Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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17 - Truth Hurts

Hacker Rule #5: Different perspectives of the same thing often distort to an untruth.

Tiana smooshed her face into Owen’s back. Her hands linked together around his toned waist as she held on tight for dear life. Despite how much she hated being on a motorcycle, she just wanted to stay there. Forever. With her Owen. So she could avoid making more stupid decisions driven by her insane hormones.

She squeezed tight as she remembered the mortifying moment. Jason had caught her and Tyler practically sucking each other’s faces off in the janitorial closet of some old corporate parking lot. She had never been more embarrassed. Between Tyler’s flushed face and Jason’s look of utter shock, she couldn’t think of anything she wanted more than to disappear off of the face of the earth. She practically begged Owen to take her back, lest she suffer an awkward ride home with either Jason or Tyler.

“Owen,” she muffled, squeezing his waist. Owen turned his head slightly just barely able to see her through his helmet. “Can you pull over,” she shouted when they got to a red light.

Owen nodded and waited for the light to turn before he pulled into a gas station. He took off his helmet and waited for her to get off before he swung his leg over his bike. “You okay?” he asked, helping her take off her helmet.

“Yea,” she said nervously, rubbing her sweaty palms on her shorts. “I... I think I’m just a little thirsty. Can we get a drink?”

“Sure,” he said, leading her to the store when his phone went off. “Yup?” he answered. “I’m with, T... Yea we just stopped at a store... Cause she was thirsty... What do you mean ‘of course she’s thirsty’? ... Well, it was a bad joke, cause I don’t know what you mean- Bro, relax, we’ll be there soon, damn.” Owen hung up the phone, shaking his head. “I swear Jason does the most for no reason.”

Tiana sighed as she tugged at her hair. “T, you look stressed,” Owen said, eyeing her. “Did somebody say something to you? One of those assholes in suits try to move on you?”

“No, Owen,” she said quickly. “Like I said, I just... I need something to drink.”

“Alright. Stay here. I’ll be back,” Owen said, jogging to the store.

“Please... Take your slow. ass. time....” she muttered.


“So, you fucked her?”

“No, Jason. Jeez.”

“But, you want to.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Yea, I don’t believe that shit for one minute,” Jason said, leaning over the table in their garage. He had been waiting impatiently for both Tyler and Tiana after the two of them conveniently separated after being caught in the act. Tyler had dropped Anna off to see her grandmother, and Tiana seemed far too eager to escape with Owen. “So, how long have you two been fucking?” Jason continued.

“Jason! We haven’t fucked!”

“Your hands were all over my ass!” Jason blurted. “Well... I guess it’s technically her ass, but my ass, nonetheless. You looked like you were ready to bend her over and fuck her right there.”

“I swear that’s not what was going to happen,” Tyler said, rubbing his temples. “We were arguing, and then it just... escalated.”

“Mhm. Escalated to you fuckin’ up her guts. So, how do we settle this? Fight to the death?”

“Oh my god...” Tyler groaned, covering his face. “I’m not fighting you over her. I don’t want her.”

Jason smirked knowingly. “Bro, you are such a fucking liar.”

“Jason, I’m not-OW! Did you just throw that fucking bottle at my head?”

“You’re lucky it wasn’t full,” Jason grinned. “I knew your tightly wound ass had a thing for my baby girl the moment you set eyes on her. How could you not? She’s fucking perfect, and you know it. Just didn’t think you’d actually make a move on her... IN HER. I mean fuck, bro!”

Tyler immediately went to protest when Jason hit him with another empty beer can. “JASON!” Tyler snarled.

“Ty, do you think I’m fucking stupid?” Jason said, leaning over in his chair. “We’ve been best friends since we were shitty little kids living on the boulevard. I was there with you when you had to deal with your piece of shit father. I was there when your mother got taken away. We’ve lived together for over a decade. I know how you think. And you and Owen know me better than anyone. I mean shit, we’ve learned everything we know now because we literally taught each other. After all this time, you really think I wouldn’t know when you like someone? Bullshit, you’re fucking smarter than that.”

Tyler looked at Jason before looking back down at his hands. He shifted uncomfortably and took a deep breath, struggling to find the words to speak. Jason was his best friend, and he hated how transparent he was to him. “When are you going to admit it to yourself?” Jason continued. “Instead of shitting on her all the time. She doesn’t deserve that shit.”

Tyler deeply exhaled as he leaned his elbows on the table and ran both his hands through his hair. “I don’t need another damn Morris in my life, Jason...” Tyler muttered. “I don’t want to get attached to another liability. I don’t need another fucking weakness. After Dante-”

“Holy fuck, Ty!” Jason said, slapping his forehead incredulously. “She is not Dante!”

Tyler felt a lump form in his throat as his jaw clenched. Jason walked around the table until he came to Tyler’s side. “I get it... We were close, the four of us,” Jason said, looking down. “Dante was... a fucking legend. He changed our whole lives around. And it honestly hasn’t been the same without him.” Jason looked at Tyler as he took on a more serious tone. “But that’s not a reason to push people away. That’s all you do is push people away, Ty. Ever since your mom was arrested, you’ve been angry as shit, and you have a right to be, but... this shit? This shit ain’t it, bro.”

“You sound like her,” Tyler smirked.

“Don’t change the fucking subject. I’m scolding you,” Jason smirked as he shoved Tyler in the shoulder. Tyler watched as Jason walked to the small fridge and grabbed two beers. He looked down as a million thoughts raced through his mind.

“I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen you sincerely smile, Ty,” Jason said, handing him a beer. “Or had a genuine fucking laugh. Shit, I can’t remember the last time I had a genuine laugh. Between Dante, my pops, and Mikayla, I can’t even remember the last time I wasn’t angry as shit. Like I’ve just wanted to fuck shit up... all the time.”

Jason went to take a sip from his beer before he froze. “But, Tiana...” Tyler looked up at Jason as Jason put his bottle down and a broad smile crossed his face. “That girl... damn...” Jason’s cheeks slightly flushed. “I mean she smiles, and I swear sometimes I forget how to fucking breathe. And her eyes are like... Goddamn, she got me sounding like a fucking Tumblr quote. The fuck?”

Tyler chuckled as he took a sip of his beer. “You’re whipped, Jason.”

Jason looked at Tyler and smirked. “She could be good for you, Ty. She could be the thing you need. I mean... she makes me happy. Like really... really happy. She’s that light we’ve been waiting for, ya know? I’ve been feeling like something is missing, and it’s her. I know it’s her. She just makes everything... better.”

Tyler quirked up an amused brow as he watched Jason’s eyes glaze over as if he were imagining her at that very moment. “So... are you offering her to me or something?” Tyler asked. “Cause the way you’re talking about her, it kinda seems like-”

“HELL NO, MOTHERFUCKER!” Jason blurted. “Shit, you guys can be friends.” Tyler immediately burst out laughing as beer shot out from his nose.


Owen slowly pulled up to the driveway before he put his bike in park. Tiana hopped off and ran to the garage door. Listening through the door, she could hear Jason and Tyler. They seemed to be... laughing? “I’m sure the guys are already here-” Owen said, going to lift the door.

“Wait!” Tiana blurted, stopping him. Owen looked at her confused. “Can we just... go to your room or something?” she asked. “Just um... to hang out for a little bit.” Owen eyed her for a moment and could tell something was severely off. “Please, Owen?” she insisted.

“Sure, T...” he said, pointing to the other door. She seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as she ran to the main door and slipped inside. Owen looked at the garage door for a moment before following her inside.

The house was rather empty as his footsteps echoed across the hardwood floor. Owen walked into his bedroom to see Tiana fidgeting on his bed. “T... Why are you being so weird?” he asked as he put his things down on the dresser.

Tiana looked at him while biting her nails as if she were having a mental argument. She squeezed her eyes shut and let out a groan. “Okay, okay, okay,” she said frantically. “Close the door. I have to tell you something.”

Owen slowly closed the door as he watched her jump from his bed. She quickly grabbed his arm and pushed him to sit down. “T-” he started.

“Please, O. Just.... give me a minute,” she said. Owen watched her cautiously from his bed as she paced his room. “Owen,” she said, finally turning to him. “You’re my best friend, and... I trust you, and I need to be honest with you.”


“But, I need you to promise you won’t get mad.”

“You didn’t buy that new Iggy Azalea album, did you?” he chuckled. “I don’t know if our friendship could survive that.”

“Owen! This is serious!” Tiana groaned.

Owen looked at her startled. “Sorry, T... What is it you need to say?”

“I’m afraid to say it because I’m afraid you’re going to hate me,” she groaned.

“T,” Owen said comfortingly. “There’s nothing you could ever do that would make me ha-”

“I SLEPT WITH JASON!” she blurted before she quickly covered her mouth.

Owen looked at her surprised. “Oh.”

“I mean I’ve been sleeping with Jason,” she said anxiously. “And... and I kissed your brother.”

“OH!” Owen said shocked.

“Twice,” Tiana nodded frantically. “Well, three times. One time, we dry humped each other. And the other time he finger-banged me.”

“...well, shit...” Owen muttered as his jaw tensed up.

Tiana looked at Owen before quickly covering her face. “You hate me.”

Owen sighed as he stood up from the bed. “I don’t hate you, T. Come here.” He pulled her into his arms and embraced her with a warm, comforting hug. “Besides, I already knew the guys had a thing for you,” he said, nestling his chin on the top of her head.

She quickly pulled back from him and looked at him surprised. “What? Wait, really?”

“They’re my best friends, T,” he smirked. “Yea, I would know. I mean Jason was obvious cause that motherfucker is not subtle at all. He’s been trying to bed your ass the day he kidnapped you.”

“Oh god, don’t remind me,” she muttered, rubbing her face against his chest.

“And Ty...” Owen said, looking up as he tried to think. “Well, my brother is a bit of an enigma.”

“You mean an asshole,” Tiana muttered.

“Yea, that too,” Owen grinned. “He tends to act out when his emotions are out of whack. I’ve never seen someone bother him as much as you do. It was too obvious. I figured he was trying to compensate for something.”

“Yeah well, he needs to find better ways to express his emotions cause this ain’t it, chief,” Tiana sighed.

Owen chuckled as he rubbed soothing circles on her back. “I know my boys... What I didn’t know... was that you’d reciprocate.” Tiana froze in Owen’s arms. She felt her throat dry up and her hands get clammy. “...Do you.... like them, T?” Tiana bit her lip and couldn’t bring herself to look at Owen. “Tiana?” Owen persisted.

“I mean...” she groaned.

Owen peeled her off of him and held her by her shoulders. “You can be honest with me, T. You know that.”

“Last time I told you about Jason, you flipped your shit,” Tiana said.

Owen twisted his mouth, knowing very well how badly his jealousy would manifest itself. “I promise that’s not an issue anymore,” he insisted. “I’m just trying to be here for you. You confided in me for a reason.”

Tiana slowly exhaled as she looked to the side. “I really like Jason, O,” she said. “He’s funny and sweet... and such a clown. I like having a guy like that in my life. Tyler, I... can’t really explain my attraction to him because I’m certain I still hate him.”

Owen smirked. “There’s a fine line between love and hate, T.”

“Don’t even joke like that, Owen,” she snapped at him as he laughed. Her shoulders relaxed as she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. “I feel so much better now that I’ve told you. I hate keeping things from you. I hate having secrets between us.”

“That’s what best friends are for,” Owen said with a bit of strain in his voice. “I think we should go talk to the guy-”

“NO!” she blurted. “I... Jason caught Tyler and I kissing earlier. The whole thing is a huge fucking mess. I don’t want to see either of them. I’m too embarrassed. I just want to hide out in your room.”

“You can’t avoid them forever, T,” Owen said as he watched her crawl onto his bed.

“I can try,” she groaned, pulling her knees to her chest. “Ow!”


“My tattoo is a little dry,” she sighed, rubbing her back. “I mean it looks cool, but it makes it unnecessarily difficult to maintain.”

Owen grinned. “I got you. Lay down.” He grabbed a bottle of moisturizer from his dresser and sat on the bed next to her. Tiana folded her arms underneath her head as she rested on his pillow. She felt Owen raise her shirt in the back slightly and tug her pants down just above the crack of her ass.

Owen hesitated for a second as he stared at her backside. He gently rubbed the moisturizer on her tattoo as his thumb rotated circles down the center of her back. He slowly worked his hands up her spine and reveled in the feel of her soft skin against his fingers. He bit his lip as his other hand rested at the hem of her jeans. He couldn’t deny that hearing her confess she slept with Jason and was even touched by his brother frustrated him. Owen wanted nothing more than to take Tiana for himself.

His eyes glazed over as he watched his hands pull her jeans down over her plump backside until her entire ass was exposed. He could feel himself throbbing in his pants as his hands selfishly grabbed both cheeks and spread them apart until he saw her glorious hole. He could hear her moaning in want as he ran his finger down the crack of her ass, gently probing her until his finger slipped right in.

“Owen!” Owen jumped startled. “Are you done or nah?” Tiana asked.

He looked down to see Tiana’s jeans were still hiked to her waist. He had gotten lost in another erotic daydream with a raging erection to match. “Uh, yea,” he said, clearing his throat as he pulled her shirt back down. “You’re all good.”

“Did you hear anything I said?” she asked, sitting up on his bed. “I feel like you zoned out or something.”

“Sorry, I missed it,” he said, standing up to readjust his pants.

“I said I’m going to head over to David’s. I need to apologize to him for Jason’s rudeness at the car wash,” she said, fixing her hair in his mirror.

“Are you fucking with me?” Owen said annoyed. “I don’t think so, Tiana.”

Tiana looked at him startled. “Why not?”

“I don’t trust him. I don’t know who the fuck this guy is. Where the hell he came from.”

“I told you he’s my project partner from schoo-”

“I don’t give a shit. The way he was looking at you at the car wash seemed like more than just a ‘project partner’,” Owen said coldly. “I told you we can’t trust anybody. I don’t want you near him.”

“Owen, you’re being ridiculous!” Tiana snapped. “Even if I was interested in David, what’s wrong with that? He’s NORMAL.”

“So, fuck Jason then, huh?” Owen scoffed. “Fuck my brother. This David motherfucker is the one you’re interested in.”

“Oh, don’t even go there with me, Owen!” Tiana said, throwing her hands up. “I confided in you how I felt. And now you’re already using it against me? Are you serious, bro? That’s fucked up!”

Owen tried to calm his anger as he rubbed at his temples. “I didn’t mean it like that,” he muttered.

“Then how the fuck did you mean it?”

“I need you to be safe!” he said, turning on her. “If you want to work with him, fine. At school. A public place. You don’t need to go to his fucking apartment.” Tiana looked at Owen with severe aggravation before she grabbed her bag and headed for his door. “Tiana, where are you going?” Owen sighed as he followed her.

“I need to take a fucking walk,” she snapped, rushing outside of his room. “I’m just about done for today.”

“T, wait. I didn’t mean-” Owen started. But Tiana was already out the door, slamming it behind her.


“To be honest, I think I was a little too rough with her...”

“Bullshit. There’s no such thing,” Jason said, tipping backward in a chair. He bounced a basketball off the wall. “Besides, my baby likes it rough.”

Tyler stopped running his fingers through his hair. He sat back in his chair and glanced at Jason across from him. “How would you even-... nevermind,” he muttered.

“She’s also multifaceted,” Jason said, bouncing the ball. “Like... at first she likes to pretend she’s uninterested and bored. Even that I’m annoying her...”

“Well, you are annoying,” Tyler said.

“Fuck off,” Jason smirked. “Not even 5 minutes and my annoying ass is balls deep in her while she’s screaming ‘Daddy’.”

Tyler looked at Jason rather surprised. “... she calls you ‘Daddy’?”

“Hell yeah,” Jason grinned. “God, and it’s so fucking hot when she says it. She’s cute, but she can be a freak.”

“That’s probably your fault, Jason,” Tyler smirked. “You’re the biggest freak here.”

“Uh, no. That title goes to your brother,” Jason laughed. “Remember that pool incident?”

“Oh shit. With those triplets and that pole? Fuck...” Tyler said, covering his face. “He really is the biggest freak...”

“Tiana thinks he’s such a sweetheart,” Jason chuckled. “If she only knew the truth about Owen...”

“What about me?”

Tyler and Jason both looked to the edge of the stairs to see Owen walking down. “Ay, what’s up, bro?” Jason said, bouncing the basketball. “We were just talking about-”

“-how you fucked Tiana and you almost fucked her?” Owen said, looking from Jason to Tyler.

Jason stopped bouncing the ball and Tyler swallowed as they both blinked at Owen, not knowing what to say. “... well... fuck,” Jason muttered as he sat up. “How did you find out?”

“How do you think I found out? My best friend, Dante’s sister, whom you’re both fucking around with, told me,” Owen said. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall.

Tyler sighed. “Owen...” he started. “It’s not like that. We-”

“We promised Dante that we would protect her,” Owen said firmly. “All of us. You. Me. And Jason. All three of us. When we sat on that fucking roof over a year ago, we weren’t just shooting the shit and knocking back beers. That was a serious moment when we promised him that we would protect his sister no matter, didn’t we?”

He looked from Tyler who had conflict in his eyes to Jason whose face was twisted with annoyance. “Didn’t we?” Owen persisted. “We promised him that we would keep her safe. How the fuck is this accomplishing that?”

Jason sucked his teeth with aggravation as he finally sat up. “Well, why the fuck do those things need to be mutually exclusive?!” Jason snapped. “Why can’t we protect her and love her at the same fucking time?!”

Tyler and Owen both looked at Jason startled as Jason’s words seemed to echo in the small garage. “LOVE?!” Tyler blurted.

“Did you just say you love her?!” Owen blurted in shock.

Jason looked at them both wide-eyed as if he were stunned by his own words. “Shit is that what I said?! Shit... shit!”

“Yes! That’s what you said. You said love!” Tyler said. “How the hell did that even come out so easily. You just BAM. ‘LOVE’! What the fuck, Jason?!”

“Bro! I don’t even fucking know! I’m kind of freaking out right now,” Jason cringed as he put his hands in his hair. “The last person I said I loved was my dog, Otis, when he died like 3 years ago.”

“I thought it was Dante,” Owen said.

“And a dog is not a person,” Tyler added.

“That’s not the fucking point!” Jason snapped.

“Okay, okay, relax,” Owen sighed. He rubbed his chin and looked at Jason. “You’re... really in love... with Tiana?” he asked. “Are you sure? That’s not just your dick talking?”

“I don’t know, Owen. What the fuck is love anyway,” Jason groaned, rubbing his shoulders. “It’s like a foreign language to me.”

“He’s got a point,” Tyler said, looking at Owen who shrugged.

“Well, as long as you’re not randomly proposing to her or anything, I think... these feelings are... normal?” Owen said.

Tyler laughed. “Yea, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Our boy is crazy, but his ass isn’t that crazy.” Suddenly, Jason looked over his hands. His eyes widened as he thought back to the time he joked about marrying Tiana.

“Oh shit,” Owen said, noting Jason’s expression.

“Shit...” Tyler cringed.

“Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt,” Jason groaned, covering his face.

“Okay,” Owen said. He walked over to Jason and grabbed his shoulder. “It’s not a big deal. Seriously. This is why we’re here for each other. To ah... get through these... weird.. life-changing moments?” he said, looking at his brother.

Tyler shrugged. “I mean, yea. It’s not your fault you’re not as good at keeping your feelings for Tiana hidden like Owen.” Owen looked at Tyler startled.

“Oh, that’s true,” Jason said, moving his hands from in front of his face. “Shit. Owen’s been in love with Tiana for can’t remember how long, and he’s still able to curve her like a damn pro when she’s basically throwing herself at him.”

“That shit,” Tyler said, pointing.

“What the fuck is even going on?!” Owen blurted. Tyler and Jason looked at each other before they both burst out laughing.


Tiana sat on the subway train with her elbows on her knees as she ran over her prior conversation with Owen. It didn’t necessarily go as she hoped it would. She couldn’t help but blame herself for the mess she was in. She didn’t think anything of it at first, but she realized it was quickly becoming a problem. Jason was a crazy, possessive, domineering clown. Tyler was a rude, possessive, domineering asshole. And Owen was a frustrating possessive, domineering... big brother?

She shook her head in aggravation. “I can’t! I don’t have the energy for this shit,” she groaned.


Tiana looked across the subway to see an older woman with few teeth and strung out hair, wearing torn clothing and holding tons of shopping bags filled with empty cans. “Uh... thanks,” Tiana smiled.

“You got some spare change?” the woman asked. “Tryna get me a big mac.” Tiana dug inside her purse and pulled out a few dollars that she handed to the woman. “And a coke,” the woman added.

Tiana quirked a brow. “That’s enough for a big mac meal.”

“Sista, you ain’t seen them prices!” the woman emphasized, getting in her face.

“Aight, mama, I got you, chill,” Tiana laughed. She leaned back as she pulled another bill out of her pocket and handed it to the woman. She always preferred offering food rather than money to those who were less fortunate. But seeing another black woman in such a situation always tugged at her a bit more.

She watched the older woman put the money in her pocket before strolling down the subway car with her hundreds of cans. And Tiana couldn’t help but feel a tinge of pain as she thought about her own mother. She couldn’t imagine her mother being in the same situation. “Hey!” Tiana said, quickly getting up and following her. The woman turned around as Tiana handed her a few more bills. “Get one of them baked apple pies,” Tiana smirked. “They’re good.” The woman looked at her with a bright smile before nodding and continuing along her way.

Once she reached her stop, Tiana followed a similar path as she headed towards a high-rise apartment building. She watched the lights of the elevator floors change as she got lost in her thoughts again. “I like Jason,” she said to herself. “A lot... He’s sweet... and funny… and crazy as hell. Hot as shit... and man does he know how to throw it down, but... he’s still crazy. This whole life is crazy.”

She bit her lip as she thought back to Tyler. Just reminiscing on the way he grabbed her, touched her, and kissed her made her throat tickle and her fingers jittery. There was something about him that... she craved.

But she couldn’t do that to Owen. As annoying as he was being, she didn’t want to come between him and his brother. She didn’t want to come between any of them. “I just want something normal and stable in my life...” she said, breathing out slowly. The elevator doors opened and a huge smile came to her face at who was waiting for her.


“You didn’t have to come all this way just to tell me that,” David said, handing Tiana a cup of tea.

“Thanks,” she said as she grabbed it from him and sat back on his bed. “I know, but... I just felt awful. It was so rude. Jason’s not normally like that.”

“I understand,” David said, sitting on his bed in front of her. “An amazing girl like you comes... once in a lifetime. I get why he’s so... protective...”

Tiana looked at David and felt her cheeks warm over as she took a sip from her tea. “Mmm!” she groaned. “This is good tea. What are you? British?”

David chuckled. “A very distant part of my family still resides in London,” he said. “But I think making good tea is an inherited family skill.”

“Think that’s the whitest thing you’ve said to me since we’ve met,” she teased as she got up from his bed. David laughed as he watched her walk around his room. She analyzed some of his prosthetics and took another sip. “Did you ever find out if the company decided to sponsor your work?” she asked.

“...not yet... but I’m hoping they’ll come around...” David said as his eyes slowly roamed over her figure.

“They better. Or they’ll soon realize they’ve made a big mistake when you finally blow up and go big,” she said, taking another sip. “Make those assholes look like fools.”

“You have so much faith in me,” he said, getting up from the bed.

“Hey, I just know talent-” she said, turning around. “-when I see... one...” Tiana looked up to see David staring down at her. There was a look in his gaze that she had never seen before in him. It pulled her in as she swallowed hard and searched his hazel-green eyes. He took the cup of tea out of her hands and placed it on the dresser next to them before he held both of her hands in his grasp. She looked at him with a bit of hesitation. “Dav-”

“I want you,” he said quickly. She looked at him startled by the abrupt declaration. “I want you so bad that it hurts,” he added. He raised her hand to his lips and softly kissed the back of it. “I can’t stop thinking about you,” he said, caressing her fingers with his lips. “Every message from you is always the highlight of my day. And when I see your face or hear your voice...”

David looked at her as she anxiously bit her lip from his probing gaze. “God, and when you look at me like that, Tiana, I just-” David immediately leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. He wrapped his hands around her waist, flushing her body against his. Tiana slowly parted her lips and gave him entrance as his tongue eagerly found hers. She felt his hands reach for the hem of her shirt and quickly pulled back to look at him.

“David, are you... are you sure?” she asked, looking at him.

“I’ve been sure for a while now,” he said, hungrily pressing his lips to hers again. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it to the floor, refusing to pull his lips away from hers like he ached for her taste. His hands immediately strayed to the buckle of her jeans before he stopped himself.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I’m a little embarrassed to say,” David chuckled nervously. “It’s been a really long time since I was... intimate with anyone.”

Tiana grinned. “Then allow me to remind you.” She kissed him before she gently pushed him onto the bed. David’s eyes were glued to her as he eased back on the bed. His mouth parted as he watched her pull her shirt over her head to reveal her silk black bra holding up her plump round chest.

She hooked her fingers into her jeans and turned around before slowly pulling them down with her panties. A small groan escaped his lips as his eyes roamed over her dark, half-naked form. They lingered on her thick backside and the small tuft of hair gate-keeping the way to her heaven. He couldn’t get his pants off fast enough before he threw them on the floor.

Tiana teasingly snapped the straps of her bra before crawling on the bed towards David. She straddled him between her thighs with her hands on his shoulders and smiled down at him as he released himself from his boxers. “Do you have a condom?” she asked.

“Shit...” David groaned. “Oh wait! Miles.”

“In the bedroom over?” Tiana asked.

“I’ll be quick!” he said, pulling her off of him. Tiana sat on the bed waiting for David when she heard her phone go off. She looked to see two missed calls from Owen and a few texts.

O-Baby☺️: Tiana, where are you?

O-Baby☺️: Come on, T, I just wanna talk. I didn’t mean to yell at you. Just answer my call, please.

She rolled her eyes and turned off her phone when David came back into the room. “Are you okay?” he asked, noting the look of irritation on her face.

“Now, that you’re back, yes,” she smiled sweetly as she put her phone face down. David grinned as he discarded his boxers and skillfully slipped the condom onto his erection. She directed him to sit back on the bed as she immediately pressed her lips against his. She positioned herself on top of him before she slowly slid down onto his hard member. David winced for just a second at her tightness when he looked into her eyes to see a teasing smirk. “You okay?” she teased.

David grinned. “... you’re just… really tight...” She placed her hands on his chest for balance and started rocking her hips against his. David threw his head back and groaned as Tiana swallowed him in deeper. She rotated her hips and bucked, making him jump as his dick throbbed inside her. “God, you feel so good,” he groaned.

“Let me know if it’s too much,” she winked, sensually biting her lip. David raised his eyebrows. He noted her teasing tone and firmly gripped her hips. Tiana felt his grasp tighten as he started to control her movements. “Look at you!” she giggled.

“Think I’m getting the hang of this,” he teased.

“Don’t get too cocky,” she smirked as she bucked her hips against him again.

David groaned before he looked at her more seriously. “No...?”

He grabbed her waist and immediately rolled over, flipping her on her back. “Oh!” she said startled.

David leaned down and ensnared her lips with his as he started thrusting into her. Tiana panted as his kisses worked their way down her jawline to her neck before stopping at the swell of her breast. He pulled the straps of her bra down until her two large mounds were completely exposed, allowing him to take one of her hardened nipples into his mouth.

He looped her leg over his elbow until her knees were at his head. Tiana’s body jerked as David thrust into her, deeper each time. She closed her eyes tight as she felt that sensation creeping up inside of her again. She moaned out as she met her climax and her legs shook from her orgasm.

David continued to suck on her nipples as his stroke never stopped. He continued to work her over until he felt his balls tighten and his dick throb before he was coming as well. He took several deep breaths before he pulled his head back to look at her. He analyzed the details of her face as she looked up at him with curious eyes. “What is it?” she asked.

“...you’re amazing...” he said softly. Her smile widened as he leaned down to kiss her again.


Tiana groaned, hiding her face in the pillow when the bright sun shone in her face. She turned her head away from the sun to feel a hand caress her cheek. Opening her eyes, she saw David’s hazel-green eyes staring back at her as a soft smile decorated his face. “Hi...” he said softly.

“Hi,” she chuckled.

“You slept for a really long time,” he smirked.

“Must be this bed,” she grinned. “It’s just so soft and fluffy.”

“Oh, is that it?” he said, rolling on top of her. He crawled down her body leaving a trail of kisses.

“David!” she laughed as he kissed down her pelvis and settled between her legs. “I thought you were too rusty at this!”

David hummed against the side of her thigh as he inhaled her scent. “I guess you reminded me...” he said. Tiana moaned out as she felt David’s mouth latch onto her core. She grabbed the back of his head and sifted her fingers into his hair as his mouth French-kissed her bud.

“Ohh,” she groaned, getting lost in the sensation. “That feels so good, Jason.” She felt David’s head stop moving as her eyes popped open in horror at her blunder. Her cheeks completely flushed over as she quickly covered her face. “Fuck!” she blurted in her hands. “Crap, David. I’m... I’m so sorry.”

David sat up on the bed and tensed his jaw slightly as he looked down at Tiana still covering her face in embarrassment. He took a deep breath before plastering a smile on and pulled her hands away from her face. “Tiana...”

“I’m such an idiot! I’m so-”

“Tiana, it’s okay,” David said reassuringly.

She struggled to look at him as she anxiously bit her lip. “I’m so sorry, David. I’m such an ass. It was really good. I just-”

“That’s all I need to know,” he said, putting his finger to her lips. “That it was good. Forget about the rest.”

Tiana looked up at him with a nervous smile. “You’re really good at not making me feel like a piece of shit...”

David chuckled as he leaned down and kissed her forehead. “You’re far from it.” He got up from the bed and pulled on his boxers as Tiana wrapped the sheet around her naked body. “I need to make a call,” he said, grabbing his phone. “I’ll be right back.”

Tiana smiled at him as he walked out of his bedroom, closing the door behind him. Her smile quickly faded as she shoved her face in her hands again. “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! The fuck, trick?! Like what the actual living fuck?! What the fuckity fuck fuck?! Goddammit!”

She leaned over the bed and turned on her phone when rapid beeping went off. She groaned to see all of the mixed text messages and phone calls from both Jason and Owen.

My Favorite Ride??: Baby girl, where are you? You can’t hide from me forever.

O-Baby☺️: T, seriously, what the fuck?! Why aren’t you answering your damn phone?!

She sighed as she put her phone back down not even bothering to answer. She quickly got out of bed in search of her clothes. She couldn’t believe she stayed the whole night. She would have rather stayed with David than go deal with any of the guys, but after her embarrassing setback with him, she knew she couldn’t stay. Tiana felt heavy guilt weigh over her. She didn’t deserve a great guy like him. She didn’t deserve someone like David.

She opened the door to David’s bedroom and walked out to see David in only a pair of jeans as he looked out of the window. He turned to look at her when he heard her footsteps and smiled. “Hey,” he said as she walked up to him. “Do you want me to make you breakfast? Or-”

“No. I think I should go, David,” she said a bit meekly.

He frowned with disappointment. “Tiana, if it’s about what you said-”

“It is about what I said,” she sighed. “But also, I... need to get back... I have work to do and I need to stop slacking. I feel like such a mess...”

“You’re not a mess,” David said reassuringly.

Tiana looked at him and smiled remorsefully. “You’re too good to me, David...”

David eyed her as she quickly averted her gaze. “Tiana.” He grabbed her shoulders so that she was facing him. “I wasn’t sure how to say this before or when would have been the right time but-”

Tiana widened her eyes, afraid of what he might say next. “David, please don’t-”

“I’m in love with you.” Tiana felt a lump form in her throat as her forehead creased with concern. “Just... deeply... and madly in love with you,” he breathed out.

Tiana bit her bottom lip and felt her emotions bubbling in her chest. “David...”

The look in her eyes made him sweat. David felt his heart pounding in his chest as his hands fell from her shoulders. “I shouldn’t have said anything,” he muttered, turning around.

“No, David,” she said, grabbing his arm. “Please, don’t. I just-” She took a deep breath, trying to find her words so as not to make an already uncomfortable situation more uncomfortable. David watched her, waiting for her to say anything to make him feel better than the rejection he was feeling at that moment. “You are such an amazing guy,” she said.

“That you don’t want,” he said.

“No, David,” she said. “I feel like I don’t really deserve you. I mean my life is just a mess right now. And I probably-”

“That’s silly, Tiana,” he said quickly. “We have so much in common. We work so well together. We deserve each other.”

Tiana’s brows further creased as she stared at him. She wrapped her arms around herself not knowing what to say as her thoughts warred in her mind. She didn’t expect a one-night stand to turn into his confession of love. “I just... this is a lot. It’s a lot for one day. I just... I need time to digest this, okay?”

David sighed as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. “I’ll wait for you as long as it takes...” he said against her lips.


Tiana dragged her feet on her way back. She prayed to God that no one was home so she could slip right through to her bedroom and lock herself away. She peeked inside to see no one around and tip-toed across the kitchen. She nearly made it out of the living room when:

“Well, holy shit! She lives!”

Tiana cringed and slowly turned around to see Owen walking into the living room followed by Jason and Tyler. Their faces were far less pleasant than she was expecting. “And just where the hell were you?” Owen asked, crossing his arms, his deep blue eyes glaring at her.

“I really don’t have time for this,” Tiana muttered as she went to walk away.

“Yea, I don’t think so,” Jason said, blocking her.

Tiana looked up at him annoyed. “Jason, move.”

“No call? No text? Sent my ass straight to voicemail every time. That’s hurtful, babe,” Jason said.

“I was busy,” she said, trying to get past him.

“With David?” Tyler snapped.

Tiana turned to look at him and scoffed. “That’s none of your damn business.”

“You’ve been gone for hours, T,” Owen snapped. “Hours! You’re in the same fucking clothes from last night.”

“I could have been with Shae for all you know,” she mocked.

“I spoke to Shae. There was no mention of you. She seems quite happy bumping uglies with Joey,” Owen said.

“Kinda like you and David,” Tyler said coldly.

“Shit. Say it ain’t so, babe,” Jason groaned. “It’s been a minute since I’ve rearranged someone’s face. But, I’ll gladly do it for you.”

“Ugh, Jason, just leave the poor guy alone. This isn’t his fault,” Tiana groaned.

“Oh, so you were with him,” Owen said. “All fucking night, T? You were with him all night?!”

“Oh give me a fucking break, Owen!” Tiana said, throwing her hands in the air. “I’m so sick of you policing who I’m with. I already have a father, I don’t need another one.”

“Are you referring to this Daddy?” Jason smirked as he pointed at himself.

“JASON!” everyone blurted.

“Are we done?” Tiana said, turning to Owen.

“As a matter of fact, no,” Owen said. “I think you need to stop seeing David.”

“Excuse me?!” Tiana blurted. “He’s my project partner!”

“Then get a fucking new one!” Tyler snapped.

Tiana looked at them like they were crazy. “You know what,” she said, taking off her earrings. “Nah, playa. What y’all not gone do is yell at me. We can do this... right. Here.”

“Tiana, cut it out,” Owen said as Tyler scoffed and Jason burst out laughing.

“Nah, square up. I’mma whoop all y’all asses,” she said, tying up her hair.

“Tiana, we don’t fucking trust him!” Owen snapped.

“You don’t even fucking know him!” she snapped back.

“Exactly!” Tyler said. “We don’t know anything about him! We’ve researched him and found nothing on him except that he has tons of connections with a lot of corporations.”

“You guys stalked him?!” Tiana said in shock. “Do you know how crazy you sound?”

“Tiana, focus,” Owen said, grabbing her shoulders. “Tyler just said he has tons of connections to corporations. Like the place we had the car wash.”

“Of course, he has connections. He partners with corporations and hospitals for prosthetics. You guys are being so fucking paranoid, you’re not even thinking this through. If you had just asked me instead of talking shit about him all the time, you would have known that!” she said angrily.

“What I know, and all I need to know to not like this guy is that he wants to fuck you,” Jason said. “I’m not down with that shit.”

Tiana’s mouth immediately closed as she swallowed and averted her eyes. Tyler’s nose flared in anger as Owen angrily scoffed with disbelief when the realization hit them. “Are you fucking kidding me?!” Jason snarled.

Tiana shook her head. “I’m not even in a relationship with anyone. I’m not yours-” she started.

“Bullfuckingshit!” Jason snapped. Tiana had never seen Jason so angry before. He seemed completely unbothered when he caught her with Tyler, but this... this seemed to really get him. She backed up feeling overwhelmed when Darren came up the stairs.

“Uh... guys?” Darren could feel the tension in the room was thick. Tyler and Owen both looked infuriated. But what surprised him even further was how uncharacteristically angry Jason looked. He glanced at Tiana to see her face looked paler than usual as she stared at a spot on the ground.

“What is it, Darren? We’re in the middle of something,” Owen said tensely as he kept his eyes on Tiana.

“Well... just thought you should know we found a match. Roger Peterson’s connect,” Darren said. All four of them suddenly looked up at Darren. “We’ve nearly got him,” Darren smiled.


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