Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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14 - Lucy

Hacker Rule #8: Always have a contingency plan.

Tiana sat at the edge of the bed, scrolling through Owen’s tablet. She was reading up on this unique and eccentric doctor she had heard so much about. “Graduated Stanford University and went on to work for one of the most prestigious hospitals in L.A. as the head of neurology. She founded a rotational program for senior medical students... all while co-sponsoring a sister-hospital in Kenya?? ... Damn... this sista is no joke.”

Tiana continued to scroll until her brows furrowed in confusion. She read an article about the doctor’s complete disappearance before showing up again working for a hospital in Pennsylvania and creating her own clinic. “What kind of maniac would want to kidnap and harm someone as pure and wholesome as this?” she asked, confused.

“Someone who probably has a vendetta against someone she’s associated with.” Tiana looked up to see Jason standing at the entrance of her bedroom, casually leaning against the doorpost. His hands sat in the deep pockets of his dark, navy blue slacks. He wore a matching fitted open blazer with a white button-down opened at the collar that revealed just a bit of his firm toned chest.

“You... you look really nice,” she said, eyeing him up.

Jason smirked. “Just something I had laying around.”

“You should wear suits more often as opposed to your standard grease monkey look,” she grinned.

“Eh... I’m not really a ‘suits’ kinda guy,” Jason said, walking towards her. She placed the tablet on the bed and eased back slightly as he leaned forward on the bed, trapping her between his arms. His face came close to hers as she let out a quick breath that he felt on his lips. She put her hand against his chest feeling a sliver of his skin before she looked into his light blue eyes.

“That’s too bad... it’s a good look for you...”

“Mmm.” He hummed with a grin as he teasingly rubbed his lips against hers. “Wait till you see me naked...” He slid his hand between her thick, dark brown thighs, slowly lifting the hem of her dress. His fingers worked their way to the front of her panties. She grasped his bicep as he rubbed two fingers over her clit through her panties and flicked her lips with the tip of his tongue. “Next time I wear a suit, it’ll be while walking your fine ass down the aisle,” he smirked.

“Jason,” she laughed, pushing him back slightly. “We’re jumping to marriage now?”

“Baby, if it means getting to wake up next to this beautiful face every morning...” he grinned as he nibbled on her bottom lip.

Tiana rolled her eyes with a smirk. “You’re crazy.”

He snickered as he pulled back from her and stood up. “Maybe...” Tiana looked up at him and caught the special glimmer in his eyes before he averted his gaze. “In all honesty, I don’t ever plan to marry,” he said. “Marriage is a fucking capitalistic farce made up by money-grabbing corporate shitheads who pressure naive idiots into a fake loveless legal bond that will only end up in misery and broken families.”

“Jeez, Jason...” Tiana muttered.

“Sorry,” he sighed. “That’s... RaVage talking...”

Tiana furrowed her brow as she watched him rub the back of his neck. She could tell there was something deeper there than what he was showing on the surface. “Or... maybe it has something to do with your parents?” she asked.

He looked at her and his jaw immediately tensed. “That’s not it,” he said quickly.

“Jason, it’s okay,” she tried to sympathize as she grabbed his hand. “You’re not your parents. Just because they didn’t work out, doesn’t mean-”

“Babe, please,” Jason said, cutting her off. “I really don’t need any of that self-pity bullshit.”

Tiana regretfully let go of his hand and looked down. “I didn’t mean it like that, Jason...”

He rubbed the tension out of his neck before he glanced at a remorseful Tiana. “Come here,” he said, grabbing her hand. He pulled her up from the bed and into his embrace as he wrapped his arms around her. His hands instinctively gravitated towards her ass as he palmed both cheeks and sighed contently. She looked up at him to meet his joking eyes again and his signature grin. “You’re fucking gorgeous, you know that?” he said to her.

“Stop,” she smiled, shaking her head in embarrassment. “I thought you were working with Owen and Tyler.”

“Yea, we finished,” he said, pushing her up against the wall. His hands bunched her dress up until he could feel her bare thighs. He buried his face into the crook of her neck as he kissed her collarbone, sucking on her skin.

“So, were you coming to get me?” she breathed out. She closed her eyes as Jason’s hands sneaked into her panties as his lips attacked her neck. “You could have just texted me if you wanted me to come.”

“Oh, I definitely want you to come, baby,” he said, rubbing the palm of his hand against her hot damp core. Tiana groaned as he easily maneuvered two fingers inside of her without any resistance.

Her head fell back against the wall as she panted. Jason pulled back to look at her, his eyes analyzing her face that contorted with the pleasure he was giving her. “Jason,” she breathed out.

“What did I say?” he said firmly.

She looked at him and swallowed hard. “Daddy...”

A grin painted his face as his thumb rotated against her sensitive nub. “Yea, baby?”

“We... we should go. Owen and... Tyler,” she managed to get out before gasping as she felt her stomach warm over and her knees start to buckle.

Jason held her up as his fingers picked up their pace. “They can wait...” he whispered heatedly in her ear before his tongue played with her earlobe.

Tiana leaned her head forward against his chest and desperately grabbed his bicep as her climax started to overwhelm her. “Oh fuck,” she whimpered as her legs shook.

“That’s it, baby... come for Daddy,” he smirked as he felt her juices coat his fingers.

Tiana grabbed onto him with both hands, trying to catch her breath. “Am I... your fuck buddy now?” she panted.

“To be my fuck buddy would mean that we’re actually fucking,” he grinned. “Which we’re not... at least not yet. For now, you can call me your... playmate.”

Tiana leaned back and looked at him with a smirk. “Playmate? You know this has to be a two-way thing, Daddy. I can’t always be on the receiving end here.”

He caught the intent in her eyes as she bit her lip suggestively. She leaned into him and pressed her ample chest against his. Jason looked at her surprised. “Well shit.”

“When are you gonna introduce me to... Big Daddy,” she smirked with a quirked brow. Her hand careened down his torso and immediately palmed his crotch.

Jason’s eyebrows arched and he instinctively grabbed her hand. “Shit, beautiful. He is all yours for-”

He stopped short when he saw her holding up his wallet. “How’d I do?” she teased.

“Goddamn!” he laughed.

“You didn’t even notice me, right?!” she said excitedly as she handed him back his wallet.

“Not at all... Fuck, I’m so proud,” he laughed. “And also, kinda disappointed. You played me, babe. Got my hopes up and shit.”

“Oh, I wasn’t joking about that,” she said, walking to the door. She went to open it when Jason quickly blocked her and closed the door. She looked up at him to see a ravenous look in his gaze.

“You can’t just tease me like that, Tiana.”

“I thought you liked teasing.”

Not when I’m the one being teased,” he said to her with a raised brow. “Are you fucking with me? Cause you’re seriously making my balls hurt.” Tiana smirked as she ducked under his arm and reached for the door handle before walking away. “Tiana,” Jason called after her. “Baby, don’t play with me! This is cruel!”


Tiana walked down to the garage to see Owen and Tyler, each in a pair of black slacks wearing a button-down white shirt. Their sleeves were rolled up to their elbows while their matching blazers hung on a hook on the side. They seemed to be putting the finishing touches on a device on the table.

Owen wiped his hands on a towel as he watched Tyler use a screwdriver to tighten a bolt. “That should be good enough,” Owen said, rolling down his sleeves. He went to grab his blazer when he caught Tiana at the corner of his eye walking down the stairs. His eyes instinctively wandered her figure as his appreciation for how well the dress fit her manifested in the tingling sensation he felt in his groin. “Hey, T,” he said, walking up to her.

“Jason said you guys were ready?” she asked.

“Yea,” Owen said. He glanced at Jason behind her who seemed to be eye-fucking her without shame. “Bro,” Owen said, snapping Jason out of it. “You got the connector?”

Jason looked up at Owen and furrowed his brow in confusion before it clicked. “Oh.. shit... I’ll be right back,” Jason said.

“The fuck?” Owen said. “You literally went upstairs for Tiana and the connector. Two motherfucking things. How the fuck did you forget?”

Jason shrugged and his eyes landed on Tiana. “I got distracted...” he grinned. Tiana smirked at him knowingly and shook her head.

“Nice. I’m feeling more confident in this assignment by the second,” Tyler muttered as he rolled down his sleeves and grabbed his jacket.

“Relax. I’ll be right back,” Jason said, running back up the stairs.

Tiana leaned back against the wall as she watched Tyler try to fix his tie before Owen slapped his hand away. “You’ve always been such shit at this,” Owen said, fixing Tyler’s tie.

“Fuck you,” Tyler scoffed. “Did you remove the SD program?”

“Of course,” Owen said, tugging on the tie. “But you have to make sure it stays active for no longer than 30 minutes. Otherwise-”

“Internal magnetic combustion, yea, yea, I got it. Shit, Owen, we’ve gone over this five times already,” Tyler muttered.

“Just making sure... There,” Owen said, dusting Tyler’s jacket. “Don’tcha just look so handsome,” he said with a dramatic southern drawl.

“Get outta here,” Tyler grinned as he slapped Owen’s hand away. He rolled his eyes amused until he heard Tiana chuckle. He glanced at her and Tiana immediately stopped laughing as she averted her eyes.

“Come here, T,” Owen said. “We need to debrief you on the plan while we wait for Jason, who apparently has the attention span of a flea.”

“Or one huge fucking distraction...” Tyler muttered as he watched Tiana walk over to Owen.

“Bitch, don’t start,” Owen said, rolling his eyes. He grabbed Tiana’s hand. Tiana’s eyes instinctively wandered over Owen’s handsome masculine form. She couldn’t deny, the guy sure knew how to wear a suit.

“The speakeasy we’re going to is owned by a member of the Elite, making this assignment a bit more dangerous than our usual,” Owen said, getting her attention. “Tonight, it’s doubling as an auction. Fancy bougie ass rich people will be there bidding hundreds of thousands of dollars on items they know nothing about and don’t need but want just cause they can.”

“Sounds stupid,” she said.

“Yea, well, so are they,” Owen sighed. “Our job is to monitor the auction. We’ll track whoever wins the bid for the plug-in card we need. They’ll receive the key, while the plug-in card will be kept in a secured vault. Once we get the key from the ignorant son of a bitch, we get into the vault, recreate the plug-in card using alloy regeneration. Then we get the fuck out of there while they’re none the wiser. Darren booked a local motel that we’ll meet up at after it’s all done, in case we get split up. You got all that?”

“...Yea...” Tiana said hesitantly, trying to think. “Sorta...”

Tyler scoffed as he rolled his eyes. “I’m telling you she’s not ready for this shit.”

“Just shut up, alright,” she said, annoyed. “I can handle it. I just... need time to process.”

“Well you better make it quick, princess, cause we’re leaving now,” Tyler said, eyeing Jason coming back down the stairs.

“You got it?” Owen asked.

“Yea,” Jason said, flipping the connector in his hand. “Got a last rundown from Darren since all security hacking needs to be done onsite. It’s cake.”

“Good. Then let’s roll out,” Owen said, walking over to his bike.

Tiana felt Jason grab her hand and looked up at him. “Come with me,” he said, leading her to his car. Owen and Tyler put on their helmets and signaled to Jason before taking off out of the garage.


Tiana sat in the passenger’s seat of Jason’s car, nibbling on her fingernails. She felt a hollow feeling in her gut from her nerves that were completely on edge.

“You don’t have to do this, you know.”

She glanced over at Jason to see his eyes focused on the road ahead of him. But she could also see his jaw was tense. “I have to. That doctor... Gabrielle... she needs our help,” Tiana insisted.

Jason swallowed hard as he changed gears. “We can find another way.”

Tiana looked down and slowly exhaled as she played with her fingers. “You know...” she started. “I used to be obsessed with watching the news and scrolling on social media whenever another sista went missing. Just hoping for some good news... A miracle that she was found… alive.”

Jason glanced at her to see her brows furrowed. “Black women go missing all the time, Jason... and nobody ever seems to care. Not enough to look for us. Not enough to invest in the resources or time to find us...” She deeply sighed before she looked up at the road with a determined expression on her face. “If I have the power to help another sista not end up another forgotten fucking statistic, then I have an obligation to do that shit. No questions asked.”

Jason cracked a smile. “You’re a fucking superhero.”

Tiana shrugged. “I’m not. It’s just necessary... Nobody defends black women like another black woman. We’re all we got.” Tiana felt a wave of emotions overwhelm her before she felt Jason touch her hand. She looked over at him and was taken back by the look in his eyes.

“...you got me,” he said. She looked at him surprised before she smiled and tightened her grip on his hand.


“The auction has already started. Four items down. Five more to go. The plug-in card is the third-to-last item to be auctioned,” Tyler said. He stood next to Owen as they scanned the speakeasy.

Owen’s blue eyes took in their surroundings, noting every detail. “That guy,” he said lowly, nudging with his chin.

Tyler looked in the direction Owen was referencing and saw a pale, older man with a red beard speaking to a group of people. “Is that-” Tyler started.

“Eoin Murphy,” Owen said. “Irish mogul of one of the biggest tech companies in the U.K.”

“Shit...” Tyler muttered. “Didn’t think there’d actually be someone who knew what the fuck they’d be bidding for.”

“He may or may not...” Owen said.

“You know he will,” Tyler sighed. “You sure she’s ready for this?”

Owen and Tyler suddenly heard their earpieces beep and quickly clicked the button. “Silos and I are out back,” Jason said from the earpiece. Owen and Tyler shared a quick glance before heading to the back of the speakeasy.


Tiana stepped out of the car when she saw a hand reach out to her. She smiled as she took Jason’s hand before he yanked her into his arms. “Jason!” she laughed as he wrapped her tightly within his embrace. “You’re doing the most right now.”

“I have to stay out here and handle the security checks,” he said to her. She nodded her head with a sigh before she felt him lift her chin with his finger. She met his sharp blue gaze and was taken back by the uncharacteristic seriousness on his face. “At the first sign of trouble... I’m coming in after you,” he said.

“Jason, that’s not-”

“I don’t care,” he said, cutting her off. “This shit is serious. These people are not to be fucked with. And I’m not letting you get hurt.” Tiana smiled up at him and leaned in to kiss him.

“We’ll handle it, Jason, relax...”

Tiana and Jason pulled back to see Tyler and Owen walking towards them. Jason reluctantly released Tiana before shoving his hands into his pockets. “You guys sure you’re ready for this? We can’t afford any fuck ups.”

“This bitch,” Owen smirked. “You’re supposed to be the least serious one of us, remember?”

Jason looked at Owen before glancing at Tiana. He looked as if he wanted to protest, but instead, he shook his head. “You’re all plugged in. Don’t fuck this up,” Jason said before walking back to his car. Tyler raised a curious brow as Owen grabbed Tiana’s hand to lead her back inside.


Tiana stood in awe of the large, dimly-lit speakeasy that smelled of expensive liquor and cigars. Soft jazz music floated in the air. “Of course I’m the only black person here,” she muttered.

“Relax, T. You got this.” Tiana felt an arm wrap around her waist and looked up to see Owen in his fine-fitted suit grinning down at her. “Have a drink. It will loosen you up,” he said, handing her a cocktail.

“Thanks,” she said, taking it from him. She sipped the drink and felt a presence on the other side of her. Tyler stood next to her with his hands sitting in his slacks as his chestnut brown eyes scanned the room.

“The plug-in will be going up for auction in a few minutes,” Tyler said, without looking at either of them. “Keep your eyes sharp. No one here should recognize us.”

“Kyle?! Is that you?!”

Owen felt someone grab his arm from behind before a young guy with a thick Italian accent, wearing a tan suit stood in front of him. “Um...” Owen said, confused.

“Kyle! Don’t tell me you don’t remember me. It’s me... Francesco,” the man said suggestively as he wiggled his brows with a smirk. “We met at Tribeca Film Festival. We talked about David Cronenberg, and then you gave me a... private screening.”

Owen’s eyes widened before he covered his face and groaned. Tiana and Tyler looked at Owen confused. “Francesco... of course,” Owen said, quickly recovering. “Forgive my manners. The lighting obscured your face a bit.”

“It is okay. I imagine you only remember what I look like from behind anyway,” Francesco smirked before he dramatically shivered. “Those were fun times, no?”

Tiana’s eyes bugged as Tyler groaned in frustration. “Guys, what the fuck is going on? Who is that?” Jason asked from the earpiece.

“Apparently one of Cyclops’s old lays...” Tyler muttered into his mic.

Francesco caught Tyler whispering lowly and turned to him with a sad frown. “But, I see you’ve moved on,” he pretended to pout.

“Oh no,” Owen said quickly. “Ty..rese... is just a friend.”

“Tyrese?” Francesco eyed Tyler. “Are you a top like Kyle or a bottom like me?” he smirked.

Tyler curled his upper lip in annoyance. “Neither.”

“Dude, what kind of question is that?!” Tiana blurted before she quickly covered her mouth.

Francesco looked at her surprised. “This woman is with you?” he asked Owen.

“No,” Tyler said quickly.

“Yes,” Owen said at the same time. The brothers looked at each other annoyed as Tiana shook her head. “She’s... with both of us,” Owen said finally. Tiana’s eyes bugged in shock. She looked down into her glass, trying not to react as she sucked hard on her straw.

“So you... share her?” Francesco asked.

Owen glanced at his brother. Tyler rolled his eyes and let out a small groan. “Yes. Is that a problem?” Tyler said annoyed.

Francesco seemed to genuinely frown. “I just... didn’t know you liked... women, Kyle.”

Owen shrugged nonchalantly. “Sometimes I like dick. Sometimes I like pussy. Lately, I’ve been craving hers.”

Tiana immediately started choking on her drink as she patted her chest. “Sorry,” she choked out as Tyler sighed out loud.

Francesco eyed her curiously as Tiana tried to pull herself together. “Aren’t you a lucky girl,” he smirked. “With two gorgeous men like these two. Must be fun.”

Tiana swallowed down an ice cube and struggled to find her words. “They uh... keep me... busy?” Tiana could hear hysterical laughter on the other end of her earpiece from Jason. Tyler could be seen rubbing his temples in frustration.

“It was nice catching up with you, Francesco, but we really must be going,” Owen said abruptly. He grabbed Tiana by the waist and turned her in the other direction. Tiana barely had a minute to speak before Owen was shuffling her to the other side of the speakeasy and sat her down on a stool. “You okay?” Owen asked, looking at a dazed Tiana.

But before Tiana could respond, Tyler grabbed Owen’s shoulder. “What the fuck was that?!” Tyler whispered angrily. “How many other motherfuckers here will recognize you?”

Owen groaned as he rubbed the back of his neck. “He should be the only one... I don’t even know how he remembers me. It was a long ass time ago when I fucked him behind the screen projector at-”

“I don’t wanna hear all that,” Tyler cut him off. “Your random-ass one-night stands are gonna screw us over.”

“It’s fine, Droid. Relax,” Owen said, nudging Tyler back. “Just stay focused. Go monitor the auction to see if Eoin bids on what we came here for.” Tyler rolled his eyes with a shake of his head before he left Owen and Tiana alone. Owen sighed as he watched his brother walk off.

“You’ve got some expensive ass dick... Kyle.”

Owen turned around to see Tiana smirking at him as she sipped on her cocktail. He grinned as he leaned against the bar counter next to her. “Sorry about that. That... shouldn’t have happened.”

“I need your life,” she said. “You outchea fuckin’ Luigi’s rich ass cousin.”

“That’s cold-blooded,” Owen laughed. “He looks better than Luigi.”

“How would you know if the only image you remember of him is his bootyhole?” she teased.

Owen snickered as he shook his head. “He was fun, but... not memorable.”

Tiana’s grin slowly fell as she looked down into her glass. “O...” she said. Owen looked at her with a raised brow. “Earlier... you told him that we... that you crave-?”

“I was just putting on an act, T,” he said quickly. “I know it was kinda lewd. Didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that. Just trying to blend in. Ya know?”

Tiana nodded before quickly averting her eyes. “Yea.”

“Eoin won the bid for the plug-in. He was just given the key and placed it in his left lower pocket,” came Tyler’s voice through the earpiece. “Silos, it’s your move.”

“What does he mean?” she asked, panicking slightly. “Who is Eoin?”

Owen grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her in the direction of the pale, red-bearded man. “Your target.”

Tiana deeply inhaled before slowly exhaling. “Okay.”

“Go get ’im,” Owen said, grabbing her empty glass and pushing her forward. Tiana took quick breaths as her feet led her to the Irish man sitting on the stool talking to several other men.

“It wasn’t that hard, ye know? Just got tuh shake ‘em up a bit.” The Eoin fella had a thick accent, very distinct from those around him. Tiana tried to eavesdrop on the conversation to make her own introduction seamless. “But, it’s a challenge gettin’ the younger generation onto that platform,” Eoin said.

“You should try using social media,” Tiana said, butting in. “Reach them on platforms they use the most.”

Eoin looked at her with a cocked brow as the other men he was talking to looked at her annoyed. “Do I know ye?” Eoin asked.

“You could,” she smiled. “You might be looking at your new VP of Marketing.”

The other men chuckled as one of the men cleared his throat. “I’m his VP of Marketing.”

Tiana’s eyes widened in shock. “Oh shit! I’m sorry. I just meant-”

“Quit while you’re ahead, lass,” another man smirked.


Tyler strolled over to Owen who was leaning against the bar watching Tiana. “She’s dying out there,” Tyler said. “This guy is way out of her league. We shouldn’t have used her.”

“She’s got this,” Owen muttered.

“No, she fucking doesn’t,” Tyler snapped. “We need a plan B.” Owen sucked his teeth and headed straight for Tiana.


Tiana struggled to find her words as she found herself backing up. Eoin looked at her curiously. “You alright there, lass? You look ill,” he smirked.

“I… uh...” she stammered. She wondered if she had too much liquor or if she was completely falling apart once push came to shove. She started to feel like this really was too big for her. Her heart began to sink. She felt she was letting the doctor down by not going through with it. She shook her head. Maybe Owen had a better plan. Because she clearly wasn’t it. “Excuse me,” she said, turning around. She tried to escape the embarrassment but turned right into Owen’s embrace.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Owen smirked at her. He raised his hand to her face and gently stroked her cheek.

Tiana looked at him dumbfounded. She felt his fingers teasingly stroke her spine before his entire hand palmed her backside. “What... are you doing?” she whispered.

Owen ran his thumb over her bottom lip as his blue eyes searched her confused dark brown ones. “Giving you a leg up,” he said softly. “Just follow my lead.”

Tiana swallowed hard as she watched Owen lean forward before his lips were pressing up against hers. She had imagined this moment for far too long and it was more than she had expected. She felt him possessively grasp the back of her neck with one hand as his other hand aggressively squeezed her ass in such an erotic way that her whole body trembled.

“Open your mouth, T...” Owen said against her lips as his tongue ran along its plumpness. He could feel her shivering in his embrace as her tense lips quickly parted and his tongue immediately met hers.

Tiana felt dizzy. She figured Owen would be a good kisser, but she soon realized that was a great understatement. She didn’t understand how his kiss managed to be so passionate, soft, and demanding, all at once.

Owen tried desperately not to let his hard-on give him away. Her lips were even softer than he expected. Her taste was euphoric. And the way she felt in his arms felt so perfect he almost didn’t let her go. He wanted more. He sensually sucked on her bottom lip before finally releasing her.

“Men want what they can’t have or is already taken,” Owen whispered in her ear. “Your target has been watching us the whole time.” He pulled back from her and looked past the confusion in her eyes to see the burning desire in her gaze. “You are desirable and the hottest fucking woman here. Be an infidel and make him work for it,” he said lowly as he let her go.

“Fine, baby girl, you can have ONE DRINK and one drink only. Be a good girl, and don’t make me have to spank you,” he said out loud as he turned her towards the bar and in Eoin’s direction. Tiana jumped startled as he smacked her ass. “And don’t make me have to wait for that ass for too long...” Owen said finally. He took out his phone and pretended to take a call as he walked in the other direction.

Tiana took a deep breath as she headed back to the bar. She sat down on a barstool a few feet away from Eoin, but she didn’t look at him as she raised two fingers to get the bartender’s attention. “Yes, ma’am,” the bartender asked.

“Gin and tonic, please,” she said. She tapped on the counter aimlessly until she heard someone sit down next to her.

“I didn’t mean to scare you away before. My mates can be real pricks sometimes.” Tiana glanced to the side to see Eoin sitting next to her with an apologetic grin.

She shrugged unbothered. “It’s cool. I’m the one who made a bit of a fool of myself. My lover doesn’t usually take me with him when he works. But when he does... I just like meeting new people.”

“At an auction for expensive items with people far out of touch with reality?” Eoin chuckled.

Tiana looked at him and smirked. “Wouldn’t that include you?”

“Oi! Got me thur!” he said with raised hands. “Did ye say... lover?”

Tiana grinned. “Sometimes I call him ‘Daddy’...”

“Well, fuck me...” Eoin said, swallowing hard. “I uh... take it that means yer... unavailable...” he said with a bit of hesitation.

Tiana looked at him and bit her lip teasingly causing his Adam’s apple to bob sporadically. “...I guess it depends who’s asking...” she mused.

The bartender returned with her drink. “That will be $12.”

“Allow me,” Eoin said, quickly taking out a black card.

Tiana rolled her eyes. “Big shot over here. This is not how you win over the younger generation, you know,” she teased.

“No?” he asked with a grin. “What about just you?”


Owen sipped from a glass as he watched Tiana talk to the Irish mogul. He seemed to be playing right into her hands. He saw Tiana get up from the stool as Eoin quickly followed after her like a dog on a leash. “That’s my girl,” he smirked.


“So, you’re only in town for a few days, are ye?” Eoin asked.

“Afraid so,” Tiana sighed. “Which is unfortunate because there’s so much I wanted to see.”

“Well, maybe I can show ye around a bit,” he said.

Tiana raised her brows. “I didn’t think you lived around here.”

“Got a penthouse suite on Long Beach,” he said, touching her thigh. “That is... if yer ‘lover’ allows it...”

Tiana widened her legs and leaned forward as she pressed her hand against his chest. She bit her lip innocently as she looked up at him with big doe-like brown eyes. “Who said I needed to ask for permission?” she smirked.

She could feel Eoin’s breathing quicken as his chest rose and fell. She moved her hand down his torso as she kept her eyes locked on him. “I... just assumed...” he breathed out.

“Assumed... what?” she asked, just barely brushing her lips against his.


From the car, Jason had stopped typing on his laptop a while ago. His ears had perked up at the sound of Eoin’s voice and Tiana’s sultry teasing on the other end of the radio. Owen had trained her well. Perhaps too well. It bothered him.

He looked at his computer screen and muted the earpiece for Tiana and Owen before speaking directly to Tyler. “Droid.”


Tyler clenched and released his fist as he watched Tiana flirt with their target. He couldn’t understand why it annoyed him so much. The way she batted her eyes at him. The way her hands roamed down his chest. He heard a tinkering sound when he looked at his hand to see a broken shot glass. “Shit...” he muttered as he put the remaining glass pieces on a small table next to him.


Tyler touched his ear. “Yea... what is it?”

“...is he touching her?”

Tyler rolled his eyes and let out a huff. “Seriously, Berserker? So fucking what. Why do you care?”

“Just answer the fucking question. Is he touching her or not?” Tyler had only heard Jason so serious when it came to his father and sister. He glanced across the room back at Tiana. He saw Eoin’s hand steadily creeping up Tiana’s thigh as she leaned into him and laughed shyly. “Droid! Is he touching her?!” Jason demanded.


The speakeasy came alive as several people started to dance to the music. “Care to dance with me?” Eoin asked.

Tiana grinned and leaned in to kiss Eoin on the cheek. “Sure. Just give me a minute to freshen up and I’ll be right back,” she said to him.

She headed towards the bathroom when she heard Owen’s voice through the earpiece. “Silos, you got the key?” he asked.

“Got it,” she said. “Do I head upstairs with Droid to find the plug-in?”

“No,” Owen said. “You’ve made really good progress with our target. Just hand it off to Droid and keep Eoin distracted. That will give us plenty of buffer time. If Droid needs you, we’ll get you to him.”

“Okay,” she said. She looked at herself in the mirror and fixed her hair before reapplying her lip gloss. “Guess I’m not that terrible,” she smirked at herself. Her smirk fell as she instinctively touched her lips, trying to remember what it was like to kiss Owen. He felt so good. So right. She desperately wanted to kiss him again. He brought out such an intense desire in her.

Quickly shaking her head, she washed her hands and dried them off. She opened up the top of her dress a bit to show ample more cleavage. “Let’s do this, you sexy ass bitch,” she said, pushing up her breasts. She headed towards the bathroom door and opened it only to walk smack into someone’s chest. She looked up startled at the human wall. “Tyler?!”

“Goddammit. Handles,” Tyler muttered. He grabbed her hand and dragged her away. Tiana stumbled through the crowd as Tyler dragged her between several bodies. They stopped towards the corner of the speakeasy far away from Eoin. She looked at Tyler who scanned the crowd with great calculation before setting his eyes on her. His eyes dropped down to her revealing cleavage and a scowl quickly crossed his face. “What happened to your dress?” he demanded.

“...I was just preparing to dance with Eoin,” she said, annoyed. “Isn’t that my part in this job? To distract him?”

Tyler sucked his teeth as he grabbed her hands and wrapped them around his neck. She looked at him startled as his hands rested on her hips and proceeded to move her to the music. “Just keep up with me,” he said when he caught her confused look.

“Did I miss something?” she asked. “I thought I was supposed to give you the key and distract Eoin. What the hell is going on?”

“Change of plans,” Tyler said.

Tiana looked at him confused. “Change of plans? So abruptly? But why? I thought we were doing well. Why are you-”

“Because I don’t like him touching you,” Tyler cut her off. Tiana looked at him startled as Tyler caught himself. “At least that’s what Berserker said,” he followed up quickly. Tiana looked at him surprised. “I don’t know what kind of Houdini shit you pulled on him to make him so whipped. But it’s becoming a fucking problem,” Tyler said as he lifted her arm and slowly spun her around.

Tiana rolled her eyes as he pulled her back into his arms. “Has it ever occurred to you that I actually like him? That he likes me? Why don’t you try not being such a jackass about it.”

“His focus needs to be on this team and on this assignment,” Tyler said to her. “Not you. If that’s a problem for you, then you can go the fuck home.”

Tiana immediately let him go and shoved him back. “Fuck you, you fucking asshole,” she snapped at him. She turned around to leave him when he quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her back against his chest.

“We’re not done here, Silos,” he said to her firmly.

“I don’t need to work with you to get this done,” she said, trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

“Yes, you do,” he said. “Stop being so fucking stubborn and come on!”

“Fine,” she snapped, ripping her arm out of his grasp. “But keep at me, and I swear you will catch these motherfucking hands.”


“Why aren’t we just going with the original plan?” Owen asked, confused.

“Because this keeps her safer,” Jason said from the other side of his earpiece. “I don’t trust that asshole.”

“You’re being ridiculous,” Owen said. “I was watching her. She had everything under control.”

“Just go with my fucking idea, Cyclops. Shit!” Jason snapped. Owen shook his head as he headed towards Eoin’s crowd. Meanwhile, Tiana and Tyler were already heading up to the vault room.

“It’s just down this hall,” Tyler said, briskly walking down a narrow corridor. Tyler kept his eyes focused and was about to turn the corner when he heard people coming from the other direction. He quickly backed against the wall to hide and grabbed Tiana before they could be seen. She squealed, startled by his abrupt movement, and he quickly covered her mouth.

Tiana looked at him confused. He put his finger to his lips to signal silence and then to his ears as he pointed his finger up so she could concentrate on the voices headed in their direction. Tiana nodded following his lead as they hid in the crevice of the wall. They could hear the voices get louder along with their footsteps until they completely passed them.

Tyler waited for the two men to walk by before nudging Tiana to walk up the stairs of the tiny corridor. She took the lead as Tyler followed until they came to a completely walled off room with a steel door. “Berserker...” Tyler whispered into his mic. “We’re here, but there’s a steel door blocking us.”

“There’s another entry via the air duct that you should see in the left corner,” came Jason’s voice.

Tyler and Tiana both looked to see a small ladder leading up to a vent opening in the ceiling. “Jeezus...” she muttered as she took the lead again. She took off her heels and climbed the ladder barefoot until she got to the vent. She nudged it open and crawled inside. She was surprised it had more space than she expected as she got on her hands and knees. She heard Tyler grunt and looked back to see him stuck.

“Goddammit... shoulders too broad,” he muttered.

Tiana sighed. “Just let me get in so I can open the door from the other side.” Tyler pondered for a moment and Tiana sucked her teeth. “I wasn’t asking for permission, you idiot!” she snapped at him.

“We need to consider all of our options,” he snapped back. “You don’t know what’s in there.”

“And your big ass can’t fit through the fucking vent. Just wait!” she growled. Tyler muttered as he crawled back out while Tiana continued down the vent. When she got to another vent opening, she picked at it with her nails until it lifted, and she could see inside. “Ja- I mean... Berserker... I can see into the room. It’s empty, and dimly lit. Can I go in?” Tiana asked, into her mic.

“Hold on.” She could hear Jason tapping away until his voice came through again. “You’re good.”

She dropped her heels to the ground through the vent and quickly lowered her body until she landed on the floor. She took a brief moment to scan the room before she ran to the door to open it for Tyler. “Key,” he said with his hand out as he rushed past her.

“You’re welcome,” she muttered, handing him the key.

Tyler took out a small flashlight as he analyzed the contents of the room. There were several metal and glass boxes of varying sizes from the auction earlier on. “It should be box 48,” came Jason’s voice.

Tyler looked around but didn’t see any box labeled 48. “Are you sure?” Tyler asked.

“Yes, I’m sure,” came Jason’s voice.

“Over there,” Tiana said, pointing.

Tyler followed her finger to see another small corridor leading to a steel box labeled 48. “I don’t like the look of that...” Tyler muttered. “Berserker, was there any added security for this one?”

“Cyber didn’t mention anything about added security, but I’ll run another diagnostic,” Jason said.

“We don’t have time for that,” came Owen’s voice. “Eoin just realized Silos is missing and is looking for her. He’s getting impatient.”

“Let’s just go,” Tiana said, shimmying into the corridor.

“Silos, wait!” Tyler snapped.

“We don’t have time!” Tiana said as she disappeared between the walls. Tyler muttered in frustration as he quickly followed after her. When they made it to the vault, Tyler opened it with the key and saw a small blue box with several ports on each side. “Deadass, this looks like something straight out of the sci-fi channel,” Tiana said.

“Berserker, we’re starting alloy regeneration now. Cyclops, keep us updated on how much time we have,” Tyler said, taking out one of his tools and a plain metal cube.


Eoin checked his watch and frowned before quickly getting up. “Where is she? Did she get lost?”

Owen saw Eoin call over a few of his men and quickly walked over to him. “Hey!” Owen said. “Aren’t you the Irish tycoon that created the wireless teleprompter?”

Eoin looked at him confused. “I mean my team kinda worked on... sorry, do I know ye?”

“Kyle Douglas, I work for the New York Post,” Owen greeted, flashing his signature grin.

Jason snickered hearing Owen on the other end. “The man with a thousand personalities.” Something on his screen caught his eye. He clicked at his laptop and zoomed in. His eyes widened in shock. “Oh fuck.”


“New York journalists don’t usually approach me about this kind of stuff,” Eoin said, sipping a whiskey.

“Yea, well, they can be a little snobbish. As for me, I love a good story. Get you another whiskey?” Owen asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. It’s getting pretty late. Thought I’d get lucky with this beautiful dark-skin lass. But I think she stood me up,” Eoin frowned. “I need to fuck something tonight.”

Owen twitched slightly as he plastered on a fake smile. “Yea see... she’s actually my girl. Sorry, but she’s not for fucking.”

Eoin looked at Owen surprised before the realization hit him. “Oh right... she was with you. Well, not... with you with you, I’m assuming, since she was-”

“Since she was what?” Owen snapped annoyed.

“Well, since she was flirting with me,” Eoin scoffed.

“She does that sometimes. Doesn’t mean she wants to fuck you,” Owen snapped.

“Cyclops, what the fuck are you doing?” came Jason’s voice. Owen blinked out of his jealous state and his jaw slightly relaxed when he realized what he was doing.

Eoin put his hands up in defense. “Didn’t know she belonged to you like that there, mate. She seemed more than willing.”

Owen plastered on another fake smile. “Course. I was just... kidding...”


Tiana chewed on her tongue as she concentrated on connecting the cords. “That’s not correct,” Tyler said, making her jump. “What did I say about white on yellow and green on blue? You’re mixing it up again.”

“I am not!” she growled at him. “You’re freaking colorblind. That’s yellow. That’s blue!”

“What happened to those two cords,” he pointed.

“I was getting to that!” she said fed up. “How about you focus on finishing your shit up, and I’ll focus on mine.”

“I’ve already finished! And I still have to double-check your fucking work,” Tyler snapped at her.

“How about you double-check my foot in your-”

“I swear if you two don’t stop arguing!” Owen growled. “Eoin is on the move.”

“Great,” Tiana muttered.

“We’ve got bigger problems than that,” came Jason’s voice on the other end. “Please tell me you’re done.”

“We would be if princess here actually did what she was fucking told,” Tyler said annoyed.

“Oh my gosh! You are so annoying!” she snapped back. “We’re almost done, Berserker.”

“‘Almost’ is not good enough,” came Jason’s voice. “Apparently there is an extra segment of security within the corridor of that vault. A newly added motion sensor that Cyber didn’t catch upon preliminary preparations.”

“What the fuck does that mean, Berserker?” Owen asked.

“See any holes in the walls?” Jason asked.

Tyler looked around and noticed there were multiple tiny circular holes in the walls that surrounded them. “Holy fuck...” Tyler muttered.

“You mean to tell me they’re in there with a bunch of goddamn shotshells?!” Owen growled.

“You guys need to get out of there now!” Jason panicked.

Tyler looked at Tiana who seemed to have tuned them out as she worked quickly to finish up. “We need to go,” Tyler said, grabbing her arm.

“I’m almost done.” She ripped her arm out of his grasp and went back to finishing the device.

“No!” Tyler snapped at her. “We don’t have enough time. We’re going NOW.”

“We’re nearly there! How can you just leave when we’re so close?!”

“Because in seconds you and I are going to be fucking Swiss cheese!” Tyler growled at her.

“Then just go and let me do it,” she said to him. “I’m smaller and faster. I can get out quick.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?! Get out of there now! We’ll find another way!” Owen shouted.

“Droid, get her out!” Jason shouted. “Your presence already triggered the alarm. That thing will go off in 2 minutes!”

“I’ll be done in 45 seconds!” she said, connecting another wire. “I can’t just leave that doctor in the hands of that madman.”


Jason heard Tiana go to respond to Tyler when suddenly the feed cut out. “Silos?! Droid?!” Jason said frantically, clicking a few buttons only to get dead noise.

“Where the fuck did they go?!” Owen panicked.


Owen paced the main area of the speakeasy, running his fingers through his hair as he waited for the feed to cut back to Tyler and Tiana. He felt his chest tighten and his mouth go dry. He completely regretted bringing her along. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing his brother and the woman he loved. “I can’t do this,” Owen said impatiently. “I’m going after them.”

“I’m already heading in,” Jason said. “I’ll be there in 1.25 minutes. Just sit tight and keep Eoin distracted.”

“Fuck that Irish bastard! I need to know that they’re okay!” Owen snarled.


Tiana had only one person on her mind as she connected the last cord to the device. Her mind flashed to the news clip she had seen as she was preparing for this assignment that was far more dangerous than she realized.

“My clinic is a sanctuary and a haven for people who need help... I am passionate and loyal to what I’ve built and will protect all who are involved even at risk to myself. No one gets turned away from my clinic. Those are not principles I live by.”

When Tiana first heard Dr. Gabrielle Johansson boldly declare herself on national television, she couldn’t help but think of her father. Her father had the same selflessness, tenacity, and passion to help others that led him to serve his country even unto his death. It was a rare trait that Tiana had only seen in her father. To care about people that much. She couldn’t let the world lose someone as important as that crazy self-sacrificial doctor.


She felt a heavy, muscular arm wrap around her waist. She quickly grabbed the device she completed just as Tyler yanked her back. They both fell hard on the ground with Tiana landing on top of him as several tiny steel balls flew between the two walls like rapid-fire just above them.

Tyler held Tiana’s face pressed into his chest and turned his head until the balls stopped firing. In seconds, a loud alarm went off. “We have to go!” he shouted. He slid backward on the floor until they were out of the narrow corridor. Tiana stuck the device into her dress before she felt Tyler picked her up by her waist. “Grab the ledge!” he ordered.

She saw an opening and hooked her hands over it before pulling herself up and crawling through it. Tyler quickly crawled in after her as they moved away from the room.


Pearls of sweat rolled down Jason’s face. His heart beat so fast in his chest. He climbed the side of the building, ready to raid the place for Tyler and Tiana. But he heard a beep and quickly scrambled. “Silos! Droid! This is Berserker! Do you copy?” he said frantically into his mic. He waited for what seemed like forever before Tyler’s voice finally came through.

“Copy, Berserker. This is Droid. We got the device, and we’re out of the building. We’ll meet you back at the motel for debriefing,” Tyler said.

Jason breathed a huge sigh of relief as he slid down against the wall with his hand to his chest. “Fucking shit...”

“Berserker! Are they safe?!” came Owen’s panicked voice through another speaker.

“They’re good. Gave me a damn heart attack, but they’re good,” Jason said into his mic.


Tiana tossed her bag, mic, and earpiece on the table upon entering the empty motel room. She was still shaking from her nerves and tried to calm herself down until an enraged Tyler stormed in after her. “What the fuck was that shit?!” Tyler barked, ripping off his mic and earpiece.

“See, what I don’t need right now is you freaking yelling at me,” she said to him.

“No,” he said, storming up to her. “You don’t get to complain about shit.”

“Excuse me?!” she blurted.

“You heard me! I swear you never fucking listen!” he growled at her. “Just who the hell do you think you are?!”

“Last time I checked, I don’t answer to you, Tyler!” Tiana snapped back at him. “You think your way is the only way. If you would freaking work with me instead of biting my damn head off all the fucking time maybe we’d actually GET SOMEWHERE!”

My way is the right way! But you’re so fucking stubborn and arrogant! You think you know everything! You think you’re such tough shit!” Tyler shouted at her as he ripped off his tie.

I’m arrogant?!” Tiana blurted with disbelief as she leaned over the counter. “You’re the one making random-ass rash decisions without consulting anyone with your freaking ‘change of plans’ and all that other bullshit!”

“News fucking flash, princess! I’ve been doing this longer than you! I don’t need to consult shit,” he growled as he got in her face. “Next time fucking listen and do as your damn well told!”

“Fuck that! You know what? I’m better off working on my own!” she snarled, shoving him back.

“And see where the fuck that got us?” Tyler snapped as he grabbed her arm angrily. “You could have gotten yourself killed! I swear you’re such a fucking child!”

Tiana scoffed in blatant offense. “Oh, fuck you, Tyler!”

“Really?! Fuck me?!” he snarled at her audacity.

“Yes! Fuck you!” she said, trying to wriggle out of his arms. “You’re such a fucking asshole, and I’m so tired of you dumping on me all the damn time! So FUCK. YOU!”

Tyler was heated. His body was hot with anger as he glared angrily at Tiana who served that look right back. She pissed him the hell off. Everything about her drove him crazy. Her indignant attitude, her snark, her arrogance. Her eyes. Her body. Her lips.

She writhed angrily in his grasp and before he knew what he was doing he forcefully pulled her against him. Tiana stared at him startled before she shoved him backward in anger. “What the fuck?!” she snapped at him. “Don’t touch me!”

But he pulled her again and wrapped his hand at the base of her neck as he ferociously kissed her. Tiana was completely startled by Tyler’s kiss. She pushed her hands against his chest and angrily shoved him back before slapping him hard in the face. The sound of her palm making contact with his cheek reverberated in the small empty room.

Tiana saw Tyler’s cheek redden before he turned to look her in the eye. His heated gaze lit up her whole body as she took a tentative step back. She swallowed hard as he stepped towards her backing her against the wall. Looking up at him, she breathed heavily as he leaned in towards her. She went to push him again when he quickly grabbed her wrist.

Tyler could feel Tiana breathing heavily. He knew it was more than just her anger and adrenaline as he caught the uncertain look in her glare. “Say it again,” he demanded as if challenging her.

Tiana’s jaw tensed and her nostrils flared as she looked Tyler in the eyes. “Fuck. Yo-” she started before he roughly grabbed her by the back of her neck and slammed his lips against hers again. Tiana didn’t know what surprised her more, that Tyler was kissing her or how quickly her body responded to him. Not an ounce of resistance.

His tongue demanded entrance as it immediately slipped between her lips and into her mouth. His arms tightened around her as he flushed her body against his. “Fuck you, Tyler,” she moaned into his mouth while wrapping her arms around his neck. “I- I fucking... h-hate you.”

“Sure the fuck you do,” he muttered. He grabbed her hips and lifted her onto his waist, hiking up her dress. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist as she pressed her chest against his. Their tongues lashed against each other as their bodies moved as one.

“God, you’re such a fucking pain in my ass,” he groaned as his hands firmly massaged her thick backside. “...goddamn this ass...” he moaned as he squeezed her possessively.

“You asshole,” she breathed out as his lips scoured her neck. He eagerly sucked at her flesh as his teeth nibbled, leaving love bites. Tyler firmly grabbed her ass and moved her pelvis against his, grinding his hardened erection against her wet core. “Fuck you, Tyler. Fuck you,” she moaned out. “Oh.. oh fuck. Fuck me, Tyler. Shit. Fuck me.”

“Dammit,” Tyler groaned as he pressed her up against the wall, moving his hips against hers. His hands roamed all over her body, caressing her bare thighs, sneaking underneath her dress, and massaging her chest.

Tiana couldn’t touch Tyler fast enough. She raked her nails down his biceps and over his shoulders as she pulled him closer. “Oh god, Tyler!” she breathed out. She felt her climax rising as he grinded into her faster and harder. His bulge pulsating between them.

“Shit...” Tyler groaned as he buried his face into her neck. “Goddammit, I want you so badly. Fuck.”

Tiana’s moans rang out as she felt her body warm up. She came with such erotic intensity. She could feel her dampness seeping through her panties as she breathed against Tyler’s shoulder, trying to catch her breath. Tyler cursed and groaned into her bosom as he came deep in his pants. He gripped her tighter until the erotic sensation ceased and he could finally come down from his euphoric high.

For a moment they breathed heavily, trying to catch their breaths. They shared an apprehensive look before she quickly hopped off of him, and he stepped back to distance himself from her. Tiana fixed her dress as Tyler cleared his throat and readjusted his pants that still showed his large bulge. She glanced at his bulge and then at him to see him watching her. Neither knowing what to say.

“I thought you hated me,” he spoke first.

“I do,” she said quickly.

“You just asked me to fuck you,” he said. “Scratch that, you begged me to fuck you.”

“No. No. I said, ‘fuck you’ because you’re an asshole,” she chided. “Which you are. A big one.”

“... right...” he said, raising an amused brow.

“You’re the one who started this shit!” she snapped at him.

“But you’re fucking annoying.”

“And yet, I made you come,” she mocked.

Tyler scoffed. “You were screaming my name, and I haven’t even penetrated you yet.”

“Yet??” she blurted, looking at him surprised. “How about never! In fact, THIS never happened!” She turned on her heels and stormed into the bathroom.

“Fine by me!” he shouted, throwing his hands in the air and walking in the other direction. Tyler stormed outside and heard the bathroom door slam. He rubbed the tension at the back of his neck, trying to figure out what the hell he just did when he heard a motorcycle engine. He looked up to see Owen and Jason pulling up to the motel.



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