“Are you okay?” he breathed. She nodded and slowly moved her body against him, breathing heavily as she did. She loved the control, though she wasn’t sure how much of it she could handle for long. She closed her eyes and rode him faster, feeling his length stretch her out. She had already felt herself reaching her climax again before she stopped.

“Sorry, it’s just... it’s a little overwhelming,” she panted, trying to catch her breath. Michael got up on his knees and hoisted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist. “Oh!” she squealed. He gripped her tightly by her cheeks and slowly pumped into her before gaining speed. “Oh fuck, Michael!” she gasped, clutching at his back. She felt every bit of his length as his head nearly hit her cervix. She bit down on his shoulder as her fingernails scraped desperately at his back. She started to reach her climax as he drilled into her without missing a beat. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna-!”

Before she finished, she was screaming her release. Biting into his shoulder, her entire body tensed up. Her walls clenched him even tighter, causing him to climax as well. When Michael had the energy, he slowly pulled out of her. He fell backwards on the bed, still holding her as she lay on top of him. They both lay there, trying to catch their breaths. After a few moments, her hand crept up his abdomen and rested on his chest.

He looked down at her and she seemed to be lost in thought as she stared absentmindedly. “Gabrielle?”

She looked up at him and smiled. “Sorry... I kind of feel like I’m floating right now. No worries. No troubles. I’m just... trying to enjoy the peaceful silence.”

Michael smiled. “Then please enjoy, love,” he said, kissing her forehead. He tenderly caressed her arm until he felt the low vibration of her sleeping.


Gabrielle felt the brightness of the sun shining through her closed eyelids. She struggled to open them, when she smelled that familiar scent. The warmness of Michael’s body heated her as he instinctively wrapped his arm tighter around her. She looked down and saw they were both very naked, their bodies lost in the ruffled white bed sheets. She sat up, holding the sheet over her chest and rubbed her eyes. She looked down at Michael lying next to her. Her eyes scanned his sculpted body, lingering on his manhood.

“Damn... He’s huge,” she whispered.

“And yet, you took it all,” Michael said with his eyes closed. She shook a bit startled and saw his eyes flutter open. A devious grin spread across his handsome face. She blushed as she smiled back sheepishly. He sat up next to her and tenderly kissed her shoulder.

“Thank you... for being honest with me last night,” she said, closing her eyes to feel his lips against her skin.

“You don’t need to thank me for that,” he said in-between kisses. He kissed her neck and nibbled her ear, when he looked up to see her staring at herself in the mirror. The sheet fell from her chest, exposing her bare breasts. “You are perfect, Gabrielle.” He reached for her and rubbed his thumb over her nipple, squeezing softly. She turned to face him and gave him a long, hard kiss.

“Are you hungry?” he asked, when she finally pulled away.



Gabrielle stood from the bed, stretched and quickly glanced around Michael’s room. She quieted herself to listen to him shuffling in the penthouse living room before she frantically started searching his room.

She turned over books and sheets and papers, hoping to find what she had come looking for. Then she saw it.

His laptop was hidden in one of the drawers. She quickly pulled it out, and opened it, sighing with relief that it was already unlocked. Anxiously, she scanned his folders until she came upon what she had been obsessing to find:

Purveyor #T269: Damian DuPont

She grabbed her earring from the dresser and detached a small USB plugin that she inserted into his computer.

“Food is here!” Michael called from the living room.

“Coming!” Gabrielle called back as she waited for it to download a copy of the folder. “Come on, come on,” she said anxiously, tapping her foot. Seconds felt like hours before the download completed. She quickly shut his computer and stuffed the USB plugin back into her purse.

She casually strolled into the penthouse living room, wearing only Michael’s button-down white shirt. She sat on the couch, folding her legs beneath her and watched him lay out the food that room service had brought them. Michael walked around the table to pour her a glass of orange juice. Gabrielle couldn’t help admiring his body. He wore only his pajama pants, barely hiding his large member, when she noticed the red scratches on his back.

“D-did I do that to you?” she said astonished.

“What?” he said, trying to look behind him. He felt at his back.

“Shoot. I’m so sorry, Michael,” she said, covering her mouth in horror.

“Don’t be. I wear these with pride,” he grinned. He sat down next to her and seductively sucked her bottom lip into his mouth. “Besides, I gave you this...” he said kissing a red mark on her neck that he had given her the night before. “And this…” He kissed another mark on her collarbone. “And this one...” He opened the shirt, exposing her naked body. He kissed the top of her breast, just a few inches above her nipple, and pulled her close to him by her waist. “This...” he said softly, taking her nipple into his mouth.

Gabrielle moaned and let her head fall back as he firmly held her up. “This...” His hand traced down her stomach as his fingers ran over her core. He hungrily kissed her mouth again.

Gabrielle reluctantly pushed him away. “At this rate, we’ll never eat,” she fake pouted.

“I’m feeling rather hungry for something else...” he smirked at her, his fingers still teasing her.

“We’ll see if you still have an appetite after breakfast,” she teased, slapping his hand away.

“I’ll always have an appetite for you, love...”

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