Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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15b. - Maybe, I Pt. 2

“I got it,” Anna said, walking towards the guys.

“Got what?” Darren asked.

“This!” She held up a slightly stained glass cup for them to see.

“Um...” Tyler said. “What exactly are we looking at here?”

“Roger Peterson!” she said excitedly. “This is his cup! He drank from it at a bar my friend works at, and my friend kept it!”

“That’s fucking gross,” Jason said, curling his upper lip.

“Ay Dios mío! Estupido!” she said. “This has Roger Peterson’s DNA on it! Which means-”

“We can match it with the DNA at the scene of Dante’s murder. Shit,” Tyler said surprised.

“Okay, wait,” Darren said. “What other DNA was there? There was no murder weapon. The only DNA would be Dante’s.”

“His clothes,” Jason said, snapping his fingers. “Dante was pushed. So, the fingerprints-”

“We don’t know for sure if he was pushed,” Darren said.

“Darren,” Owen said, turning to him. “You saw his body... with that kind of impact...”

“Owen, please,” Anna said, turning her head.

Owen frowned. “Sorry, Anna. I just mean... we know it wasn’t an accident. We don’t have many ideas. The police report stated there were no gunshot wounds. Only a stab wound and that the weapon wasn’t discovered. We have to assume someone touched him.”

“So, we’d need to get whatever clothes he was wearing the day it happened,” Tyler said.

“Is that possible?” Darren asked. “They were pretty... bloody, I mean-”

“I can’t do this,” Anna said, walking away from them. “I can’t, I’m sorry.”

The guys watched her walk away. Darren frowned and got up. “Just give her a minute,” Tyler said, putting his hand on Darren’s shoulder.

Darren sighed and sat back down as Jason squeezed his shoulder comfortingly. “So, how do we get this jacket?” Darren asked.

Jason and Tyler both looked at Owen who vehemently shook his head. “No,” Owen said.

“Come on, Owen. He’s a forensic scientist,” Tyler said. “Isn’t that why you started dating him in the first place?”

“I’m not dating him. We’re just fucking,” Owen said.

“So, fuck him and get the information we need,” Jason said.

“Holy shit, Jason, that’s not how this works,” Owen said annoyed. “I can’t just use him like that. That’s fucked up.”

“What’s fucked up is that Dante’s potential killer is running around doing whatever the fuck he wants,” Tyler said. “Come on, Owen. You know this is important.”

“Goddammit, I know!” Owen snapped as he ran his fingers through his hair. “But Jay’s been... really clingy lately. I’ve been distancing myself from him for a reason. He’s a bit fragile right now. I don’t wanna lead him on anymore.”

“Sooo... fuck him, get the information we need, and then dump him,” Jason shrugged.

“Motherfucker, did you hear a damn word I said?” Owen snapped irritably.

“Try tossing that salad,” Jason smirked. “That’ll make him feel better about being dumped.”

“Tossing that salad?” Darren asked, confused.

Jason blinked at Darren. “Like... eating ass.”

“Huh?!” Darren said with wide eyes. “That’s a thing?!”

“Oh my sweet, sweet innocent child,” Jason said, patting Darren’s head. “I gotta take you out sometime again and corrupt you.”

“So, Owen,” Tyler said annoyed. “Can you contact him or what?”

Owen slowly exhaled. “Fine...”


“And girl, when I tell you Black Twitter don’t PLAY! They dragged his ass so bad he deleted his account,” Shae said, tying her hair up.

“People gone learn not to come for black women. One way or another, they gone learn. Like, did he really think he was gonna get away with that shit?” Tiana said, shaking her head as she popped a few skittles into her mouth.

“And he ashy as fuck too,” Shae said. “Like, it’s always the ashy ones. Like, how about you moisturize before coming for people who didn’t send for you?”

“Outchea lookin’ like boo boo the fool.”

“Well, his life is ruined,” Shae said. “Mm! Like that racist crazy son of a bitch who attacked my Black Lives Matter campaign! Remember him?! Ugh... what was it again... Kyle or some shit.”

“Mannn, you talkin’ bout that motherfucker that look like the dollar-value Edward Scissorhands?” Tiana asked. “Kyle Keegan?”

“Yes!” Shae said excitedly as she snapped her fingers. “We doxed the shit out of him!”

“Doing the lord’s work,” Tiana smirked. “I’m calling it. That dude’s gonna end up being a serial killer. Watch we gone see his ass on the 9 o’clock news.”

“That’s dark, T,” Shae said.

“Shae... He said he would rape us and slit our throats... Tell me that doesn’t scream SERIAL KILLER.”

“Well, you ain’t lying,” Shae said, shaking her head. She looked up when she heard the doorbell. “Ooh! That must be Joey with dinner!” she said, getting off the couch.

“Do you want me to leave so you guys can go back to fucking?” Tiana smirked. Shae rolled her eyes and opened the door to see Joey standing next to… “David?!” Tiana said surprised.

“Hey, Tiana,” David smiled.

“I saw this guy wandering outside the building looking for you,” Joey said, walking in with a bag of food.

“You forgot your notebook at my apartment,” David said as Tiana walked up to him. “I tried calling you, but it kept going to voicemail.”

“Sorry, my phone died,” she said, taking her notebook from him. “That was so sweet of you, David. But, you didn’t have to come all the way here. I feel bad.”

“Don’t be,” David smiled. “I wanted to get out before Miles started cursing up a storm on his game again.”

Tiana chuckled. “How did you know where I lived?”

“I ordered your uber, remember?”

“Oh, yea...”

Shae looked from David to Tiana as Joey settled on the couch, already munching on some food. She smirked and rolled her eyes at the way Tiana nervously chewed her bottom lip. “T, you just gonna leave homeboy out there, or are you inviting him in?” Shae said, poking her.

“Oh no, it’s alright,” David said quickly. “I didn’t want to intrude. I just wanted to return your book.”

“Come in. We don’t mind. We were gonna watch a movie anyway,” Joey said from the couch with his mouth full.

“Bitch, you don’t even live here!” Tiana snapped at him.

“Tiana,” Shae said, tugging her arm as she motioned with her head.

Tiana smirked as she turned back to David. “You like Back to the Future’?”

“Great Scott!” David grinned as Tiana pulled him inside.

“Nerds...” Shae smirked as she closed the door.


“Done already, Jay?”

“Yea, I finished early today,” Jay said, tucking a few folders into his briefcase.

“Early?” his assistant Jane asked, leaning against his desk. “You’re a late nighter. What’s got you leaving early?” Jane eyed Jay as he seemed to keep a keen focus on tucking the right documents into specific pockets. “Let me guess,” she smirked. “Hot date tonight?”


“It’s with that blue-eyed devil, isn’t it?” she smirked. “I’m telling you, Jay, a guy that looks that perfect is MOST DEFINITELY up to no good.”

Jay smirked as he stood from his desk and headed towards the door. “Stick to investigating fingerprints, Jane, not my love life.”

“Wait, wait!” she said, running up to him. He turned around to face her as she grabbed the collar of his jacket and fixed it. “The last time a guy dumped you, you spilled coffee all over the evidence box of one of our most important cases,” she said.

“It was an accident,” he said quickly.

“Yea, a $250,000 accident. Just... don’t get your heart broken, okay?” she said, patting his shoulder.

He headed for the door. “... too late...” he muttered as he stepped outside of the building. Jay walked down the sidewalk scrolling through his phone looking at old pictures of him and Owen. A small smile came to his face as the pictures reminded him of more fun times. When Owen used to have eyes only for him. He ran his thumb over a picture of Owen and him kissing and scrolled to another picture. He felt his throat dry up to see a picture of Owen in his university’s dining hall, sitting next to... her.

Jay hated her. There weren’t many people he hated in his life. But she was definitely one of them. He had never even met the girl, but he already couldn’t stand her existence. Jay had spent far too many lonely nights racking his brain as to what Owen saw in her. Why she held his attention more than he did. Owen preferred men. Jay knew he did. He was rarely with a woman and when he was, he always ended up right back with him. So, what was it about her that changed all that?

Jay’s jaw tensed as he quickly scrolled to the next picture of him and Owen. He couldn’t stand thinking about her. And now that he finally was getting some alone time with Owen again, he didn’t want her to ruin it. His smile quickly replaced his frown as he gazed at another picture of him and Owen when he bumped into someone and his phone fell to the ground.

“Ay, watch where you’re going, idiot,” the man said.

“Oh, sorry,” Jay said, reaching for his phone on the ground. But the person he bumped into picked it up first.

“The fuck is this shit?” the man said. Jay looked up at the man holding his phone to see him accompanied by two other men. “Yo, what the fuck?!” the man said laughing as he scrolled through Jay’s phone. “Dude, look at this gay ass shit!”

Jay’s jaw tensed as he reached for his phone. “Excuse me! Can I have that bac-” he said as the man pulled back from him.

“This shit is fucking disgusting,” the man said.

“This fag likes getting fucked in the ass! What the fuck?” the other man laughed.

“Give me my shit back, you dick,” Jay said, shoving the guy. The three of them looked at him like he had lost his mind, and a million thoughts ran through his head as to what he should do next. But before he could react, he felt a fist make impact with his jaw.

“Who told you to fucking touch me, you gay ass bitch,” the man said, clocking Jay again in the face. Jay went to swing when he felt a knee hit him in the gut. He grabbed his stomach and fell to the ground groaning in pain. He jerked as another foot him in the side. He went to protect his face when he heard one of them scream out in agony.

Jay uncovered his face just in time to see Owen decking one of the guys in the face right after breaking his wrist. The man stumbled to the ground clutching his broken wrist as the other two lunged at Owen. Owen dodged one and uppercut another, breaking his jaw and sending him to the ground. He drop-kicked the other with one swift move of his leg.

Owen looked at Jay and frowned as he approached him. “Jay... are you-” he started before the first guy charged at him and tackled Owen to the ground. The man managed to get two good punches to Owen’s face before Owen grabbed the guy’s head and headbutted him hard. The man’s limp body fell over. Owen stood to his feet and hawked a huge spit at all three guys groaning on the ground.

“Punk ass bitches,” Owen muttered. He fixed his scuffed jacket and wiped the blood from the side of his head. He looked over at Jay still sitting on the ground staring at him in awe. “You okay?” Owen asked, walking towards him.

“... That... was fucking hot,” Jay said.

Owen smirked as he crouched down and leaned forward, sensually pressing his lips against Jay’s. Jay groaned as he felt Owen clutch his thigh. “...You got something for me?” Owen muttered against his lips.

Jay pulled back and looked into Owen’s dark blue gaze. “I have the file you wanted. I was on my way to meet you, but then-”

“I’m not talking about the file, babe...” Owen said, cupping his package. Jay looked at Owen and smirked before Owen helped him to his feet.


“I swear that movie never gets old. Imagine if time machines actually existed?”

“I mean in theory, they could,” David said, walking alongside Tiana on the sidewalk. “If you used the proper mechanics to reconfigure the way that time and-” David felt Tiana grab his hand and looked at her. “What?” he asked.

“You are such a dork,” she laughed.

“Oh, come on!” he laughed. “Don’t tell me you haven’t tried to build your own time machine at least once! A genius like you?!”

Tiana snickered. “Like 9 times,” she confessed.

“I knew it!” David laughed as Tiana covered her face in embarrassment.

“It’s like the right of passage for every kid obsessed with science to attempt their own time machine,” Tiana laughed. She stopped in front of the subway station and looked up at David. She smiled as his hazel-green eyes probed hers. “Is there something on my face?” she asked.

She saw his Adam’s apple bob before he quickly grabbed her face between his hands and pressed his lips against hers. Tiana shook startled as David moved his mouth against hers. Her shoulders relaxed for just a moment before she gently pushed him back. “I’m... I’m so sorry,” David said quickly as he searched her eyes. “I just... well, I’ve been wanting to do that for a while...”

Tiana blinked at David, not knowing what to say as the shock still left her rather numb. “I really like you, Tiana,” he said when she hadn’t responded. She still looked at him confused as her eyebrows furrowed. “Shit...” he muttered. “Was it that bad?”

“No,” she said quickly. “No, David. It wasn’t, I-” She grabbed her head in frustration. “Everyone just-! Needs to stop... kissing me!” she blurted and abruptly turned around. David blinked in confusion as he watched Tiana run down the stairs of the subway station, talking to herself.


“Like, what the hell is actually going on in my life right now...” Tiana muttered as she stepped off of the train. She had left David a while ago after having a very awkward discussion about their kiss. She felt bad that she reacted the way she did, but she couldn’t help feeling shocked.

She walked up the stairs of the subway station to head home when a black car sped in front of her. The window rolled down, and Jason’s head poked out. “Get in loser, we’re going shopping,” Jason smirked.

Tiana laughed. “Did you just call me a loser?”

“What? No, I was quoting Mean Girls. Isn’t that like every girl’s favorite movie? Or, is it The Notebook.”

“I’m not into romance movies. Give me a good horror flick,” Tiana shrugged. “Slashers are my favorite.”

“Girl after my own heart,” Jason grinned. “Seriously, get in.”

“Jason, it’s too late for shopping. I’m tired. I don’t wanna be around people. And I just wanna go home,” Tiana whined.

“I’ll take you home,” he insisted. “Just get your sexy ass over here before I come get you myself.”

Tiana rolled her eyes as she walked over and got in the car. She leaned on her elbow looking out the window as Jason drove down a path she didn’t recognize. “I thought we were going back,” she said.

“We will. Eventually...”

“Jason,” Tiana groaned.

“Listen, babe,” he said, touching her thigh as he kept his eyes on the road. “You’ve clearly been stressed, and you had a really rough two days. I’m just... trying to help you relax.”

Tiana glanced at him and smiled as he pulled up to a cliff with several cars in front of a large screen. “Drive-in movie?” she asked.

“Yup,” Jason said, putting the car in park. He leaned back and grabbed a bag full of snacks before handing them to her. “The boys and I used to go to these all the time when we were younger.” Jason leaned their seats back as Tiana sifted through the bag of snacks.

“You guys spent a lot of time together, didn’t you?” she asked.

“We were all we had until Dante came along,” Jason said, popping M&Ms into his mouth. “And now...” He looked at her. “We have you...”

Tiana cracked a grin as she looked down at the bag of snacks. “This is in my top 3 favorite Star Wars movies,” she said, getting comfortable. “Actually, any Star Wars movie that doesn’t have Jar Jar Binks in it is a good Star Wars movie.”

Jason laughed. “Worst. character. ever.”

Time flew by and Tiana felt more relaxed. She bit down on a chocolate bar and her eyes lit up. “Holy crap, this is good,” she said. “The peanut butter marshmallow mix. You have to try it.” Jason looked at her holding the candy bar out to him and took it into his mouth. “I was only giving you a piece, Jason! Not the whole thing! Greedy ass.”

“You should have been more specific,” he smirked, licking her fingers.

“Don’t be such a freak,” she laughed.

“It’s in my nature,” he said, sucking on her finger. She immediately pulled her hand away from him, feeling a bit far too turned on.

He stared at her for a long moment, analyzing the lustful look in her gaze. He impatiently leaned over and roughly grabbed her neck as he kissed her. “Mm, Jason,” she groaned as his tongue forced its way into her mouth to claim her own. She gasped for air as he firmly gripped the back of her head and tugged it back. His lips trailed down her neck, sucking hard on her delicate flesh. His hand crept between her thighs, firmly grasping her.

“You know I’m fucking you tonight, right?” he muttered against her neck.

“I don’t remember saying you could,” she panted as his fingers stroked her core.

“I don’t remember asking...”

Tiana smirked as she finally pushed him back and looked at him. “It’s my pussy, Jason.”

Jason quirked an amused brow. “That’s cute... It’ll be mine by the end of the night.”

“You’re so damn cocky,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Oh baby, you have no fucking idea...” he grinned. He started the car and backed out of the spot.

“What about the movie?!” she pouted.

“We’re about to make our own,” he said, taking off.


Jason kicked open his bedroom door and tossed a giggling Tiana on his bed. He immediately pulled his shirt over his head and crawled on the bed on top of her. “Jason!” Tiana laughed as he buried his face into her neck. He hooked his fingers into the loop of her jeans and tugged them from underneath her backside before pulling them down her legs.

Tiana giggled and ran her fingers through Jason’s soft black hair. His face careened down her chest to her pelvis, leaving a trail of wet kisses. She sighed as she felt his lips rub against her core through her panties. His tongue licked the thin cloth, trying to taste her essence through the lingerie. “I’m obsessed with your pussy...” he moaned. “Do you know how much I think about eating you out on a daily basis?”

“An unhealthy amount?” Tiana teased. Jason grinned as he kissed her clit before pulling back. Tiana watched him stand to his feet and unbutton his jeans. Her eyes bugged when he pulled his pants and boxers down. He was thick, long, and slightly curved, and it scared the shit out of her. “Holy crap,” she said. “Okay, wait. No.”

“No?” he said, cocking his head to the side. He stroked his erect member dripping with precum.

“Jason, you’re abnormally huge. You’re not finna destroy my walls with that... thing. What is that?!”

“Babe, you’re exaggerating,” he smirked, crawling on the bed towards her. “If you can push a baby out of your vagina, you can take this dick.”

“Jason!” she blurted as she frantically crawled back away from him. “I haven’t had sex in like... shit, I don’t even remember how long.”

Jason leaned over her and firmly gripped her waist. He could feel her trembling slightly underneath him as she looked up into his darkened blue eyes. “Do you trust me?” he asked. She hesitated for a moment before nodding. “Words, baby girl. Do you trust me?” His hand glided down her waist and over her hip before he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties.


“Yes... what?”

“... yes, Daddy,” she breathed out.

Jason slowly slid her panties off of her before he tossed them to the side. “Are you nervous?” he asked her.

“No, I... well, yea..”

He nestled himself next to her and immediately cupped her sex, causing her to gasp in surprise. “You think I won’t take care of you...” he said, slipping his fingers between her folds as he pinched her clit. “You think Daddy won’t take care of his girl...” Tiana arched her back as Jason slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt. “God, you’re so fucking wet, baby... It drives me crazy...” He leaned down and ran his tongue over her lips. “You... drive me fucking insane...”

Tiana panted as he removed his fingers from inside of her and sucked them into his mouth like it was the most delicious thing he’d ever tasted. “Fuck… you taste so good,” he muttered. He climbed on top of her and nestled himself between her thighs. “Spread for me, baby. Nice and wide.”

Tiana swallowed as she widened her legs. She saw Jason’s eyes glaze over as he looked down at her heaven. He licked his lips as he saw her glistening and instinctively stroked her. “Why the fuck are you so goddamn perfect...” he muttered as he probed her with the tip of his head. He looked into her eyes as he slowly eased himself into her.

Tiana gasped as her back arched off the bed. “Oh god!”

“Relax, baby. I won’t hurt you.” Tiana gripped onto his shoulders as her legs tightened around his waist. Jason grunted as her pussy swallowed him whole, sucking him in deeper. He looked at Tiana panting erratically underneath him. “You okay?” he asked.

She nodded. “Yes, Daddy.”

“You sure? Cause, I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you now...”

Tiana’s eyes widened before her whole body jolted from how deep Jason thrust in her. “Oh fuck!” She screamed into his shoulder as he gripped her hips and pounded into her again.

“Goddamn, Tiana,” he groaned as he squeezed her ass with both hands and rolled his hips into hers over and over again. “Fuck, baby, you feel so good.”

Tiana felt like Jason was fucking up her insides in the best way. She bit down on his shoulder and her nails dug into his skin as his head hit her spot over and over again. “Now...” he panted in her ear. “Whose pussy is this, baby?”

“Ja-” she started before she jumped from how hard he slapped her ass before pounding into her again.


“It’s yours,” she cried out. Tiana immediately felt her climax hit her and was already coming before she had a minute to comprehend what was happening. Jason pulled back from her as she tried to regain composure. He lifted her leg and hooked it over his shoulder.

“Knew you were flexible,” he grinned as he started pile-driving into her. Tiana gasped erratically as Jason held her leg up and pumped into her. She could hear the sound of her wetness meshing with the rhythm of his thrusts. “Goddamn, Tiana...” he muttered. He looked down, watching his thick member move in and out of her tight canal as her juices coated his shaft. “You like that, baby? You like how Daddy fucks that tight wet pussy?”

Tiana grabbed his pillow and bit down hard as she felt another orgasmic wave hit her. “That’s my girl,” Jason grinned as he palmed her breast. “Come for me, baby. Come for Daddy.” Tiana’s body grew tired as she came down from another orgasm, and Jason pulled out of her. She didn’t get how he was holding out for so long. “I’m just waiting for the main course,” he said as if reading her thoughts.

“What?” she panted in confusion.

“On your knees, baby girl.” He grabbed her waist and turned her on her stomach. Gripping her hips, he pulled her back until she was on her hands and knees. Tiana had a hard time keeping up with Jason and let out a breathless moan as he plunged into her again without warning. She could hear him grunting as he squeezed her waist and pounded into her from behind.

“Oh god...!” she panted as she tried to hold onto the headboard for support.

Jason leaned over her and wrapped his hand around her neck as he spoke into her ear. “You have no idea what you do to me...” he groaned, tightening his grip on her neck. His other hand slipped around her thigh until his fingers made contact with her sore clit. He playfully stroked her and felt her knees buckle underneath him.

“Shit, baby, you’re taking all of daddy’s dick. Told you, you could handle it.” Jason pulled back and picked up his pace as he felt his balls tighten. She felt so tight and warm encased around his member. He didn’t want it to end. But he could only hold on for so long. He ran his hand over her smooth dark back as he felt that rush take over him. He thrust into her one more time as she cried out. He immediately pulled out of her and his seed sprayed all over her back, her ass, and down her thighs.

Tiana panted complete breathless on the bed as Jason collapsed next to her. “You are so fucking perfect,” he said, leaning over to kiss her.

Tiana smirked against his lips. “You came all over me...” she groaned. “I’m on birth control, ya know.”

Jason grinned. “You’re my little toaster strudel. Next time, I’ll make you a Twinkie.”

“JASON!” Tiana burst out laughing as Jason got up to get a towel to clean her off.


Tiana yawned as she stumbled out of Jason’s room. Her thighs still ached and her lower stomach hurt from the way Jason worked her the night before.

She couldn’t tell what time it was but figured it was either really early or really late considering no one was around. She tiptoed down the hall, trying to rub the sleep out of her eyes. Rubbing at her sore thighs still stained with some of his semen, she licked her thumb to rub some off when she bumped into a wall.

At least she thought it was a wall until she looked up and her eyes widened in horror. Tyler looked down at Tiana as she stumbled backward until her back hit the wall behind her. “I... need to get to the bathroom,” she said, looking past him. She hoped he would stop staring at her.

But Tyler’s eyes took their time roaming over her body. Her nipples poking through the long shirt made him swallow. His jaw tensed once he recognized that the shirt she was wearing belonged to Jason. “Can you move, Tyler?” she asked annoyed, trying to get past him.

“I was coming to look for Jason. He was supposed to be downstairs over an hour ago,” he said finally. “Guess now I know why he never came...” he said snidely.

Tiana was beyond irritated as she folded her arms over her chest. “Oh, he definitely came,” she snapped at him.

Tyler looked at her startled, and even she widened her eyes a bit surprised by her outburst. She quickly averted her eyes away from his gaze. He narrowed his eyes, feeling even more aggravated. “Well, while you were riding Jason,” he said coldly. “We were working on a case.”

Tiana looked at him, waiting for his point. “Just thought you should know we found your brother’s killer.”

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