Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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20b. - Blood in the Water Pt. 2


Darren quickly put on his headset and clicked the button on his phone. A video image of Jason lying on his back with his baseball bat next to him popped up. Tyler rolled into the camera view, looking beyond frustrated. “You guys, okay?” Darren asked, concerned.

“No,” Tyler said. “We’re not okay. We’re not okay at all. We’ve been looking for that bitch who pulled a gun on Tiana and Owen, and we can’t find him anywhere. How the fuck did he disappear so quickly?!”

“Yea...” Darren sighed. “I tried looking for him too, but... he’s in the wind, guys. I don’t know how, but it’s like he never even existed.”

“That doesn’t make any fucking sense,” Tyler said. “We need to keep an eye out for him. In case he tries to hurt Tiana and Owen again.”

Darren nodded. “Agreed.”

Tyler’s eyes softened slightly. “...how is she? And Owen... Are they okay?”

“I’m not sure,” Darren said. “They haven’t come out of Owen’s room in hours. They must be having a really hard time processing everything.”

“Or they’re fucking,” Jason said from on the floor.

“Jason, please,” Tyler groaned, annoyed. He looked at Darren apologetically. “Sorry, Darren... We’re just really stressed with all that’s been going on with Mikayla and now Tiana and Owen... and we still need to get this Roger bitch.”

“I need to fucking punch something!” Jason growled.

“Well... I was going to tell you guys after things settled down,” Darren said. “But, I found the source of the video.”

Jason suddenly popped up. “You found the fuckers who raped my sister?!”

“Yea,” Darren nodded. “I’ll send you their location. But, Jason, try not to-”

“Fuck that shit! I’m cracking skulls!” Jason blurted. He swung his bat under his arm and headed towards his motorcycle.

Darren looked at Tyler concerned. “You guys can’t afford a felony, Tyler.”

“I’ll handle him,” Tyler said. “Just send their location. We won’t kill them. Maybe maim.”

Darren exhaled as he typed something in. “Be careful.”

Tyler smirked. “Aren’t we always?”


Tiana moved under the covers that smelled like the man she was madly in love with. She could hear the sound of metal scraping against each other and peeked over the covers. She saw Owen sitting at his desk as he kept his eyes trained on the two wires he was melding together. “Hey, sleepyhead,” he said, without looking at her. “Did you get enough rest?”

“... thanks to you...” she said, rubbing her eyes. He glanced back at her with a grin. Those deep dimples made her flush before he set his eyes back on the wires. She looked around and checked her phone to see how late it was. “Do you want to get something to eat?” she yawned. “It’s almost dinner time.”

“Don’t you remember,” he chuckled. “I already ate...”

Tiana felt her cheeks warm over as she tried to stifle her laugh. “I meant food, Owen.”

“Daddy’s a little busy, baby...” he said, tying the wires together. Tiana didn’t think it was possible to feel anymore flustered. And as if reading her thoughts: “I like it when you call me ‘Daddy’...” he said, scraping the metal again. “I like that it comes so naturally to you... to be mine...”

Tiana didn’t even know how to respond. Her thighs still quivered from the prior sensation of being fucked by both his tongue and his fingers. “What are you working on?” she asked.

“Just the communication systems,” he said, using a screwdriver.

“Shit,” she groaned. “Jason and I were working on that. I swear I was going to finish it, but then, the shooting happened... and...”

Owen looked back at Tiana to see she was looking down. “Don’t sweat it, T.”

She looked at him and pouted. “At least let me help so I can feel somewhat useful.”

Owen grinned and gestured with his head. “Come here, baby.” It would take some getting used to but hearing him call her ‘baby’ made her stomach flip. She moved the sheets off of her and stood up when she realized she only had a shirt on and her panties were missing. “You don’t need them,” Owen said as if reading her mind again. “Come here.”

She tiptoed towards him as he held out his hand and giggled as he wrapped his hand around her waist to pull her onto his lap. Her bare ass unapologetically pressed against his erection. Tiana melted against Owen’s chest as he wrapped his arms around her in a possessive embrace. “You’re hard, Owen...” she purred.

“You just have that effect on me...” he said, kissing her cheek. “Now focus.”

Tiana smirked as she set her eyes forward. She didn’t know how she could be expected to concentrate when she was this close to him. “You did a lot...” she said, watching his hands tie the wires together. “Shit, you’re basically done.”

“You did most of it,” he said, letting go of the wires. “Here. You can finish tying them together.”

Tiana rolled her eyes with a smirk as she grabbed the wires from him and started tying them together. “This is pathetic,” she laughed. “Why did you bother asking for my help if you were already done?”

“You know why...” he said in her ear. She felt his hands move down her arms before they gripped her waist and stroked up and down her sides. His thumbs pressed into the dimples on her lower back, stroking her tattoo.

Her head fell back against his shoulder as she slowly exhaled. A grin painted her face when his hand found its way between her thighs again. “So, this is why you told me I didn’t need them...” she panted as his fingers slipped in and out of her with great ease.

“You catch on quickly, baby girl...” he teased. He abruptly slapped her core, clipping her clit with his fingers and making her jump.

“Fuck, Owen,” she muttered. “You’re like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

“I’m not that bad, T,” he chuckled as he kissed her shoulder.

“Yes, you, are,” she groaned. “And I’m worse for liking it. Shit, I’m practically gagging for it. The thirst is real.”

Owen licked behind her ear. “The thirst is mutual,” he grinned. He lightly tapped her thigh, gesturing for her to get up. She stood to her feet and turned around to see him release himself from his pants.

“Holy fuck, Owen!” Her mouth parted as she gawked at his member that was long, thick, and curved. The head was already dripping precum. She instinctively clenched her thighs together.

“That wasn’t exactly the reaction I was expecting,” Owen grinned. He grabbed a condom and skillfully rolled it down his shaft.

“Well, I wasn’t exactly expecting you to look like that!” she said, taking a step back.

“Come here, Tiana,” he said, reaching for her.

“I don’t know now. I’m kinda scared,” she said nervously.

“Drama queen,” he smirked. “You were just begging for it, and now I’m gonna give it to you.”

“Can I re-evaluate?” she asked. “I didn’t see the finished product before I made the request. Where’s Human Resources? I wanna speak to your manager.”

Owen laughed out loud. “Don’t make me come get you.”

“Owen,” she hesitated.

“Baby, if I have to call you one more damn time...” he said more firmly. She swallowed hard and put her hand in his as he yanked her forward. He gripped her hips and she sucked in her breath, praying he would take it slow as he gently lowered her onto his shaft.

Owen groaned as he peeled her arms away from her chest and wrapped them around his neck. “You’re so fucking tight, T,” he said, throbbing within her vice-like grip. “How the fuck do you feel this good?”

“Shit. Shit. Oh fucking, shit.” She shivered against him as she buried her face into his neck. The curve of his shaft gave her a new sensation she had never felt before.

“Is it too much, baby…?” he asked with a bit of concern in his voice. She merely whimpered as she shook her head. He firmly gripped her hips, controlling the movements as he began pumping into her.

Tiana felt like Owen’s dick was in her stomach, fucking up her insides, and he had barely started moving. She let out small pants as he started to bounce her on his lap, the curve of his penis hitting it just right. Her arms squeezed around his head as he possessively grabbed her ass cheeks and picked up his pace. “Shit, this ass is perfect,” he groaned.

“Fuck, Owen! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she squealed as her ass slapped against his thighs. It took Tiana a minute to get used to his position and started to rock her hips against him. But her control didn’t last long as she felt him lift her ass slightly. She squealed when his palm slapped her backside so hard it resounded around the room. “Dammit, Owen!” she screamed.

She watched him lift one of his fingers, still wet from fingering her prior, and suck it between his lips. “Come here and taste yourself, baby,” he ordered.

She barely leaned in before his mouth attacked hers again, allowing her to taste herself on his tongue. She felt his hands pull her cheeks apart, and her eyes instinctively widened as he used that same finger to slide between her cheeks and gently rub her rosette. “Owen!” she squealed.

“Remember what we said about comfort zones,” he said, looking up at her. She looked down at him and swallowed hard. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked. He looked at her seriously as he continued to bounce her on his lap. “I plan on fucking the shit out of you, T. Make that pussy fucking sore. But, I don’t wanna hurt you. So...do you want me to stop?” he repeated.

She slowly shook her head and felt his hands squeeze her ass. “Use your words, baby girl. Do you want me to stop?”

“No, Daddy...”

“That’s a good girl. Come here,” he ordered her.

She lowered her head, and he immediately caught her bottom lip between his teeth. His tongue conquered hers and she squealed again as she felt him gently push a finger inside her rosette. “Oh god,” she gasped, breaking from his kiss.

“You can take it, baby,” he said, nibbling on her chin. “Tell Daddy you can take it.”

“I...I c-can take it!” she panted. She let out another squeal and tightened her grip on his head as his finger pumped into her at the same pace that his member did. She had never felt such a sensation before. He worked both of her holes like they had already done this many times before. She didn’t know what shocked her more, that she actually liked it or that she actually came from it.

Owen kept his eyes on Tiana as he watched her try to recover from the orgasm he just gave her. He wrapped his hands around her thighs and held her to his waist as he stood up from the chair. His lips dominated hers as he carried her to the bed and knelt down, laying her on her back.

Tiana looked up at Owen, caging her between his arms. His eyes nearly unnerved her as she felt like he was staring into her soul. Without warning, her body violently jerked as he slammed into her. “FUCK!” she screamed.

He grabbed her thighs and firmly gripped her as he started pounding into her. Her nails caught the wall and scratched at them as her abdominal muscles tightened. Tiana felt her ears start ringing again as her throat ached from her desperate cries. She grabbed a pillow to stifle her screams, but Owen yanked it off of her. “Don’t,” he said, leaning down to kiss her neck. “I wanna hear you scream, baby.”

Tiana felt herself stretch as Owen raised her leg and hooked it over his shoulder. He leaned down and his tongue demanded entrance as he slid his hand gently across her throat before tightening it around her voice box.

Tiana didn’t know what to expect from Owen, but she certainly didn’t expect this. The way he fucked her felt like an act of ownership. Years of being pent up released upon her body. Her body grew tired, and she jumped again as she felt him slap her ass so hard it made her walls clench. “Owen! Oh fuck, Daddy, I’m gonna come!” she panted as her body rocked beneath him.

“Come, baby,” Owen groaned into her neck as he tightened his grip on her throat. “Come for me. I wanna feel your pussy pulsate.” She didn’t know who was crazier, her or him.

Tiana gasped as her back arched and her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Her body shook violently as she breathed sporadically. But Owen wasn’t done. He grabbed her wrists and held them above her head as he breathed into her ear. “You’re done... when I say you’re done...” he groaned as he pulled back and slammed into her again.

Tiana cried out as her legs made a death grip around his waist. The bed rocked, hitting the wall over and over again until a few of his posters fell. Owen tried to steady himself as he felt his member quiver. He groaned and rocked back as he felt her walls tighten again and instantly came hard.

Tiana couldn’t believe she was experiencing another orgasm so soon as her eyes glazed over. Her head was pounding until everything went quiet and for a moment she thought she went deaf. She felt gentle, light kisses against her chest and up her neck before she met Owen’s soft blue eyes. “Did I hurt you?” he asked softly.

“No, Dr. Jekyll, I’m just fine,” she sighed breathlessly. “Thanks for confirming I didn’t lose my hearing.”

Owen chuckled as he slowly pulled out of her. He took off the condom and threw it in the trash before pulling his shorts back on. Tiana struggled to roll onto her stomach. Her whole body ached from her head to her toes. “You have such a nice ass...” she smiled, resting her head on his pillow.

He turned to her and grinned. Leaning over on the bed, he immediately encased her in his arms. “Look who’s talking,” he smirked against her lips. He smacked her ass, watching it jiggle.

“This is why I need panties!” she said, trying to shield her backside.

“Ah, no. Now that I’ve thoroughly fucked your fine ass, there’s a strict no-panty rule in this room. Sorry,” he grinned, playfully squeezing her thigh.

“You’re ridiculous,” she chuckled, pinching him in the abdomen. Owen looked down at her and smiled brightly. He felt so relieved to finally have these moments with her. “Lay with me?” she asked, looking up at him.

“Only if you promise to get some sleep...”

“I promise...”

Owen slowly kissed her as the sounds of their lips smacking echoed in the room. He crawled in bed next to her and pulled her half-naked body against his as she nestled into his chest. “I love you, Owen...”

Owen smiled and kissed her forehead. “I love you too, T...”


Owen pulled on his hoodie as he watched Tiana sleeping in his bed. She snored like a bear in deep hibernation. He smiled to himself and promised that he’d make sure she never had a hard time sleeping again. Loving her from a distance was a feeling he had gotten used to. But touching her... having her give in to him the way she did took his feelings for her to a whole new level.

He leaned over the bed and brushed her braids out of her face as he lay a soft kiss on her lips. She moaned, slightly shifting on his bed, and he struggled between staying in bed with her and leaving. He glanced at her one last time before he turned off the light and headed out of his room. After taking a quick shower, he walked past the kitchen and heard voices coming from the basement.

“But you promise you guys didn’t kill them?!” Darren’s voice asked frantically.

“I mean... that one guy was still breathing when we left,” Tyler said.

“Hmm... Was he though?-OW!” Jason screeched from being kicked by Tyler.

“Guys, seriously...” Darren groaned. Owen walked down the stairs to see Darren sitting at his desk with his head in his hands. He glanced at Tyler and Jason and stopped short.

“Owen,” Jason looked up with a smile. “Bout damn time.”

Owen descended the rest of the steps before he stood in front of Tyler and Jason, looking them up and down. “Who’d you kill?” Owen asked curiously.

“Shit!” Darren freaked.

“We didn’t kill anyone,” Tyler said quickly.

“I meeannnn...” Jason said.

“Jason!” Tyler snapped at him.

“Okay. Let me rephrase,” Owen said. “Whose blood is all over you?”

“We found the guys who attacked Mikayla,” Tyler said.

“And?” Owen said, leading.

“We took care of them,” Jason added. “Where’s Tiana?”

“Sleeping,” Owen said, leaning against the table. “I’m a little annoyed you guys did that shit without me.”

“Yeah, well, you were preoccupied,” Tyler sighed. He looked at Owen and pondered. “...is she okay?”

“Yea, she’s fine. The communication system is finished. Are you guys ready to head out?” Owen asked.

“What about Tiana?” Darren asked.

“She needs to rest,” Owen said. “I don’t want her coming with us. It’s too dangerous, and she’s been through enough. We’ll do this one without her.” Owen looked at Tyler and Jason who nodded in agreement when he caught Darren twisting his mouth with apprehension. “Something you wanna say, Darren?” Owen asked.

“It’s just...” Darren said, running his fingers through his hair. “I think she should go with you. With Tiana around, you guys aren’t as...”

“Stupid?” Tyler grinned.

“No,” Darren said.

“Sexually frustrated?” Jason said, flipping his bloody bat.

“No... well, I don’t know. I can’t speak to that,” Darren said quickly. “I was going to say violent.”

Tyler raised a brow. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You went after those two guys before we could even work out a plan,” Darren argued.

Jason scoffed. “At worst they got a brain contusion. I’m not going to apologize for fucking up the assholes who raped my sister, Darren.”

Darren shook his head, already giving up. “That’s not what I meant...”

“Darren, I see your point,” Owen said. “I get it. Sometimes we’re not... level-headed. But that’s what we have you for.”

“I’m not enough, Owen,” Darren said.

“Fuck outta here. You’re the most badass of us all. You said Anna’s already heading over, right?” Owen asked.

Darren nodded. “She linked up with Joey to make sure they got security access. She’ll cause the distraction so you guys can get in. But Owen-”

“Darren, relax,” Owen said, squeezing his shoulder. “We’ll keep our communication on at all times. Okay?”

Darren sighed with a shrug. “Alright.”

Owen looked at Tyler and Jason. “Y’all motherfuckers need to shower first. You’re covered in someone else’s bodily fluids.”

Jason sighed as he got up from the table. “The only bodily fluids I want to be covered in is in that of the woman upstairs...”

“She squirts?” Tyler asked, curiously.

“Depends on the angle,” Jason grinned.

“Still here, guys,” Darren said covering his face.


“Facade is currently in position. Hold off until I give you a signal.”

“Copy,” Jason said into his mic. He lay on the roof of the tall building on one side of Owen while Tyler was settled on the other side. They had a bird’s eye view of the high-rise restaurant where Roger was having a meeting with one of his clients. “I swear I’ve seen this shit in the Hunger Games before,” Jason said.

“That piece of shit wouldn’t survive the Hunger Games,” Owen scoffed, looking through the binoculars. “Sit tight... We might be here for a minute.”

Jason rolled over on his back and pulled his mask off of his face as he looked up at the night sky. “So, Cyclops,” Jason said. “The RaVage delegation would like to know... how good did you fuck Rogue to send her ass to sleep.”

Owen pulled the binoculars away from his face and looked at Jason like he was crazy. “The fuck?!”

“Was it before or after you finally told her that you loved her?” Jason continued.

Owen turned his head to look at his brother on the other side of him. “It’s all we’ve been talking about, to be honest,” Tyler admitted. “Did you finally tell her?”

“This is really what y’all motherfuckers wanna talk about right now while we’re on a damn assignment to finally kidnap Silos’ killer?” Owen asked.

“You’re the one who said we’d be here a while,” Jason shrugged. “Did you hit it from the back? Did she call you ‘Daddy’? How freaky did you get?”

“Fucking hell...” Owen groaned, covering his face.

“Come on, Cyclops,” Tyler grinned, playfully poking his brother. “You damn well threatened me over her. Spill.”

Owen sighed. “There was a gun pointed in our faces. I had no choice but to tell her the truth.”

“So, you fucked her after you told her you loved her,” Jason said. “Knew it. I win. Droid, you owe me 50 bucks.”

“Dammit,” Tyler groaned.

“You bitches placed bets?!” Owen snarled.

“We had a lot to talk about while we were looking for your homicidal side piece,” Tyler said.

“Yea, speaking of,” Jason interrupted. “If we’re gonna share her, we need to set some ground rules on who we fuck.”

“First of all, there is no we,” Owen said. “You don’t even know if she’ll agree to this.”

“She has to,” Jason said. “Otherwise, we’ll just fight to the death.”

“This bitch...” Owen muttered as Tyler groaned, covering his face.


Tiana stretched her arms and yawned. Owen’s scent invaded her senses, and a smile came to her face when she remembered how he worshiped her body hours prior. It was a moment she had waited for for so long. She held his sheet to her face and already missed him. Then it occurred to her. He wasn’t there.

She swung her legs out of his bed when all of the pain of their activities hit her at once. Her thighs ached, her backside was still sore and her stomach hurt as she took a few minutes to adjust to the soreness. After finding her panties and putting on her clothes, she checked her phone to see if she had gotten any updates from Miles about David, but... nothing. She frowned as she sent a heart-felt text to David’s phone before putting it in her pocket.

The house felt empty. She figured the guys were in the basement and went to take a quick shower first. She walked down the stairs to see only Darren sitting at his 3-monitor computer. “Hey, Darren,” she said, gently touching his shoulder. He jumped slightly and looked up at her with a smile.

“Hey, Tiana,” he said. “You’re awake. Are you okay? You’re limping a little.”

Tiana’s cheeks flushed. “I’m okay,” she said, sitting next to him. “Think I slept too much. Where are the guys?” Darren lost his smile as he glanced at the screen. Tiana leaned forward and saw video footage of Roger Peterson sitting at a dinner table. “Is that Roger?” she asked.

“Um... yea...”

Tiana’s eyes widened when she heard familiar voices through the radio.


“You seriously ate her ass?! And she let you?! Fuck, my baby’s kinky!” Jason said, slapping his hands together.

“For like a split second,” Owen said, waving him off. “She kinda freaked out before I could get in there. I don’t think she’s ready for that just yet.”

“I haven’t even tasted her,” Tyler sighed as he leaned on his hand. “Fuck, I’m hard just thinking about it.”

“Missing out, bro,” Jason grinned. He leaned back against the railing as he looked at the night sky. “I swear she’s so goddamn addicting. Got a motherfucker drooling.”

“You guys need to be more gentle with her though,” Owen said, flipping his phone. “You’re gonna end up scaring the shit out of her. She’s still fragile.”

“You sound like you’re projecting,” Tyler grinned. “What was it she called you? Jekyll and Hyde?”

Owen rolled his eyes. “I’m just saying we’ve gotta ease her into it for her to get used to us...”

“Us?” Jason smirked. “Does that mean you’re finally giving in?”

Owen shrugged. “It’s up to her. If she-”


Owen, Jason, and Tyler all jumped startled when they heard Tiana’s voice blaring through their earphones. “How the fuck are you idiots talking about me like you’re at a motherfucking cookout?!”

“Rogue...” Owen said, touching his mic.

“First you assholes leave without me! And now you’re talking about your sexual exploits IN FRONT OF CYBER?! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH Y’ALL?!” she growled.


“Tiana,” Darren said, pulling her away from the mic. “It’s okay. I had them on mute most of the time while we waited.”

“No! It’s not okay, Darren! They have no tact! This is so embarrassing! They shouldn’t be subjecting you to their... their... moronic vulgarity!”

“Relax, baby. We’re just discussing the terms and conditions of how we’ll be sharing you in this new relationship,” she heard Jason say.

Tiana quickly grabbed the mic. “There is no sharing!” she shouted. “There is no relationship, you idiots!”

“Baby girl, I think you’re in denial,” Jason chuckled. “You’re more than ready if you let Cyclops play with your-”

Jason’s voice got cut off before he could finish speaking. Tiana and Darren could hear scuffling in the back. Darren looked at a flustered Tiana confused. “Guys?” he said.

“Yea,” Owen’s voice came. “Let’s um... let’s stick to the assignment, alright? We can discuss.... personal matters later...” Tiana smacked her hand against her face as she plopped down in the seat next to Darren. “Is Facade ready yet?” Owen asked.

Darren clicked before speaking. “She’s in motion. Get ready to move.” Tiana sighed as she looked at a blushing Darren. “Take it as a compliment,” he said. “They may be a little rough around the edges, but... I’ve only ever seen them bond like this over Dante... They really care about you, Tiana...”

Tiana broke into a small smile, but she was still embarrassed as hell.


Roger Peterson groaned as he listened to the client in front of him ramble on. He had lost track of what the guy was saying 30 minutes ago. He started to sound like the adults from a Charlie Brown episode. His phone went off and he pulled it from his pocket to see a text from his sister. His eyes immediately widened as he licked his lips to stop the drool from falling on the screen of a woman’s pelvis as she fingered herself.

Kaya: Are you done yet? Your pussy misses you...

He chewed at his bottom lip as he quickly tapped away on his phone. He shoved his phone into the pocket of his tightened pants and looked at his client who was still rambling. “I can show you the prototype,” the man continued. “If you just-”

“Can you hold that thought?” Roger asked, quickly. He turned to the bartender. “Do you have a bathroom?”

Anna smiled. “I’m afraid the bathrooms on this floor are currently out of order. There’s one on the floor above us.”

“Thanks,” Roger muttered as he quickly left the client blinking at him.

“Can I get you something to eat, sir?” Anna asked. She leaned on the counter as her eyes flickered to Roger heading for the elevator.

Roger impatiently tapped the elevator button until the door opened. He hustled inside and clicked the floor above. He heard his phone again and checked to see another text from his sister.

Kaya: Show me if you’re hard for me, baby.

Roger nearly dented the elevator door until it finally opened. He loosened his tie as he sent his sister another text. He heard a noise behind him and stopped to turn around. But the corridor was empty. He started walking when he heard the sound again. He turned around and was startled to see a hooded man in a leather jacket, wearing an electronic mask that lit up with neon lights standing down the hallway.

“Uh… Hello?” Roger asked. “Do I know you?” But, the hooded man said nothing. Roger took a step back as the man pulled a bat from behind his back. Roger sneered angrily. “Whoever the fuck you are, this isn’t a fucking joke.” But the man said nothing as he started walking towards him.

Roger briskly turned around and started speed-walking down the hallway. The man started gaining on him, causing Roger to break out into a run. He felt something hard bang against his ankle and he cried out as he fell to the ground. He sat up, grabbing his ankle, and came face-to-face with another hooded figure, wearing an electronic mask and holding a car wrench.

Roger quickly scrambled to his feet and started limping down the hallway as he pulled out his phone. He felt something hard hit the back of his head before he stumbled to the ground. Groaning in pain, he touched his head and felt a growing knot. He frantically searched for his phone when he heard someone whistle. Slowly looking up, he saw a third hooded, masked man crouch down in front of him as he waved Roger’s phone in his face.

“Looking for this?” the deep robotic voice said.

Roger stared wide-eyed before he quickly crawled in the other direction, only to see the other masked figures headed towards him. His eyes darted until he spotted a narrow corridor. He struggled to his feet and started running. He could hear mocking laughter behind him before he felt something blunt smash against the back of his head. Roger immediately fell to the ground as his head started to spin. Blood fell past his face and onto the floor. He tried to crawl forward when a wooden stick pressed against his throat to stop him. His hands reached out as he struggled to breathe.

“Stop playing with him. We don’t have time for this shit,” he heard another robotic voice say.

Roger felt himself get tossed onto his back by one of the men. He stared up at two of them from the ground. “Wh-who... who the hell are you?” he choked out. One of them crouched down in front of him as he stared at the unnerving mask.

“Your reckoning.”

The last thing Roger saw was a bat swinging towards his face before everything went dark.

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